Much Taboo about Nothing Ch. 02

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**This is a direct continuation of Chapter 1. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to before you read this chapter. More chapters will be on the way as soon as they’re approved, so if you like the series, keep on the lookout for more. Don’t forget to vote!**

“The door, shut the door,” I said looking her over from the tip of her running shoes to the black roots of her blonde hair. I had dreamed about spreading her tight thighs for years. Everything my sisters were in, she was in. Volleyball, track, softball, cheerleading, swimming; if my school had an athletic competition, Angie was in it, and where Angie went, Jenny followed.

The door closed and I took a second look at her. She was wearing low cut jeans, ones that she specifically altered herself; the regular button fly of the Levis’ had been cut from 5 buttons to two. She obviously shaved, but any kid in school knew that; there was never a sign of her fur during any of the competitions she was in, no matter the cut of the swimsuit, no matter how tiny the underwear, and no matter how short the shorts. Today was a double bonus, the hem of her jeans splitting that tight pussy of desire in half, forming a perfect camel toe.

Her t-shirt, a white shirt with the word “Yummy” stenciled in black across the stretched fabric over her tits was similarly modified, hugging her figure just under her 18 year old tits. It was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra, there wasn’t a line of interruption under that tightly stretched fabric; only her two nipples, standing straight up.

“So what should we do while we wait,” she said, breaking the silence. She had been staring at my dick the whole time. I bobbed it a couple of times, still caught in my jeans, but the jerking was clear as day to her.

“Why don’t you take your clothes off and I’ll think of something,” I said bluntly. She smiled and grabbed the hem of her shirt with crossed arms and lifted it clean over her head, her tits bouncing with the recoil of being let go. It had been leaked years ago around school that her tits were 34 B’s, but I’d swear those hypnotic mounds of flesh had grown since then. Her nipples were a dusty rose color, not quite tan, but definitely appetizing.

“Good idea, it is hot outside,” she said. Jenny’s fingers hooked in the top of her jeans and she pushed them down, wiggling her hips sexily. She bent over as she peeled them off her legs, not letting me look at her tempting sex but providing me a delicious view of her rounded ass as she bent clear to the floor. I watched that ass flex and move as she untied her shoes and kicked them off, clearing her legs of her jeans at the same time.

“It’s getting damn hot in here, too,” I said, soaking in the beauty before me. She rolled herself up, standing, legs slightly parted, her hands went to her hips.

“If it’s that hot, then you better take yours off, too. Looks like you’re already starting to swell,” she said, licking her lips as her eyes locked back on my crotch. My eyes devoured her body from her luscious tits to her waiting pussy, the thin lips already spread. I hooked my thumbs in the neck of my shirt and pulled it straight off my head, throwing it on the couch. My hands undid the fly of my jeans and pulled them off with my boxers at the same time. My dick rocked up, slapping against my abs; that was the only sound in the room other than our quickening breathing. “How long until your sisters come back?” she asked, closing the distance between the two of us, her hand moving to my cock. She began to stroke slowly as she pinned it between our bodies, her hairless mound squirming on my balls and the head going almost to her breast bone.

“Long enough,” I said. She laughed.

“It’ll due, Bran, but I was talking about time,” she said and put her hands on my shoulders. My hands went to her ass and I caressed the perfectly firm bottom, separating her cheeks with my mauling. Sakarya Escort She moaned lightly and squirmed her body against mine, masturbating my dick between our hot bodies.

I lifted her ass up easily. The lithe little athlete couldn’t have weighed more than 125 pounds. She went into the air easy as a balloon, leaning back and rubbing her clit against my dick as she rose. As soon as she was over the top of it, my head slid down her slit almost automatically. Her pussy wasn’t dripping wet, but it was sure ready to go and just the way I like them; hot, pink, and moist.

“Not much….”she started as my dick hit her entrance and the head impaled her. “….Time,” she half-sighed, half-moaned. I slowly lowered her on my dick, letting her take it an inch at a time.

“Oh my God, don’t tease me,” she moaned. I smiled lustily and all but dropped her, the final 5 inches sliding into her like a hot knife into butter. Her tight box clung to my member like a velvet glove, her muscles already contracting, trying to coax and milk me into cuming. She let loose a deep throaty moan and she bit down on my shoulder, the pain mixing with the pleasure in an amazing combination. “So big,” she moaned, her lips still locked on my shoulder.

I lifted her up, almost off my stiff cock, and then lowered her back down, letting her twat devour every inch of my manhood. My dick started to throb inside her as she sunk back down on my meat. She moaned again and I felt her pussy get wetter and wetter around me. Her legs hooked around my back and she pushed and ground against me.

She settled back down, her pussy taking my shaft to the hilt again and she started writing against me, almost belly dancing in my arms. The feeling was incredible; it was like getting a hand job, a blow job, and being in the most amazing pussy all at once. I started to twitch, but I kept holding on to her hips.

Jenny looked me in the eyes, her green eyes staring deeply into my brown eyes with a deep passionately lustful gaze.

“Don’t stop fucking me,” she said. I started pulling her back off my cock and she leaned back until her body was almost perpendicular to mine. I watched her tits jiggle as her body twitched with micro-orgasms. When she was almost straight out from me, I was almost out of her. Jenny’s arms went behind her and she was bracing herself on her ass, pushing herself up, presenting her tits to me. The feeling was absolutely amazing; her pussy completely accessible, fluttering like a humming bird against my thick cock. I had total access to this hot little shaved honey pot, and I intended to take it.

I pulled her body back to mine and she started squirming. I could see my dick slide into her, feel it slide into her, and there was the barest hint of my cock making her belly rise as it slid deeper and deeper into her.

She exploded. Her cunt clamped down and released, clamped and released. Cum started oozing from her slit, coating my balls and shaft in a thick glaze. I pulled her back off and pulled her back on, her throat uttering only a moan as she slid, supported only by my hands. I wanted to cum so bad, and I was close, but I didn’t want to stop fucking this tight little cheerleader, either. Each stroke I pulled her harder and faster against me, but I always pulled her tight cunt off me at the same slow speed.

“Oh my God,” she panted. “Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop,” she moaned quickly. “Fuck me, fuck me harder,” she begged, her pussy exploding in orgasm around my dick again.

Between that and the intense feeling of her pussy writhing on my cock, watching it be consumed by her pussy and seeing it move under her abs, I couldn’t take much more. My dick started twitching like an epileptic. She started screaming profanity and her pussy clamped down and this time didn’t release after a moment.

I started pistoning her on my rock hard Sakarya Escort Bayan member. There was no slow withdrawal, there was only me using her to jack off as quickly as I could. Her cunt slapped loudly against my soaked crotch, her juice flowing like a faucet from her inner pink core. I felt myself lose my balance at the same time I felt her pussy unclench and rapidly clamp back down. My dick throbbed heavily and I felt my seed racing along inside. I felt it explode from the tip and I felt her pussy get wetter with my thick load.

I hit the couch. My back landed squarely on the cushions, my legs still planted on the floor, body straight up from the floor. The motion forced us together even harder, my dick embedding deeper into her cuming cunt. Squirt after squirt of my spunk painted her tight little snatch. She kept cuming, too, her juice mixing with mine as her pussy squeezed both of them out in a thick fuck sauce.

My dick kept throbbing inside her until it started to go limp. Jenny put her feet down on the ground and rested her pussy. It took some of the weight off my legs as well, and that was fine by me; I was having a hell of a time keeping them up while they were quaking from the awesome cum I just had.

Jenny leaned forward and collapsed on my chest, my wilting dick pulling out slightly. She shook happily and moaned with the feeling. I saw the clock over her tussled blonde hair and it occurred to me that my sisters should be home any time.

“Jenny…” I managed to say right before the front door opened and my sisters stepped in, giggling. Their eyes hit us and they froze, the giggling stopped. Jenny sat bolt up right and stood off my lap, my limp dick hitting my belly with a wet plop. I felt little drops of our cum land on my hands and chest from the impact.

“You fucking bitch!” screamed Manda. “I can’t believe you’re fucking my brother! You dirty little whore!”

Angie’s eyes were locked on my lap for a moment and she bit her lip slightly before her eyes shifted to the freshly fucked and extremely naked Jenny standing in the middle of the room.

“It just kinda happened,” Jenny said dejectedly. She shivered and cringed a little as a thick drop of our cum rolled out of her pussy and joined the splatter on her cum coated thighs. She stood back up. “Angie, you gotta believe me,” she pleaded, looking at my other sister. Angie nodded, her eyes drinking in the naked blonde, straying to her sloppy crotch.

“I believe you,” she said softly.

“You fucking cunt, I can’t believe you,” Manda said, looking at our sister in shocked disbelief. “We’re gone for an hour, and your little whore friend comes over and fucks our brother stupid. I can’t believe any of this!” Manda shouted. “And you!” she yelled, pointing at me. Her eyes slipped for a moment to my cock. The odd awkwardness of the situation hit me as being extremely erotic and my dick was starting to harden again. “You!” she said again, her eyes ripping from my cum dripping crotch. Some of the steam was gone from her voice but her eyes were what really gave her away; even from 20 feet away I could tell they were glazing over. “You just better clean up your fuck juice before Mom gets home, you fucking bastard,” she said and stormed up the stairs to her room. The door slammed and the three of us were left in the living room in silence.

Angie came into the room, kicking off her running shoes.

“So aside from fucking my brother stupid, what else did you plan on doing today?” Angie asked, sitting on a chair across from me. It was as if seeing this was perfectly normal. Jenny wiped a hand across her used pussy and looked at the amount of cum on it and laughed.

“I guess I should clean up some,” she said, her laugh turning into a giggle. Her eyes averted back to my crotch. “I guess I should clean you up, too.” Without interruption Escort Sakarya or hesitation, she dove into my crotch and started licking and sucking our combined juices. She paid special attention to my rapidly hardening cock, licking it up and down and being sure to suck it down her throat. After a few bobs she seemed satisfied that it was clean and it popped free of her mouth. She licked down the shaft to my balls, each one she lovingly sucked into her mouth and rolled around with her tongue.

My dick was sticking up like a flag pole, her hand slowly rubbing it up and down, using her saliva for lube. After she sucked on my left ball, she let it pop out of her mouth, my dick twitching in pleasure. She started on my right ball and she started stroking marginally faster. The right ball was swirled around in her mouth, sucked, and licked until it, too, popped free. I felt her lick along the bottom of my sack and I separated my legs so she could have all the access she wanted. She took every bit she got.

Her soft little tongue slid down the underside of my ball sack and tickled my taint, threatening to lick my puckered hole. She quickly switched over to kissing her splattered cum off my thighs, her hand job speeding up even more. After alternating her sucking kisses, she zeroed back in on my ass and slowly licked it, her tongue trying to dart into my musky hole.

I’d never had my ass licked before, but I’d be sure to have it done again. The sensation was absolutely electric, my dick throbbing heavily each time the tip of her tongue tried to gain entrance into my tightly puckered ass.

“I’d say he likes it,” I heard Angie say. I realized I had closed my eyes and opened them, staring at my little sister. She had one hand stuffed in her running pants, which were getting damper and damper under the fine ministrations of her fingers. I could see her knuckles working and I could hear the slurching of her pussy around her intruding fingers. It looked like she was working her clit as fast as she could with her thumb, and all in all, it looked like a well-practiced position. Watching my sister finger herself under her jogging pants was enough to make me want to shoot again.

“I’ll say,” Jenny said and licked back up my taint, kissed both of my balls, licked up my shaft and gave my head a quick, soft suck as she stood up. “All clean!” she happily reported. She stood up and looked at me expectantly. I sat up on the couch, letting my back rest for a moment. “Don’t you have somewhere else to be?” Jenny asked in mock impatience.

“Don’t I need to be cleaning you?” I said, staring hungrily at her drenched pussy. I licked my lips and she shivered with the thought of the things I’d do to her.

“Nope,” she said, smiling defiantly.

“Jenny, why don’t you go shower,” Angie said and pulled her hand out of her pants. She licked the glistening cum slowly from each finger, deep throating them and swirling her tongue around each one while burning a hole through me with her gaze. Jenny bounced up the stairs, our cum still running from her pussy as she walked, falling from her cunt like milky rain as she moved. I looked at my sister, confused as hell and horny as fuck.

“Seriously, put some pants on and go mow Monika’s yard. You’ve had your show and your fuck, now it’s time to get to work,” she said, standing up. I had a dumbfounded expression on my face, my jaw slack and my eyebrows together in confusion.

“Pants, boy!” she half shouted while laughing. “I’ve got enough shit to smooth over with Amanda without you still here with your…thing….sticking straight up like that. Get moving!” she ordered, her finger pointing at my dick and her eyes devouring it. Her nipples hadn’t softened any and were trying like hell to burn through her sports bra and into freedom.

“Fuckin’ women anyway,” I mumbled and retrieved my pants. It was going to be too hot for underwear today so I left my boxers on the floor. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and headed for the door. “I’m going to write a book as soon as I get you figured out, and I’m going to make a million dollars,” I said, not looking at my sister as I pulled the door shut behind me.

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