Mothers Gone Wild Ch. 05

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Lucille slurped and swallowed, determined to suck every drop of her son’s cum into her belly. “Blow that fucker!” Trey commanded. “Drink it all! Aw, Mama, I feel that in my balls! Goddamn!”

She released his cock from the grip of her throat muscles and let him slide out until only the head of his fuck pole was in her mouth. She wanted to know what jism tasted like and for that she needed him to spill on her tongue, not half-way down her throat. She loved the salty warmth immediately, but as he kept spurting her mouth filled rapidly and she had difficulty swallowing it all. Some oozed from the corners of her mouth and ran down her chin.

Finally Trey lay back on the bed breathing deeply. Lucille wiped off her face with the sleeve of her discarded nightgown, and climbed on to the bed to snuggle next to her son.

“Mom, I can’t believe that was the first time you sucked cock.”

“Believe it, kiddo. What do you take your mother for?” Lucille teased. She walked her fingers down his body toward his rapidly softening prick and curled them around it.

“You did awesome.”

“Well I’m going to get lots better, baby,” Lucille whispered in the boy’s ear. “I plan on sucking you off again, and again…and again.” Trey’s cock jerked at his mother’s hot words. I’ll have the kid hard again in no time, she thought gleefully. Goodness, are all teen boys so easy?

“I didn’t hurt you, did I? I mean, like when I held your head and…You know.”

“I loved that, sweetie,” Lucille said. “I’m not very used to a man being so aggressive. It turns me on. I must say, though, you took charge very quickly. Almost like…”

“Like what, Mom?”

Lucille shook her head, “Like you were waiting for me. Like…you’re used to old women jumping your bones.” She laughed at the silliness of the idea.

“You’re not old, Mom. You’re beautiful and sexy as hell.” Trey folded his strong arms around her. “I’ve thought about stuff like this. But I never thought you were the type.”

“So, you know a lot of women who are? The type, I mean. Older women?”

“Mom…” Trey looked uncomfortable.

“You can tell me. I’m your mother. Who’s ‘Laney?'”

“How did you…who told you about her?”

“You did, silly,” Lucille giggled. She squeezed his half-hard dick affectionately. “When you were asleep, while I was having some fun with this big fella.”

“Okay,” Trey said. “Elaine. Elaine Moore.”

“Miss Moore? The music teacher? At school?” Lucille gasped. Trey nodded with a smirk, looking embarrassed yet also pleased that he could shock his mother after all that had transpired. “She must be thirty if she’s a day! She seems so quiet and conservative, too.”

“Well, look who’s talkin’,” Trey said. “Mom, lots of freaky shit goes on in this town. You got no idea.”

Lucille found that, now that she knew who Trey had been dreaming of, she didn’t feel nearly the jealousy she had before. Instead, imagining her son fucking Elaine Moore excited her. She was beginning to wonder if there were any limits to her own perverse sexual cravings…but then, since at the moment she was nuzzling her teenage son’s neck and jacking him toward another hard-on the question was probably moot. “Tell me,” she murmured provocatively. “Tell Mommy all the ‘freaky shit’ you get into.”

Trey looked doubtful at first, but his mother’s lecherous expression spurred him to a decision. “What the fuck, I’ll show you,” he said. “Where’d my laptop go?”

“Under the bed.”

The files on the computer showed Lucille exactly what all the “hanging out doing nothing” that Trey and his pals did consisted of. There were hundreds of images, most of them cell phone shots. Most were women that Lucille knew. Most were married, and most were closer to her own age than to her son’s.

Trey and his teenage friends were fucking them. The first that yozgat escort caught Lucille’s eye was one of Elaine Moore astride her son, her plump pussy lips stretched around the girth of his cock.

“Oh my dear,” Lucille gasped, gripping Trey’s arm tightly. “Are there…are there a lot of these? With you and her?”

“Me and her, yeah,” he answered, bringing up a second image which looked to have been taken only a few moments later: Elaine was still riding Trey, but now Brandon Crane stood in front of her feeding his stiff prick into her lush, waiting mouth. “Brandon and her, Luke and her, Luke and Bobby and me and her…y’know, she likes to party. It’s funny; she was nearly a virgin when we started up with her.”

He dragged another picture on to the screen. “Dig this. You remember Mrs. Thornton?”

Lucille did indeed. It had been nearly ten years since she and Donna Thornton had shared more than an uncomfortable “Hello” in the check-out line at the A&P. Lucille was always afraid that Donna would bring up the topic of the Aldrich family’s absence at Greenleaf’s Independent Baptist Church on Sundays. Donna was the pastor’s wife, and had taught Trey’s Sunday School classes.

Now Lucille was looking at a picture of the forty year-old frosted blonde wearing nothing but pearls and an open-mouthed expression of ecstasy as she lay naked on her back on a dark wooden desk. Her calves were draped over young Luke Gable’s strong shoulders as he drove his cock into her.

In the background of the shot Trey and another boy, probably Bobby Tilson, were fondling a younger woman who wore nothing but white socks, saddle shoes and a black choir robe open in the front to display her plump tits and eagerly spread legs. Trey’s fingers were in her pussy while the other boy kissed her and pulled on her erect nipples.

In the next shot the action had moved to the carpet, where Luke pushed his cock into Donna from behind while the now completely naked younger woman straddled her face. Judging from both their faces the girl enjoyed having the good churchwoman’s tongue inside her trim little snatch as much as Donna obviously loved eating her pussy. “Who…?” Lucille asked.

“Who’s the chick? Oh, Mom, Rach’s so grown up now you wouldn’t even know her.”

“Rach-Rachel? Her daughter?” Lucille saw the family resemblance now. It was even clearer in other images such as one in which they sat beside one another on a divan, open-legged and masturbating one another as they kissed.

Donna’s wedding band caught the light of the phone’s flash, glinting brightly on the finger that was buried to the knuckle in her daughter’s dewy young cunt.

This is much better than those pictures on the Internet, Lucille thought dizzily. Other images showed the boys engaged in orgies with several women at a time. There were close-ups of cocks driving into unidentified pussies and mouths. One set showed Zelda Cooper, the wife of Greenleaf’s police chief, reclining on a bed of pillows while Bobby, Brandon and Luke jerked off over her, letting their cum fly into her mouth and onto her face and tits.

The pictures made Lucille’s pussy throb. She kept up her slow stroking of Trey’s rapidly stiffening prick with her right hand, but slipped her left down between her legs to massage her clit. Some remaining fragment of maternal concern caused her to say “You kids could get into a lot of trouble for this.”

“Ah, Mom,” Trey said. “Not nearly as much as the babes could get into. Which is why they’re real careful not to get caught. So like you said, who’s gonna stop us?”

I guess life seems simple to young horny kids, Lucille mused enviously. Still, it occurred to her that the reason she wasn’t jealous of Donna or Elaine or the others was that they could never really compete with her where her son was concerned. yozgat escort bayan If, God forbid, he fell in love with some teen slut who set her cap and opened her legs for him, that girl might take Trey away from her. These older women all had too much at risk to either let their own or anyone else in the group’s adventures progress beyond a carnal level.

And now who’s oversimplifying? She couldn’t help herself, damn it. Her brain recognized danger, but her cunt sensed opportunity. All of Trey’s friends were well-hung.

“Don’t do that,” Trey said suddenly, grabbing her wrist and pulling her hand away from her crotch. “Lemme take care of you, Mom.” He eased Lucille on to her back and lay down on his stomach, his face between her legs. He ran his hands up her inner thighs to her pussy, parting its coral lips with his thumbs. “Whoa. When did you start shavin’?” he said, admiring the bald, soft curve of her mound. A single narrow tuft of silver curls trailed up a few inches from just above her clit.

Lucille shivered at his warm breath on her pussy. “Ungh…I got the idea from the Internet,” she lied, remembering Courtney Harris’ cute little hairless slit. However many of his secrets Trey might be ready to let his mother in on, she didn’t see any harm in holding on to a few surprises herself.

“Sweet,” Trey muttered. He ran his tongue over his mother’s clit, then sucked and licked and lightly nibbled on her cunt-lips. Lucille lay back, lazily trailing her fingertips over her own nipples, pinching and twisting the little buds.

“Oh, that’s beautiful, son. Keep sucking like that.” Trey’s tongue probed inside her, sweeping up and down the interior of her pussy and sucking her juices as if he were parched. “Push it in farther, sweetie. Fuck Mama with your tongue.”

Trey rolled his tongue and stiffened it to a point, drilling his mother’s dripping hole. He sucked loudly, lustily and she moaned with pleasure. She bent her knees so that she could plant her feet flat on the bed, curling her toes and digging them into the mattress as if needing to grab hold to keep from falling off the world.

Trey pushed a finger in alongside his tongue, stirring and stroking her so-sensitive inner tissues. “You’re so small,” he marveled. “You’re gonna be a tight, hot fuck. He withdrew his mouth and hands from his mother’s snatch and got to his knees. He braced himself on his hands and pointed his prick at the entrance to her pussy.

“Ready, Mom?”

“I am so, so ready for cock, baby. My own darling boy’s great big cock. Come here.” Lucille reached between her legs to touch him. Her fingers danced along the underside of his shaft and she guided him home. The dome of his dick bumped gently against her cunt-lips and nudged into her needy little fuck-hole. She scooted her hips down the mattress, anxious to capture his fuck-tool. The head popped into her pussy and she sighed contentedly. “There…where you belong,” she whispered. “Where I want you from now on.”

Lucille locked her arms around Trey’s neck. With a swift thrust of his hips he slid several inches of his cock into her pussy before she could draw a breath. “Oh, yes…yes, yes!” she whimpered.

“Tight…hot…fuck,” Trey repeated as he drove his prick farther into his mother’s sucking pussy channel. He looked into Lucille’s eyes as if awed by what they were doing. “I’m gonna give it all to you, Mom. I’m gonna fuck my whole cock into my mother’s hot cunt.”

Lucille threaded her fingers through his curly hair, pulling him down to kiss him deeply. “This is what you were born for,” she cooed. “That great big man’s prick of yours is a perfect fit for Mama’s hungry pussy.” She slipped her hands down to hold her son’s hips, urging him forward. She wanted him in her all the way. “Fuck it up me, Trey honey, fuck it all escort yozgat the way up into my womb.”

Waves of pleasure radiated outward from her stuffed, stretched pussy. Every nerve and muscle of her body tingled as her son fucked her with short rhythmic strokes. Every forward thrust carried him a little deeper into her, until at last she felt his nuts bounce against her ass.

Lucille looked down to watch her son’s fuck-rod reappear as he pulled out, slick and shiny with her juice. “Dick me slow, darling,” she said. “Long and slow…like that, uh-huh. Ummm…” Anxious to please, Trey repeatedly withdrew almost all the way from her cunt and then slid all the way back in. She bit her lower lip, squeezing her pussy muscles to increase the delicious friction as he snaked his dick in and out.

“Oh, honey, you do know what you’re doing,” she purred. She ran her hands over her son’s flat belly and down to play with his cock and her clit as they moved against one another. “I’m such a lucky mother, to have a son who knows so much about pleasing a woman.”

As if in response, Trey lowered himself slightly and rolled his hips to vary the angle at which he entered Lucille’s pussy. His cock-head massaged the little nerve-cluster of her G-spot and she screamed aloud.

Trey clapped his hand over her mouth and stopped his fucking motion. “Hey, hey, you’ll wake Dad!”

“Mmmmph?” Lucille breathed deeply through her nose and relaxed against her son’s hand. He let her free. “I forgot all about him,” she said with a weak smile. “I don’t think we have to worry, though. He moves like an elephant when he’s plastered. He’s not going to sneak up the stairs.” She smacked her son lightly on the ass. “Now be a good boy and keep fucking your mother.”

Lucille arched her body upward to meet Trey’s thrusts. As had been the case in Doctor Norman’s office, her awareness soon contracted and focused on the wonderful physical sensations a strong young lover could give her. That it was her own son this time made it even better.

“Oh, Trey, I can’t stand it!” she mewled. “I want you to fuck me all night! Fuck me…ram that monster up me, make me cum, make me cum. Oh yes…Mommy needs cock, baby. Mommy needs cock, cock, cock!” As much as she loved the prolonged fucking she felt herself getting close to her orgasm. “You’re making me cum! I feel…oh god, I feel it!” She writhed under her son as the first spasms of climax took her. Fire raced along her nerves and her muscles contracted so violently that she was afraid they’d tear her body apart.

“Yeah, cum for me!” Trey grunted. “cum on my cock, Mom! That’s it, that’s it, that’s my girl!” He kept driving into her and a second orgasm swept through her. Still he didn’t let up. He plunged in and out of her, hammering away at her pussy without ceasing until she came a third time as hot streams of cum finally exploded from his prick to bathe her quivering pussy channel.

Trey collapsed against Lucille and she held him as he dozed. Closing her own eyes, her imagination swam with lascivious visions of the days ahead. The gates were open now for her to indulge her desires with this boy. She’d turn her every lustful fantasy into reality, and her son would love her more for it.

And not just her son. In her mind’s eye she saw his young friends, that group of athletic young studs running wild amongst the ripe crop of unsatisfied wives and mothers that the narrow streets and mores of Greenleaf had sown.

This would be fun.

Lucille climbed out of bed and pulled her gown on, zipping up the front. She pushed her hair back out of her face, arranging it as best she could with her fingers.

“Mom?” Trey mumbled, rolling over to look blearily up at her. She bent over and kissed his mouth, flicking her tongue teasingly at the corners of his mouth.

“I need to make sure your father gets up to bed,” she said. “If he sleeps in the den all night his back will kill him for a week.” She paused at the bedroom door and looked back over her shoulder at her son.

“I’ll see you in a little while,” she added, and skipped down the stairs like a girl.

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