Mrs. Sutton is Blackmailed: 1st Photo

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Rodwell Cochran sat in his car enjoying the giddy churning in the pit of his stomach and the pleasant anxiety of anticipation. He was waiting for Mrs. Sutton – Toni Sutton.

“High noon, Mrs. Sutton,” he had told her. “We meet at high noon. I’ll be parked near the south entrance of the Edgewood Mall. And don’t be late, ’cause . . .well, you don’t want to be late.”

The thought of Mrs. Sutton parking her Jaguar in the north lot and walking through Carrington’s Carriage Trade to meet him brought on an additional excitement. He looked at his watch. Almost Miller time, Mrs. Sutton, he smiled to himself. He thought about the picture in his glove compartment. He had gazed at it dozens of times. It was a photo of Mrs. Sutton having sex with his friend Timmy Griffin.

Rod once again poured over the day he had taken the Suttons up on their offer to use their pool. The Suttons and the Cochrans were social friends, both families belonging to the Chesterfield Country Club. Charles Sutton was an executive with Essential Insurance and Stacey Cochran was a partner in Cochran, Coleridge and Callahan, which represented Essential.

Rod had cut through several spacious yards to reach the rear of the imposing Sutton home. As he approached the back of the bath house, he heard the muffled sounds of heavy breathing. He dropped his bathing gear, went to his knees and crawled under the side window. He slowly raised his head and then sucked in his breath at what he saw. Timmy Griffin was taking Mrs. Sutton from the rear, thrusting his skinny body against her as if he had no control. Mrs. Sutton’s head was thrown back in ecstasy, her eyes unnaturally bright, her mouth stretched in a grimace of pleasure.

“Oh, yes, Timmy,” she breathed. “Just like that. Do me just like that!”

Rod must have willed the cell phone out of his pocket. It was suddenly in his clammy, shaking hands. Without thinking, he took a picture and then ducked below the window. He heard Timmy cry out, almost hysterically. “I can’t hold it, Mrs. Sutton. I gotta come!”

Rod got up on his knees again just at the moment Mrs. Sutton slid away from Timmy. He saw her grab Timmy’s cock and squeeze it slightly to stop his ejaculation. Rod took another picture and stayed at the window. They were so engrossed in each other that he knew he would not be discovered.

Timmy was whining now. “Please let me come, Mrs. Sutton. I gotta come now.”

She released him and sank to her knees just when Timmy cried,”Oh, shit!” Timmy’s thick, sticky juices suddenly appeared all over Mrs. Sutton: on her face, in her hair, on her lips and chin. Rod took a last picture. The image of Mrs. Sutton on her knees before Timmy covered in his cum seemed to sear itself behind his eyes. He pushed himself away from the side of the bath house thinking that he couldn’t watch anymore of that nerd enjoying himself with the woman he himself loved and wanted.

He staggered rather than ran from there. His head seemed to be engulfed in invisible flames and he hardly had control of his breathing. Suddenly he was in his own house and he heard his mother say,”You’re home early, Rodwell. And you’re so out of breath. Have you been running?”

She was in the kitchen. She always seemed to be in the kitchen. Rod smelled a vague sweetness as he forced himself back to coherency.

“Yeah, Mom, I needed the exercise. No one was home at the Suttons and I felt kinda funny using their pool with nobody around.”

“That was very thoughtful of you, Rodwell. I’m baking your favorite cookies. They should be ready in about fifteen minutes. I’ll call you.”

He was half-way up the steps to his room when he said over his shoulder, “Sounds good, Mom. I’ll be right down.” Rod closed the door and fell head first onto his bed. He threw himself on his back and clasped his hands behind his head. He stared at the ceiling for some minutes. “I gotta think this whole thing out,” he said aloud.

Mrs. Sutton and Timmy Griffin. The thought of them together in the bath house stabbed him in the stomach. He thought of pulling out his cell phone and check the images of the pictures he had just taken. But he couldn’t, not yet. He was hurt and, yes, angry that Mrs. Sutton had chosen Timmy as her lover. Hell, he was the same age as Timmy, twenty-one, and he was certainly better looking. She must have made a play for him. Maybe he had something that older women liked. But so what, he thought, Mrs. Sutton had plenty of opportunities to make a play for me. He thought over all the get-togethers at the Suttons and the Cochrans, the parties at the club, the many times she was in the bakery where he worked. He had cut her grass a few times last summer while she was out at the pool in a bikini. Why not me? he thought.

Rod’s thoughts turned darker. I’m going to make something happen between Mrs. Sutton and me, he reflected; if she can fuck Timmy, she can fuck me; and I’ve got those photos. Hell, Timmy can’t even get a date at college. It shouldn’t be too difficult to cut in on wimpy Timmy Griffin. bahçeşehir escort He had it worked out by the time his mother called from downstairs. Yeah, he thought as he headed for the kitchen, the cookies are definitely ready.

Rod shook himself out of his revery and started to drum his fingers on the steering wheel. Where in the hell was she? Was she going to stand him up and dare him to use those pictures against her? She had sounded outraged over the phone and had given no indication that she intended to give in to his demands. Yeah, I’m some kind of blackmailer, all right, he thought with a twinge of guilt.

And then, suddenly, there she was, coming through a set of big double glass doors. She was dressed as he had specified: a conservative light pink suit with a white blouse and sling-back opened toed three inch high heels. She looked over the lot, spotted his car and walked toward it.

Rod couldn’t take his eyes off Mrs. Sutton. He had always liked the way she walked, especially in high heels. She had on dark glasses and wore her blonder- than- blond hair down her shoulders. Her hair was thick and swayed seductively, he thought, as she approached the car. And, he noted, there was something in her walk, something that displayed just a hint of defiance. Oh, well, he thought, you didn’t expect this was going to be easy, did you? He soon heard the click of her heels and he felt his heart begin to beat in tempo with her stride.

Rod took a deep breath thinking: Here we go; it’s really happening! Mrs. Sutton practically ripped the door open and threw herself into the car. Below the dark glasses, her features were tense with anger. “I hope you’re happy, you bastard, ruining my life. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.” Rod wanted to laugh. Mrs. Sutton sounded just like his mother.

“I’ll be ashamed later. Right now I want to enjoy the day with you, Mrs. Sutton. So good afternoon, Mrs. Sutton.”

“Let’s get the hell out of here before somebody spots me with you.”

Rod pulled away and went west toward the highway. He didn’t speed. Take your time, he told himself, no hurry. Mrs. Sutton sat ramrod straight, clutching a small purse, which, Rod noted, was the same shade of pink as her suit. Her breathing was even and rapid. She looked straight ahead and did not speak for several miles. Her breathing gradually slowed. Then, without turning toward him, she said,”Why are you doing this to me?”

Rod allowed about ten seconds to go by. “Well, this is going to sound corny as hell, but I love you.

I’ve loved you for years. You might not think it’s real love, just some kind of infatuation. But there it is. I love you. I thought I’d never have the courage to tell you until today.”

“That’s absurd. And even if you think you love me, that doesn’t give you the right to do what you’re doing to me. There are other ways to get my attention.”

“How did Timmy Griffin get your attention?”

Mrs. Sutton quickly turned and faced him. “Let’s leave Timmy out of this. He’s a good, decent kid.

Not like you.”

“All right, Mrs. Sutton. Until I saw you with Timmy, I didn’t think I had a snowball’s chance in hell of having an affair with you. So I decided to give you a little inducement.”

“Inducement, hell! It’s blackmail. You’re a goddamned blackmailer.” Her words stung him. For a moment he thought of turning around and letting her go. He took another deep breath and then said,”Call it anything you want. But I’ve got the pictures and I’m going to use them exactly as I said I would over the phone. Unless, of course, you . . .”

“I’m sure you would. You’re a bastard. If Charlie ever saw those pictures, he’d send me right back to where he found me. And I’m not going back there.”

Rod thought it best not to ask Mrs. Sutton what she meant. He did not want the feelings he had for her spoiled by knowledge of a possible unsavory past.

“I’m only going through with this to get my hands on those goddamned pictures. When do I get the pictures? How long is this humiliation going to last?”

Rod glanced over at her. “Is that what you feel right now? Humiliation?”

“What else would I be feeling? Love? Desire? Passion? You think I really want to have sex with a creep like you, a guy who’s blackmailing me over a small indiscretion?”

“Timmy would love to hear that he’s a small indiscretion.” “Is that why you’re doing this to me? To get revenge on Timmy because I chose to be with him and not you? Is that what this is all about?”

Rod winched inside. Mrs. Sutton was hitting close to home.

“What if it is? Would that make a difference to you?”

“As far as I’m concerned, revenge is just as bad as blackmail. Speaking of which, how do I know you have the pictures? In fact, how do I know there are pictures? When do I see them?”

“The first one’s in the glove compartment. It’s locked, but you’ll get it later this afternoon.”

“Only one?”

“One at a time. That was our agreement.”

“I didn’t beylikdüzü escort agree to anything.”

“One photo today. One at our next meeting. Then the last picture. That’s when I’ll hand over the cell phone and you can smash it to smithereens. We’ll be the only ones who ever see the pictures.”

“You really want your pound of flesh, don’t you?”

“No, just the flesh you shared with Timmy.”

“Oh, go to hell!”

Mrs. Sutton was on the verge of tears. She took out a tissue, removed the dark glasses and dabbed at her eyes and nose. Rod glanced her way and, in an attempt to lighten the situation, said,”I suppose I should tell you how beautiful you are when you cry.”

“And I suppose I should be flattered. Pardon me, but compliments coming from you sound like bullshit. You probably enjoy making me cry.”

“I expected you to be angry, at least, at first. But I never wanted to make you cry.”

They rode in silence for a few miles. The initial excitement Rod had felt when meeting Mrs. Sutton was wearing off. He wanted to think alone and forget that she was sitting right next to him. What the hell am I doing? he asked himself, what am I doing to her? What am I doing to myself? Rod turned on the radio to an oldies station. It was playing ” Light My Fire.” Mrs. Sutton promptly turned it off. She asked, “Why did you want me to dress like this?”

“I know you do a lot of charity work and you often go to meetings in a suit. So, if any of your friends saw you today at the mall, they would think you had just come from a meeting or on your way to one. Besides, I think you’re terribly sexy in a suit. You’re one of a few women I know who really looks sexy dressed like that.”

“Is all that true? That you think you’re in love with me, that I’m sexy to you?”

“Oh, yes. Maybe you don’t know the effect you have on men. I think most guys would find you sexy and desirable.”

“Not my husband. Not Charlie.”

“Sorry to hear that. But that’s all the more reason you should enjoy being with a guy who really appreciates you.”

He thought his words brought a softening to her face, blurring the tense lines around her mouth. A faint smile appeared and stayed for a few seconds. She pulled down the mirror on the vizor and looked at herself, seeming to be satisfied with what she saw.

“Don’t worry,” Rod smiled, “You’re still beautiful, Mrs. Sutton.”

She gave him a broader smile. “Thank heavens. I would hate to be kidnapped without my make-up being perfect.”

Rod laughed. “Suppose I did kidnap you. How much do you think your husband would pay?”

“Charlie? I’m not sure he would pay anything. He’d probably send you a thank-you note.”

“Charles Sutton apparently doesn’t know what he has.”

Mrs. Sutton didn’t respond, but became interested in the passing traffic for a mile or so. She seemed to relax, he thought. She was no longer gripping the purse, but laid it down between them. She glanced over at Rod and said,”I know I’m not being kidnapped, but I’d like to know where you’re taking me. Or is that part of a secret plan you have?” “No secrets. We’re going to my dad’s fishing cabin. On Barrow Lake. It’s not far, but far enough where we won’t be bothered. The turn-off’s in a few miles.”

“I don’t know what I was thinking when I got in your car. You could be taking me anywhere and do anything to me.”

“Nothing’s bad is going to happen to you, Mrs. Sutton. You enjoyed being with Timmy. You might even enjoy being with me. I might grow on you.”

“You mean like poison ivy?”

The turn-off became a narrow road, shaded with thick trees. There were no other vehicles and no farm houses. No one was around. It was as quiet as a day-dream. It’s my day-dream, Rod thought, and it’s becoming more and more real. He looked over at Mrs. Sutton. She was evidently not sharing his day-dream. She was rigid in her seat, looking around with eyes wide with concern.

“It’s so secluded,” she said.

“I’m not going to hurt you, Mrs. Sutton. Believe me. I’m not the creep you think I am.”

“I guess I know that. I only called you those names because . . . well, because I was angry that you were blackmailing me into this. I’m still angry. But there’s nothing I can do about it. Those pictures would ruin my marriage, which, if you want to know the truth, is pretty much on the rocks anyway. But the end of the marriage would be the end of me. I’d have no place to go. I’m not who you think I am. And at least you’re not after money. You only want me. So I know you’re not going to hurt me, Rod. I’m just not used to all this country.”

Rod took the shady road at a slow speed.. It was pleasant under the trees. After a while he took a hard left and in about a hundred yards the cabin and the lake came into view.

“You can’t be serious. This place is a dump.”

“We’re not moving in, Mrs. Sutton.”

Rod turned off the engine and took Mrs. Sutton in his arms. Her body was hard with resistance, but he gradually avcılar escort felt her lips soften under his. She eased herself slowly into the seat and rested her head on its back. He felt her lips open a little, inviting his tongue to hers. Her arms came around his neck and then her hand was in his hair. At last, he thought, at last. Though he was hard and ready for intercourse, it was enough at the moment to feel the thrill of having her in his arms, responding to his kiss. He wanted the kiss to go on and on, but she suddenly took her lips from his.

“Is this what you wanted, Rod?” she whispered.

“This is more than I wanted. Because it’s real. C’mon.”

They got out and Rod put his arm around Mrs. Sutton to steady her in her high heels on the uneven ground. Inside it smelled stale and musty. He went around and opened the few windows.

“I can’t believe you want to have sex in this place,” she said, nodding to the bed which held a bare mattress.

“We can pretend it’s a sleazy motel room.”

“That won’t take much pretending. Well, let’s get this over with. Where’s the bathroom? I hope it’s not an outhouse.”

Rod motioned to a door off the kitchen area.

“It’s probably not real clean,” he cautioned.

“I won’t be taking a bath.”

She was gone for what seemed like a long time. He sat on the edge of the mattress, still feeling the warmth of her lips and the memory of her body under his. He got up and moved to a window. Barrow Lake was deep blue, dotted with jagged specks of sun. They dazzled him for a few seconds and took the edge off his anticipation. He went to a rickety set of dresser drawers and took out what he thought was a reasonably clean sheet. He pulled it tight across the mattress and tucked it in the corners. He took more time at the task than he would have with his own bed.

Then he sat on one corner and thought: What do I do now? He seemed to have won Mrs. Sutton over to the idea of having sex with him, even if under duress. But suppose she resisted. He knew he was not emotionally prepared to use force on her. In his fantasies Mrs. Sutton always gave herself fully to him and encouraged his ardor for her. But this was no fantasy now.

He looked down at himself. He was no longer hard as he had been in the car. What if I can’t get it up?he asked himself almost in horror. Jesus, wouldn’t she have a good laugh at that? How could he think such thoughts? After all, Timmy could keep it up. And he was no wimp like Timmy, was he? Mrs. Sutton came back in the room. For a few frozen seconds all he could do was look at her, taking in every detail: her painted toes; her smooth hips and legs outlined by her tight skirt; her breasts softly accented by her silky blouse; her almost white blond hair caressing her face and disappearing behind her strong neck and shoulders.

“My god,” he breathed. “You’re beautiful.”

Her eyes brightened with warmth. “No one’s told me that in years. You’re are a dear boy, Rod.”

He had to go to her. He brought her into his arms not too gently and kissed her hard. At first she resisted with her arms against his chest. Then her arms circled his neck and she leaned her hips into his. Rod felt himself harden with the impact of her body. Their kiss lasted as long as Rod wanted.

“Do me a favor, Mrs. Sutton. Please don’t call me ‘dear boy’.”

She brought his face close to hers. “I’m sorry. That was a slip. You’re certainly not a boy, and I’m certainly not a girl anymore. And we’re both old enough to know what we’re doing. I know you want me and I guess I want you right now. You think you’re in love with me, but the way I feel about myself I don’t deserve your love. Maybe I don’t deserve any man’s love, even Charlie’s, if he does love me at all. So let’s be together today and then go our separate ways. And please, no more blackmail.”

“I’m making no promises. Well, just one. I promise I won’t hurt you, or your reputation as long as you keep on seeing me when I want.”

Rod saw relief in Mrs. Sutton’s eyes, or maybe it was resignation. He drew her to him again and just held her, feeling her warmth, his excitement mounting. Finally he whispered,”Turn around, Mrs. Sutton.”

“I won’t call you ‘dear boy’ if you’ll stop calling me ‘Mrs. Sutton’.”

Rod said “It’s a deal.” He slid her jacket from her shoulders and tossed it on the bed. He drew back her hair and pressed his lips to her neck, closing his eyes and bringing his hardness against her . His hands went to her breasts, then down her body, over her hips and thighs. He was nervous and clumsy Then he felt her hand across his cheek and neck, and then in his hair, kneading its thickness. He was at ease with himself then, feeling he could now control the fires burning inside him.

Rod placed his hands on Mrs. Sutton’s ass, caressing her firm cheeks through the tight fabric. His fingers gripped and squeezed the bottom contour where her ass jutted out ever so slightly. Mrs. Sutton turned her head.

“This is nice, Rod, but what are you doing?”

“Exploring you.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier if I undressed?”

“I want to feel you through your clothes first.”

“All right. I like it. Keep doing it.”

After a while he brought his hands up and he fumbled with the buttons of her blouse. Mrs. Sutton took his hands in hers.

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