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Part 1 Summary –

Barb and her husband moved into a new house near Miami following his promotion. Nigel works a lot, which leaves Barb on her own quite a bit. She notices that she can see onto her neighbor’s patio, where she’s able to watch him fucking several women he’s dating, since they have no apparent qualms about lounging completely naked on his pool deck. This prompts her to play with her clitoris and rub out numerous orgasms while she enjoys the show. Eventually, she goes next door to see if she can get in on the action.


I went next door and knocked on Adam’s door, hoping to catch him still in his morning bathrobe.

It worked! Adam answered the door in the same loosely tied robe that I’d met him in three weeks ago. He smiled when he saw me and said, “Good morning, Barb.” Then he laughed, put his hands on his hips, and added, “What took you so long?”

I smiled back at him and was about to respond, when I noticed that…when he put his hands on his hips, his robe swung completely open. My eyes fell immediately to his cock….every bit as big as I remembered it….dangling impressively between his legs. Long and thick, with a bulbous tip on the end, pointing directly down at the ground. I was a bit mesmerized….I couldn’t seem to pull my eyes away from it.

My mind immediately began remembering all the things I’d seen him do with his massive prick over the past few weeks, and I wasn’t really surprised that seeing it close up, swaying back and forth between his thighs, was starting to make me wet.

Adam just stood there smiling, with his hands on his hips, his robe hanging open….letting me enjoy the view for a few seconds….making no move to cover up at all.

As I finally pulled myself together, I digested what he’d said and asked, “What do you mean…’what took you so long?’.”

He chuckled and said, “Mrs. Delgado and her husband lived over there before you guys, and she used to watch what was going on by my pool at night, too…..she came by after about six days. It took you almost three weeks….I must be losing my touch.”

My eyes kept darting down to his enormous penis, then up to his eyes, then back again, as I giggled and stammered, “Well….you seemed pretty busy over the past few weeks.”

I noticed his eyes were locking onto my obvious nipple bumps, and I shifted positions, making my boobs swing and wobble a bit, then asked, “So…..are you going to invite me in?”

He Çeşme Escort smiled and turned sideways in the doorway to let me in. As I walked past him, I noticed that his cock had begun to stiffen as we were talking….it was sticking out a little from his torso, with a slight bend to it…. the mushroom shaped tip pointing at the ground, almost like it was too heavy for the shaft.

I playfully slapped it as I walked past him, watching it swing back and forth while I made my way to his living room. He closed the door and joined me in the living room, with his robe still hanging wide open, and his semi-hard dick banging gently against his thighs.

“So….what brings you by?” he said, with a wry grin on his face.

Glancing again at his growing penis, I said, “I guess I was hoping for some of the action I’ve been watching on your patio for that past few weeks.” I walked up to him, reached out and wrapped my hand around his nearly erect dick and, as I started sliding my hand up and down the shaft, asked, “Have you got anything left for me?”

He laughed, grabbed a boob in each hand and started squeezing the flesh, then pinching my nipples, and said, “Of course….I’ve been hoping you’d stop by.”

I released his now fully erect cock while he pulled my tank top over my head, and helped me push my leggings down so I could kick them aside. Then I grabbed his rigid boner again and used it to lead him out to the deck by the pool, his robe falling to the floor on the way.

When we got to the patio, I turned to face him and lowered myself to sit on a chaise lounge, which put me at the perfect height to suck the tip of his cock into my mouth….so I did! I began bobbing my head back and forth on his stiff pole, stroking it with one of my hands, while I fondled his dangling nut sack with the other.

Adam stood there motionless for a few minutes with his hands on his hips, smiling and murmuring as I sucked his thick boner in and out of my mouth. After a while he reached down and began playing with my tits, which were swaying between us in rhythm to my bobbing head and pumping fist.

With his stiff erection now glistening with my saliva, Adam pulled it out of my mouth and gently pushed me back onto the chaise lounge, pushing my legs apart as he did. He stepped over me, so that he was straddling my hips, then lowered himself between my legs and aimed the tip of his cock at my dripping wet pussy opening.

Slowly, Çeşme Escort Bayan he entered my vagina, causing me to suck in my breath at first, followed by a soft, guttural moan as he eased his enormous prick deeper and deeper inside me.

“Oh…ohhh….aaaahhhhh…..yes….yes….keep going….yeah….fuck, Adam….yeah….my God, that feels amazing ….yeah….just like that….all the way in….aaaahhhhh….yeah…..”

Once he was completely inside me, Adam began rocking his hips, pounding his prick in and out of my cunt in earnest, hitting all the right spots inside me and causing me to grunt from the force of this thrusts.

It felt fantastic to feel so completely filled up inside….with the shaft of his cock constantly rubbing my throbbing clitoris. In no time I grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him hard into me, as an earth-shattering climax ripped through my entire body….from clit to nipple. My legs trembled as my orgasm washed over me like a tidal wave, eliciting ecstatic moans and grunts from me as Adam continued plowing his cock in and out of my drenched pussy.

“Fuck, Adam….yeah….just like that….uhnnnn….uhnnn….keep going….holy shit, I’m cumming….uhnnn…. uhnnn….yeah….yeah….aaaaahhhhhh…..hmmmmmm…..hmmmmm….God, that feels good….ohhhhhh…. aaaahhhhh……”

I closed my eyes, wrapped my shaking legs around Adam’s lower back and pulled him as far into me as he could go….moaning my orgasmic pleasure, while he continued to squeeze my boobs and suck on my rock-hard nipples. Adam shoved his huge prick deep inside my cunt and held it there for a minute or two, allowing me to enjoy the throes of my amazing climax until my legs stopped trembling.

As I came back to earth, I threw my legs wide and felt Adam pull his rigid pole out of my pussy until just the tip was inside me, then shove it back in…hard…over and over…as he picked up the pace and pounded his stiff rod in and out of me like a piston. I felt another climax building between my legs, and I suddenly let out a squeal as I enjoyed that morning’s second orgasm.

As my second climax ebbed, Adam pulled my legs up onto his shoulders, which lifted my ass slightly and gave him even better access to my sopping wet pussy. He continued slamming his dick in and out of me enthusiastically….driving the tip of his cock as deep as it would go….as he watched my boobs bounce around between us, bumping up against my chin with every one of his thrusts.

After a few minutes Escort Çeşme I heard his breath catch, so I knew he was about to cum. He grabbed both tits…hard….then plowed his dick deep inside me and held it there as he erupted….blasting several ropes of hot, creamy jizzm all over the inside of my cunt. He pulled out to the tip, then shoved it back in, holding it there again, as more spunk splashed into my pussy. He kept slamming his penis in and out of me until his balls were completely empty, then plopped himself on top of me to catch his breath….his rigid staff still crammed deep inside my vagina.

After our breathing returned to normal, Adam slowly pulled his softening prick out of my dripping twat, and stood up so that he was standing over me….still straddling the chaise lounge I was lying on. He moved up so that his legs were on either side of my head, and his long, slimy, flaccid penis dangled just above my face. I happily lifted my head and sucked the tip of his glistening cock into my mouth, enjoying the taste of our combined cum and pussy juices, as I used my mouth and tongue to clean off his shaft.

When his schlong was finally clean, he stepped away and retrieved his robe from the pool deck, while I pulled my tank top and leggings back on. He walked me to the front door, where he bent down and gave me a deep, tongue-filled kiss, while he squeezed my boobs through my top, and I gently stroked his soft pole through the opening in his robe.

Still enjoying the aftermath of my two orgasms, I grinned and said, “This was fun, Adam….every bit as enjoyable as I had hoped.”

He smiled at me and said, “Glad you finally came by, Barb….and like I said before….I work from home, so if you ever need anything, I’m always available.”

As I headed back to my house, I couldn’t help but smile to myself….I figured Adam and I had just started a new morning routine.

And so it began….when Adam had dates over and Nigel worked late, I’d lounge by my bedroom window with one hand pulling on my stiff nipples, and the other between my legs, rubbing out multiple orgasms until the show was over.

On days where Adam didn’t have someone sleep over, I’d wait until Nigel left for work in the morning, then swing by Adam’s house and knock on the door. Of course, he’d answer the door in his wide open robe….his magnificent cock swinging freely between his legs. We’d share a cup of coffee while I fondled his prick and he played with my tits, then we’d suck and fuck by the pool until we both enjoyed intense, noisy, morning orgasms. Afterwards, I’d scamper back home….smiling and satisfied….until the next evening show….or the following morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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