Mum’s Friends Ch. 10

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Anji came into the lounge. She looked stunning. Her makeup was perfect. Her outfit left nothing to the imagination. Paul topped up her glass and said, “I have had several messages from Jane. She is hot.”

Paul then lets Anji read the messages. Anji was smiling as she read them. Paul slid his hand between Anji’s legs. Anji spread her legs open for him. She wasn’t wearing panties. Paul slipped two fingers inside her then brought them out. Anji was wet. He didn’t want to start now. He put one of the fingers in his mouth and licked it clean. He offered Anji the other finger, and she licked it clean.

Anji said, “Jane has never told me about these two from the office. I believe the old spinster could be Mrs Banks, I have often thought that there was something very sexy about her. Paul, let’s go and eat but can I take over the writing, you can edit it before we send it.”

Paul gave Anji his smartphone. They finished their Champagne and went downstairs to the Bistro. Anji wanted the Filet Chasseur. Paul ordered the Rack of Lamb. They had a bottle of Champagne. Anji was busy typing. When she had finished gave Paul the reply to read.

It read, “That would be wonderful if Anji would share you with me. I am getting so hard. I gave Anji a very hard and rough fuck when we got back. Your words are arousing me. If I take a while to reply then, it is because I am giving Anji another rough fuck.”

“You should do that with the old spinster. She would probably really appreciate it if you subtly asked her out for a meal one evening. How old is she? Do you have any pictures you can send me? Jane, you are arousing me. I wish I had you and Anji tonight. Do you like to be fucked hard and rough like Anji?”

“Lots of kisses wherever you want them. Paul xx.”

Five minutes later Jane replied, “I’m like Anji, the harder and rougher the better. My pussy is so wet. I have attached some pictures and two videos of my spinster friend. She is very hot. I may invite her out for a meal one evening, but I would be surprised if she would go. Online there’s no holding her back, but in real life, she is so prim and proper.”

“You will see how submissive she is online from the videos. If I don’t hear from you, I will go online and have a session with her. Hope I hear from you soon. Thinking about you. Kisses everywhere. Jane xx.”

Anji brought her headphones out of her bag and gave Paul one, and she put the other in her ear. The first video was excellent. Anji said, “I knew it. That’s Mrs Banks. What a body she has got.”

Mrs Banks was very submissive in the video. She did everything Jane asked her. She took her clothes off very suggestively. She had enormous breasts with beautiful nipples. She gave a large dildo a titty fuck. Her movements were very sensual. She then started on her pussy. She was like Anji and May. She had a perfect vulva. The lingerie she was wearing was very risqué. She soon had an enormous dildo inside her pussy and a slightly smaller one inside her ass. She was fucking both holes at the same time. She was taking very dirty as she did it, telling Jane to cum for her.

The second video was a work of art. It started similarly to the first video. No dildos were used, but Mrs Banks started fingering her pussy. Soon she was fisting herself. It looked amazing as she did it. All the time telling Jane to cum for her. Both Anji and Paul were impressed with the videos and Mrs Banks.

Paul said,”How good is she in gaziantep bayan escortları the office? I think that I want her as my secretary.”

Anji replied, “She is the best in the office. She is so professional. That’s a good idea. She knows everything that happens in all the offices. She must be in her mid fifties. She has worked for me for over thirty-five years. I was sure my husband was having an affair with her, but I couldn’t prove it. She was totally infatuated with him. She worshipped the ground he walked on.”

Paul said, “Your husband sounds like he was a bit of a character. Jane was sleeping with him too?”

Anji replied, “He was rich, and he had a lot of confidence. He was hopeless in bed. But women were attracted to him. Jane will tell you more about him. Is this Harbour View the Center is on?”

Paul said,”Yes it is. Why do you ask?”

Anji replied, “Ten years ago I did the purchase of an apartment for Rose Banks, and it was in Harbour View. She lives very close to here. I will call her, and maybe she can join us for a glass of Champagne.”

Anji looked at her watch then dialled Rose’s number. Anji said, “Good evening Rose, it is Anji Hardie, I hope I am not disturbing you, but I have something important to ask you?”

Rose replied, “Good evening Mrs Hardie. What a pleasant surprise. How can I help you?”

Anji answered, “Rose, I have had a very busy day. I was in the office this afternoon but didn’t have time to speak with you. I have now appointed a Deputy Senior Partner in the firm. I was wondering if you would consider amongst your other duties to be his private secretary? He is a brilliant young lawyer. He has a lot of experience in business. He owns the Antique Center in Harbour View.”

Rose replied, “That’s an excellent business. The Bistro there is good. I have eaten there several times; it is so reasonable. He is a gentleman the way he conducts himself. I can see the Center from my bedroom window. I would be interested, but I would like the young gentleman to interview me first to make sure that we get on together.”

Anji replied, “We are in the Bistro at the moment. Would you like to join us? We fly to France tomorrow. I would like this cleared up as soon as possible.”

Rose answered, “Could you give me ten minutes to freshen up. Mrs Hardie, I am a different person away from the office. I like to dress a little more daringly in my own time. I have already eaten, but I would love to join you for a glass of wine.”

Anji replied, “Super we will see you when you arrive. I am like you; I love risqué outfits and lingerie when I am out of the office.”

Ten minutes later Rose arrived. Paul stood up to greet her. Anji introduced Paul to her. Paul poured Rose a glass of Champagne. Rose said, “This is a treat. The last time I drank Champagne was when my parents died. They died within two days of each other. After the funeral, I went home. I was alone, and I drank the two bottles that were in the cellar. This is a far better Champagne than the one I drank then. I must be careful as I had two glasses of Chardonnay earlier.”

Anji said, “Don’t worry, it’s good to come out of your shell. That’s a beautiful outfit you are wearing. It has so much class and does highlight your curves. Paul, Rose is one of the few older ones in the office that have adjusted to computers and the Internet. She is a wizard on computers.”

Rose gaziantep eskort bayan replied, “I love computers, but I spend too much time on them. I am interested in social networking. You can meet so many interesting people online. There are also a lot of very strange people there too. I just ignore them.”

Paul ordered another bottle of Champagne and topped up their glasses. Paul said, “I work a lot with computers. We are now using IBM Cloud. It is wonderful what it can do. It makes my job so much easier. I love the control it gives me.”

Rose replied, “You are right. Today in life control is so important. I like a man that can control. I love to be controlled. Would you like to control me, Mr Ryan?”

Paul answered, “Please call me Paul when we are socialising. I won’t take me long to learn what you enjoy. If you like to be dominated, then I will dominate you.”

As Paul said this Rose’s leg touched Paul’s leg. They were both pushing against each other’s legs. Rose was smiling at Paul.

Anji said, “We should leave now as we are the last table here. Rose, would you like to join us in Paul’s apartment for a nightcap? Please also call me Anji when we are socialising. We should have a business life and a private life. As long as we all respect this, then we can all have a lot of fun.”

Rose replied, “You are so right. The past five years I’ve struggled with my private life as I had no confidence in myself. Paul, I would love to be your private secretary. Anji, thank you so much for calling me and giving me this opportunity. I won’t let you down.”

Anji then kissed Rose passionately. Their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. Paul paid the bill. He went to the restroom and took one of Debbie’s Viagra. He knew that he would need it tonight. They left the Bistro then Paul switched off the alarm, and they entered the Center. Paul’s apartment was on the fourth floor. Rose and Anji went into the lounge. Paul went to the kitchen for Champagne and glasses.

Paul heard Anji ask Rose if she had an affair with her husband. Rose replied, “Anji, I was very young, and I was fascinated with him. We had a short relationship. He took me to hotels twice a week. This stopped after a month. He then would use me for relief twice a week. He is the reason I never married. He used me, but he helped me. He sent me on so many courses which helped me so much in the office. I am so sorry I did this. Can you forgive me?”

Paul waited in the hall listening for Anji’s reply. Anji kissed and hugged Rose then said, “Of course I forgive you. You were a young woman who was infatuated with a rich and confident man. He used you. I am happy that he sent you on those courses. They have certainly helped you. I didn’t sleep with him for years. He was fucking useless in bed. He was only interested in himself. He would put it in my pussy then give me a short ride. He would cum then fall asleep. Tonight we will have Paul; then you will know what it is like to be fucked properly. I am so happy that you were honest with me.”

They kissed again. They were both exploring each other’s bodies. Paul came into the lounge and poured the Champagne. Rose looked at him then invited Paul to sit between Anji and her on the sofa. Paul and Rose then started kissing and touching each other’s bodies. Paul stripped Rose to her basque and self-supporting stockings. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Her vulva was swollen gaziantep bayan eskort and perfect. Anji undid Paul’s trousers then took his magnificent cock out. When Rose saw it she said,”Wow that’s the biggest cock I have ever seen. I have never seen one as big even in porn films.”

Rose went down on Paul. She was excellent; soon she was taking the full length of Paul’s cock. Paul took Rose onto the carpet. They started to 69. Paul was doing what he did best. He was sucking Rose’s clit as he finger fucked her. Rose pussy was incredible. She was wet and tight. As she got wetter the more fingers, he was getting inside her pussy. He was soon fisting her, and Rose loved it. Paul was taking Rose’s cum from her pussy and was now using it as lube on her ass. He had four fingers inside her ass now.

Anji was sitting on the sofa sipping Champagne and playing with her pussy. Paul asked Rose, “Do you want to fuck me or can I fuck you? I would like to control you.”

Rose replied immediately, “Fuck me hard and rough. I am yours.”

Paul then bent her over and went into her pussy doggy style. After five minutes he went into her ass doggy style. Paul slammed into Rose for the next thirty minutes. He was in her ass for ten minutes then in her pussy for the next twenty minutes. Rose came so many times that she was squelching just like Anji. Paul exploded inside her pussy. Rose turned around and hugged and kissed Paul. Rose said, “That was the best fuck of my life. I loved every minute of it. I will be the best secretary you could ever have.”

Paul replied, “We must look at how you work. Anji, Jill’s PA is the one to help us with this, but she’s in America until next week. Rose, tomorrow we go to France. I would like Rose to come with us. I also think that it would be beneficial if Jane came with us too. We must all start to work as a team.”

Anji said, “You have control. I agree with everything you have said. Rose, would you like to spend the weekend in France with us?”

Rose replied, “I would love that. Is Jane the Managing Partner?”

Anji said, “Yes, I will message her to see if she can join us. Rose, I have been fucking Jane for years. If she comes, then we will all have to share Paul.”

Anji then messaged Jane. She used Paul’s smartphone. Anji wrote, “Update. Rose is now my Private Secretary. She is wonderful. We are going to France tomorrow afternoon. Would you like to join us?”

Five minutes later a WhatsApp message from Jane came back. It read, “Yes, I will bring a suitcase and my passport tomorrow. Attached is a video of tonight’s session with Rose. Hugs and kisses Jane xx.”

Anji said, “Jane, will come with us. Rose, you need your passport. When we are around Paul, we don’t wear any panties. Is that OK with you?”

Rose replied, “I will do. When I am in the apartment, I don’t wear underwear.”

Anji said, “I feel so tired. It has been a very long day for me. I must go to bed; please excuse me.”

Paul went to the bedroom with Anji. They kissed gently then Anji said, “We have done the right thing with Rose. Go back and fuck her again.”

Paul went back to the lounge and topped up their glasses. Rose looked so sexy as she lay on the sofa with her legs slightly open. Paul’s cock was semi-hard. He held it in front of Rose’s mouth. Rose took him to her lips. Soon she had Paul rock hard. Paul then took control. In the next forty minutes, he fucked Rose hard in her two holes. She came so many times. After Paul had exploded inside her pussy, Rose then took Paul’s cock and licked it clean.

Before they went to bed, Rose said, “Thank you so much for tonight. I love when you control me. I will be the best secretary you could ever hope for. I will also be your submissive slut in bed. You have given me the best fucks of my life.”

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