Mrs. Sandi Sims 01

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Mrs. Sandi Sims 01

“Nick, what the hell is wrong with you today? You’ve been staring into space for an hour. Hello?? Earth to Nick.”

“Sorry Kurt, I just had a weird or maybe wonderful encounter this afternoon across the street.”

“What? What across the street? Mrs. Sims lives across the street, so just which across the street did you have this weird or maybe wonderful encounter? And where was I?”

“Yup, Mrs. Sims lives across the street alright and she needed help replacing all the light bulbs in her dining room chandelier, which had like 30 bulbs by the way. 30 little wonderful bulbs.”

“What? Light bulbs aren’t wonderful, Mrs. Sims’ body is wonderful! I mean, she takes her morning runs everyday single day at precisely 7:04am, or you know, so I’ve heard. Anyways, where was I while you were being so helpful to Mrs. Sims?”

“Oh, Kurt, my friend, you might be right about how replacing 30 light bulbs isn’t the most exciting thing to happen to anyone ever, until you stop to think about how I had to use a small two-step step ladder to reach all of those amazing light bulbs.”

“Wait, what are you saying Nick? Was the step ladder unsteady? Did Mrs. Sims help steady you while you were on the risky little ladder? Did she hold you by the knees? And where was I?”

“Kurt, Mrs. Sims was just looking out for my well-being, but yes, she steadied me by gripping me around the knees. Such a soft grip and skin she has. Ahh, I picked a good day to wear baggy cargo shorts!”

“What? Come on dude, we have never had secrets, so tell me a little more about how she used her soft hands to steady you while you took your sweet time replacing old fashion bulbs with LED bulbs. And don’t forget about the part where you describe what she wears around the house in the middle of the afternoon and I pray to the heavens that you took the time to notice if she wears makeup at that time of the day too. Also, where was I?”

“Oh, um, she had on those funny short pants with huge bottom cuffs, a shirt and a sleeveless sweater thing that looked like a cape. And OMG, yes, she had afternoon makeup on. Ah, her eyes were bright and dark at the same time and her lips were an amazing color of red, not to mention the sweet scent of her perfume. Ahh, what a wonderful afternoon project!”

“And circling back to the way the amazing Mrs. Sims steadied you on the small step ladder while she seduced you with her afternoon makeup and perfume? Did she grip you at the knee or above the knee and was there giggling? And most importantly, where was I?”

“Oh, there was giggling, alright! Which I don’t mind admitting that I wished you were there because I was unsure of what to do or how to react, but there was some giggling for sure.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah Nick, you’re basically a virgin and need help, but let’s get back to the placement of her hands as she steadied you. Was her grip firm or whimsical? Did she actually hold you or was there a little movement of her hands and which direction was this movement? And where the hell was I?”

“Well, I don’t want to get caught up in kiss and tell, but each giggle came with an upward movement of her, OMG so soft hands. I mean, damn Kurt, a woman in her 40’s really has something to bring to the party!”

“First of all, if you want to ever go back, then she’s 38 and she’ll be 38 for the next 10 years, so don’t ever say anything about 40’s ever again. Secondly, let’s keep circling back to the way she steadied you on the step ladder because you have missed a few important details. Was she using a single hand grip? Was she gripping you with both hands and just how high above your knees was she gripping you with her soft hands while she was giggling because you had a boner? And you better start to tell me why I wasn’t called to support all of this.”

“Mostly just above the knee with an occasional slip in an upward direction and I remember both of her hands on my thighs.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Back the bus up! An occasional slip in the upward direction? Her hands slipped up your legs while you picked a good day to wear baggy cargo shorts? Let’s just keep the bus in reverse and follow up on all of that! And you’re on my “list” for not calling me.”

“Oh, Mrs. Sims’ hands slipped alright and everyone should experience such slippage in their lives.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone should be as lucky as you. Are we talking about an innocent slip or two? Was it more like, you know, maybe a measurement or did she just get down to business and twist your light bulb? I should have been there, by the way.”

“Hmmm, interesting questions. The initial yalova escort slips seemed innocent enough, but not so innocent once they came with the giggling and the shy smiles. Um, your measurement question sounds fair enough now that I have time to think about it, especially since that’s when her giggles turned into moans. And as far as her or I getting down to business, well, that would bring me back to that kiss and tell thing.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah Nick, your dick was busting out of your zipper and you relied on Mrs. Sims to take control because you don’t know jack, we covered all that! And by the way, it’s not gay for us to talk about your hard cock right now. So, at what point did Mrs. Sims get down to business and drop the zipper on your baggy cargo shorts? And is there video available since I wasn’t there?”

“Fine, Kurt. Apparently, when one stands on a small step ladder, well, things were at the height for her to take control of the situation. Mrs. Sims did take control, she did push my zipper down, as well as my cargo shorts and if it’s not gay for us to talk about, well, I was up and I mean up like never before in my life.”

“Alright then Nick, now we’re getting down to business! So, exactly what does it mean when Mrs. Sims’ gets down to business? And it’s not gay if you have to tell me that you blew early and I already know that you didn’t blow early into her hair because you’re still alive today. Also, I could have helped out dude.”

“Ugh, Kurt, can’t I just say that Mrs. Sims has many other soft things about her?”

“Fine, you’re all shy and stuff about your first real sexual experience, so I’ll go. Did Mrs. Sims’ happen to stop giggling long enough to say something like she was going to suck the first one out of you because she didn’t want any quick disappointments in the bedroom later? Dude, I could have given a nice play by play if I had been invited!”

“Oh, it’s almost as if you were there. I mean, those might have been her exact words. Kurt? Hey, Kurt!”

“Sorry, I think I blacked out for a moment. I’m not gay, but I’ve seen you, so, was she excited when you popped out of your boxer shorts? Were the giggles completely replaced with moans and groans? And just how far did she take you anyways? By the way, if I’m not invited next time, well, you and me, we’re through!”

“Well, I suppose we don’t need to talk about my lack of experience, but yes, her giggles were replaced with big eyes, the softest set of lips in the world and moans such as I have never experienced before. And she took all of it, I think. As you can imagine, things became very blurry quite quickly for me, but I think I did my part.”

“Oh, hell no, we haven’t even gotten to your part yet, so let’s finish up with Mrs. Sims first. When you say everything became blurry, I take that to mean that she knew what she was doing and that her head went from side to side as well as back and forth, am I right, Nick? Damn, I should have been there!”

“And the rest is too much like kiss and tell Kurt, so are we done now?”

“Oh, hell no, Nick! Were her hands on your cock near the action or did she wrap them around your waist and pull you close? See? You need my instructions and my questions!”

“No more about that for now, but then she did something weird.”

“Oh, yeah, we like it weird, so what did she do and when are we going to get around to the part where Mrs. Sims got naked? OMG, it would have been so much smoother if I was there.”

“Well, there was little need for me to clean up…”

“Ah hah! She swallowed! Say it! Mrs. Sims swallowed, say it!”

“LOL, gulped was more like it, pervert, but yes, Mrs. Sims swallowed and smiled at the same time. Kurt? Hey, Kurt!”

“Whew! Sorry, I think I blacked out again thinking about Mrs. Sims’ bright red lips working your hard dick, Nick. Anyways, you were saying that things got weird????”

“Well, she had me take a seat on her couch, in just my boxers and t-shirt, and then she made me a cup of tea. I’m pretty sure it was my very first cup of tea ever.”

“Well, that fits, I mean, it was your first blow job, so why not finish things off with your first cup of tea, too, right? So, did she join you and things got a little frisky? You know, while you sat there in your very unprotective boxers? Remember, it’s not gay to give me all the details. Also, you do have my number, right?”

“No, she did not sit with me on the couch and yes, my boxers did little to hide my excitement, but she did disappear into her bedroom for a few minutes.”

“Cool, now we ‘re back to the dirt. Did Mrs. Sims pop back out in just lingerie? yalova escort bayan Maybe with a sheer nightie over it? Was it black lingerie? I would have held your position on the couch, you know.”

“Oh, she popped back out alright, but not in lingerie. She, still giggling, said she would appreciate my honest opinion on her new swim suit, so she came out of her bedroom in that, her new swim suit.”

“OMG, beach sand instead of dirt, super cool. Was it a normal one-piece swim suit that a 38 forever woman would wear or was it more like an Ooh, La, La swim suit that we guys want her to wear? Was it black? I seriously don’t remember missing a call from you, Nick.”

“Hmmm, I’m not as versed in these things as you are Kurt, but I would go with more of an Ooh, La, La style one-piece. It was fairly normal in the front, but OMG, it was Ooh, La, La when she spun around! From the rear, it broke above the small of her back and somehow disappeared in a small triangle fashion right between her OMG soft cheeks! I almost died, Kurt!”

“Oh, I’m dying now! So, both of her sweet cheeks were fully exposed to you? And be quick you’re your response before I black out again.”

“100% on display and OMG, what a display!”

“It’s not gay that I have a boner right now! So, what butt shape is that fine ass that I stalk when she runs in the morning? I mean, sometimes see running in the mornings.”

“Again, I don’t know much about such things, but I wouldn’t imagine any female not be happy with such a shape. I mean, if you would have been there, well, you know, right? Oh, well, never mind.”

“What Nick? What? Never mind what?”

“Well, I was going to say that maybe you would know how to find a butt type chart on the internet, but I don’t want you to waste 20 minutes searching for one.”

“Found one! I mean, oops, it just popped up.”

“Well, we will talk about your knowledge and speed of finding such things, but while you have, you know, let’s take a look.”

“Hah, sit back and relax, Nick. Alright, let’s start right here. This one, the Amazon, that’s like, ah, our friend Kerri, right? And this one, the Hot Tamale, well, we’ll just skip over that one for now…”

“Why? What’s wrong with the Hot Tamale, Kurt? The Hot Tamale looks nice.”

“Oh, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Hot Tamale type as long as you don’t mind us talking about your sister today, fool!”

“Oh, ah, oops?”

So, moving on, this one is like…”


“Ah, correct Nick, I’m proud of you. Quinn. So, my best guess from following Mrs. Sims around in the store is a Teardrop in her 20’s and something closer to a Heart shaped in her 40’s, I mean, at 38 forever. So, Nick????”

“I’d vote for the Teardrop, I guess, but a little fuller than the picture you found so quickly online. Like I said, I don’t think many women would be mad if they had her shape.”

“Which brings us to her poses as she modeled her new swim suit for you and as you said, she spun around, so, did you slap it or squeeze it? I should have been there to coach you through it.”

“Um, I held it, I mean, both of them and I may or may not have leaned forward and nibbled each cheek a little. Does that count as a slap it? Kurt? Hey, Kurt!”

“Sorry dude, I blacked out again. Where did we leave off?”

“I tried to put a hickey on each of her bare and fully exposed cheeks. Kurt? Hey, Kurt!”

“Oh, snap, I have a serious blood flow problem to my head right now, but what was the climax? Also, you never said what color her swim suit was. See? If I was there, I would have so many less questions.”

“Cheetah. Kurt? Hey, Kurt!”

“Sorry, say it again, Nick, please, say it again.”

“Cheetah everywhere except over those fabulous golden tanned globes. By the way, don’t humans have skin pores on their butt cheeks? I mean, I don’t think Mrs. Sims has skin pores on her cheeks.”

“Oh, now we’re getting somewhere! Tan lines! Tell me all about the tan lines that were present. OMG, I would have captured everything on digital if I had been invited!”

“Hmmm, huh, well, now that you ask, I honestly don’t remember any tan lines at all. Everything about her seemed to be the same golden bronzed color. But I never seen her bare front area, so maybe she had tan lines around her breasts?”

“Unlikely. Tan lines above and below generally go hand in hand. And by the way, Mrs. Sims has boobs, not a breast area, freaking virgin! Which I would have explained to you if I was there. However, are you saying that her new Cheetah one-piece swim suit never came off? And don’t be afraid to fast escort yalova forward to the dramatic climax.”

“Well, the truth is that I was way out of my element. I’m not sure what it’s called, but she straddled my thighs, wrapped her arms around my neck and began moaning and whispering sexy talk into my ears. Ah, she wiggled on my lap a lot???? Mrs. Sims is really good with her words.”

“OMFG! She was giving you the deluxe premium platinum member level lap dance! And it’s not gay if you tell me all about how her lap dance super excited your fat cock and made it poke out of the fly of your boxers! So, was there enough “wiggling” going on that caused the thin strip of her swim suit crotch material to maybe be pushed to side? And if it helps to save time, I’m heading straight to the point of if your dick got wet or not. Which I would have pointed out if I was there, Nick.”

“Oh, geez, can’t I just stop with the moment was quite heated, Kurt?”

“Oh, hell no, did you slip inside of Mrs. Sims or not? By the way, I would have been happy to point you to place where things go if I was there.”

“Fine, things got hot and there was a moment when I gained entry into her, so yes, my dick got wet, but things got weird again as soon as that happened.”

“Oh, so she sat down hard on you and drove you all the way home, but then she remembered that she might still get pregnant and she rose off of you in disbelief? I always carry condoms, by the way.”

“And you need to stop peeking through windows, Kurt! But I think that was about the way it happened. Anyways, I still get to count it as my first “wet dick”, right Kurt?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, Nick, you got your dick wet for the first official time. However, I don’t think that was the end of things because women have dealt with sexual frustrations since the beginning of mankind, but they have enough compassion to not leave their men hanging, so???? And by the way, it’s not gross if she went back down on you. Some women don’t mind the taste of their own juices. Also, I mentioned that I’m always packing condoms, right?”

“OMG, we are going to have a serious talk about your ideas of acceptable sex and talk! Can’t I just leave it as her face of frustration was the cutest thing I ever saw?”

“Oh, hell no! I mean, yeah, yeah, yeah, she was cute as hell as she sat next to you biting her thumbnail, but there is no way I’m going to believe that it was over! I mean, your hard dick was throbbing, right? Like with a nice gleam from her quick juice coating and stuff? And if I haven’t asked, where the hell was I while all this was going on? Also, was she staring at your throbbing cock?”

“Fine, she may have considered doing the things that you and your dirty mind just described, but that’s about the time it got weird again.”

“Now we’re getting down to the brass tacks! Was it weird because she threw caution to the wind and crawled back onto your bouncing hard on? She’s a normal human being, you know. Also, just how shiny were her juices on your throbbing rod?”

“No, well, maybe, but no. It got weird again when we were both shocked to hear a car pull into her driveway, which caused her to jump up and run into her bedroom as I reached for my cargo shorts and the bag of old light bulbs. It was her friend, Mrs. Lind, but I think we got away with it because Mrs. Sims came out of her bedroom with a, ah, a swim suit wrap thingy around her.”

“Oh, hell no, you didn’t get away with anything! Sex has a distinctive smell about it, even if the two of you were barely exposed! I mean, you checked Mrs. Lind for side eye, right? By the way, I could have stalled Mrs. Lind at the door if I had been there.”

“Oh, well, now that you mention it, ah, maybe. But I’m not sure. I jiggled the bag of old light bulbs at her and dashed out. But I still had real sex, right, Kurt?”

“I won’t argue, for now, but why did you just run out? Did Mrs. Sims try to stop you? Did Mrs. Lind have a sinister smile on her face? And just what was Mrs. Lind wearing? Hey, do your security cameras pick up Mrs. Sims’ front door?”

“You know, Kurt, you’re making this sound like my sexual experience wasn’t as big of a deal as I think it was. And if I remember correctly, Mrs. Lind was dressed rather properly, I guess.”

“Sorry, Nick, it was a big deal for you, it’s just that, well, it could have been a bigger deal, but we’ll record it as a huge win for now. So, are you going to go back sometime and am I invited next time?”

Hah, if only I had Kurt’s sex drive and experience! But it was an amazing afternoon and spending more time with Mrs. Sims wouldn’t be the worse thing that could happen to me because she knew what she was doing and I had much to learn. So, I wouldn’t turn down another “chore” around her house, but do I drag Kurt along or not?

End Mrs. Sandi Sims 01

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