Musician’s Friend

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(AUTHOR’S NOTE: Some of these events HAVE happened, others are merely fantasy of what I’d LIKE to happen. Names and some details have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. ENJOY!)

* * * * *

I was sitting at home on a typical late night, wasting time on the computer. I was lazily surfing through the web, looking at various porn sites, idly stroking my tingling pussy. I was getting sleepy and was about to shut the computer off and go to bed alone, when an instant message popped on my screen.

“Hi, liked your website pictures”, the message read.

I’m no whiz with computers, but I’d managed to figure out how to make a simple website that had some of my pictures on it. By the way, I’m in my late 20’s, about 5’4″, 125 lbs with strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and a 36D chest that has never failed to get attention. You’d think that with my looks I’d have no problem getting guys. That’s partially true. I do get a lot of offers, but I’m also really picky about who I date. I’d had my heart broken a couple times and wasn’t into one-nighters very much either, so I’d been spending the last few months working on my music. I’m also a singer in a band that plays in and out of the area, and figured this guy was just some typical fratboy who had seen us play one night at a local club. I checked his profile. Hmm…local, single…musician, that’s a plus, I thought.

I figured I’d talk to him for a little bit, just long enough to be polite, but not enough to give him any thoughts that I was interested in anything MORE. Besides, most guys I’d met on the internet had turned out to be real losers.

So, I typed back “Thanks. Which website, the band website or my personal site?” (Steve, our drummer, is the one in charge of the band website, and I KNOW it looks a hell of a lot better than my own.)

The guy was quick to respond. “Oh, YOUR website. Your pictures are HOT. By the way, I’m in a band, too.”

I winced. Oh God, here we go, I groaned inwardly. I’m constantly being bombarded at shows by people all too eager to tell me that they, too, are in a band. Everyone’s a musician in this area. Or, at least they want to be. Me and my bandmates were just lucky enough to get a break, and happened to have some talent to go with it. We’d basically just started out a few months ago, and had started to develop some fanbase, so we weren’t doing too badly.

But, the guy seemed nice, so I took the bait and asked “Really? What band are you in?”, expecting to hear some name I’d never heard.

“Have you ever heard of Red August? I’m the lead guitarist”, he typed.

Holy Shit! I nearly leapt out of my chair. Red August was a GREAT band in the area. Even though I had never seen them, I knew their shows were always packed, and they’d been around for a while. Supposedly, they were making HUGE amounts of money and were playing full-time – something I’d only dreamed of doing for years. Just as I picked my jaw off the floor, I got a “You’ve Got Mail” message. He’d emailed me his pictures. I opened the file, still not expecting much. LORD, he was BEAUTIFUL! About 6’2″, 175 or so, leanly muscled body, spiky blonde hair, neatly trimmed goatee and a dazzling smile that made my heart weak and my pussy heat up at the same time. All I could think was “…and this guy is IM’ing ME?!?!?!?”

Our conversation carried on late into the wee hours of the morning. He introduced himself as Tim. He was in his late twenties, had recently gotten out of a relationship, and happened to come across my website while he was searching for a friend who lived in my town. I could not believe that this guy didn’t have a girlfriend. Or two. Or TWELVE, for that matter. Everyone knows how irresistible musicians are, and this guy could have turned any girl’s head even WITHOUT a guitar in his hand.

“Not that I’m a DOG or anything, but…don’t you have GROUPIES and stuff?” I typed, wondering why he wasn’t busily receiving a blowjob now from one of them.

He quickly responded “Screw that. I’d rather have a girl try to hit on me at the mall rather than have one try to pick me up after a show.”

I verified that he actually sent a REAL picture of himself by logging on to his band’s website, and checking out the band photos and stuff. I was immensely flattered that someone liked Tim would be interested in talking to me, because he could certainly have his pick of ANY girls, supermodels included. We talked about everything and nothing, until I heard birds chirping outside and remembered that I had to be at work in a few more hours.

After we both reluctantly logged off, I slid into bed, my mind racing with the possibilities. I couldn’t get to sleep no matter how much I tossed and turned. That picture of Tim’s hard body and gorgeous smile kept entering my head. As I snuggled under the sheets, my hand automatically slid down my flat belly. My pussy was starting to ache, and needed to be taken care of, or else I knew I’d never fall asleep. I moaned softly, as my fingers crept atakent escort inside my string bikini panties, and brushed gently over my smooth pussy lips. The contact of my fingers made me shiver with excitement. I always keep my pussy shaved completely smooth, all the way to my asshole, except for a little kinky patch of fuzz right on top. The heightened sensitivity drives me crazy whenever anything touches me there…fingers, lips, tongue,a hot cock… My juices were already starting to flow, and I shuddered as I plunged my fingers deep inside my cunt, coating them liberally with my wetness.

“Mmm….oh, yeah….” I moaned, relishing the feeling.

I pulled them out momentarily and brought hand to my mouth, savoring the taste of myself. With my other hand, I parted my labia, and with small, circular strokes, I rubbed my clit…first slowly, agonizingly…then I increased the speed a bit. I thought of Tim pressing his hot body down on mine… his long, thick cock throbbing insistently against my belly as our tongues slid against each other in hot, wet kisses. Lips savoring the taste of each other, as our breathing grew heavier. I imagined burying my hands in his blond head as his mouth slid across my breasts, traveling lower…lower…until I felt his hot breath against my bare cunt lips, his fingers spreading them open as his lips pursed themselves around my clit, his tongue driving deep inside me…

My fingers began to work more quickly now – my clit was starting to swell, and I could feel my pussy growing even hotter. My mind was filled with images of Tim finally thrusting his hard dick deep inside me, over and over…harder, deeper, faster, God, faster. As the fingers of my left hand were buried deep inside my cunt, my right hand was busily strumming my clit like a guitar, eliciting the sweetest, purest sounds from my mouth. I was on the brink of orgasm…

“YES! OH GOD, YES!” I screamed to my empty bedroom, as I raised my hips up and pushed a single finger deep inside my ass, sliding it in and out with increasing speed. That finally pushed me over the edge, and I came hard, sighing in relief as my body shook and my juices spilled forth, coating my fingers like sweet honey…A few moments later, my whole body relaxed and my mind drifted into the numb comfort of sleep.

Tim and I continued to chat online late nights when we got the chance. Our work and band schedules totally conflicted, so it was near-impossible to see each other even though he only lived in the next town over. As we learned about each other’s hobbies, interests and families, we also learned about each other’s sexual desires, fantasies and needs. To both of our surprise and pleasure, we found that our sexual interests were VERY compatible. Quite often, we’d both end up logging off late at night, each of us feeling a desperate need to get off. Constantly, he was begging me to send him new pictures. After some hesitation, I dug up a topless picture of me taken about 5 years ago when I was a dancer, scanned it and emailed it to him.

His response was nothing short of incredulous. “God, you look fucking INCREDIBLE…those TITS of yours are gorgeous. ALL of you, in fact, is gorgeous!”

I was pleased at his verbal reaction, and even MORE pleased with his return email, which contained a picture of him standing on a beach, shirtless, with his jean shorts slung low and his boxers peeking out of the waistband. I couldn’t help it. I was in complete LUST for the guy. I felt a bit awkward, considering the fact that my life had been reduced to meeting people on the internet, but I just couldn’t resist. For the next few weeks, Tim and I continued to drive each other crazy online as we shared our fantasies, getting brave enough to admit how much we wanted each other. We’d tease each other mercilessly. “MMM…”, I typed one afternoon, as I brought up that lust-inducing picture of Tim standing half-naked on the beach on my computer screen . My mind was filled with the naughtiest of thoughts. “You know what I’d like to do to you?”

“What?!?” he typed back, quickly, his interest piqued.

I responded, “I’d love to lay you down on my bed and just kiss and lick your belly for hours, swirling my tongue down the thin trail of hair that leads from your bellybutton to your cock…”

There was a slight pause after I sent the message, and I held my breath, wondering what his reaction would be.

I didn’t have to wait long, as he replied, laughingly, “LOL, I’d actually love it if you were here right now, watching me stroke myself off. I’d love you to suck my hard dick for me…then, after I came all over my stomach, I could watch you lick the cum off of my belly.”

My tummy fluttered and my pussy began to drip. (Now, THERE was an idea that I could get used to VERY quickly. Blow jobs were and still ARE my favorite. I love to suck dick for hours and hours. The idea of running my tongue against a hard cock drives me wild, ataköy escort and I never seem to tire of it. I’ve had more than a few guys tell me that my blowjobs were the best they’d ever received. I figured that most of the reason probably had to do with the fact that I just loved to do it, and could never get enough of it.) I typed back “God, I’d LOVE to suck your hard cock…I’d start by taking your dick and slowly sliding my hand up and down its length…”

“Babe, I’d love that. Then what?” Tim elicited, obviously excited. I replied, pausing briefly to stroke my clit, feeling my juices drip all over my fingers. “Then, I’d begin to slowly lick your balls…running my tongue all over them, feeling them tighten…sucking them gently into my mouth, tugging lightly…” “Oh, Chloe…I want you so badly..”

I squirmed in my chair as I continued, “I’d begin to lick your shaft from the very bottom to the top, long slow licks, sucking along the sides of your cock with my lips…swirling my tongue around the head…”

“God, baby, that feels so fucking good.” He purred. With his urging, and the throbbing of my clit as I stroked myself lewdly, I kept on… “I’d take the head of your cock in between my lips, sucking gently…sliding up and down…my tongue scraping the underside of your knob…gently lapping at the hole for just a bit to taste the sweet pre-cum I know would be dripping out…”

“Ohhh, Chloe, I can’t take much more…I’m gonna cum soon!” he typed, excitedly, obviously stroking his hard, throbbing dick to my naughty messages. I knew he’d shoot his load soon, so I thought I’d finish him off the way I’d really LOVE TO if I were with him. I worked my fingers on my clit faster, my mouth was slack, and my eyes were becoming glazed, but I stopped for a second to type.

“I’d slide my lips all the way down your cock, grabbing your ass as I work your dick in and out of my mouth, sucking harder and harder…working my tongue against you… your hands grabbing my hair as you thrust your hips, driving your cock in and out of my mouth…” I closed my eyes, almost imagining the feel of him against my lips.

“Oh God, I’m cumming, I’m cumming…” he typed frantically.

“MMM, Tim…shoot it…shoot all over my face, let me lick that cum up, baby…” I barely got the words out when I began to orgasm, my fingers thrusting in and out of my wet pussy, my thumb stroking my clit.

I leaned back in my chair and screamed “Oh, yeah…yeah…mmm…yeah…”

As I sat up, and breathed a long sigh, I began to chuckle at my great fortune in finding someone who was as highly sexually-charged as I was.

I began to look forward to stroking myself off every day as Tim and I exchanged cyber-flirtations and innuendoes. However, all of this talk and no action was making me impatient and driving me VERY crazy. I wanted him, and I wanted him BADLY. I HAD to have him, and I had to have him NOW. But, it was impossible to get together. When he was available, I was at work. When I was free, HE was either working or playing a show. My pussy was begging for attention. Not that I’d been ignoring it for the last month and a half, but my fingers were NO match for what I knew would prove to be Tim’s very gorgeous cock slamming in and out of me. What was a girl to do?

I made my mind up, and called in sick to work. It was the middle of the week, my band wasn’t playing that night, and I was instead scheduled to work at the restaurant. Red August was playing at a bar only an hour away, and I knew I couldn’t wait any longer…I HAD to have Tim’s cock buried deep inside me TONIGHT. Coughing loudly into the phone, I told my manager that I couldn’t come in that night. She bought the act…hook, line and sinker, thank God. She sympathized, and said she hoped I’d feel better soon. I felt bad, but I felt even HORNIER, and my guilt was soon washed away by the tingles of anticipation that were beginning to work their way between my thighs. I knew I’d get there late, but I HAD to see him.

Now, what to wear, I thought. I stood in my bedroom and tried on about fifteen different outfits before I decided to go sexy-casual, wearing hip-hugging jeans and a long-sleeved tight belly shirt.

As I drove in the car on the way to the show, I began to imagine his body writhing below mine as he impaled me on his stiff cock…him pulling out and shooting his gooey load all over my face and tits…

My hands crept between my thighs as I sped down the highway. As I pulled into the parking lot of the venue, I could already hear the band’s music pumping loudly from inside. Even though it was five past midnight, guys and girls were still pouring into the club, excited to hear the band play. My heart hammered loudly in my chest as I stepped from my car, and walked into the bar.

The room was filled with smoke, and was packed to the gills with college-aged kids, guys and girls. The sound system was incredible. The floor atalar escort practically jumped with every bass drum kick, and the walls were buzzing with the full sound of the band. I could see about a hundred people pressed against the stage…some were a more than a little drunk, most were dancing to the beat, and all excited to be there, part of the incredible show going on. As I worked my way to the bar, I gazed at Tim for the first time. He was as gorgeous as his pictures, If not more so. He was wearing tinted sunglasses, a dark blue t-shirt and orange surfer shorts. I could feel my nipples tighten beneath my cotton shirt. The band had obviously been putting on one hell of a show. His sweat-soaked shirt clung to his chest, revealing his toned, hard body.

Tim was in the middle of a guitar solo, and was standing at the edge of the stage in front of the crowd. Dozens of hands flew up, reaching for him, clutching at his legs as he wailed away on the guitar. I knew he was oblivious to the fact that I was even there. I couldn’t blame him. The band was jamming hard, the crowd was intense, and I was just one more nameless face that blended right in. Still, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him. Not only was I practically salivating at his gyrating body, but I was also mesmerized by the way he could whip the crowd to a frenzy. He was smiling and jumping around, obviously getting into it. The hot lights from the par cans shone onto the stage, beating down mercilessly as the beads of sweat poured down Tim’s face and neck.

“God, I’d love to do something that would make him sweat even MORE,” I thought, as I continued to let my mind wander to the naughty things we were saying to each other a day ago. His long, muscled legs flexed as he jumped around the stage. I watched his hand slide up the neck of his guitar, and desperately wished it was my body. I was soon shaken from my reverie as the music finally stopped, and the lead singer thanked everyone and told them to drive home safely.

The crowd began to thin out…the majority of people, having found their one-nighters for the evening, headed towards the door. I began weaving my way through the throngs of female groupies who had collected at the side of the stage as the band began to tear down their gear. As I had expected, Tim’s “harem” was the largest, next to that of the lead singer’s. All of the guys were good-looking, but Tim was, by far, the “hottie” of the group, and the “eye candy” for the majority of the girls. All I could see was an endless sea of halter tops, stretch pants and bleach-blonde hair. My ears were assaulted by the squeals of girls sighing “Oh, were GREAT!” or “Here’s my number, Tim…Call me!” I silently worked my way in, as he had his back towards me, busily autographing a napkin for a fan. He still hadn’t seen me yet.

I took a deep breath, and walked towards him, whispering to myself, “Okay…here goes nothing.” I tugged playfully at the back of his shirt, and stepped back a bit. He turned around, and his eyes widened a bit when he saw me for the first time. His face broke out in a wide grin, as he recognized my face.

“Chloe? HEY!!”

He gave me a huge hug, and smiled down at me, his eyes traversing the full length of my body with an appreciative gaze.

“I can’t believe you’re here! That’s awesome! God, you look GREAT!” I breathed a silent sigh of relief, because part of me was worried that he wouldn’t be attracted to me in person.

He grinned. “Do me a favor…I’ll be just a few more minutes…if you want to sit at the bar and wait for a bit, I’ll be over as soon as I’m done…public relations, you know?”

I laughed and sat down on a barstool with my drink. As a fellow musician, I understood all too well about the importance of talking to fans after a show. I also have been known to have a ton of guys hang all over me after a show, and know that it didn’t mean anything, so I settled in my seat as I watched the girls make fools of themselves as they tried to get his attention. After about five minutes, Tim thanked the last fan, and turned and walked towards me.

GOD, he was more gorgeous than his picture hinted at. Taking my hand, he pulled me off the barstool and gave me another huge hug. His arms were strong as he pressed his body against mine. I knew he could feel my hardened nipples beneath my tight shirt, and I was pleased to feel his cock stirring in his pants against my lower belly.

“Come on…this way” he said, tearing himself away, pulling me upstairs to where the dressing room was. I was introduced to the other band members, one by one. I sat down on one of the couches. We all exchanged greetings, then B.S’ed for a while about the music business, my band, area clubs, etc, as everyone got their stuff together to pack up and go home. The whole time, all I could think about was being alone with Tim. One by one, they left, thanking me for coming out, and promising to come check out my band when they had the chance. A nice gesture, but not too likely, since they’re ALWAYS playing when we are, I thought. Oh well. It’s the thought that counts, right?

As soon as the other guys left, the club owner poked his head into the room. “Great show tonight! I’ll be downstairs for a while, cleaning up.” Tim thanked him, and the guy left, closing the door behind him with a knowing wink.

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