My 24 Hours of Fun Pt. 01

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I recently had a twenty four hour marathon of sex fun.

The day began with a fantastic farewell fuck with my husband Mike.

He was going away for a week on business and we had the house to ourselves. Our son being away at university and our daughter having stayed at a friend’s house the night before.

On waking at about seven am I snuggled into Mike to find his cock hard and rigid.

I couldn’t resist taking it in my hand and slowly giving him a wank to awaken him. As he steadily roused from my hand job, I slid down the bed and took his stiff prick in my mouth sucking on him.

“Morning sexy,” he greeted me with, laughing as he did so.

“I see you’re feeling fruity.”

“You have no idea!” I replied in-between gobbles and slurps on his hardening cockstand.

After having slobbered over his cock for a while it was time for a good, hard screw as he took me in differing positions all over the bed.

As I was pummelled from behind he quizzed me on my plans for the day and the week he would be away.

“Oh I’m gonna have plenty fucking pricks to play with darling!” I told him.

His pace quickened from behind as I lewdly told him I intended to have at least five different men that same day, telling him how much I adore being a slut-wife for him and our group of friends.

I also told him I wanted a new cock as well as some pussy to play with.

This sent him spurting his hot cum up me as he banged the arse off me, just the way I love it!

Once we had finished our fantastic fuck it was breakfast and a shower for Mike. I tried to make sure I had as much of his jism still up my quim after my shower.

By now it was about nine am and as Mike prepared his briefcase for the taxi that was on its way, I was text messaging one of my older admirers.

“Oh aye. Who are you sending messages too?” He asked.

“Oh sweety I aim to have some fucking hot cum all over me even before you are on your our train,” I teasingly told him.

“You dirty bitch!” he laughed at me as he continued packing.

It was at this point that I decided I wanted a day to remember.

The taxi arrived and I gave Mike one final farewell kiss and as I did so I asked him to feel my cunt. By this point it was already frothing and as steamy as hell.

He dipped his hand down, parting my bathrobe to feel its wetness.

“Dripping wet already love.” I said to him as he left the front door

He smiled and winked as he finally got into the cab to head off to the train station.

Within five minutes of Mike leaving there was a knock at my door.

I had stayed naked, save now for a pair of my red high heels.

I walked to the door, dropping my bathrobe as I did so.

On opening the door I found a grinning Bill standing there.

“Oh morning Anna love,” he grinned at me. “Feeling horny are we?”

“What do you think?” I said as I stood completely naked in front of this man old enough to be my grandfather.

It had been Bill I had sent the message too earlier that morning. Simply saying I wanted his cock and to get over to mine for just after nine.

“Get in here and I will show you how fucking horny I am,” I said as I ushered him in.

Within seconds I was pushed against the wall with Bills hands all over my tits and cunt. He felt me up roughly as I breathed heavily, my open pussies juice now dripping done my thighs, with some of Mikes cum already leaking out my fucked cunt as well.

“Get your cock out please,” I begged. “I want to suck it so fucking much Bill.”

We made our way into the living room, Bill undressing as he walked in, tossing his shirt, shoes and trousers as he made his way to out settee.

“Sit down and let me fucking work on that gorgeous prick of yours!” I sluttily told him.

“Feel free darling,” he said to me as I began to grab at his half hard tool.

Once he was sat in on the settee, I sank to my knees, güvenilir bahis spreading my legs as I did so and tugged at his underpants.

“Lets get these off,” I smirked as his hardening prick sprang out of his y-fronts.

Within seconds I was lapping at his meat and licking his balls.

“I want your hard cock all the way down my whore throat,” I swore at him.

“Good girl,” he simply replied. “You get it all slippery and cover it in your spit you fucking dirty cow!” he swore back at me.

I had been dipping my hands back to my dripping wet, shaved cunthole as I sucked his cock to life. Fingering myself as I acted the tart for my aged lover.

My fucking fanny was literally on fire.

I slowly lowered my mouth around his full length and started to work on it properly.

My mouth engulfed his full length taking it right to the back of my throat causing me to gag and coat his shaft in my spittal.

“Oh god,” he mumbled as I bobbed back and forth. Taking his shaft deep and then easing it out, each time more of my slimy throat spit coating it.

“Go on keep sucking you tart!” he urged.

I tried to garble a response but it was just muffled filth as my mouth was so full of his solid fucking tool.

“Oh fuck Anna, yes!” he swore as he began to leak pre-cum into my willing mouth.

“Mmmmm,” I mumbled, loving the bitter sweet nectar he was feeding me.

A few more dips and bobs and I felt his first spurt of cum hit the back of my throat.

I bobbed back letting his jetting prick fully out of my mouth to take his main blast all over my face.

“Cover me!” I shouted at him. My fingers now banging into my snatch as he wanked his slimy prick right into my face. Bill now furiously wanked on his throbbing, slimy prick as six or seven ropes of spunk flew onto my face, splattering me in his salty, hot fuck seed.

“Delicious!” I smiled at him as I licked up the last drops of his hot jizz that clung to his bell end.

“Pass me my phone please.” he said to me.

Once I had retrieved his mobile from his trousers Bill was soon messaging someone.

“What are you doing?” I asked as he finished his texting.

“Getting you more cock!” he simply replied to me.

“Keep licking at my prick you sexy bitch.” he said to me.

I did as ordered, licking his sweaty balls and his sticky gristle, still absolutely fucking plastered in his spunk.

I heard someone at the door.

“It’s open,” Bill shouted as my tongue lashed around his purple helmet.

I turned to look at who was coming in and as I expected Frank walked in beaming.

I stopped lapping Bills cock and smiled as my other elder lover walked towards us.

“Having fun!” he said, already unbuckling his trousers as he made his way to us.

“You bet,” I laughed.

“You look gorgeous,” he said to me. “Spunk all over your face really is your look Anna,” he laughingly said to me as his trousers were off completely.

“I want more!” I greedily said as he relieved himself of his boxer shorts.

“Good fucking job,” he replied. “Cos I’m adding mine to that pretty face of yours in a moment or two.”

This session was the third of my twenty four hours of fun and saw me naked except for my heels masturbating in front of Frank and Bill.

Bill’s cum was still dripping off my face and neck as I was asked to scoop it up and use it as lube for my cunny as I finger fucked myself for my two old studs.

I sat in the chair opposite our settee, legs spread slut-wide and fingered myself to a climax using two, three and finally four fingers.

As I jilled myself Frank was slowly getting his prick all hard and red for me. I used the remaining cum from my face to work it into my frothy cunthole, the rest I had already scooped up and swallowed.

As I came off heavily Frank was standing to my side and shooting another heavy load all over me.

He shot jets of türkçe bahis his salty goodness all over my tits, face, stomach and legs.

Splattering me like a cheap fucking whore as I sprayed my quim juice all over the place as my fingers frantically pistoned in and out my married fuck tube.

I love acting like this for my lovers, nothing beats having a guy or guys shoot all over you as you watch the sperm fly!

Once we had both came and we calmed down I had to ring my daughter at her friends to organise picking them up to go shopping later.

Frank and Bill got a thrill out of me being still covered in cum as I spoke to Chloe and the mum of her best friend Rebecca on the phone.

I felt incredibly filthy, naked except for my leather red heels, spunk dripping off my tits and all down my stomach, and my two older lovers still naked, as I arranged to pick them up at twelve to go and do some shopping.

Chloe was staying another night at her friends so I knew I was in for some more cock and fun later.

Bill and Frank had made a few calls to some of the other guys in our group, and after I was finished sorting stuff with my daughter, I rang Tracey my best friend and told her of the events of the morning.

I arranged for her to join us later in the evening too. We have been playing together for years and recently have started having some lezzy fun as well.

Frank and Bill left to go downstairs to Franks place, giving me instructions in how to dress for my trip out and asking me to tell them where I was headed.

I was asked to wear a skirt, I agreed but couldn’t go too slutty due to where I was going and who I was going with. They didn’t tell me what they had planned for me for the next few hours.

I arranged to collect Chloe and Rebecca at twelve to take them shopping for a party they had that night.

I dressed in a sensibly lengthened skirt, showing a bit of leg but not a mini skirt. I wore a tiny pair of blue lacy panties, matching bra and a blue blouse. I put on a pair of my heels, black in colour to finish the look.

I collected the kids and then we headed off to a local shopping centre.

I had no idea that Frank and Bill had been in touch with Peter and Fred another of our gang of fun friends.

We did a bit of browsing in some stores for the kids to select some outfits for their party and as we headed to grab a quick cuppa and a bite to eat I was beckoned by a call.

“Hiya Anna! Thought that was you there!” said Fred as he approached us.

“Oh hiya Fred,” I replied.

At this point Peter also approached and said hello.

The girls said they were heading off to grab a burger from a nearby McDonald’s as I told them I was gonna get a cuppa with these friends of Franks.

“Looking sexy as ever,” Fred whispered to me as soon as my daughter was out of ear shot.

“Thanks gorgeous,” I replied to him.

“I hear you’ve been dirty slut this morning already!” Peter said bluntly to me as we took a seat in a cafe.

“Oh how do you know?” I asked.

“Cos’ Frank text messaged me after he was finished unloading his balls all over you!” he laughed back at me.

We were served with a cup of tea and a snacks and then we continued our chatting.

“So what have you got planned for tonight?” I asked them.

“Well I had hoped you would come to mine?” Fred interjected. “We have had a bit of a chat and have seven or eight of us already if that would suit you?”

I blushed and smiled at them both.

“Oh shit yes!” I almost screeched in delight.

“I will let Tracey know as she was bang up for some fun when I spoke to her this morning,” I added.

“Cracking!” Fred said.

Telling me that he and Peter had organised Bill, Frank, the two of them plus Gary, Graham and two friends of Gary’s I hadn’t met yet (Reg an older guy and his nephew Steven.)

Both of whom where right dirty minded sods I was told.

Fred güvenilir bahis siteleri then told me of a short weekend they had all enjoyed in Prague a few months earlier in which Reg and Steven had fucked a local call girl together.

I was again starting to get the usual tell tale signs of being very aroused.

We arranged to meet at about eight at Freed home but before they left me they wanted a wee treat.

“Get yourself into the toilets and get your fucking knickers off!” I was instructed.

“You dirty bastard,” I muttered to him quietly so the older couple sat in front of us couldn’t hear me.

“Go on get them off. I bet you’re wet already aren’t you?” Fred asked me.

“Maybe,” I said to him sticking my tongue out in mock anger. I was wet and he knew I would be. The talk of the cocks that were on offer that night had made sure of that.

“OK ,”I said in agreement as I stood up and made my way to the toilets leaving the two of them sitting grinning from ear to ear.

Once in the cubicle I couldn’t help myself from having a little diddle with my hard clit as I slipped my lacy panties off and down my legs.

I sat on the loo and began to piss at the same time as my fingers traced my clit. I was beginning to feel incredibly fucking dirty and knew that more was in store for my married cunt.

I could feel a little of what was left of Mikes spunk from our morning fuck trickling out of my pussy hole.

My knickers were now taught around my ankles. My high heeled legs parted as I pissed and clit rubbed and finger banged myself. Piss covering my hand as I did so.

Once finished peeing I hooked my left leg up and took my panties off completely. I cleaned myself and then slowly inserted my frilly knicks up and into my very wet cunt.

I was shaking with excitement and sheer sluttiness.

I finished off in the toilet washing my hands as another woman entered the toilets.

If only she knew I was now pantieless with my blue knickers stuffed up my fanny underneath my skirt.

I made my way back to the waiting guys just as Chloe rang me to say she was leaving the burger bar to come back and meet me to finish off the shopping.

I told her where I was and knew within minutes she would be with us.

I sat back down with the guys and told them quietly what I had just done.

“I want them,” Fred then said. “I want your fucking wet knickers now.”

I smiled at him and slowly parted my legs under the table.

“Take them quickly then!” I said. “Quick before Chloe gets here.”

I was virtually trembling as I felt Freddy’s hands up under my skirt as he found his way with his hand to the dangling panties.

“Oh!” I audibly sighed possibly a bit too loud as he began to tug them from my slippery twat hole.

He slowly slipped them out my fucktube, the material causing me to shudder as they eased out of me.

“Oh fucking hell.” I whispered to him.

He smiled at me as he plopped them fully out of me and then immediately placed them onto the table top!

Quick as a flash he covered them up with his napkin, running his fingers over the wet material whilst they were covered from view.

“They are fucking dripping I can tell,” he announced to Peter. “Here, have a feel.”

And with that he slid them, still covered across to Peters side of the table.

“Wet and slimy!” was his reply as he had a dirty feel of my knickers.

As he was feeling my panties, Chloe and her pal arrived.

“OK mum ready to finish off?” she asked.

“Yeah sure sweety,” I replied.

As I stood to go Peter and Fred both said their goodbyes, smiling at me as they did so.

Peter’s hand still feeling my wet knickers as I left with my daughter and her friend.

“See you soon Anna love,” were Fred’s parting words.

“Hope so,” I teasingly replied.

As I left to finish off my shopping, I felt so dirty.

Now knickerless, with my cunt on fire and out with my lovely daughter and her friend.

God I felt such a slut! Such a slut mom and wife.

I knew I was in for much more filthy fun later and that only increased my wanton desire.

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