MWM Get Introduced To Swinging

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Big Dick

It all started innocently enough. Just a small get together with a few local friends on a Saturday night, which at the end of the evening took a rather different twist.

There were six of us initially. Jack and his wife June, Bill and Tessie, along with me, Ken, and my wife Doris.

Pretty much the most of the evening was spent just listening to oldies on the stereo, playing some silly card games and of course, drinking too much. WAY too much.

As the evening wore on Bill and Tessie, who were both pretty tanked wanted to call it a night, so it became my duty to escort them to the 2nd floor guest bedroom, where they promptly plopped on the bed and crashed. Seemingly for the duration.

I returned to the basement rec room, where Jack, June and my wife had began watching one of my old porn films. Apparently this was Jack’s idea after he found my stash of movies in the back of the bar area, and he just “had” to run with an idea like that.

Surprisingly my wife just sat back and watched the films with no comments what so ever. That really shocked me, since any time I ever fired up one of them with her present she would give me hell about watching them.

And Jack’s wife went off in another dirrection entirely. She promptly fell asleep just as the first movie was beginning!

Of course, it was my duty to escort a guest to their sleeping quarters, so I was given the task of escorting June to her room after gebze escort Jack aroused her.

Off to the 3rd floor spare bedroom this time. Me actually carrying a very, very drunk and sleepy June halfway to her room. Seemed like it took forever to make our way up to the 3rd floor what with her state, and mine as well I suppose.

Not surprising that more than once along the way I had to shift her around to maintain a good grip so I wouldn’t just drop her somewhere on the steps. And as luck would have it, each time I went for a better grip, her dress climbed higher up her long, gorgeous, legs.

When we finally made it to the spare bedroom, her dress had riiden up high enough that I could clearly see her panties. Wow, I was having a hard time of it now!

As I tried to carefully place her on the bed, I lost what little balance that I had, and we ended up going down in a heap.

She didn’t even rouse from her drunkedness, and now her dress was completly tucked up under her breasts. She was bare from just below her breasts to her feet, with only those tiny white panties hiding anything.

I just laid there for a moment, looking at her wonderful body, all sorts of thoughts going through my head.

It was like there was no real direct thoughts of what I was doing as I then just reached out and placed my hand on her foot, right below the ankle. Then slowly began sliding göztepe escort my hand up her beautiful legs towards her panty covered mound.

As my hand reached her panties I slowly ran my palm over her mound, and the slid my fingers up to the waist band and eased her panties down, inch by teasing inch.

As I exposed her trimmed bush and saw her pink pussy lips, I lost all focus. Next thing I know, I had leaned in and began tasting of her. Easing my tongue along her tiny little slit, trying to taste of her.

Then BAM, it hit me. What the hell was I doing?

Her husband was downstairs, along with my wife, neither of which would think much of what I was doing.

I quickly slipped June’s panties back up, and make an attempt to cover her in some appropriate manner. Then I began the slow trip back down to the rec room, where I hoped my long absence (it seemed long to me) would go unoticed.

As I finally entered the rec room, I couldn’t help but notice that the movie which had been on, was no longer playing, and that the room lights were still dimmed to a very dark level.

Oh great. They’ve fallen asleep while I was off doing my dirty deeds, no one will ever know what I was up to.

Then, as I made my way across the room to the light switch by the bar, I heard this soft rustling sound.

I paused for a moment, listening carefully. Nothing. Then halkalı escort again, this soft rustling sound.

Then I heard Doris. Very clearly, she said “there’s someone in the room”.

Next I heard Jack, who replied “no Doris, it’s obvious the two of them have gone to bed. There’s no one here”.

As my eyes adapted to the darkened room I could see that Doris was on the sofa, and that Jack was standing in front of her.

Jack spoke again. Saying “go ahead Doris, suck it, you know you really want to”.

I froze. I couldn’t believe what I had walked in on. I watched as Doris leaned in and began taking Jack into her mouth, slowly sucking him, and then as the minutes went by, greedily “eating” his cock.

I eased as close as I could, so as to see better what awful thing was happening here. Seemed like I was within inches of them!

I watched, amazed, as she let Jack just began fucking her face. His cock just hammering her mouth. My god, this was fantastic!

I unsnapped my already unzipped pants (I had forgotten to zip up after leaving June) allowing me freedom to ease my hard cock out, and began stroking it with abandon. All the while watching Jack continue to ram his big hard cock in and out of her mouth.

Then it all turned so surreal. Like something in slow motion, I shot my load. Man, did I ever shoot my load. It went flying with such force that some of it hit Jack, and some of it hit Doris. Actually hitting Doris in the face!

And right at that moment Jack had his orgasm.

I suppose that my presence was now known. After all, here I was on the floor right next to the two of them, cock in hand, cum on face (from him).

It was then that someone entered the room, and turned the lights on.

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