Mrs. Moriarty’s Christmas Cookies

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Chestnut Falls, 1952

In his bedroom, Tyler Gailey could hear his mother’s Christmas music coming from the kitchen radio. He tried to tune out the holiday gaiety his mother insisted on while she baked cookies, but, much to his annoyance, the lyrical versus of snowmen and sleigh rides wormed into his ear while his buddy, Ferguson, recanted his latest of salacious stories.

“I’m telling you the God’s honest truth,” Ferguson said. “She had the whole thing in her mouth like it was nothing!”

“Golly,” Tyler sighed. “The whole thing?”

Ferguson nodded. “The whole thing. And she didn’t gag or nothin’. She just sucked on it, bobbing up and down right there in my lap.”

Tyler couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “And no one saw you two?”

Ferguson shook his head. “Nope. It was too dark.”

Joy to the World,

the Lord is come.

Let Earth receive her King…

Tyler rolled his eyes and got up from the floor. He bent over slightly and did his best to conceal the raging hard-on he had in his pants from Ferguson’s story. He cracked the bedroom door open and called down the stairs, “Mom, can you please turn the music down?”

He slammed the door and took his place back on the floor. “And then what?”

Ferguson gave him a smirk. “What do you mean?”

“Like, well, then what did she do?”

“What do you think, bonehead,” Ferguson joked. “She sucked me off and I blew my nuts right into her mouth.”

“And she swallowed?” Tyler asked.

“Boy did she,” Ferguson replied. “I mean, she didn’t have much of a choice right there in the middle of the movie theater.” Ferguson let out a long sigh, lounged back on top of Tyler’s bed and folded his arms behind his head. “Gee whiz, what a girl. Great talent, and what a knockout!”

Tyler sat there, jealous and pitiful, with his boner throbbing in his pants. Ever since he had turned eighteen, not more than three months, ago he’d been a frantic ball of hormones. But it just wasn’t fair. Why did Ferguson get all the girls? He was such a knucklehead, and Tyler was just as good looking as he was, more even. But Tyler hadn’t received a good blowjob since just after school started. He had agreed to help Daisy Forthright decorate the school gym for the Homecoming Dance and after successfully talking her into letting him feel her tits in exchange for his help, she went above and beyond and sucked him off right there behind the school’s jump mats. She did a great job and gave him some pretty decent head, but she refused to swallow and instead she let him finish on her face. Tyler didn’t complain though. But he was desperate to finish in a girl’s mouth. He wanted to feel the damp warmth of a nice mouth as he nut — to watch a girl enjoy his load, and swallow it while she looked up at him. But this was a pipe dream apparently.

“Are you taking her to the movie again tonight?” Tyler asked.

Ferguson scrunched his face. “Maybe, I don’t know. Betsy Gibbons asked me to take her to the planetarium. I figured I’d take her out, let her have some fun with me.”

Betsy Gibbons! Tyler shook his head in disbelief. He’d heard the rumors about Betsy – she was a firecracker, and the word at school was that she was most definitely a sure thing. Tyler had to hand it to Ferguson, he definitely had a way with girls.

“Tyler,” Mrs. Gailey called up the stairs.

With a sigh, Tyler got up from the floor and went back to the door. “Yes, mother?”

“Tyler, honey, Mrs. Moriarty just telephoned. She would like you to come over and help her move some furniture.” Mrs. Gailey said. “I believe she’s having a party tonight or some such and needs your help.”

Tyler’s stomach dropped. Ferguson had lurched up, his mouth agape, and was staring at Tyler incredulously.

“Tyler, are you listening to me?” Mrs. Gailey called.

Tyler gulped. “Ye-yes, mother. I’ll be right down.”

Tyler closed his bedroom door.

“Holy cow!” Ferguson cried. “You’re going over to Mrs. Moriarty’s house?!?! Gee whiz, kid, you better straighten up! You know all about Mrs. Moriarty, don’t you?!”

Tyler was silent. He knew all about Mrs. Moriarty alright. All the guys on Maple Street knew about Mrs. Moriarty. Aside from being the mother of their basketball teammate, she was perhaps the most beautiful woman in Chestnut Falls. She was the infatuation of any guy who happen to lay eyes on her. But more importantly, she had a reputation for taking a liking to young men like Tyler.

“Outta sight!” Ferguson exclaimed. “Can I go with you?”

Tyler shook his head. “No, you stay here; I won’t be gone long.”

“What do you mean, you won’t be gone long?” Ferguson cried. “You mean, you’re not gonna make pass at her? Tyler, buddy, you gotta go for it! Everyone knows Mrs. Moriarty is a sure thing.”

Tyler shook his head. “Just stay here, I’ll be right back.”

“You got it, buddy,” Ferguson said, nestling back down on the bed. “But, take my word, this could be your big break!”

Ferguson could be a real creep sometimes. There was no way any of the rumors about Mrs. sex izle Moriarty could be true. Tyler was certain this was just going to be yet another boring chore, and he’d be back in his room in no time, jealousy listening to more of his buddy’s garbage.

Tyler trundled down the stairs and grabbed his scarf and cap. Though he was just going next door, the last few days had become deathly cold and the snow was still falling, covering the streets and making Chestnut Falls an idyllic winter wonderland for Christmas.

“Thank you for helping out, sweetie,” Mrs. Gailey said as Tyler entered the kitchen. The aroma of gingerbread and sugar cookies hit Tyler and immediately he softened.

“It’s no bother, mother,” he replied. “I’ll be right back.”

Tyler made his way toward the Moriarty house, where through the cold and the snow, he caught the aroma of cocoa and cookies coming from Mrs. Moriarty’s kitchen. With Christmas just three days away, it didn’t surprise Tyler in the least that all the housewives of Maple Street were busy at their ovens baking holiday goodies and warming rich hot chocolate for their families.

Tyler smiled. He loved Christmastime. And now having an excuse to visit with the lovely Mrs. Moriarty, Tyler was happy to accept his own good fortune as an early Christmas present. Forgetting all about Ferguson and his ridiculous stories, Tyler jumped up the steps leading up to Mrs. Moriarty’s kitchen and knocked on the door.

When Mrs. Moriarty opened the door, Tyler was thunderstruck.

“Hello Tyler,” Mrs. Moriarty spoke. “Your mother told me you’d be coming over. Thank you so much for you help!”

Mrs. Moriarty was a stunning vision of youthful womanhood. A gorgeous portrait of femininity, with a touch of naive sensuality. Shapely, statuesque, and stunning, and of course, she was stacked with a pair of tits that made Tyler wished he was still nursing. He was speechless. He tried to speak but his voice was timid and weak. His eyes widened as he looked her over.

Mrs. Moriarty laughed. “Come in, silly boy. You’ll catch a death of cold just standing out there.”

Tyler shuffled into the warm, brightly-lit kitchen.

“There that’s much better, come and sit down at the table,” Mrs. Moriarty said. “I’ve been making my Christmas cookies all morning, would you like one?” She handed a fresh cookie to Tyler who took it graciously.

“Thank you,” Tyler replied. “My mother said you needed help moving some furniture?”

“Yes, I do,” she replied. “My husband and I are throwing a small get-together this evening, and I would love to make some space in our living room. Do you think you’d be able to manage moving our sofa? You look like a strapping, young lad.” Mrs. Moriarty giggled.

Tyler smiled sheepishly. There was something incredibly intoxicating about her. Tyler couldn’t believe how turned on he was just from listening to her talk about moving a sofa. “Of course, that’s no trouble at all, Mrs. Moriarty.”

She smiled, a gorgeous, captivating smile. “Oh wonderful! Thank you so much, Tyler. If you could do that for me, I’d be ever so grateful, and I’ll even make a plate of Christmas cookies for you to take home.”

“Gee, thanks, Mrs. Moriarty,” Tyler replied. “I’ll go and get started on moving that sofa right away.”

“Thank you, dear,” she replied. “Let me know if you need anything.”

Mrs. Moriarty turned back to her countertop where she was working on her cookie dough. Tyler stood there, his eyes wandered over her incredible figure. Tall and slender, Mrs. Moriarty had a tiny, little waist that gave way to a firm and perfectly formed ass. Her legs were stunning — smooth, long and shapely; Tyler pleasantly regarded the fact that she baked in her kitchen wearing black heels.

Tyler removed his mittens and placed them on the kitchen table along with Mrs. Moriarty’s sugar cookie. He was hypnotized at how Mrs. Moriarty’s hips swiveled as she sashayed along the counter. How her breasts moved when she bent over to scoop the sugar from the canister. Tyler was becoming dizzy.


It didn’t take Tyler long at all to move the sofa. When he returned to the kitchen to let Mrs. Moriarty know he was finished, however, he froze in the doorway at the sight that awaited him. His eyes bulged and his jaw nearly dropped. Mrs. Moriarty sat naked on the floor of the kitchen, her back against the cupboard doors, her long, sensual legs open wide. Tyler’s eyes caught the shine of the leather from her black heels and from there followed up and along her perfect stems, up her supple thighs and right to where she rubbed a candy cane-shaped Christmas cookie against her pursed, moist little pussy.

Unable to move or speak, Tyler swallowed hard. Mrs. Moriarty stared back at him, her big, beautiful breasts heaving. However forward or uninhibited she may have seemed, sitting there naked, her body exposed to him, Tyler couldn’t help but find a hint of insecurity in her eyes.

“Tyler,” she asked timidly. “Do you like me?”

Tyler couldn’t speak.

“Do you want me?” sikiş izle she pleaded.

Tyler licked his lips. Finally, “Yes, Mrs. Moriarty.”

A soft, sweet smile formed on her face. Dropping the cookie, she moved from her position and slide over, closer to Tyler.

Unable to move and still in shock over what was happening, Tyler watched as Mrs. Moriarty made her way towards him. On her knees, before him, she began to tug at his pants.

Tyler could smell the luxury fragrance she wore. He closed his eyes as she began to unfasten his pants. Already his penis was becoming hard. Between her tugging and the glorious scent of her perfume, Tyler was beside himself.

“Do you want this, Tyler?” she whispered.

Tyler opened his eyes and looked down. She was staring right back at him. He could see the hunger in her eyes — the need, the want to satisfy him. Tyler couldn’t resist, he was beyond aroused at being in the presence of a woman whose only source of self satisfaction came from pleasuring a man. “Yes,” he whispered back.

She gave her bottom lip a gentle bite as her eyes bore through him. She was magnificent. They held their gaze for a moment, and finally she lowered his pants and pulled his underwear down to his ankles.

Tyler was at full mast. His dick, aimed right at her, was ready for her mouth.

Mrs. Moriarty looked up at him again, the desperation in her eyes was overflowing. “What is it that you want, Tyler. Tell me.”

Tyler brought a hand to the back of her head, his fingers running though her soft, silky hair. “I want you to suck my dick, Mrs. Moriarty.”

Mrs. Moriarty took him with a soft, tender hand. With gentle, loving care, she slid her tongue along the side of his shaft. A long, loud sigh of relief escaped Tyler as he felt her wet, warm tongue dance along his johnson. Seeing her struggling with his shirt front, Tyler removed his coat, pulled off his shirt and tossed them aside.

Mrs. Moriarty placed a hand against his pelvis, her fingertips lightly brushing his short, curly pubic hair while her other hand began to stroke him. Her blowjob was soft, wet and warm. Tyler’s toes curled inside his sneakers when she took him inside her mouth for the first time. The sensation started at the tip of his penis, then moved down along his shaft as her soft, pretty tongue wrapped itself around it, teasing him relentlessly, until finally he could feel the pleasure deep inside his balls as her mouth engulfed the entirety of his manhood and sucked him into a state he had never known before.

With his pants pulled down around his ankles, Mrs. Moriarty placed her hands on Tyler’s thighs and sucked him off with passionate determination as her tits bounced jubilantly in the warm, sugar cookie-scented air of the kitchen.

Tyler closed his eyes, dropped his head back, and gripped the doorframe as Mrs. Moriarty’s tongue worked it’s magic on his johnson. This was no high school blowjob from Daisy Forthright. Mrs. Moriarty was an incredible woman whose mouth did incredible things. With no hands, Tyler could feel his balls being coaxed by Mrs. Moriarty’s mouth alone — her soft, pouty lips and her warm tongue were all that were necessary to crack his young nuts.

“Mrs. Moriarty,” Tyler moaned. “This feels so good.”

Mrs. Moriarty let out a moan of pleasure but never allowed Tyler’s cock to leave her mouth. She sucked unwaveringly, eager to stuff more of his sausage down her throat.

Tyler brought his hands to the sides of her head and held her against his groin. Eager to please him, she slowly began to deep throat. Inch by inch, she swallowed more of his cock. Tyler’s eyes widened like saucers as he watched his dick disappear completely into Mrs. Moriarty’s hungry mouth. The steamy wetness of her throat sent Tyler into a fury as his cock slid further down inside of her. Finally, when his pelvis was completely flush against her face, his balls pressing firmly against her chin, he gave a tiny thrust. Mrs. Moriarty winced, and swallowed hard.

Tyler pulled his dick from her mouth and Mrs. Moriarty gasped for air. As she regained herself, she placed a gentle hand on this throbbing cock.

“Tyler, you’ve gotten so big,” Mrs. Moriarty whispered as she used one hand to stroke him and gave his dick slit a soft lick. Tyler watched as her tongue lapped up the small bead of pre-cum that oozed from his cock.

Tyler’s balls were hot, and ready to nut. Would she make him bust on her face — streak her pretty complexion with his thick white gunk. Or maybe she’d let him go on her tits? How he’d love to coat those incredible cans of hers with his seed. But, of course, better yet, if this surreal dream could keep on going, maybe she was hungry for it. Maybe she would let him ejaculate in her mouth. He could unload his balls while she continued to suck him, pulling everything out, his sperm splashing against her tongue, pooling in her mouth, and she would greedily swallow his load with giddy satisfaction.

Tyler couldn’t help but flash a boyish smile at her as she looked up at him türk porno as she slowly, sensually traced her tongue along his overheated rod. Her tongue swirled and danced along his veiny, rigid flesh, taking up more of the pre-cum that oozed from his slit. The kitchen was obnoxiously warm from the oven. The sweat forming on his chest and body made him glisten. Mrs. Moriarty must have like it as he noticed her eyes pouring over his body, his muscles, as she sucked his cock. She ran her hands over his body, up his chest and along his sides as her mouth continued to slobber on his hard-on. She began to focus on the head and moved her moist lips back and forth over his ridge, the helmut popping from her mouth as she pulled back. Tyler’s eyes were rolling to the back of his head.

Finally, Mrs. Moriarty spoke. “Tyler,” she whispered softly. “I want you inside of me.”

Tyler looked down at her, gazed into her deep, beautiful eyes as he grazed her cheek with his finger. “Of course, Mrs. Moriarty, anything you want.” Tyler couldn’t believe this was happening.

Mrs. Moriarty got to her feet and bent herself over the tabletop. “But be gentle with me.”

Tyler kicked off his sneakers, wriggled his ankles out of his pants and walked over to her, his cock swinging mightily. He soaked the sight of her in. Mrs. Moriarty’s smooth, tight, flawless body bent over the kitchen table, eager, desperate to be dominated by him excited him beyond anything he ever knew before. She was his for the taking. He brought his hands to the small of her back. She was warm, soft and delicate. Fresh and pure, but completely uninhibited. His hands moved over her body. As he rested one hand on her hip, he brought the other to her breast. He squeezed the soft, milky flesh. She was a true temptress with her long legs, her little waist, her cute tiny, little pussy, and her gorgeous, voluptuous tits. Tyler’s mouth watered for her flesh. His hand released from her tit and began to explore her neither region.

Mrs. Moriarty relaxed and a soft sigh escaped from her as Tyler’s fingers graced the tender lips of her pussy. She quivered. Tyler rubbed her lips gently. His cock bobbed between his legs as his hands explored her body, feeling the tight crevice of her femininity.

Tyler took back his fingers and moistened them in his mouth. For a brief moment he thought he could taste the subtle, but sweetly intoxicating taste of Mrs. Moriarty’s pussy – a Christmas cookie. He brought his wet fingers to her slit, and slowly, he inserted them deep within her. Mrs. Moriarty moaned with pleasure.

Tyler was enchanted with how warm and moist her cunt was. He allowed his fingers to play inside her, but all the while could only think of how amazing her pussy would feel on his prick.

Using a dominance he never knew he had, he turned Mrs. Moriarty around to face him and gazed into her eyes. In their locked stare, they both knew it was time. He was going to fuck her. He leaned in, over her, placing a strong arm around her waist, as Mrs. Moriarty moved herself back onto the kitchen table. Over the dozens of decorated Christmas cookies, Tyler placed Mrs. Moriarty down. She looked at him, a sexual hunger in her eyes, as she parted her legs, tempting him with her soft, wet femininity.

Tyler licked his lips and leaned over her, the tip of his dick gently kissing her rosebud. Mrs. Moriarty placed her hands along Tyler’s biceps. “Tyler, you’ve gotten so big, so strong. Be gentle with me.”

Tyler brought his hand back and placed it on his penis. He was primed and ready. Guiding himself in, he entered Mrs. Moriarty. Against the frigid cold from the winter outside, her pussy was like a warm summer day. Tyler closed his eyes from the ecstasy. Her delicate insides massaged his fuck pole, inviting him in further. Mrs. Moriarty moaned when Tyler filled her to his hilt. She reached for him, grabbing his thighs as he filled her with his manhood. Tyler nearly quivered at her touch, at her need to hold on to him.

Slowly, Tyler retracted from her, pulling the length of his cock from Mrs. Moriarty’s vagina. His dick was wet, moist from her pussy juices. Mrs. Moriarty moaned. “More, Tyler, give me more.”

Tyler flashed his boyish smile to Mrs. Moriarty. “Yes, ma’am.”

And slowly, but forcefully, he glided his dick back into her waiting crevice. Mrs. Moriarty was at the mercy of Tyler, lying there on the kitchen table, her legs parted, her soft tits splayed before him, bouncing with each primal thrust. Using one hand on the table to steady himself while the other held her ankle in the air, Tyler drove himself deeper inside of her.

“Does this feel good, Mrs. Moriarty?” Tyler asked as he thrust gently.

“Yes, Tyler,” she replied. “It feels very good.”

Tyler increased his rhythm, driving himself deeper into her pussy. He grabbed her tit and squeezed it playfully as the other bounced and bobbed freely. His head began to swim as she explored his body with her hands; he knew he was exactly what she wanted, what she needed. He was an unbridled young stallion, the man who could take care of her sexual needs, and give her the fucking she so desperately needed. Any insecurities or inhibitions he had when he entered Mrs. Moriarty’s kitchen had fallen away from him. Now, on top of her, his masculinity untethered, he dominated her.

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