Mother’s Day Surprise

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Abella Anderson

“Good morning!” I said as I opened in the curtains in my mother’s room, letting in the early morning rays.

“Morning,” she replied groggily as she sat up and stretched.

“Happy Mother’s Day! I made your favorite: An omelet, bacon, granola, and your favorite coffee blend!” I said cheerily as I sat the tray down on her bedside table and climbed into bed on top of her. I began kissing her softly, letting our tongues touch ever so often.

“What a great surprise,” she said between kisses.

“Only the first of many for you today,” I whispered in her ear. I then got out of bed and sat the tray in her lap.

“Is that so? What else do you have up your sleeve?” she asked with a smile.

“You’ll see,” I said. “Just enjoy your breakfast and come downstairs when you’re ready.” I walked downstairs and began putting the finishing touches together. I placed the dozen red roses I bought for her in an exquisite crystal vase on the table, and put her favorite candies out in a dish near the couch. I then went in the bathroom to get myself ready for the day. I put on my favorite lacey pink bra and boy shorts, and topped it with a pair of white short-shorts and a low-cut pink top. I kept my blonde hair down and let it flow over my shoulders, and put a few big curls in it to finish it off. About that time, I heard my mother coming down the stairs.

“Hi baby! So tell me, what are we doing today? The suspense is killing me!” she said with a laugh.”

“I can’t tell you,” I said slyly. “All I can say is that you are in for a day of fun, relaxation, and pleasure.”

“Ooh pleasure, eh? I like the sound of that!” she replied.

“If you’re ready, it’s time to head out” I said. “I packed us an overnight bag, and everything is taken care of.” We loaded the bag into the car and started the drive to our destination. During the car ride, I could not keep my eyes off of my mother’s stunning legs that were visible due to her short sun dress. Her legs have always been one of her best features, and during the half hour drive, I couldn’t stop myself from running my hands up and down them.

By the time we arrived, getting my hands on the rest of her was all I could think about.

“WOW! Where are we?!” she asked as we pulled up to the magnificent house where we would be staying.

“This is a good friend of mine’s house. It has a pool, hot tub, and it’s ours for the next 2 days,” I replied.

“Oh God, Kelsie, this is incredible!” she exclaimed. We brought our bags into the house and went up to the master bedroom.

“What do you say we strip down and get in the hot tub?” I said.

“I can’t think of anything I’d rather do!” she said giddily. We stripped down and got into the hot tub where we took sips of our wine and kissed between laughs and drinks. When we finished our wine, I sat our glasses on the edge and sat down on top of my mother, straddling her.

“You are the most incredible woman in the world,” I said as I kissed her. “This weekend I’m going show you just how much I appreciate you.” I began kissing her deeply, our tongues intertwined as my hands caressed her breasts. I moved my mouth to her neck and began kissing and sucking, running my hands all over her smooth body as she moaned softly.

“Sit up on the edge,” I whispered in her ear. “And spread your legs for me.”

She slid up to the edge of the hot tub and I parted her legs. I began licking her pussy lips slowly, up one side and down the other, occasionally flicking her clit with my tongue.

“Oh, baby, that’s so good,” she gasped as she threw her head back in ecstasy. I moved my attention beylikdüzü anal yapan escort to her now pulsating clit, licking it gently at first and then beginning to suck.

“Ohhhhhh, God,” she screamed. “That’s it baby…lick my clit…mmmm…”

I continued pleasing her clit, putting it between my lips and sucking, stopping only to lick her pussy up and down before sucking again.

“Oh Kelsie, I’m going to cum,” she moaned. “Oh baby…don’t stop!”

I continued sucking her until I felt her body jolt and shake in orgasm. I tasted her sweet cum in my mouth as she writhed in pleasure.

“Oh my God,” she gasped. “That was so amazing. Come up here and kiss me.” I sat next to my mother and we kissed for what seemed like hours. When we finally went inside, I told her to put on something nice and that dinner would be waiting for her. I had a chef prepare an amazing dinner for us, and the table was waiting when she came downstairs.

“You look so hot,” I told her as she walked into the dining room. She had put on a short black cocktail dress and heels, once again showing off her amazing legs and large, full breasts. We sat down together and ate, sipping on more fine wine and enjoying pleasant conversation.

“Today has been lovely,” she said. “It was such a surprise!”

“Your surprises aren’t quite over yet,” I said just as we heard the front door opening.

“Who is that?” she asked. Just then, my friend Tyree walked in.

“Mom, this is my good friend Ty. He owns the house,” I told her. Tyree is a 6’2, chiseled black man with toned arms and a sleeve tattoo on one arm.

“It’s nice to meet you,” my mother said, unable to stop staring.

“The pleasure is all mine, ma’am” he replied. We exchanged pleasantries for a while, and then after a while, possibly due to the amount of wine we had consumed, my normally reserved mother exclaimed: “I have to say, Tyree, you are smokin’ hot! I’ve never really been attracted to a black man before, but you are just incredibly sexy.”

“Well thank you,” he said with a laugh. “You are a stunning woman yourself. You and your daughter are both incredibly sexy.”

“That’s actually why I brought you here, mom” I said. “Remember that talk we had one night, about the rumor that black men had bigger dicks and are better in bed?”

“Yes, I certainly remember” she said, laughing.

“Well, Tyree and I have hooked up a few times, and I wanted to let you experience it for yourself.”

“You and Tyree have had sex? I didn’t know you’d been with black men,” she said.

“Just one, but I can report that the rumors are true!” I said. I leaned over to my mom and began kissing her and running my hands up her dress. “You deserve every pleasure imaginable, and Ty and I want nothing more than to give them to you.” We kissed a few moments longer and then stopped, looking over at Tyree. There was a visible bulge beneath his jeans.

“So, Ty,” my mom asked. “Just how big ARE you then, since I hear that black guys are so well hung.”

“Why don’t you touch it, mommy? Find out for yourself…” I said. She placed her hand over the bulge in his jeans, feeling it’s hardness even through his pants.

“Oh my,” she said. I straddled Ty and began kissing him and removing his shirt.

“Come here,” I said to my mother. We both kneeled in front of him and began kissing his chiseled abs, eventually finding our way to his pants where we began unbuttoning them. We slid off his jeans, and my mother stood up and sat down on his lap.

“I’ve never done this beylikdüzü balıketli escort before,” she said as she began kissing him. Tyree put his hands on my mother’s waist and began slowly rocking her back and forth over the bulge beneath his boxers. After a few moments, he stopped and pulled her black dress over her head, revealing her ample breasts. As she rocked against his increasingly hard cock, he massaged her breasts and kissed her deeply. I began undressing myself, removing everything I had on as I became increasingly turned on watching them.

“Why don’t you come down here and suck his cock with me?” I said. She got off his lap and kneeled on the ground with me. We struggled to remove his boxers over his cock, and once we did, my mother’s eyes became wide.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “That is the biggest dick I have ever seen in my life!”

“It’s 10 inches, mommy,” I said. “And it’s all for us.” I began licking Ty’s cock from the head all the way down the shaft on one side and my mother on the other.

“Ahhhh,” Ty moaned. “You look so fucking hot sucking that dick together.”

“Take him in your mouth, mom” I said. “See how much cock you can fit in it.” As she began sucking him, I focused my attention to his balls, massaging them with my hands and then sucking them while she went to town on his dick.

“Fuck!” he moaned. I continued massaging his balls with my hands as looked up to see my mother begin to gag.

“That’s right, deep throat that cock mommy!” I said. She had taken nearly his entire penis into the back of her throat. “Let me have some of that, ” I said. We both went to town licking and sucking his dick until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“I want you to fuck me while I eat her pussy,” I said. I laid my mother down on the couch and positioned my head between her legs and my ass up in the air. My mother’s pussy was dripping wet, and as I began to lick up her juices, I felt him entering me from behind.

“Oh FUCK. Oh god baby, go slow” I said. He began thrusting me slowly from behind, giving me more of his cock with every thrust.

“Your pussy’s so tight, damn” he said as he grabbed my hips and began to fuck me more forcefully.

“Ohhhh, God your dick is so big. I feel like you’re impaling me!” I screamed. I continued to lick my mother’s pussy while he fucked me, eventually placing 2 fingers inside her while I sucked her clit.

“Mmmmmmmmm” she moaned. “That feels so good, baby girl. How’s that big cock feel?”

“Fucking great,” I moaned. As I licked her into orgasm, I felt myself reach the edge.

“Oh god, Oh God…I’m gonna cum. Fuck me!” I yelled as Ty pounded me. He had his hands on my hips and was bucking his cock into me as hard as he could. “FUCK! Oh my God, Oh my God, I’m gonna fucking cum!” I screamed as I felt myself release onto his cock.

“Ahhhhhhh,” he moaned as my pussy tightened and twitched around his dick.

“Oh my God, you are fucking amazing” I said to him as he pulled his dick out of me. “Are you ready for this, mommy?” I asked.

“I want it so bad,” she replied. Ty walked up behind her and began massaging her breasts and kissing her neck.

“Put your leg up here,” he said as he bent her over a table and hiked one of her legs up. He played with her pussy for a moment before positioning himself behind her. He placed his cock inside her soaked pussy and began to press himself into her.

“Oh my God, your dick is so thick. It’s fucking stretching me open already,” she said. He continued to slowly push his cock into her, reaching beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş around to play with her pussy as he did.

“Oh God, I don’t know if I can do this,” she said. “It’s so fucking big…I don’t think I can take it all baby.”

“You can, mommy. Take his big cock,” I said as I sat watching from a chair and fingering myself.

He began thrusting her, not giving her his entire length just yet. Her moans of pain turned into pleasure as she got used to his enormous cock.

“Oh baby, fuck. Your dick is so huge. It’s so good,” she said. “I want all of it.”

Ty began thrusting her harder, shoving the entire length of his penis into her.

“That’s right, give me that dick!” she yelled. “Mmmm fuck me so good. Oh god!” He steadied her with his hands on her waist and fucked her as hard as he could until she screamed out in orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh my god. Oh I’m coming for you!” she yelled as she creamed all over him. “That is fucking amazing, I love your dick. Oh my God.”

“I wanna fuck you in the ass, ma” he said. “Think you can take my cock up your ass?”

“Oh god, no baby. It’s too big,” she said.

“Take it mom,” I said as I got up from my chair. “I’ll eat your pussy while he fucks you, I want to see you take it in the ass.”

Tyree bent her over and began licking her ass hole, spitting in it to provide lubrication.

“You like that mommy?” I asked. “You like your ass hole getting licked?”

“Mmmhmm,” she said as he stood up behind her. ” Go slow, Tyree. I’m used to white guys’s cocks.”

I crouched beneath her and began licking her pussy and massaging her clit with my hands as he entered her.

“Oh My God, it’s too big, baby, I can’t do it,” she said.

“Shhhhh, ma,” he said. “Just relax. Your ass feels fucking amazing.” He continued to slide his dick into her ass hole, all the while as she screamed and protested.

“Oh god, no. It’s too fucking huge. You’re gonna rip me open, oh my god, ooh my god” she screamed.

“Relax, mommy” I said as I started fingering her pussy and sucking on her clit. “You like me sucking your clit baby?”

“Mmm yes, but oh God, is that all of it baby?” she moaned as Ty inserted the remaining inches of his cock into her ass.

“Ahhh, fuck yeah,” he moaned. “Your fucking ass is tight. Mmmm.” He pulled his dick out slowly and inserted it back in several times, finally beginning to thrust her in a rhythmic motion, giving her his entire length each time.

“Oh fuck me, fuck my ass” she screamed. “It hurts so good, oh shit, oh god!”

“Look at you mom, taking that cock in your ass like a pro.” I said.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh, oh” she screamed with each and every thrust of his dick.

“You want me to blow my load in your ass, ma?” he asked.

“Yes baby, fill my ass with cum! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Ahhhhhhh, God damn, I’m fucking cummin’!” he moaned. He grunted as he spilled his cum into her. As he pulled his cock out, his cum began dripping out of her gaping asshole. I licked it up until every last drop was gone.

“Oh my God,” my mom said. “I can’t believe I just went black.”

“And I can’t believe I WATCHED you go black!” I said. “And you took it in the ass like a pro!” I laughed.

We all sat and talked for a bit, and then Ty got up to leave. “I’ll leave you two alone. If you want me back for round 2, you know how to find me,” he said.

“I think tonight we’re just going to relax,” I laughed. “But if mom’s up to it, I’d love a round 2 tomorrow!”

“I don’t think my ASS will be up to it, but I’d love to watch you take it, baby.” She said.

We giggled and kissed for a minute. “I’ll call you tomorrow, Ty,” I said. Thanks for everything.

“What do you say we get in the hot tub?” I asked.

“Sounds perfect to me. All I want to do is relax now,” she said. “Until tomorrow, that is.”

“Until tomorrow.” I smiled and kissed her softly. “Happy Mother’s Day!

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