Ms. Laura Pt. 02 Ch. 10

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Chapter 10

Ms. Laura again made dinner. She was quite the cook and I could tell she was enjoying the opportunity to cook for more than just herself. This was a big house and as far as I could tell she didn’t share it with anyone.

After dinner and a washing up we settled down, the three of us, to watch some movies. The sun slowly going down outside I was hoping Emily would go to bed and leave me and Ms. Laura to play again this evening.

The two women sat on the couch together, sharing a blanket. I say in a recliner occasionally shooting a glance at them to see if Ms. Laura would shoot me back a playful glance, or Emily a tired yawn, neither happened.

On to our second Christmas movie, I was beginning to feel like I was in a contest of endurance. It wasn’t out of the realm of possibility for this to be one of Ms. Laura’s games. I remembered the ones she played with me the first time we met. But this one was a lot less fun.

When the movie concluded Ms. Laura stood up and yawned. I tensed up with built up excitement. This was it. I stretched mirroring Ms. Laura’s tired expressions. Emily did too.

“I think I’m going to go to bed dears,” Ms. Laura said through her yawn, “don’t stay up too late. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.”

“Yeah I think I’m going to go to bed too,” I said exaggerating my own yawn.

Despite what I said I waited awkwardly for someone else to move, hoping I could either leave with Ms. Laura or stay back with her to make a game plan. Once again, neither of those happened. Instead Emily lazily got up and started to walk to her own bed while Ms. Laura followed.

I was left confused and disappointed. Lagging behind the two women as they headed up stairs, I watched Ms. Laura without a word to me enter her room and close the door. Emily walked her way over to her room as well. I was left on the bridge alone. Secretly I hoped Ms. Laura would open her door and usher me in, but minutes passed.

Should I knock? Maybe I should yozgat seks hikayeleri ask her if that was it or if she wanted me tonight, but was that my role? I was her slave after all, it wasn’t my place. She would ask for me if she needed me. It must have been one of her games or maybe she was actually just tired.

I made my way to bed eventually getting undressed. I wore short this time in case I had a visitor in the morning again. Then I crawled into bed.

I wasn’t tired. For what seemed like hours I laid awake thinking and hoping I’d get a knock on my door from Ms. Laura, Or maybe a text with R U up? Midnight came and I was sure Ms. Laura would be asleep by now. There was no point in staying awake. Closing my eyes I prepared to finally drift off into hopefully a better tomorrow.

Knock knock

My eyes shot open and I waited a second longer for it to happen again. Was it just a dream or was she actually here.

Knock Knock

It happened again. She was here.

“Yes” I said just loud enough to hear by the door.

The door cracked open, but it was the wrong one. Instead of the door to the hallway opening, the door to the bathroom opened. In the soft light from the bathroom was Emily. She was standing in the door frame wrapped in a heavy blanket and dragging a pillow.

“Sorry Johnny, can I sleep in your room tonight?” she said softly and timidly, “those underwear we found today are giving me the creeps.”

“What,” it was all I could blurt out while I sat up in bed.

“Those underwear we found on the walk,” she repeated, “I know it’s silly but I keep thinking about it. What if Ms. Laura has a stalker? What if he’s prowling around on the porch outside my room? I could have sworn I heard someone sneaking around outside last night.”

Luckily it was dark because she would have seen me turn white. Had she heard me?

“I’m sorry if it’s an intrusion, but I would feel so much better if I could sleep on your floor,” she scrunched up her blanket to make herself look smaller, “I’m leaving pretty early in the morning, I’ll be back in my room getting ready before Ms. Laura even wakes up.”

Ms. Laura was undoubtedly asleep by now. There was no risk and if she slept on the floor it should be fine, after all this was my doing.

“Fine, I guess it’s not a big deal,” I said sighing, then quickly checking I still have my shorts on.

Emily practically skipped over to my bedside and threw down a pillow. The floors where hardwood and she made her bed on a rather rough looking rug. Still wrapped up like a burrito she then lowered herself to floor and found a comfortable spot. I laid down too, attempting to close my eyes.

Only a minute or so passed before I heard limbs banging on the hardwood. Emily was tossing turning. She fell still again. I once again closed my eyes and started to count sheep. A minute passed and a heard more tossing turning, this time with a frustrated grunts.

Finally she stood up, “please tell me if it’s too far? Can I please sleep in your bed?”

I looked over to the blanket clade figure in the dark thinking it over.

“I promise it’s just to sleep Johnny. I just need a good night before I see my family tomorrow. You’ve slept in tighter quarters with other soldiers before. It’s no big deal now,” she made pouting face I could barely make out in the dark.

I was very conflicted. She was very attractive and I know it would look bad if Ms. Laura saw us, but at the same time I couldn’t just let her sleep on the floor. If I’m being honest with myself, I was frustrated with Ms. Laura. Why did she allow this to become the situation?

The idea of sleeping with Emily even in a platonic way just felt good. I gave in.

“Sure,” I relented making room on the queen sized bed.

Far over to one side and her to the other, I tried once again to drift off to sleep.

I must have dozed off, but not long. I woke up warmer than I expect, coming to my senses I realized Emily was right up on me. She only wore a lacy brassiere and thong. The only way I knew it was a thong in the dark was her smooth ass cheeks were pressed up against my ever stiffening cock.

I lay on my side, spooning her, and my left arm was under the pillow she was currently using. I was frozen.

Emily was apparently fast asleep. Her chest heaved slowly and her hair was splayed out. Some even got in my face and tickling my nose. I didn’t know how she had gotten this close to me without waking me up first. Her beautiful round butt was pushed so close to me, my shaft grew between her cheeks as it hand no room anywhere else.

She shifted slightly and the motion on my sensitive organ sent a pleasurable sensation through my whole body. I was torn. I wanted to push her away. I was here for Ms. Laura, but Emily was right here. She wanted me as much as I wanted her, and Ms. Laura had so far been disappointing.

I kept completely still while my dilemma roiled in my mind. Ms. Laura yes had not been the twenty four seven sex fest I had imagined, but she was a very close friend that opened her home to me for a week. We had some fun already too. It would be wrong to do this, not here and not now. Plus Emily would be gone tomorrow. It would get better.

On the other hand, Ms. Laura was twice my age. Even if now things were fun and exciting she wasn’t going to be my one and only. Emily was my age and gorgeous. We had a lot in common and at least I felt a natural chemistry. Rejecting her, could be rejecting a real shot at a wife.

I lamented my situation. Of all the times in the world to meet a woman like her it would be the one week, perhaps in the my whole life, where I couldn’t make a move.

I laid there for a few more minutes enjoying the sensation of her warm on my manhood. I couldn’t betray Ms. Laura. Not after so many years of friendship. I wiggled away. Finding the edge of the bed, I slowly lowered myself on to the floor. It was indeed uncomfortable. I spent the rest of the night periodically dozing off, only to wake tossing and turning.

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