Moving in With Daddy Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: This story is a collaboration with my editor and friend, Harvey. We each contributed equally to its content and we hope you enjoy it.

– – – – –

March 5, 2021


After nearly a year, the horrible lockdown had finally ended. The world ushered in the new year with several vaccines that proved to be very effective against the Covid virus and life had returned to normal. I’d quit my job at the casino and begun attending UNLV virtually in late August, and when the new semester began in January my distance-learning routine changed to meetings on campus. I was still living at home with my father, but it felt so good getting out of our house, going to classes, and assuming my new ‘normal’ life.

My relationship with my father was perfect and I’d never been happier. We had a very active sex life that included some BDSM elements, which I loved, and also lots of vanilla-type sex, which was more often soft, gentle, romantic, and loving, that kept our loving relationship strong and solid.

Daddy allowed me to spend the night with my brother, Kyle, a couple of times a month when Anna wasn’t staying over with him so we could have sex. Our sneaky little arrangement really helped to continue to strengthen our relationship. My father also continued to see his girlfriend, Suzi, both with and without me. About once a week they’d go out on dates, which gave them some private time to be alone together, and she’d also spend a night or two each week at our house. There was no animosity or jealousy between us and we actually developed a very strong friendship. Even though we didn’t have any classes together, in addition to being lovers we both enjoyed doing typical girlfriend-type things like shopping for clothes and shoes together or just hanging out.

Daddy had promised me a vacation and it was only a couple of weeks until spring break, so I was getting very excited to find out exactly where we’d be going. Also, he said we’d be venturing out into the community and doing some sexy things together, and I couldn’t wait to find out just what he had in mind. I’d never been happier than I was in my new life with my father, and I couldn’t help but think that no matter what he had planned it would only add to everything I’d experienced with him.

– – – – –

My father sat me down one Friday evening right after dinner and revealed his next grand plan.

“I searched for adult video stores in our area and I found three of them that are nearby. Then I found that one on Industrial Road has a back room with video booths.”

“Okay,” I said warily. “Why does that matter?”

“I’ll explain that in a moment. I read up on some reviews of the place and found that it got decent marks for cleanliness and movie selection. Then I saw that there was an online forum for the video store, so I posted a question that asked when was the best time to visit the booths. Within minutes I received a bunch of responses; most of them said that around nine o’clock was best.”

I broke into a little smile. “You know I can’t wait to find out where this is going, right?”

“Be patient and stay with me here,” he continued. “One of the forum members sent me a message and we started chatting about the facility. He was a wealth of knowledge, telling me the cost, which booths were the biggest, and which ones had glory holes in them.”

My eyes got wide. Glory holes? What the hell is that? The questioning look on my face gave me away.

“A glory hole is a small slot between the video booths where a man can insert his cock, Kenna.”

Suddenly, Daddy’s plan was becoming clear. Giving head to complete strangers? It made me nervous, but I could also feel myself getting aroused.

“So how many guys do you think I should suck off?” I asked shyly.

“Oh, I don’t know,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes. “Not more than a couple of dozen.”

I giggled but then wondered if he was serious. “A couple of dozen?” I whispered, aghast at the prospect. I loved giving head, but that would be a lot of effort.

“Just teasing,” he assured me. “We’ll see how it goes.”

He told me to shower and get ready. When I saw the outfit he’d picked out for me, I had to chuckle; this was not going to be an evening where he’d want us to be seen by anyone we knew.

When I emerged from the bedroom wearing his chosen outfit, his mouth dropped open. He’d chosen a very tight semi-sheer black halter sleeveless mini-dress. It was backless, had spaghetti straps, had a deep V front that exposed my navel, and the hem was so short it barely covered my ass. It was just like the dress I’d worn at Easter, I had to adhere two-sided apparel tape to my breasts to ensure they stayed in the sexy little frock, and just like he’d instructed I wasn’t wearing a thong. I knew he could see every inch of my curves, and the fuck-me heels accentuated the shapeliness of my legs. My long blonde hair was shimmering and halkalı bdsm escort the low cut of the dress barely covered half of my big D-cup breasts. He could even see a hint of my nipples through the sheer fabric, and I knew that they’d definitely be visible when I got excited.

He had me stand in front of him and he ran his hand up under my very short skirt. I parted my legs to give him access and he ran his fingers over my slit. I felt the moisture begin to build between my legs, and my nipples became erect and started to show through the thin, sheer material.

I leaned over to his ear, gave a slight moan, and said, “I’m ready, Daddy, let’s do this,” I said playfully.

“I can tell,” he said dryly, and we headed out to his Escalade. He caressed my ass as he walked behind me, and we embraced in a long kiss as our hands explored each other’s body.

He helped me into the car and walked around the back to get in on the driver’s side. After we got on the road he reached over and rubbed my breasts, lightly pinching my nipples and making me squirm in my seat. He continued to explore my body until we arrived at the video store; I looked at the dashboard clock and saw that it was just five minutes before nine. I was incredibly excited, but also a little nervous.

I wasn’t sure how to say this without upsetting him, but I still had to say it. “Daddy, please keep me safe in there, okay?” I said in a voice barely above a whisper.

He looked seriously into my eyes. “No one will ever harm you, Kenna, I promise.”

I looked into his steady, unwavering eyes and a peace came over me. “Okay.”

We got out of the car and my father grabbed a duffel off the back seat, then took my hand and led me into the store. I could see the male patrons instantly turn their attention to me in my tight-fitting and revealing outfit, and I’m sure they noticed my erect nipples pushing against the thin bodice material.

We headed straight to the counter and Daddy asked for a booth. He handed the attendant the required fee and we were directed to the curtain behind him. I knew he was staring at my ass as I passed him, but I had to admit that I was enjoying the attention.

We walked down a dimly-lit hallway and I could hear moaning from multiple booths that had movies playing. As we passed by the first couple of booths we could see guys in them stroking themselves to the sex acts playing on the screens. They didn’t pay any attention to us and we continued on and I silently counted the booth numbers … 3 … 4 … 5.

“The guys on the forum said room 5 was the cleanest, was a little bigger, and had two chairs,” Daddy told me. The room wasn’t occupied, so we went in and shut the door.

Despite my excitement and curiosity about what might happen, I was still incredibly nervous and it must have shown. My father put his arm around me and gave me a nice soft kiss. His strong, even demeanor gave me strength and helped to somewhat relax me. Then he pulled a towel out of the duffel and laid it across the two chairs. He sat me down in one of them, then took the other and picked up the remote. He slowly flipped through the channels that showed various couples having sex, straight, lesbian, interracial … all of which looked good, but he was apparently looking for something specific.

After a few more channels he finally hit the channel he was looking for. On the screen was an early 20s petite Asian girl sitting on a couch with a group of four guys. They descended on the lone girl and were groping every inch of her as they undressed her, and she took a cock in each hand. My eyes widened and became fixated on the screen. My hands instinctively started rubbing on my breasts and I started to shift in my chair. Daddy put his hand on my thigh, pulled my skirt up to my waist, and started rubbing my shaved mound. I spread my long legs wide, which gave him better access, and he inserted his finger inside me and started to slowly move it in and out.

I slid the two spaghetti straps of my dress from my shoulders and pulled the apparel tape away from my breasts, which released them, and I began to gently rub my nipples as I continued to stare at the screen. I watched intently as the guys took turns filling the girl’s mouth and pussy with their members. My father leaned over, kissed my neck, and slid another finger into my soaking-wet pussy. I took a deep breath, grabbed his face, and kissed him hard as he worked his fingers in and out of my pussy. My breathing got very heavy, and I grabbed his hand between my legs and held it tight in its current position as I climbed and then released into my first orgasm of the evening. My body convulsed so hard I almost fell out of the chair, but he held and steadied me, which kept me from falling.

As my orgasm subsided, he withdrew his wet fingers from me and I nibbled on his ear and then softly whispered, “I want your big cock in my mouth.” He had stood up to drop his pants and give me what I wanted when he looked behind me.

“Turn around,” halkalı elit escort he whispered, and when I did I saw a six-inch semi-hard cock protruding through the small hole in the wall. “I think someone else wants your mouth first,” he whispered.


“I want to watch you suck that cock,” he said lustfully. He moved the chairs out of the way and laid the towel down on the floor under the glory hole. Then he slid the remainder of my dress down and over my hips and let it fall to the floor, leaving me completely naked except for my heels. He gave me another deep kiss, cupped my breasts, and said, “We’re not leaving here until these and your beautiful face are completely covered with cum.”

I gave him a sly, pouty look and said, “Okay, if this is what you want, then I want it too.”

I dropped to my knees on the towel and stared at the semi-hard member in front of me. In the darkness, my father could sense my slight hesitation. I’d done this before, or at least something similar to it when I’d gone to players’ rooms in the casino and they’d paid me to give them blowjobs. However, I’d seen their faces’ and we’d built a small amount of rapport while they were gambling and I’d brought them drinks. They were complete strangers, but I knew what they looked like. Even though the situation was somewhat similar, it was still nothing like this.

“Get that sexy mouth to work,” he said lustfully. “It’s not going to suck itself.”

I leaned forward, opened my mouth, and slowly sucked the head between my soft lips. I heard a moan escape the occupant on the other side of the wall as I began to pleasure my mystery guest.

I bobbed my head slowly, taking the cock-head in and out of my mouth for a few seconds. As my father lecherously looked on, I placed my hands on the wall, relaxed my throat, and took him all the way down to the root. Daddy sensuously ran his hands through my long blonde hair as I worked him slowly in and out of my mouth. My father knew I didn’t have a gag reflex, and he added just a bit more pressure to the back of my head as I continued to work the cock all the way down my throat and then hold it there for several seconds.

I pulled off quickly, just long enough to gasp in a breath, then grabbed the base of the erection and fed it back into my mouth. I was pumping faster and taking it deep into my mouth with each thrust forward of my head.

“Mmmmm … that’s a good cock-sucker,” Daddy said to me.

That only spurred me on even more. His cock was shiny and wet with my saliva, and I held still so the unseen man could fuck my mouth. I heard moaning on the other side of the wall and it only grew louder as he thrust himself into my mouth and throat.

Suddenly there was a double knock on the wall, and my father whispered, “He’s ready to come.”

He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me away. I raised my hands and stroked the cock in front of me until it erupted with massive ropes of cum all over my lips and chin. I leaned my head back and directed the remaining shots to my neck and breasts. I kept stroking until the spurts subsided and then I ran my tongue through the pee slit and collected the remaining drops that were seeping out of the head before releasing it from my grip.

The cock disappeared back through the wall and I turned and looked at my father with a satisfied smile on my face. Despite my earlier nervousness and reservations, I was really getting into this. I licked my lips and said, “I want to do that again.”

I heard the door open and quickly close in the other room. A couple of seconds later, I glanced over at the hole in the wall and saw that a new mystery man had already replaced our previous guest. My father looked and then nodded. I turned my head and put my mouth on the new cock in front of me.

As I filled my mouth, my father squatted behind me and ran his hand under my ass. He rubbed his fingers over my pussy lips and onto my clit. I jumped a little, but I didn’t miss a beat with the task at hand. He continued to rub my clit and I could feel the moisture dripping between my legs. I picked up the speed of my head-bobbing whenever he sped up his finger movements, and in no time I heard another knock on the wall. This time I knew to pull the cock out of my mouth, and I directed the ropes of sticky semen onto my breasts.

My father stood up and stepped around me to see the result of this encounter. I had gotten a couple of new thick globs, but not nearly the quantity as my first visitor. I ran my finger over the tip of the cock and collected a little dollop, then licked my finger to get a little taste.

I scooted back a little from the wall and turned to look up at my father. I shot him a big sexy smile and he knew I was enjoying this. Then I reached for his zipper, slid it down, and retrieved his big thick cock, which was at full attention from watching me pleasure the strangers. I wrapped both my hands around his member and stroked it with pure lust in my eyes.

But just when I was halkalı escort about to take him into my mouth, the dim light through the glory hole went dark again and a new participant emerged through the hole. My father pointed to the wall and said, “Your fans are waiting. “

“Are you sure? I want to take care of you too,” I said sensually.

“I’m sure.”

I shot him a playful smile. “Okay, Daddy.”

I gently began to stroke his cock and turned to greet my next guest. I gasped as I struggled to wrap my hand around the huge black monster poking through the wall. It was definitely the biggest I’d ever seen. It looked to be just a little under ten inches, it was inhumanly thick, and the head looked to be about the size of a small apple. I was beginning to question whether I’d be able to get the whole thing in my mouth, but I was determined to at least try.

I’d never been with a black man, but that didn’t faze me in the slightest. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and began working the big black cock in. I was astounded by how much I was able to engulf; at least half of it disappeared between my lips on the first push.

I continued to stroke my father’s cock as I took in more of the guy in front of me. My Daddy leaned his shoulder against the adjacent wall and closed his eyes while he listened to me gasping as I struggled to fit that long cock into my throat.

After about a minute, I tightened my grip on my father’s cock and moaned. My father’s eyes popped open, no doubt thinking I had just finished off the guy I’d been working on, but then he saw that I’d changed positions. I’d raised my ass up so it was almost touching the hole in the wall. From behind me, there was a long black hand reaching through and two long black fingers buried in my pussy. I rocked myself back, driving his fingers in deeper, and I released Daddy’s cock and took it into my mouth.

My father grabbed his phone from his pocket and started recording a video of the action. It shocked me a little at first, because I’d never let anyone record or take pictures of me during sex, but I trusted him implicitly and quickly let it go.

I took my father’s cock deep into my throat while pushing back harder on the fingers. After about a minute or so, I heard my father’s breathing begin to change and I knew he was close.

“My clit, rub my clit,” I moaned, just loud enough so I hoped the unseen black man behind the wall could hear me. Thankfully, he did. He withdrew his fingers and began furiously rubbing the little nub between my legs. Instantly, my body began to climb.

“Yeah, just like that, just a little more,” I cooed.

I held my lips tight around the head of my father’s cock and he began to furiously thrust into my mouth and throat. The thick fingers behind me were expertly manipulating my clit. Just as a powerful orgasm washed over me my father shot his semen into my mouth and I swallowed each heavy spurt.

When I’d recovered, I looked up at my father playfully. “Okay, I owe this guy, Daddy, let me take care of him,” I said lustfully. My father nodded, giving me the go-ahead.

I flipped back around and whispered through the wall. “Give me that big black cock again.”

A few seconds later the hard black monster reappeared and I began sucking on the bulbous head. I could hear moans and pants coming from the other side of the wall as I continued to work him deeper into my mouth and throat. It was definitely a challenge, but I kept working at it until I’d finally taken him all the way down to the root. I kept my mouth warm and wet, and long strings of my saliva were dripping out of my mouth onto the floor.

Whoever he was, he had amazing control, because I was able to fellate him for at least three or four minutes until I heard deep moans and grunts from the other side of the wall. I thought of letting him slip out of my mouth, but I’d gone this far and I wanted the entire experience. I held him deep in my throat when he erupted. Then I slid back several inches and he filled my mouth with an amazing quantity of semen. I took a little breath and swallowed several times. When he was finally spent, I heard him stumble back and sit in the chair.

“Jesus, girl, that was incredible,” I heard through the thin wall.

A little smile broke over my face. “You’re welcome,” I said shyly.

I’d somewhat regained my composure and sat comfortably on my knees, but I was still a little out of it. I shook my head to straighten myself out, then looked up at my father with an expression he knew all too well, my look of urgent sexual need. I was so wet and turned on, I needed to feel more than just fingers inside me. “Are you ready to fuck your little slut?”

A lustful little grin broke over his face. I heard the door to the room beside us open and then close again, and I waited semi-patiently while getting up on my feet, bending over, and presenting myself to my father. I felt my father move in behind me and I grew just a bit impatient.

“Are you going to give me your cock, Mister, or what?” I whispered through the little hole. The guy was obviously shocked, because he fumbled to get his pants down and his dick through the hole. This one was much more normal looking, a little stubby one, actually, which would be much easier to deal with than the previous one. I grabbed hold of it and looked back at my father.

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