Mrs. Morrison

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“Mom? Can I borrow one of your vibrators?”

“That is a question I am sure daughters don’t ask their mothers.”

“Cindy and Burke have. They want to break their hymen before they fuck the first time. They want the first time to be enjoyable, not painful. I do too.”

Her mother did not answer but both knew she would give her daughter the means to become a woman. Alana knew her mother had always been straight with her and would understand the logic. As soon as she accepted her daughter was going to fuck Alana would have her vibrator. She was eighteen and had a desirable date to the senior prom.

Mrs. Morrison had lost her virginity at the prom and it was so painful it would be two years before she fucked again.

Her father had been gentle and patient with her and had in fact given her a dildo as a present. When she did fuck she had orgasm after orgasm. She also got pregnant with Alana.

The father could not marry her but took care of her and the baby until he died. That was ten years before.

Mrs. Morrison had sough women for sex before and after the baby. After Alana was born she had fucked a few men including a friend of her father’s. She had volunteered to help him clean his house and they ended up fucking the hell out of each other. She did enjoy men but she preferred women.

Cindy and Burke flirted with her constantly and Mrs. Morrison had decided that they could have her as soon as they graduated.

A week later Alana found a gift-wrapped present on her pillow, it was a brand new vibrator. She was sure her mother heard her moans as she masturbated with it, what she had not heard was a cry of pain; Alana did not have the courage to push it through.

Three weeks before the prom after chickening out again she got up and walked into her mother’s bedroom with her vibrator in her hand. Her mother had her own vibrator on her pussy, she was masturbating.

Leaving never occurred to Alana, she just jumped into bed with her mother and waited for her to cum.

Mrs. Morrison felt the bed move and saw her daughter next to her but her orgasm had already started so she kept going until she was done.

Before she could ask a question Alana gave her a long loving kiss on the lips and said, “That was so beautiful,” and kissed her again.

“Why are you here?”

“Because you have to do it, I am too much of a coward.”

“Do what?”

“Break my hymen.”

“I take it you have tried?”

“Every day since you gave this to me. I masturbate with it all the time and I try to push it through each time but as soon as the discomfort begins I panic. You do it.”

Alana leaned back on a pillow and inserted her vibrator in her pussy. Her mother shrugged and took her hand away from it and began a slow masturbation. She kissed her daughters lips and her tits. Alana moaned. She loved their intimacy; she loved her tits being loved. Her orgasm began. When it was at its peak her mother shoved the vibrator through the hymen and kissed her hard.

The pain and the pleasure mixed with deep tongue filled kisses from her mother and the still operating vibrator took Alana to a second then a third orgasm.

When she got her bearings again the vibrator was still buried in her pussy but was no longer on. Her mother was softly caressing her tits and kissing her cheek.

“Leave it in for a wile, it will help you get used to something buried in your pussy,” her mother said.

“When do you see this boy again?”

“We have a date for Friday night then the girls will come home with me to spend the night.”

“Have you seen his cock?”

“No, I have felt it, played with it, but I have not seen it.”

“Friday night take it out and masturbate him. The vibrator is not very big and you may need a bigger one. Tell the girls. By the way, which one of you musketeers eats pussy?”

Alana giggled and said, “We all do.”

“Interesting,” she said. “Lets go take a shower.”

As they left the bed they saw some spots of blood on the sheet but not nearly what Alana had expected. Her Mom took the water sprayer off the holder in the shower and knelt in front of her daughter’s pussy. She sprayed around it then put it on pulse and sprayed into her pussy.

Alana jumped and Mrs. Morrison aimed around her clit then back in. More blood came out but it was very little. Her Mom continued alternating the spray from the pussy to the clit until Alana had another cum.

Mrs. Morrison turned the water off and they dried each other. They took her fitted sheet off the bed and replaced it. Her daughter got in bed with her and they cuddled.

“Thanks Mom, you are the best in the world.”

Alana gave her mother a long, soft kiss on the lips then got comfortable facing away and went to sleep. Mrs. Morrison scooped her daughter to her and cupped Alana’s tit. She kissed her shoulder and went to sleep.

Alana was rubbing her face on her mother’s tits halkalı ucuz escort when Mrs. Morrison woke up.

“Does it hurt baby?”

“No just a bit tender.”

“Good. What would you like for breakfast?”

“Milk from your breasts.”

Mrs. Morrison giggled and said, “Sorry, you emptied them years ago.”

They both giggled for a while then got out of bed. Mrs. Morrison had to go to school and so did Alana. It was the same school, Mother was a teacher and her daughter was a senior. The town had just one high school.

Cindy and Burke came home with them on Thursday and all became s nude, even Mrs. Morrison. They remained naked through dinner then the girls went to Alana’s room and gossiped, then caressed, then ate pussy. The bedroom door stayed open.

Mrs. Morrison was very tempted to join them but managed to remember that teacher-student sex was frowned upon. “Wait until they graduate,” she told herself.

On her way out that evening Burke caressed her ass as she gave her a deep tongue filled kiss. Burke was the bold one, she had seduced a car sales lady into getting a big discount on her car. She had a very fine body and very fine tits she loved to show off.

The girls went out Friday night and Mrs. Morrison spent the evening at home on the couch watching a lesbian porn movie and masturbating.

The girls got back at midnight and all were soon naked at the kitchen table eating homemade cookies and drinking chocolate with a pinch of mint.

Each had masturbated their boyfriend, a first for each. Cindy had put the cock in her mouth briefly. All had been fingerfucked.

Each had a difficult time expressing the size of the first cock they would fuck so Mrs. Morrison went to her bedroom and brought back her box of toys. The girls went wild picking them up and rubbing them on their lips and tits.

“OK girls, let’s get to serious business here. Grab the dildo you think matches the one you had in your hand tonight.”

Each did just that and each chose a different size. Mrs. Morrison had five different sizes and each chose one of the middle three. Alana chose the middle one.

Mrs. Morrison gave them a bottle of lubricant and told them to take the practice seriously then closed her box and went to her bedroom.

The girls looked at each other then shouted a grateful “Thank you” to her as she closed her bedroom door.

All three were in bed with Mrs. Morrison when she woke up the next morning, Burke was sucking one tit and Alana the other and Cindy was kissing her pussy. Mrs. Morrison had an orgasm.

Alana kissed her lips and said, “We made breakfast. Come eat.”

Mrs. Morrison was suddenly alone in bed. She peed and brushed her teeth and went to the kitchen. There were eating biscuit sausage and hashed potatoes from Mac’s place. The girls had a very lose definition for making breakfast.

Mrs. Morrison ate hers as she listened to their comments about the dildos. They had decided to try each one from small to large. Each found the large uncomfortable. Each found the small OK. Each preferred the medium.

Mrs. Morrison said, “Your pussy will accommodate larger cocks with practice. Burke you need to use the bigger one often so you can accommodate him in two weeks. You other two wait until after the prom to experiment with different sizes. Cindy, his cock will be larger when he fucks you, don’t worry about size.

Cindy and Burke you may keep the dildos until after the prom then bring them back. All they need is soap and water to clean them up. Any questions?”

“Yes. Can we gang up on you on your bed again?”

“Absolutely not. Not until after you graduate.”

“That wont be for three weeks,” Burke whined.

“Yes but you have a cock to fuck in the meantime.”

“Yes, well, it better be good.”

“Ah. I have a question. Are any of you in love with the guy you are going to fuck?”

‘Well no,” Burke said.

“Maybe,” Cindy said.

“No,” her daughter said.

“But he is your first choice to take you cherry?’

“Yes,” from all three.

“Would you change your mind about him if he turns out to be a good lover and wants to marry you?”

“Yes,” Cindy said.

“No,” Burke and Alana said.”

Mrs. Morrison smiled and said, “Go to the bedroom. You have homework.”

She got three full tongue kisses and she watched them giggle their way to Alana’s bedroom.

They had dates with their boys that night and the girls were again spending the night. She wondered if she was going to survive the weekend.

Mrs. Morrison had a date that night herself. It was with her assistant principal. Mrs. Clayton had never given anyone any indication she liked women but had asked Mrs. Morrison to keep her company at the schools awards banquet. Their attendance at the banquet together would not raise any eyebrows but Mrs. Clayton had invited her home and halkalı üniversiteli escort join her in the hot tub afterward.

After they were in Mrs. Clayton’s house it took them nearly an hour to get to the hot tub. After they undressed in the bedroom Mrs. Clayton had caressed one of Mrs. Morrison’s nipples. They were quickly in bed devouring each other.

An hour later they were in the hot tub drinking wine as they cuddled together.

“Who is Alana going to the prom with?”

“Mike Ingram.”

“Ooh, I would like to have him myself.”

“Me too. They are going to fuck that night, a first for her.”

“Wow, It is so exiting for them.”

“Yeah, I have loaned her and Cindy and Burke dildos to get themselves ready. I would not be surprised if Cindy is fucking now. She does have strong feelings for Walter.”

“They do seem like a long term couple. Burke will be a lesbian eventually. She will also be here eventually.”

Both giggled until Mrs. Morrison asked, “Why haven’t you asked me here before?”

“I was in a relationship before. We ended up hating each other’s voice. We ended it six months ago. If it helps you any you are the first woman in my hot tub and my bed since then.”

“I am grateful and honored and expect to be invited here often,’ Mrs. Morrison said.

They shared a long kiss as they caressed each other’s breasts.

“What time is it?”

“About ten thirty.”

“I need to be home by midnight. Lets go back to bed and be inventive.”

Mrs. Morrison beat the girl’s home by three minutes and was walking naked towards the kitchen when they came in.

Alana asked, “Mom, how do you get the taste of cum out of your mouth?”

“Cokes, rinse your mouth with it before you swallow. Did all of you give blowjobs?”

They did not have to answer as all three got a coke out of the fridge and began to swirl it in their mouth.

“Did any of you swallow?”

All three nodded yes.

“Did any of you fuck?”

Two heads shook no. One did not move, Cindy’s.

She had apparently not told the others.

Wide eyed both asked, “You did?”

“Twice. We would still be fucking but you guys were ready to go.”

“We have to see,” Burke said and took Cindy’s hand and pulled her towards the bedroom.

Alana walked to her mother and gave her a long, tongue filled kiss. “I adore you,” she said then followed them to her bedroom.

Mrs. Morrison was exhausted and fucked out so she got her glass of water and went to her bedroom. As she passed Alana’s bedroom she saw both she and Burke between Cindy’s legs taking turns on Cindy’s pussy.

She walked in and gave Cindy a nice kiss on the lips, kissed the other two’s ass, and went on to her room.

Someone’s lips wrapped around her clit awakened her. Her orgasm came in a hurry and came hard. She guessed her lover had been between her legs for a while.

She opened her eyes as her lover was going out her door. “Burke?” she thought and went back to sleep.

The next morning she was out of bed well before the girls and she had time to fix them a proper breakfast. She woke them up as she kissed a nipple on each.

“Breakfast will be ready in five minutes,” she told them and returned to the kitchen.

They did not fully wake up until they were attacking their stack of pancakes and their poached egg biscuit.

After they were done they helped clean up, kissed Mrs. Morrison’s tits and lips and went back to bed. She got a second cup of coffee and went to the swing on her back porch. Five minutes later Cindy joined her and cuddled to her.

“Thanks for getting me ready. And thanks for telling me to talk to him, to tell him what I liked and did not like. The only criticism I had to give him was to slow down. He ate my pussy until he was good enough to get me off. I sucked his cock in reward. He kissed me. He kissed me over and over. I had the taste of his cum in my mouth and yet he kissed me.

I put my hand on his cock and it began to get hard again. I took the condoms out of my purse and handed one to him.

You were right, his cock barely fit in me. His fuck was a bit uncoordinated at first but he stopped when I asked him to.

He was apologizing to me so I told him to shut up and that we had all the time in the world. He gave me the most loved filled kiss in my life. Before it ended he had fucked us to orgasms.

We rested for a while then he kissed his way down my body. I had an orgasm as he made love to my tits as he fingerfucked me. He ate my pussy to another, kissed my tits and fingered me to another, and fucked me to another.

If Burke had not called to say she was on her way we would still be making love. He just called me to me to thank me. I thanked him for giving me the best night of my life.

If he asks me to marry him I will say yes. His Mom has already hinted haramidere escort that she can handle two kids in college. I love his Mom but I have a scholarship anyway. I love you.”

Cindy had been caressing one of Mrs. Morrison’s tits, which she then covered it with her mouth as she slid a finger to her clit, Mrs. Morrison had a quick orgasm and Cindy kissed her way to her lips.

“I love you,” she repeated and went back inside.

It took Mrs. Morrison a few minutes to realize she had not said a word. She wondered if Cindy would tell her mother. “Maybe,” she said to herself.

Burke came out and knelt in front of her then buried her face in her pussy. She ate pussy vigorously and Mrs. Morrison had a big orgasm. Burke sat with her and gave her a long tongue dueling kiss.

“I love you. See you at school tomorrow.”

Mrs. Morrison realized that her pre-dawn visitor was not Burke. That left only one possibility.

Again Mrs. Morrison was alone on the porch. Again she had not said a word. She noticed her coffee was cold so she went inside to get a refill. The coffee was gone so she had to start another pot. As she sat and waited for it to brew her daughter came into the kitchen and kissed her.

“They decided that if you wont make love to them they will make love to you. They love you, you do not have anything to worry about.”

Alana fixed cups of coffee for each of them and sat next to her mother. The exchanged a long kiss then Alana said, “Cindy is spending the day at Wilson’s house. She will take her mother so everyone can see where their relationship stands. She invited Burke and me but we did not promise

Burke is going to fuck this afternoon. I was thinking to do the same.”

Her mother took a sip of her coffee then looked at her daughter. She was waiting for her to comment.

“Cindy is in love with Wilson, Wilson is in love with her. Their relationship will not change because of one fuck.

You are not in love with Mark. You may never fuck him again after you do. That would make your date to the prom anticlimactic. It is just a week away. It would mean more to you ten years from now if you had your first fuck to accompany your memory of the prom.”

Alana though about it then picked up her phone. “Burke, this what Mom said….”

She walked out of the kitchen as she talked.

Mrs. Morrison watched her and admired her body. “She is so gorgeous, sexy,” she said to herself. She looks like a woman now.

My baby has probably decided she is mostly lesbian. Burke has already confessed she was mostly lesbian. Cindy is bi but will end up mostly straight. They will be best friends forever.”

Mrs. Morrison would have given anything to have their lives.

Alana came back into the kitchen and took her mothers hand and led her to bed. She covered her Mom’s body with hers and kissed her adoringly.

Alana began to kiss her way down her mother’s body ignoring her mother’s pleas to stop. She made love to her tits, and then ate her mother’s pussy through several orgasms until her Mom begged for time. Her orgasms had exhausted her. Alana kissed her way back up and resumed the kisses.

A few minutes later her mother told her, “I am sorry. As much as I want to I will not make love to you. I do not want you to make love to me. I don’t mind you sneaking in when I am asleep and eating my pussy but try to make sure I am still asleep when you leave. You may not join the other two on me. Incest is not condoned in society as it used to be.”

“Mom, Burke and her Mom fuck nearly every night. Her step-dad watches them and she has told us that if her Mom allows it she will fuck him.

Cindy and Wilson’s Mom have fucked. Her adventures with Wilson have happened in his bedroom at home. His mother watches. Cindy is pretty sure Wilson and his mother at least masturbate together.

I have fucked both Brooke’s and Cindy’s Mom’s. Brooke’s Mom knows I eat your pussy. She wants to eat you too.

The incest part is a non-argument. But I do know you really do worry about sex with students. So until I graduate I promise to just sneak in and eat you quietly.

But today is already ruined for you so…”

Alana scooted up and straddled her mother’s head; she lowered her pussy to her mom’s lips. Nothing happened for a few seconds then she felt her mother kiss her pussy. Alana lowered herself a bit more and she was soon squirming in orgasm. She turned her body into a sixty-nine with hers and they consumed each other.

As they lay on their back and recovered they heard, “My turn,” and Brooke lowered her pussy to Mrs. Morrison’s mouth. The three fucked each other for about an hour then the girls went into the shower, they were going to Wilson’s house. They hoped to seduce Wilson’s mom.

Mrs. Morrison remained in bed, in the last fourteen hours she had fucked and been fucked more times than she could ever remember. She and her daughter had made love.

She understood the incest argument she gave to her would not work; there was no conviction behind it.

After all, Alana’s father was also her grandfather.

She dialed a number and said, “I need the hot tub.”

“Not me?”

“Hot tub and then you.”

“Why aren’t you here already?”

In ten minutes she was.

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