Ms Tara’s Academy For Sub Males 03

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By Todayshiddenobsession February 3, 2023


This story is FemDom cuckold tale based on inspiration I received from Ms. Tara, when I shared with her, another story regarding cuckold training called “Cuckold Clinic” by TomWard.

Ms. Tara is a real-life wife in a female led relationship. I met her through a blog site, and she has graciously allowed me to use her pen name in my story.

Thank You to both Ms. Tara and TomWard for this inspiration.

From the title I’m sure you can get the direction for this story but there are also areas that focus on the Mistress wives learning to take control and Academy staff.

This story is pure FANTASY!

Relationships in real life between people should always be consensual.

This is only my second attempt at erotic fiction. I will try to employ the constructive criticism of the commenters from my first story to make this one better.

Ch03 Discipline Training

The next room they stop at is filled with different forms of bondage and discipline equipment.

To some it may look more like a dungeon than a classroom except it is well lit. It contains every type of bondage and discipline equipment imaginable. From simple chairs and paddles to X crosses, vaulting horses, customized whipping benches, courtesy of Ms. Tara’s handy man Gerry, lots of ropes, restraints, ball weights and even humblers.

As in all the classrooms, cameras placed around the room capture and record every training session for review by the staff and wives. Sometimes, with everyone’s written consent, they even publish edited videos from these training sessions to the Academy’s paid porn sight. 100% of the revenue from the sight goes towards reducing the tuition costs for the subs enrolled. The idea is to make the programs available to all couples who want to use them regardless of their financial status.

Here males are trained to take their punishments for misbehaviour or simply for their wife’s pleasure without complaint. There are several stations with restraints, paddles, whips, canes and even hairbrushes and slippers for the Mistress to use on a sub in training.

These sessions are highly customized to the training requirements set out by the submissive’s dominant female. In some cases, it is mild, for only behaviour correction, maintenance spankings or just play. In other cases, the wife wants her husband to withstand more severe punishment because she gets off by his suffering for her.

In all cases, proper techniques for bondage and restraint must be taught so the sub does not suffer permanent damage, or death. To this end, instructors are highly trained in all forms of restraint and disciplinary punishment.

There must be very clear guidelines at registration to ensure the Academy is dealing with a truly masochistic sub as well as a more sadistic dominant who wants serious punishment sessions. Trained psychologists and psychiatrists are available to assess this information, if in the opinion of the warden and interviewing psychologist, the needs of any couple appear mismatched.

It is important that even if the husband is hesitant and the wife is insistent on severe punishment that the couple’s psychology is assessed to see what they really want deep in their minds. It is sometimes difficult for the sub to accept that they desire the discipline their dominant partner knows they need. Through counselling, both parties learn the others supressed expectations.

Here in the classroom, there are currently two independent sessions being carried out.

One is clearly more severe than the other.

In the first session the male is strapped to a whipping bench. His hands are bound to the sides of the bench with leather locked straps. His legs are secured to the base of the bench similarly. The adjustable height of the bench ensures the sub remains on his tip toes during the time he is secured. Straps across his hips and back ensures his body position is held in place. The only part he is free to move is his head which hangs over the edge of the bench.

One of the wives in training, under the supervision of the instructor, is whipping the man with a cane.

Dianne turns on the audio feed from that part of the room so they can hear what is going on.

As the wife brings down the crop you can hear the sub cry out and then calls to the Mistress, “21 Mistress, Thank you!”

The instructor says to the wife. You need to use more body swing to get the impact more forceful. Do not be afraid to raise welts. Remember he is being punished for not servicing your friend’s pussy adequately. That is a grave offence for a submissive. The wife nods and takes another swing, this one with much more force.

She has decided to do this discipline topless, and her tits swing through the stroke, giving her a pleasant sensation. Her nipples are hard from the stimulation from seeing the bound subs ass flesh quivering with each İstanbul Escort impact. The sub hollers in pain and then after a second or two to recover, calls out “22 Mistress, Thank you!”

At 30 strokes, the sub is making so much noise the Mistress pushes a 5″ penis gag into his mouth and straps it tight around his head to keep him quiet. She decides that if she is going to plug one end, she might as well plug the other as well. She takes a medium sized butt plug, adds a small amount of lube to it, then grabbing the abused flesh of his left ass cheek and pulling it apart from the other cheek; she, roughly rams the plug into his asshole until it is totally seated inside his rectum. If he had not already been gagged, he might have broken windows with his screams.

Proudly admiring her work, she resumes his punishment with vigor.

By the end of his 50 strokes the wife is clearly exhausted, and her pussy is very wet. Her breasts and arms glisten with sweat. She pushes her hand towards her pussy and strokes herself to a quick orgasm as she looks at the colour and size of the welts she has produced over his buttocks and upper thighs.

She then moves to the subs face. He is weeping softly now through the gag. There is drool escaping around it and pooling on the floor.. The instructor pulls his head up by his hair and removes his gag. When his mouth is free, he again thanks the Mistress. She pushes her wet fingers to his face and says “look at how punishing you has excited me and caused me to coat my fingers with my precious pussy juice. What am I going to do with my messy fingers slut?” She then pushes her fingers to his mouth and instructs him to clean her cum soaked fingers. He quickly licks her fingers clean and once more says “Thank you Mistress for your correction and thank you for allowing me to taste your excitement at my suffering. I hope this pleased you. I am truly sorry for my misbehaviour. I will not disappoint you again.”

The instructor looks at the couple and comments to the Mistress in training that her technique is greatly improved since she entered this program a few sessions ago. She comments that it is good to see that the woman, even when punishing her sub, has embraced her freedom to experience pleasure and says it was wonderful to watch her orgasm through his pain. She suggests that next week they will try with her actual husband to overcome any hesitation at correctly disciplining the man she loves. She adds that sometimes it is easier to cane a stranger than someone you love.

To the sub she says. “You learned a valuable lesson today slut. Your suffering can give a woman pleasure and you should strive to that end. You can see by the Mistress’ generosity that taking your punishment with dignity sometimes may lead to the honour of tasting her delicious pussy juices. Perhaps your wife will feel the same generosity sometime when she whips or canes you.”

The Mistress sits and as she puts her top back on, occasionally strokes her horny pussy again to a small orgasm, as the instructor unfastens the sub and dismisses him to his next assignment.

Before he exits the room, he turns, and once more thanks both the instructor and the Mistress for his punishment.

Ms. Tara, after watching this session, turns to Dianne and says, “This type of discipline is not usually to my taste, but I understand the importance of including it for couples interested in a more severe relationship. It was good to see that you have done a very professional job of developing this training.”

Dianne smiles and replies to Ms. Tara’s comments. “Yes, you right, some of these sessions get quite intense. I have employed trainers for these that are specifically adept at bringing out the sadistic, or masochistic nature of the participants. We have had several couples specifically looking for what we do in these sessions. As you are aware, there are also session for the more, shall we say, softer dominant females. I have tried to develop many levels of disciplinary training, each customized to the students needs.”

“I think what is going on here, will demonstrate the other end of the spectrum.”

Switching their focus to the other session, Dianne changes the audio feed so they can hear what is going on there.

This is a much softer session with the Mistress sitting in a traditional hard backed chair that might be found in the kitchen. The sub, naked except for a collar and his chastity cage is standing in front of her with his head bowed in respect.

The Mistress is explaining to the sub that she is saddened by his refusal to eat her mother’s ass when she was visiting yesterday.

The instructor interrupts her to point out that it is her right to touch or grope the sub if she wants to. He is her toy and may never refuse the advance of a woman if his wife directs it and of course may never ever, resist when his wife wants to touch his body. The trainer goes on, that a wife’s submissive husband Kadıköy Escort is her property to do with as she pleases within the format of their Dom sub arrangement.

The Mistress in training smiles and nods her head. As she chastises the male in front of her for his transgression she reaches out to pick up his caged cock and balls. She lifts them high and uses her hand to smack his testicles just enough to make him wince. She them drops them letting the weight of his steel cage and gravity pull his manhood uncomfortably towards the ground. She repeats this adding a smack to his thigh every time she drops his balls.

Smiling the instructor comment that this is good. She is learning to take control of what she owns.

The Mistress then caresses the subs thigh gently, giving him a false sense of security before she slaps his balls again with her other hand firmly. A groan escapes his lips but he remains in place.

She asks him if he has understood what she has told him about why she is punishing him.

His reply is quick because he does not want to get additional punishment. “Mistress, I disappointed and embarrassed you by not following your instruction to provide your mother anything she asked for. When she demanded I pull her panties down and place my face into the crack of her ass, I hesitated. Then when she told me to lick her asshole like I was French kissing a beautiful woman I refused.”

“I know now that even though ass worship is not something my wife enjoys, and she does not want me to do it for her, that I must nevertheless follow all direction of the woman who is placed in charge of me and that by your order, was your mother. Please forgive my insolence and deliver any punishment you see fit to this body you completely own.”

Again, the instructor speaks up and tells the sub she is impressed with his reply to the Mistress and that he seems to be learning that he has no say in what he is made to do anymore.

The Mistress then signals to the sub to take a position over her knee for his spanking.

Dutifully he lowers himself to her lap.

She slightly spreads her knees just enough for his caged cock to fall between her thighs. Then she recloses her knees trapping his cock and balls securely between her legs. This allows her to clamp down to hold him in place should he squirm too much.

The Mistress says, “I am going to give you 25 swats to each cheek with my hand. I expect you to thank me for each and keep count. If you miscount, you will start again from one. Then I am going to ask you what you have learned before I move onto giving you another 25 with a hairbrush. You will again count them and thank me for each one. Miscount, and we start from the beginning with my hand again. Do you understand my directions slut?”

Through a trembling voice he answers, “Yes Mistress, I will take your discipline as instructed. Thank you for my correction.”

“Nice touch at the and there slut,” the instructor comments.

Over the next 20 minutes the Mistress proceeds to discipline the sub. Only once part way through the hairbrush portion did he lose count. Through a tearful voice he repeated 12 and the number of strokes with the brush was actually up to 14. altogether his miscount cost him 50 to each cheek by her hand and 39 with the hairbrush.

A lesson hard learned for him.

When done, the mistress ungracefully pushes the sobbing sub to the floor.

Without raising up at all, he graciously thanks her for his correction and asks for forgiveness. He further adds that he looks forward to the next visit by her mother so he can also apologise to her and make out with her ass for as long as she desires him to.

The Mistress and the instructor both smile at his comments.

“How do you feel about the punishment session,” the instructor asks the Mistress.

“It actually made me quite horny. Much more than I anticipated,” replies the Mistress.

“Good, you are learning that owning a submissive husband can be enjoyable even when you need to correct his behaviour. What do you think you should do about your horniness? Comments the instructor. “You know you have a perfectly well-disciplined slut in front of you who has the skill to look after your needs.”

The Mistress smiles and instructs the male, “Get up here slut. I want you to remove my panties and lick me to an orgasm or two. Before you begin your service to my pussy you need to ask the teacher if she has also been stimulated by your punishment.”

“Yes Mistress. Thank You for the honour to serve you. Miss Andrea, may I also have the honour of giving you orgasms with my mouth when Mistress is finished with me?”

“You may slut. But I think I’ll sit on your face. I hope you know how to lick properly with a dominant woman parked on your pie hole” Is the instructor’s answer.

With that, the sub moves between the Mistress’ legs and asks for permission to remove her soaked panties. After Mistress Ataşehir Escort nods her approval, she adds that he must sniff and lick the gusset of her panties to see how excited she got giving him his spanking. He reaches up to her hips and removes her panties and after a few minutes with the soaked and fragrant garment, Mistress instructs him to begin licking her.

Immediately when his skilled tongue touches her sex she begins to moan. Her first orgasm will not take long. ‘Perhaps she will keep him there for three she thinks.’

Soon she cries out with one of the most powerful orgasms she has ever had. As she cums, she clamps her legs together squeezing her subs head tightly between her thighs. She is quickly learning that being the dominant partner in her home will be very pleasurable. Without pausing he brings her to two more orgasms before she can’t take anymore. She then instructs him to gently lick and kiss her labia until she calms down. With a gentle tongue he moves up and down her pussy from her ass to her mons, in slow soft motions.

When she is done with him she ungracefully pushes his face away as she might do with a dinner plate when she has had enough to eat.

Falling to the floor, he asks her if he did well and thanks her for the opportunity to service her.

She chuckles and tells him he’s not done yet; he has one more woman to look after.

In that moment, just as he is about to ask Miss Andrea if he can pleasure her, she pushes him flat on his back and quickly squats over his face. She is not wearing any panties below her short skirt. She never wears any for these sessions because she knows from experience that she sometimes gets relief at the end of these session through the generosity of the Mistress in training. She may be the instructor, but to make the training realistic, the Mistress in training owns the sub during these sessions and has complete control, over his use.

As her pussy closes in on his face, the smell of her arousal is strong in his nostrils. With one last deep breath he accepts her pussy’s full weight on his mouth without resistance. With ears partially covered by her thighs he hears the muffled command to lick!

He enthusiastically begins to use his tongue and nose to stimulate her to her first orgasm. He does his best to move around her entire pussy using both his tongue and nose to giver her pleasure.

His training from pervious classes has taught him to feel her movements and signals as she directs him to stimulate various areas of her sex. His absolute goal must be to provide her with the best experience even through his own discomfort.

Andrea knows he has already been through the smothering training, so she is not too concerned about having her full weight on his face. Her first orgasm builds quickly. Shifting her body weight so his tongue gives full stimulation to her clitoris. He begins to move his tongue around her clit in a circular motion, just skirting but never passing directly over it. Every now and then he alternates to a rapid left and right motion directly over her erect bud. she feels a wave of pleasure course through her, causing her to throw her head back and close her eyes. This is her third session for today and the first opportunity offered to satisfy her horniness, so she is very stimulated. She crashes through her orgasm moaning with eyes closed and biting her lip. Then a second builds almost as fast. She hollers through it shuddering at its intensity. Without stopping, the submissive male beneath her eagerly continues licking her to a third. He continues to lick her, alternating between fast, slow and moving from her clit to her labia and vagina, like he is circling some imaginary wagon train, slowly making smaller circles towards the centre of her excited clit. Then when he feels the tension in her vaginal muscles through his nose, which is lodged in the entrance of her hole, he begins to rapidly flick his tongue over her clit. She feels her next orgasm growing and taking over her. She chuckles to herself and thinks, ‘this has to be the best job ever. Ms. Tara pays good money, but I’d do this for free.’ The third orgasm on his face is the best of all and she nearly falls off him when it takes over her body. Rolling onto the floor she lies trembling beside this submissive male who is now breathing heavily, trying to regain needed oxygen, as she basks in her post multi orgasmic glow.

The Mistress watching how Andrea is reacting to her sub’s stimulation is again stroking her pussy. She smiles as she thinks, ‘having and owning a submissive husband will be extremely enjoyable. Watching her friends experience this kind of pleasure on the face of the cuckold she owns will even get her off.’

Andrea looks at his soaked red face and hair, covered in her and the Mistress’ secretions. She laughs at the sight and tells him he must have really paid attention in the pussy worship skills class. This compliment makes him blush and beam like a searchlight as he humbly thanks her for allowing him to service her. He tells them both that their pussys were delicious.

The instructor gets up and thanks the Mistress for the use of her sub.

Mistress tells the sub to rise so she can inspect his cock and cage.

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