MTMF League Ch. 03: Jack vs. Kendall Pt. 02

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Note: English isn’t my mother tongue so have that in mind when reading; I tried my best tho. Anyway, sorry for the grammar mistakes and all that jazz; be kind about it tho, or better yet, let me know what I’m doing wrong in a respectful way.


“FUCK! I’M GONNA…” Kendall gasps painfully, body arching over the bed; balls tight to his taint, all will lost… He’s done…

“No! You won’t, bitch!” Jacks says, taking his hand off Kendall’s throbbing cock, grasping his balls instead, crushing them hard, making sure the black guy doesn’t spread his spunk all over the place.

“I want you cumming when I’m fucking your black boy pussy! You’re not getting out of it so easily!” Jack threatens, keeping his grip tight on his rival’s genitals.

“Fuck!” Kendall gasps, dropping his forearm over his eyes. He feels his own hard breathing slowing down, normalizing. He was so close! His trapped balls are starting to hurt but he doesn’t feel ready to fight Jack back and free himself. He just lays there trying to get a hold on himself. Jack doesn’t give him enough time, tho.

“You’re gonna love this!” the white boy says, rolling Kendall over his stomach without any resistant. The ginger boy, full of confidence, spreads Kendall’s round ass cheeks, rimming the puckered and hairy hole right away, in preparation for the fucking, but that is enough to make Kendall snap out of it. His body instinctively bucks back with force, hitting Jack’s face, knocking the white boy all the way over his back onto the bed.

This is the thing: No one is allowed to touch Kendall’s asshole! The moment someone tries to play with it, the black dude gets in a defensive warrior mood and the game is over. It is an instant reaction, the result of an experience he had a couple of years ago with this crazy chick. She took him by surprise; while she was sucking Kendall’s dick, her slender finger, cover in her own saliva, got so easily inside his virgin asshole, she assumed her black lover had some experience already. He didn’t at all tho!

Kendall just felt his body jerk and then stiffen harshly; his dick still deep down the kinky girl’s throat. Breathless and scared, he held the bed sheets with trembling hands like his life depended on it. The girl was touching his prostate and he could only jerk with the new and intense feeling. It was not bad, and it wasn’t good, but it was scary and very intense. He came in her throat with a strong and almost painful orgasm.

Kendall felt so helpless during it and so confused and abused afterwards; he hated every second of it! The black hunk was done after that and couldn’t move for a while; the girl looked so proud of herself for fucking him so bad tho. He fucked her the next morning, enough times to make her beg for mercy. His masculinity was content again after it, as the access to his ass was denied to everyone forever!

“Boy, you should have played your cards better, I was enjoying your game a lot!” Kendall says, sitting over Jack’s face, putting his whole ass over the stunned ginger, who muffles in shock trying to escape from the choking move.

“You were the one who wanted to play with my ass, boy!” the black hunk teases, grabbing under Jack’s knees with his hands, driving the white legs closer to him so he can grab the ginger hunk’s ankles. Showing off his strength, Kendall stands up over the bed and using his grabs over Jack’s ankles, he lifts the white boy’s body, letting Jack hanging upside dawn and then flipping him around completely, rocking and then tossing him face down over the bed, head near the bottom edge. Kendall doesn’t give Jack time to react, he puts himself between the milky legs, spreading them apart, making impossible for Jack to reincorporate.

There is not too much Jack can do when Kendall lays over him, hooking his milky legs up with his dark ones, spreading them even wider apart. The black hunk proceeds to trap the ginger’s upper body in a half Nelson over Jack left shoulder. The white boy tries to get free, but he can’t incorporate himself; Kendall has manhandled him until his head and torso are practically hanging out the bed.

All Jack’s attempts to get free are in vain, he’s in an uncomfortable position, forced to keep part of his weight with his right hand on the floor, while his legs are forced apart over the bed; his left arm is completely useless trapped on Kendall’s hold. Jack feels like he’s going to fall over his head, even tho his opponent has him secured on his grasps; but the worst thing about his situation is the constant feeling of Kendall’s dick rubbing between his asscheeks, threatening to impale him right then and there.

“Fucker! Nogh!” Jack grunts, he’s not ready to let Kendall has his way with him again, no when he was so close to beat the black hunk this time.

“Come on, ginger! We all know you want it!” Kendall mocks and then gets on his knees, keeping Jack’s body stuck to his. The dark hunk releases the ginger’s shoulder but takes the arm by the wrist and pulls it backwards Çankaya Escort and towards him. Using Jack’s left arm as a rein, Kendall stars thrusting his hips slightly, making his cock head to poking regularly against Jack’s pink hole.

Jacks upper body falls forwards and having to grab the bed edge with his free hand, in an intent to keep himself from falling down. Kendall doesn’t mind the white boy’s predicament, he just waves his right arm in the air with a huge smile on his face, while he mimics riding a horse. The ginger almost finished him off and now Kendall has to teach him who is the real alpha; a little humiliation is perfect for that.

“Stop!” Jack begs, feeling he’s going to fall from the bed. He is also hurting for the increasing pressure over his arms, back, tights, shoulders and pucker. He looks and feels like a puppet, as his body is moved back and forth by the black hunk, but there’s nothing Jack can do about it as he’s manhandled and played with.

“Ride that red horse, man!” cheers Travis, encouraging his fratmate from the other side of the room. Kendall winks to his friend and keeps playing with his rival’s body a little more. He stars caressing Jack’s asscheeks with his free hand, teasing the pink pucker with his thumb. Kendall enjoys how the cursing and struggling of ginger boy start getting weaker and weaker, until Jack is moaning and gasping pathetically, begging him to stop.

That’s it! That’s what Kendall loves about this queer championship shit he’s gotten himself into… Breaking cocky white hunks! Kendall loves to fuck white boys as much as he loves to fuck poc guys, but there’s an special trilling in making a white guy his bitch. He loves to break their pride, force them to beg, make a fuck hole of them until the only thing they can do is fall in love with the feeling of his dick digging into their bodies!

Kendall keeps manhandling and humiliating Jack some more, enjoying the power he has over the ginger, until he finally had his fun and feels that the white boy has learned his place. Both men are sweaty all over. Jack’s sphincter is loose, sensitive and stretched enough to be fucked without too much preparation; the abundant precum of the black cock has helped a lot on that.

Kendall releases Jack’s arms and has to hold the ginger with an arm hooked around his abs, so the boy doesn’t fall head first on the ground. After been hold in such uncomfortable position for several minutes, Jack’s arms and legs are useless, all his muscles are numb and aching. He is helpless to fight Kendall, who is manhandling his body into the bed and securing Jack’s arms against his own sweaty back with a hand. The ginger hunk tries to free himself, but he can’t find enough force in his muscles to do it.

“Stop fighting, little red. Don’t worry, I will take care of you just like you love it!” Kendall says while his thumb teases Jack’s tingling and gasping hole. The ginger boy find himself trembling in pleasure and shame, while a needy moan scape his mouth and his eyes role to the back of his head. It has been so long since Kendall was inside him, messing Jack mind and body all over.

“Fucker!” Jack gasps, feeling the black thumb get inside his body and his ass clench tight around it. The white boy tries to deal with the pleasure, he tries to lay dare motionless, minimizing the friction, but he soon succumbs to his bowel’s intense feelings and he hates himself for it.

“Oh God!” Jack moans when he finally loses it and starts rocking against the tick thumb, fucking his tight ass, giving up to his shameful desires, he can’t help it! Jacks wants Kendall in him so bad, even more than having the black boy all fucked and screwed. Kendall knows it well, as everybody else in the room. No matter how much he tries to hide or deny it, everybody knows how deep Jack is for that black guy. Jack’s not gay, he never has had these feelings for any other man, there’s just something in Kendall that Jack can’t resist!

“Is this how you were going to have your way with me, boy?” Kendall teases, pulling his thumb out to wet his middle and index fingers with this own saliva and quickly getting them inside the pink hole. Jack grunts when the two fingers settle inside him and bites the bed sheets as Kendall starts finger-fucking him. Jack’s efforts to hide his moans of pleasure are in vain tho, as he starts fucking back those fingers.

“OOOH FUCK!” The ginger boy gasps when Kendall press over his prostate and stay over it. The sweaty and milky body bend into itself, trying to contain the strong feelings running along his spine.

“We like that!” Kendall notices with a smirk on his face as he watches to the other people in the room. Michael looks him unamused, but with a semi under his trousers. The ginger hunk bend over the bed, biting the sheets, moaning like a cheap wore, arms trapped against his back, ass in the air getting fingered and pleasured, is such a hot view. Kendall’s depredatory look and devil Keçiören Escort smirk as he works the red-haired hole is also hot, but that is something Michael wouldn’t admit right now, not even to himself. He is not going to give Kendall the satisfaction.

“OH! FUCK! STOP!” Jack moans when the pressure over his sensitive gland becomes too much. For the first time, he tries to escape from those fingers, but Kendall puts more pressure over his trapped hands and over his back, keeping Jack in place. Kendall resumes the finger fucking, but this time he’s also scissoring the pink hole, stretching it.

“FUUUUCK!” Jack moans in surrender, his ass and body melting in submission again, moaning shamelessly, fucking back harder to get more of those fingers, trying to get them back to his sweet spot.

“Are you done, boy? You give?” Kendall asks watching the white boy fall in his fingering spell. There are just high pitching moans and grunts as a reply, so Kendall keeps working on the pink ass for several minutes, only stopping to spit on the red hole to add some lubrication. The ginger boy isn’t fighting him anymore, he just lets the pleasure in his ass take all over him, and everybody in the room knows the match basically is over when Jack’s body starts trembling without control.

“OH FUCK!! MAN!!” Jack loses the little control he still has on his body, fucking back those fingers in despair. His eyes role back as his ass muscles contract and relax rhythmically, the orgasm hitting him hard, running along his spine, exploding in his closet eyes, vibrating in his sphincter, hardening his throbbing prostate.

Jack lets out a pathetic moan as he can’t stop thinking this is pretty much how girls feels when they’re coming. Yes! Kendall is making him come like one of those cheap girls he always fucking. That idea somehow makes everything more intense for the ginger boy.

“Did he come already?” Jack barely notices Michael’s question after his orgasm finally watches away from his trembling body. The wet fingers are gone but Jack’s asshole keeps gasping around the sudden emptiness.

“No, he didn’t but his so wet!” Kendall exclaim while he slaps Jack’s dick with a hand, making Jack gasp, dripples of precum falling over the bed shits.

“Do anal orgasm count as a win tho? I just gave him a really good one!” the black Adonis questions, spreading the white’s boy precum all over his own red hard cock. “I think I make him even pee himself” he adds with a smirk on his face.

“No special rules were stated for this match. Precum or pee doesn’t apply! You’re under the standard rules, so you have to make him ejaculate or make him quit!” Logan, the referee for Tau Beta Chi, says in one single breath, protecting his fratmate and fraternity’s best interests. The information flies over Kendall’s head tho, his attention full back on the sweaty ginger after this puffed with shame and neediness.

“Look at this pretty little dick, so hard and lonely… So wet! You really need that ass fucked, don’t you boy?” the black hunk teases, still massaging the ginger’s cock. Jack is moaning and contorting over the bed sheets, begging silently for Kendall to do something about the upsetting feeling, the unwanted emptiness in his insides. Kendall’s big black hand strokes the red mad member and Jack fucks it in earnest, biting some moans back.

“I could help you, boy, but all depend of you!” Kendall slaps the white sweaty buttocks. The ginger boy moans and tremble as the sound vibrates along the room. The black hunk releases Jack’s arms and immediately let his body falls over the ginger’s, forcing him to lay prone over the bed sheets. A black hand grasps on the messy red hair, pulling on it, forcing Jack’s head backwards. Thick lips suck a red ear and the salty skin of the ginger neck.

“I could fuck that cute ass, boy, but maybe I should fuck that pretty mouth of yours instead…” Kendall says, giving a little kiss on Jack’s lips.

“… but you can have just one because you have been a very bad boy today, all cocky and rude to me, so I’m just giving it to you in one of your greedy holes. What would it be then? Chose boy!” he commands.

Jack is used to Kendal’s games but right now his mind is not prepared for it, if it ever has been. He just wants to cum and that feeling of emptiness in his ass gone, but a little part of him still wants to fight Kendall, to keep his promise and make the black guy his bitch. The ginger’s mind is suddenly divided between what he wants vs. what he needs, making him feel confused and lost, just like Kendall loves it and Jack knows it and hates it.

“Common, little red! I know you want it, just tell me where?” Kendall teases while rubbing his dick back and forth against the gaping hole; his tongue claiming the insides of the ginger’s mouth. With every Kendall’s movement, Jack’s cock is being rubbed againts the bed and his own sweaty body, wetting the bedsheets with abundant precum, adding Etimesgut Escort more pleasure to the white boy’s horny and helpless state. Jack feels so trapped and owned, so needy, that he finally breaks.

“Fuck my ass… my hole! Fuck my asshole!” he mumbles quietly, the little pride still in him making his voice only for Kendall’s ears.

“Your man pussy, ha? Ya nasty, little red! But guess what? I changed my mind… You don’t get to choose!” Kendall stars whispering near Jack’s ears, keeping their business private.

“I’m gonna finger fuck you and I want to see you cum only on my fingers. If you do, you’ll get your wish. My homeboy is going inside your ass, but if you don’t, you aren’t getting this cock, boy! Not in your ass, not even in that pretty mouth of yours! Do you get it?”

“I can’t cum like…” Before Jack can even complain or agree, Kendall is kneeling next to him, inserting two fingers in the wet hole, fucking it right away. Jack’s eyes open wide, his body trembling violently with the savage finger fucking his receiving. His shameless moans fill the room and his ass seeks for those cursed fingers, fucking back even faster.

“Are you kidding me, Jack? Are you really done already?” Logan asks annoyed.

“That bitch was done the moment he challenged,” Michael replies for the redhead hunk.

The two men in the bed are too concentrated in their own world to notice what the people surrounding them are saying. Kendall has found Jack’s prostate once again, and is pressing on in incessantly, while scissoring his fingers, putting pressure on the wet and sensitive walls of that greedy man-pussy. Jack starts trembling again, a new orgasm taking over him.

He moans even louder this time, shameless, balls tightening against his taint, dick jerking painfully. He can’t tell where all that torturous pleasure is coming from. His prostate? His gaping hole? It doesn’t matter tho, he can just feel his body bursting and is almost unbearable.

“That’s it, sweetheart! Come for daddy!” Kendall rasps, feeling the wet ass collapsing tightly again and again around his still fucking fingers. “Win yourself that ass pounding, boy!”

“OH MAN! FUCK!” Jacks moans with the intensity of his orgasm, feeling so close to releasing his spunk all over the bed, but he also feels so far from that point, it is maddening.

“Yeah, show me that ginger cum! Let me see it!” Kendall teases, adding a third finger to his mercilessly finger-fucking, pressing on the quivering prostate, while he masturbates himself with his free hand, enjoying how much power he holds over the white boy, who just stay there, orgasming on his fingers, fucking them back demandingly.

“DUDE! Please! Please!” Jack begs not even knowing for what exactly. Everything gets too intense so quickly. His orgasm is still going, and he feels like his hard dick is about to explode, but he can rich that point… He can’t take it anymore.

“Man! Stop! Please! I can’t come like this… I can’t cum like this!” he begs loudly, tears flowing out his eyes.

“You better will if you want my dick in you!” Kendall groans authoritative, pressing his fingers over the hard prostate and keeping them there.

“HOLLY FUCK MAN… AHRG!” Jack screams, it’s too much. The pleasure is turning in pain and then the pain in pleasure and the pleasure in pain again. Jack can’t handle it, so he tries to escape from those fingers, but Kendall puts his hand over the ginger’s lower back, forcing his ass in place. Then he stars rubbing his fingertips slowly over Jack’s rock-hard prostate.

“DUDE! NO MORE! STOP!” Jack’s body trembles, eyes rolling back, and mouth fixed in an “O” shape, a silent moan. His orgasm hasn’t stopped a bit, but he felts like a bigger one has just started. He tries to escape once again forcing Kendall to put a knee over Jack’s sweaty back to keep him secured in place. Now the red head can breathe properly, and he panics.

“Man! I can’t! I quit! I quit! OH GOD! I CAN’T… YOU WIN! YOU WIN! JUST STOP! PLEASE!” Jack screams and begs desperate, losing all the control over his quivering body, feeling like he’s going to pass out if Kendall doesn’t stop messing with his prostate right away, but the black guy doesn’t seem to have the intention to do that… He’s always playing no matter what!

“Are you sure boy? No dick for you then?” Kendall teases starting to fuck in and out that hole with his fingers once again.

“OH, PLEASE MAN! I GIVE! PLEASE! PLEASE! I QUIT!” Jack screams out loud, tears rolling down his eyes, hopping the black guy finds some mercy in him or that someone else in the room helps him out of that torture. He can even bother to feel bad for having another defeat against Kendall, the most humiliating one so far, he just wants for the black guy to stop torturing him.

“What a shame boy…” Kendall says driving his fingers out of the sensitive hole. “… I was expecting more from you!” he mocks while the white boy turns himself over his back as quickly as he can, forearm covering his eyes, breathing hard.

“I couldn’t, man! I can’t!” Jack gasps almost apologetic and Kendall smirks for the mess the white boy is. Jacks lays there totally spend, skin perspired, flushed red from his face to his chest, body still trembling all over, hard dick throbbing and wet. Yeah! Jack is Kendall’s favorite white toy!

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