Mountain Vacation with Master Ch. 03

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I squirm feeling you just watching me, seeing your self-satisfied smirk as I feel your cum slowly seeping outside my pussy. Thankfully you had added a soft blanket underneath me so that the fur rug isn’t destroyed by our combined juices.

After a few moments of just watching me squirm you kneel beside me, scooping up some of the juices escaping and feeding it to me, my tongue licking your fingers clean. Then you untie me and allow me to get up, pulling me close, your hands roaming all over my body, as you bend down and whisper in my ear ‘my good little girl.’

I shiver and melt in your arms, my arms going around your back, feeling the slight chill in the air as the fireplace slowly dies down. Going into the bathroom we chat a little bit as we shower, me soaping you up, washing you off, you doing the same to me, and I tell you how much I enjoyed being bound by you (my cuffs are off but the collar is chainlink made of stainless steel, so it is left on.)

Of course I touch you as often as possible, leaning my head against your chest, and you are doing the same, caressing me, pulling on my nipples. We get out of the shower and towel off (I wrap my hair turban style) and while I dry my hair you get into a pair of shorts and sit down on the sofa.

After my hair is semi-dry I sit down on the sofa next to you, cuddling up under a cover. I pull out my book and we read for an hour or so just like that (me nude.) Of course you don’t leave my body alone, but keep me aroused even as we read our separate books.

After the long trip there we are both a bit tired so we are soon in bed, me curling up next to you, your arms circling around me, holding me close, and we both drift off to sleep. I awake once during the night, feeling your cock push against my pussy, and I lift my leg giving you enough room. It goes in fairly easily (though not as easily earlier) as I am always wet for your cock Sir, and I feel your hands caress my breasts, your breath hot against my neck, and you push your cock inside me, fucking me slowly until you cum inside my pussy. I meow softly, you pet my head, and we both fall asleep again.

I wake up all nice and warm, and I wriggle a little bit, feeling your cock right against my pussy, already sporting morning wood. Mmmmm, I squirm around and duck under the covers and start licking your cock. After a few minutes I can feel your hand petting my head, and I shiver and start kissing and biting (very gently!) in earnest, licking your balls, softly sucking on them, then coming back up I start to suck on your cock, just the head at first.

I can feel myself getting wet just sucking on your cock, Sakarya Escort and I clench my legs together as I take more of your cock inside my mouth. You just lay back allowing me to service your cock, until you get close, then you pull my head down on your hard cock, and I feel it enter my throat. I gag on it just a moment, then I feel you shoot your warm cum inside my throat, pulling out just a bit at the last so I can taste your seed. Mmmmm.

After swallowing the last bit of your cum I scramble back up into your arms, and we laugh and cuddle for a little bit, me playfully nipping your neck and chest, you pulling and biting my nipples, and giving me warm possessive kisses. Eventually I ask you what you would like for breakfast, and once I know what it is I slip out of bed after getting another head-spinning kiss.

I bend over to put on some fuzzy socks and a negligee and go into the kitchen after using the restroom and brushing out my hair. You follow soon behind me and I pour out a glass of milk for you.

I tease you a little bit by bending over and pretending to milk my breast into your glass of milk, and you laugh and pull my nipple harder, at which I squeal. Laughing I turn back to the stove and your eggs and sausage, making sure nothing was burning. You take a swipe at my ass as I bend over and laughing I turn around and shake my spatula at you, telling you if you don’t want burned eggs you should just go sit back down. Grinning you do so, taking a seat at the kitchen table, sipping your milk as you watch me bustle around the kitchen.

You are dressed in blue jeans and a button down shirt, socks and shoes already on. Finally everything is done and we sit down to eat. As soon as the food is done I take off the gown and place it on the back of my chair, leaving my body open for your viewing pleasure.

It is just a tad chilly in the room and my nipples are instantly hard, pebbling up on my breasts. Every once in awhile you will lean over and flick them just a bit. When we are finished you tell me that my outfit is laid out for me and to put my hair in a ponytail, then we both clean up the kitchen, making sure everything is put away.

Curious I go into the bedroom and gasp as I see what you have left out for me. It is a warm sweater, just a bit scratchy, a corduroy skirt (very stretchy,) and a pair of low-heeled ankle boots, nice but sturdy, and no underwear. I wonder what you have planned as I put them on, guessing (correctly) you wanted me to leave my fuzzy socks on so that my feet will stay warm.

Back in the living room with you I watch as you pull on a light jacket Sakarya Escort Bayan (we had slept in so it is about 10am, roughly 45 degrees outside, not too cold, and the sun is shining.) You hold out my jacket for me and I slip into it. I notice a bulge in your pockets, but every time I ask you just laugh and tell me I will find out soon enough.

We hike into the woods at a leisurely pace, touching, laughing, joking around. Every once in a while you would push me up against a tree and kiss me passionately, or grab my ponytail and pull my head back, biting my neck. We reach a small waterfall, and I laugh out in enjoyment of the sight. The trees are still bare, but the view is striking.

You pull out a blindfold, and once I have it on you push me into the spot where you want me to be, taking off my jacket, rubbing my tender nipples through the sweater, making them swell with arousal. I feel something soft around my wrists, pulling them behind my back, and I realize it is rope.

I wonder what you are doing, but I trust you implicitly. I feel the cold air creep up the skirt and shirt as you pull my hands up behind my back until I am almost parallel to the ground.

I start to shiver and I realize you have tied it off to a tree when I feel no slack as your hands push up my skirt, baring my ass to the cold light of day. You also push my shirt up to my neck, leaving my breasts hanging down. I can feel you lean over me, I can feel your cock through your jeans pressing into my ass as your hands squeeze my breasts.

Cooing and telling me what a good pet I am you continue pulling and twisting my nipples, feeling me squirm, hearing me pant and squeal as you manipulate them for your pleasure. When you have me all nice and bothered you force my legs further apart and tell me not to move.

I am shivering, but not from the cold, I am so turned on, so aroused, that I cannot help it. I feel your hands brush up against my thighs, touching me from the inside of my thigh you run your hands down my leg, I feel you lick the inside of my knee, then you come back up the other thigh, but never touching my pussy.

I try to thrust back to feel your hands on my pussy but you just laugh, slap my ass and tell me to be still like a good little girl. I whimper, wondering what you have planned. All of a sudden I feel a small stinging sensation and I realize you brought the small paddle! You are not swinging it full force just yet, you are using the side with the fur, and soon I am into the spanking, lifting my ass up for each new hit.

Then you switch it around to just the leather, and the stinging Escort Sakarya is more sharp, but I love it, moaning, squealing with each hit until they get more rough, harder, my cries echoing in the woods, until my ass is a nice red color for you. Gasping I feel your hand pet my head, and I lean into the caress, shaking a little bit, leaning onto your thigh. I feel you pull on my hair and then I feel my head pulled back and realize you have somehow tied my ponytail to the rope. I can feel the stretch in my neck and I feel your hands circling my neck, squeezing just a little bit, just a bit of added pressure, and I shiver, whimpering.

I feel you push my head into your crotch, rubbing my face, feeling your hard cock through your jeans. I hear a smack sound, and gasp as I realize you had just hit my breasts! Slowly, lightly yet methodically, you spank my breasts with the paddle, feeling my cries straight against your cock, until you cannot handle it anymore and bring it out to allow me to suck on your cock while you hit my breasts.

I cry out in pain and pleasure as I feel you spank my nipples, then rub the fur side on them. I make sure my teeth do not touch your cock, but it is difficult as you push and pull me, on and off your cock, while spanking my breasts.

You drop the paddle and use your hands to squeeze my warm red breasts, rolling my nipples. I squeal on your hard cock, and you can feel the vibrations as I suck on your hard cock. You hold my head steady and fuck my face, the blindfold soaking up the tears as you use my mouth for your pleasure. I can feel the ropes holding my head in the position you want.

I feel you withdraw and I whimper, my tongue sticking out, wanting your cock inside me, needing your cum. Without warning I feel you slam into me from behind and I shriek as you plow my soaking wet pussy! The rope still holding my head up, you grab my hips and forcibly fuck me, one hand starts to rub my clit as I gyrate as much as possible, trying to please my Master.

There is no trying to be quiet and I beg you for your cum, beg you for an orgasm, whimper and moan as you pull on the rope, pulling my head higher, arching my back to take you as deep as possible. You finally allow me to cum on your cock, and as soon as you feel my pussy spasm on your cock you push as deep inside me as possible and cum inside my pussy, filling your pet with your seed.

After staying like that for a moment you come back to my face and I clean your cock of both our juices, and then I hear the zip of your pants. I hear you walk away and I remember seeing a bench close by, knowing you are just sitting there watching me as I hang from your bondage.

When I start to shiver a little bit you come back over and undo the ropes, rubbing my wrists and arms, you pull down my skirt and sweater, help me put my jacket back on, and then we both sit on the bench, cuddling and watching the water for a little bit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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