Multiple Melia Ch. 04

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This is the forth in a series placed in different categories (mostly fetish) on this site. While each section can be read alone, it is best to read the entire series. Enjoy!


After Melia stopped torturing me, stroking the head of my overly sensitive cock for so long after I’d cum, she untied me and laid beside me. For the moment at least, we were content to rest in one another’s arms. Having sated our bodies sexually, we were beginning to feel pangs of hunger, needing to replace the spent energy. We finally got up, realizing there was no room service, and grabbed a quick bite at the breakfast nook, getting to know each other in a different way, the normal personal details.

Melia informed me how beautiful the surrounding countryside was, telling me that she loved to hike the surrounding area. Her words made me look out the window, where, despite the late hour, the moon was still shining brightly. I asked if she’d ever hiked at night or if she had enough energy to do so. She teasingly told me that we’d have to put clothes on, but she was game.

We left her house, heading toward one of the lower hilltops, the moon light turning the landscape into a surreal dreamscape. It was bright enough that we needed no lights, especially when we started up the narrow trail to the top of the hill. Since Melia knew her way, she took the lead. I had no trouble following her, she was wearing tight white pants without panties. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love naked women, but there is something special to be said for clothed ladies also-it leaves something to the imagination, even if you’ve already seen her nude.

Going up the hill, I found Melia’s ass right in my face, swaying back and forth seductively as she climbed. Man, what gaziantep escort bayan a fine bubble butt! I found myself replaying the events of earlier that night, unable to remove my eyes, and laughed out loud at the situation. Melia stopped in front of me, stumbling a little as I ran right into her.

“What in the world is so funny?” she asked.

“Nothing really, just that it was my idea to go for a walk, but I don’t want to walk anymore…I got too distracted by the real beauty out here.” I said.

“Well, what do you want to do now?” she snickered.

“I want to get you back to your house, strip you down, shove my tongue into all your tight holes, and fuck your beautiful ass like there’s no tomorrow!” I impatiently said.

Melia gave my crotch a squeeze, then grabbed my hand and all but ran back towards the house, me hurrying her along, smacking her ass and goosing her the whole way. Thank god we were not too far yet, or else we may not have made it! But it was my turn to tease a little. When Melia reached for the door handle, I kept my foot against the door, pressing my body up against hers, grinding my crotch on her ass, turning her head towards me, kissing her hard while reaching for her hot pussy with my other hand. She was already heated, pushing back into me, moaning softly.

“Please. Please, baby, no more teasing. Let’s go in the house; I really want that hard cock in my ass…” she begged.

Who am I to deny a lady of her wishes? We entered the house, she shoved me down onto the couch. She quickly pulled her shirt off, then slowly unbuttoned her pants, turned around and began sliding them down, bending over as she did, presenting me with her perfect ass in my face. I waited until her hands were on the floor, then dove in, shoving my tongue roughly into her ass as far as I could. She squealed as I flicked her clit and stuck a finger in her pussy, pushing back on my face. With a yip she stood straight up, kicking off her pants, then backed towards me, planting her ass in my lap.

She began bucking her hips, her movements gaining speed as my cock ended up between her ass cheeks, rubbing up and down over her hole. She was getting me so hot I was afraid I’d lose my load early, so reaching down, I put a hand on her pussy, holding her still, rubbing her clit, watching her squirm.

“I want to really fuck you in the ass, not just on your ass!” I chided.

She stood, turned and sat back down facing me, my dick again between her cheeks. “Me too, but this feels sooo good too!” as she began to move again.

Frustrated and horny, I grabbed her ass in both hands and stood, making for the bedroom. I placed her on the bed, kissing her deeply while feeling for a condom and lube. Finding both, I broke the kiss, sitting up on my knees. She grabbed the condom, quickly rolling it onto me, stroking me. I dribbled lube generously down her slit, rubbing it into her ass, heard her gasp as I slipped a finger in. I thought about how a short time ago, our positions were reversed and considered tying her up, but I wanted her hands free to roam my body and did not want to take that much time at the moment anyhow. I replace my finger with my thumb, getting more turned on by her response.

With a gasp she shifted, putting her legs behind her shoulders. “Yoga has other benefits.” she explained at my shocked look. “Now, go slow until I loosen up.” she spread lube on my cock.

I put the head against her hole, wondering if I could even fit. I reminded myself that this was the same view of me that she had a while ago. And hers fit into me…I just didn’t want to hurt her. I pushed gently, very slowly working the tip in; she was already hyperventilating. She was incredibly tight, much tighter than even her pussy was, and it took a long time for me to bury myself in her. I began to slowly fuck her, carefully working in and out. As I began to set a rhythm, going faster and harder by the minute, she grew incredibly more excited. I lowered my body onto her, kissing her while I fucked her like she had done me-hard deep and fast.

Her breathing quickened, she was grunting like an animal, louder by the moment until is was a near constant scream. I could feel her clamp down again and again, cumming and cumming, begging me not to stop fucking her. Of course I began fucking her even harder, laying flat on top of her, knees wide, going as deep and hard as I could, using her shoulders and head as leverage, pulling down with my hands as I thrust into her tight ass.

“Oh, god yesss!!!! Aahhhaahhhhahhh….cum, baby, oooh yea….I wanna feel your cock stretch my ass wide…oohh yea….fuuucckk meee….don’t stop…cum, please, cum…I wanna feel your cock cumming in my ass….ahhh..!” she screamed.

Her ass squeezing my cock and dirty talk was too much. I was really pounding her now, about to cum, when I felt her grab my ass, pulling me tight, shoving two fingers into me. God, I came! I came so hard I wondered what the whimpering noise was before realizing it was me! I actually felt tears rolling down my face as I was unable to control my body, the feeling was so intense, Melia was still wiggling her fingers in my butt, massaging me with her ass, and squealing in her own climax, holding me tight for a long time, both of us afraid to move from being so sensitive.

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