My 35th Birthday Surprise Ch. 01

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The big day is approaching, another birthday, and I will be turning 35 years young. The age is not stressing me out, however I thought it would. My life is just where I pictured it would be at this age, a loving husband, a wonderful job, and two brilliantly sweet kids. My husband is the love of my life, sweet, understanding and by my friends standards “A one in a million catch!” Life is good.

My husband, John, is being sneaky today. Short phone calls and quick trips to town, I know that something is amiss. I told him not to do anything special for my birthday but he never listens, and sometimes that’s a good thing. He knows me better than I know myself most of the time. However, secrets are not his forte’. I can tell that he is definitely up to something.

Today my best friend, Kara, is taking me out to lunch, due to her lost bet at the poker table the other night and its pay up time. We have been best friends since high school and we know too many secrets about each other to ever become enemies. I think we will be heading to the new steak house on the river front to drink in the cool breeze and plenty of margaritas. I can hardly wait. I only have one more hour until we leave and I still have to get dressed.

Standing in my closet looking through my clothes I decide on my favorite pair of jeans and the navy blue V-neck T-shirt that I bought on sale last week. The jeans are a perfect fit. They show off my best assets, my long legs and my ass. The shirt shows just the right amount of cleavage. Now for shoes, I think the red high heels will do just fine. Just as I slip my shoes on the doorbell rings. Kara always has a way of showing up at the right time, I guess that’s one of the reasons we are friends.

John answered the door to let her in and as I was walking down the hall to greet her I saw them exchange some whispers. Uh-huh, now I know that something is definitely going on behind my back. Maybe, after several margaritas Kara will spill the beans and I will be able to relax. I just hate surprises. They jump as I enter the living room, and begin to talk about the restaurant we are going to today. I give Kara a hug and tell her to come on in and have a seat. She looks stunning as usual. I swear if she wanted to she could be a model.

She looks at her watch and says that if we don’t get a move on that we will miss happy hour. I lean over and give John a quick kiss and tell him that I will have the cell phone on me if he needs me. Luckily the kids are spending the week with their grandparents and the house should remain in tact while I’m away. We head down the driveway to Kara’s Jeep Wrangler. I love riding in her Jeep with the top off, it makes me feel care free and like a rebellious teenager again.

Thankfully the traffic wasn’t too bad and we made really good timing. Happy hour was in full swing as we walked in the door. The place was really busy this after noon, the hostess greeted us and asked if we wanted inside or outside on the patio. Patio of course we both chimed in. Out on the patio, a cool breeze was blowing and the sun was high over the river. The perky little waitress asked what we would be drinking this afternoon and I told her Blue Margaritas and don’t let my glass get empty. Kara laughed and said that she wanted the same. We began to talk about our week at work, life with kids and the usual topics that friends talk about. I was working on my fourth margarita when I noticed this really handsome guy that looked a lot like my husband from behind. I told Kara to look and tell me that he didn’t look like John. She started laughing and I turned back to look and it was John.

I was shocked to see him there, but even more shocked to see Kara’s husband Steve was with him. I shot a look at Kara that said “Hey what’s going on?” She just giggled and patted my hand. The guys took a seat at our table after a quick round of hugs, kisses, and giggles. The waitress came to our table with another round of drinks for all of us. After placing the drinks on the table she sat a pretty little blue box down in front of me and left the table. I looked quizzically around the table and my look stopped on John’s wonderful smile. He told me to open the box and find out what was inside. I ripped into the box like a kid on Christmas morning. Inside the box I found an envelope with a set of plane tickets and a brochure to a luxury beach front hotel. I just held it looking it over. I soon found out that the tickets were addressed for me and Kara. I thought how odd that my husband is giving us a trip.

I asked John what was this all about. He chuckled softly and said that one of his colleagues at work had given his wife and her best friend a trip for their anniversary one year and how it had dramatically improved their marriage. Now I am really curious because our marriage is great and as far as I know so is Kara and Steve’s marriage. He went on to explain that there were stipulations on this trip and that we would be discussing them after lunch.

Stipulations, what kind Trabzon Escort of stipulations? That was all I could think about all through the meal. Finally, every one was finished eating. I leaned back in my chair, cigarette in one hand and margarita in the other and asked “OK, spill it. What’s the stipulation on this trip?” By this time my curiosity is peaked to the max. Kara smiled, placed her hand on my leg and said just listen closely with an open mind it might be a lot of fun. John piped in and said that this was a little wild and crazy but that it was something he really wanted to do for me. For me, how could this possibly be for me with his stipulations? I was just about to ask the question out loud when he proceeded to explain. On this trip, there will be no husbands, no kids, no responsibilities, and no commitments. Once you leave the airport you will no longer be a wife, mother or a boss. You will simply be you, free of guilt from any decisions you make. Kara will be under the same stipulations. This means that if you meet a guy on vacation you may do as you wish with him. There will be no trust lost between us. I am giving you a week of total freedom. I wanted to yell and scream “That’s not what I want.” But part of me was intrigued, one whole week to do with as I please at a luxury beach resort, I can handle that. However, the cheating on my husband part was totally out of the question.

I sat there quietly taking this all in not sure how to react or if any reaction was needed. Kara leaned over and asked what was on my mind. I told her that this was a lot to take in over lunch. She smiled and said that I would have to make a decision rather quickly because the plane left in three hours. Three hours! There is no way that I could possibly be ready for a week trip in three hours! John just laughed, he calmly told me that my job already knew I would not be in next week, his parents were going to keep the kids an extra week and that everything was packed by Kara and the luggage was in the car. Wow! I can’t believe that this is happening so quickly.

I ask John what exactly he is going to be doing during this freedom week. He told me that nothing would be changing at home. He would be at work or at home, and there would not be any cheating going on while we were gone. This was not a vacation for him and Steve it was for us girls. They were going to use this trip as a reminder of how much they love us and appreciate the little things that we do for them everyday. I laughed. Steve said that sometimes they become reliant on us girls for the little stuff and that with us gone those things they take for granted everyday would be more apparent and that they would be more appreciative of the things we do when we get home. I thought that made sense and I do trust my husband so I agreed.

Kara nearly knocked the table over jumping up and down with excitement. She grabbed my hand and yelled to the guys come on we have to check in or we are going to be late. Still a little shocked at my rash decision I got up and started to follow her to the door. We all piled into my mini van and headed to the airport. The conversation during the ride was more assurance that the boys would behave and that we were absolutely free from commitment. I thought that it was a little strange to be given such a spectacular gift but I pushed all doubts aside. As we pulled up to the airport and started to get our luggage out of the car, John came over to me and hugged me tightly and planted a toe curling kiss on me. I kissed him deeply. He said that this was where we would part and this was where we would be joined again. With that, Steve and John got in the car and drove away leaving me and Kara to check in and board the plane alone.

Waiting to board the plane, I was more quiet than usual. Kara asked if I was going to be OK and I assured her that I was. Once seated on the plane the reality hit. Free for a whole week, this could get interesting. I asked Kara how long she had known of this trip and she admitted that she had known for weeks. She was really excited. This was so out of character for either one of us, one week with no responsibility. I asked her what she thought about it. Kara laughed and said she has been so excited she thought she would burst. The idea of being able to go back to being kid free and single was a wonderful idea and she planned on making the most of it. She continued to tell me that she planned on finding a hot tanned local boy to show her the island and show her a good time. I was shocked to hear her brazenly talk about cheating on Steve, but the more she talked the more my imagination ran wild.

I have not been with another man in over fifteen years. Could I even do it? Could I have a meaningless affair? Could I sleep with someone other than my husband? I mean naturally I have thought about having sex with other men but I don’t know if I could actually go through with it. It’s always been a running joke in our house that if I was going to run away to an island retreat Trabzon Escort Bayan and hook up with a local for hot, wild, and untamed sex. I guess now I have the perfect opportunity to do just that.

The more Kara talked about her plans for the trip and all the things she wanted to do, the more I thought of trying to convince myself that I was going to have sex with someone other than John. I could drive myself crazy trying to figure out what I was going to do if the time came, so I have made a decision. I will do what ever I feel the mood calls for and what ever I feel like doing at the time. No regrets. I want to live life to the fullest and if John wants me to experience single life well, single life here I come. The weight of the world seemed to lift off my shoulders at that very thought…single.

The plane landed at the airport a gentleman was standing at the gate holding a sign with our names on it. We approached him and he led us to a Limo parked in front of the airport. He assured us that our luggage would be delivered to the resort. We got in and headed down a bumpy little road. The sights were amazing. Beautiful clear water, mountains, and colorful flowers lined the road. We pulled up to a wonderful little villa set off the road a little ways. The Limo stopped and the driver opened the door. He explained that this was our villa for the stay and that there was a golf cart around back to take us to the main house for dining, shopping or to enjoy one of the many bars that the resort offered. He walked us up to the door, handed us the keys and told us to enjoy our stay.

This place is amazing! This was the ideal place to relax and take in the sights. The villa was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. The main room was nothing but windows facing the ocean. There was a door from the living room that opened up to a deck. There was a pier that went out about fifty feet into the ocean with two hammocks swinging gently in the wind at the end. To the right of the deck was a huge hot tub and to the left was the golf cart as promised. While I was taking in the sights, Kara was exploring the villa. Suddenly I heard her squeal and call my name. I ran to see what the excitement was all about and she showed me my room. The bed was round, and had a tropical colored bed spread. The far wall had a massive salt water aquarium with bright colored tropical fish. I noticed that there was no television anywhere in the house. I guess you wouldn’t need one with views this breathtaking. She peaked out behind the door of the next room and said that this was pure heaven and to come look. To my surprise she was not being overly dramatic. The bath room was as big as my living room at home. The shower itself had more shower heads than I could count on both hands and big enough for a small car. It had double sinks with a huge vanity and on the other side of the shower was a huge bathtub Jacuzzi; it was almost the size of a small pool. The bathtub had a window over it that would open up and the view was of the ocean. Looking at that tub I couldn’t wait to jump in.

Kara said that this was my bathroom and that she had one identical to it on the other side of the villa in her bedroom. It took us over an hour to take in this beautiful place. The phone rang and I looked at my watch and realized that it was almost 7 o’clock at night. Kara ran over to the phone to answer it. I was a little puzzled as to who would be calling but she quickly informed me that it was the front desk checking to see if everything was to our likings, and to invite us down to the main house for dinner and dancing at the Tiki Hut. I told her that we would head out as soon as I freshened up a little.

Thirty minutes later we were riding in the golf cart headed to the main house through trails in the forest lit by tiki torches. It was almost like a scene from the reality show Survivor but no one was going to be voted off the island tonight. We arrived at the main house only to be surprised that it was more of a shopping plaza. There were several different restaurants, clothing stores, bars, and beach rental stores. The hostess met us at the door and led us to the information desk that was positioned in the middle of this massive indoor/outdoor main house. She explained to us that everything was already paid for and that all food, drinks, entertainment, and shopping was included with our stay. She told us that an information packet would be sent to our room letting us know what all the resort had to offer. She told us of the many restaurants available for dining. We decided to try the seafood shack.

As we ate our dinner, we talked about the different things that were available on the island and all the things we would like to try. As the sun started to set, the mood of the main house started to change. The lights around the shops turned on, the music began to get a little louder and the excitement at our table began to increase. Kara downed her drink and said lets get out of here. We decided that Escort Trabzon we would head over to the Tiki Hut for a few drinks and dancing.

The Tiki Hut was exactly what you would expect from the name. There was a straw roof, a long wooden bar in the center, a stage where a live band was playing, and little tiki torches lit all around the dance floor. Even the drinks that were being served had the tiny umbrellas in them. We both ordered Hurricanes and headed over to a small table at the edge of the dance floor. The place was full of people dancing, talking, and having a good time. We haven’t been sitting for five minutes when a young man came up to Kara and asked her to dance. She jumped up like a bolt of lightening and headed to the dance floor. I watched them dance. She flirted, giggled, and shook her ass all over the poor boy. It was funny to watch her so carefree and having so much fun. I was determined to have that much fun this week, but I didn’t even know how to begin. While I was deep in thought about what I should be doing, a sexy, tan man had just walked up to the table and sat down. I didn’t even notice him when he sat down, so needless to say that I was quite shocked to see him sitting there just looking at me. I guess the look of shock was quite funny to him because he just chuckled when I noticed him.

He was extremely attractive. He was a good six inches taller than me and built like a construction worker. There was absolutely no fat to be found on this man it was all muscles. I love a man with muscles. He had dark hair that was neatly cut and magnificent blue eyes that reminded me of the views of the ocean that we had seen earlier that evening. He was dressed nicely in a light blue polo shirt and a tight pair of blue jeans. The jeans were a perfect fit for him. I like to see a man with a nice butt in a pair of jean that show it off and his jeans where doing just that.

He told me is name was Don, and he was here to take in the sights and to find himself. I giggled a little; it was funny to hear a grown man say that he was here to find himself. I told him my name and he asked if I would care to dance. I told him that I would love to however; I didn’t know how good I would be. He assured me that he was wearing steel toed boots and that I shouldn’t worry about it. He took my hand and led me out onto the dance floor. The local band was good. The music was up beat and I decided to let the music move me. We dance to the rhythm, our bodies rocked and grinded with the beat. I couldn’t remember the last time I had this much fun. After about four or five songs we headed back to the table. Kara and her friend finally decided to join us. We sat and talked for a while and then it was back to the dance floor. I don’t know if it was the drinks, or the atmosphere, or the fact that I was having such a good time, but I didn’t want this night to end.

The band announced a slow song for all the lovers out there tonight and Don grabbed me and pulled me into his big strong arms. I stiffened up at first, not real sure how to act in this situation but the longer the music played the more I loosened up. We danced close, and seemed like a perfect match for each other. It was like I knew his moves before he made them and could respond in the exact way that he wanted. I had never danced like this with any other man other than my husband and this was an exciting feeling. After the slow song finished the band kicked it back up with fast rhythmic music. Don didn’t let me go and we started to dirty dance to the music. Our bodies seemed to melt into one another in rhythm of the music. I was so damn turned on that it wasn’t funny. Don took my hand and led me off the dance floor over to our table.

When we got to our table he sat down and pulled me into his lap. I giggled and snuggled in close to his chest. He smelled so damn good and I felt safe and comfortable right there in his lap. He ordered us another round of drinks and we talked for a while. He asked me if I would like to take a walk on the beach and I thought that was a great idea. He grabbed our drinks and we started walking to the beach. We stopped at two lounge chairs and he told me to sit down. He kneeled in front of me and reached down and took my feet into his hands. Gently he took off one of my high heels and started to massage my foot with his strong hands, and then he took off the other one and massaged that foot. It felt amazing after dancing all night in those heels, I didn’t realize that my feet we even sore until then. The foot massage felt like heaven and I couldn’t help but letting a moan escape my lips.

Don chuckled and set my feet down in the sand, one on each side of his body. He grabbed me at my waist and pulled me to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and laid my head on his shoulder. He held me like this for a while, and then he leaned back and looked me in the eyes and bent his head down for a kiss. I leaned into him; he kissed me gently at first. His mouth hungrily possessed mine, our tongues began to intertwine and the passion was beginning to over take me. I felt his hands go up the back of my shirt gently massaging and pulling me closer at the same time. My hands were running through his hair and my legs began to wrap themselves around his waist. I was hungry for him.

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