My Adventures with The Annes Ch. 11

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


This is part 11 of an ongoing story. If you have not read the preceding chapters then this might not make a great deal of sense on its own.

Loving Mary

Nanny Mary is Julie and Dave’s Mother.

“That’s the kind of noises I like to hear,” exclaimed Nanny Mary, “have you fucked her to death? I’d better try the kiss of life.”

So saying Mary bent over Ruth and kissed her, long and deep. It wasn’t the light kiss of friends. It wasn’t even the joyful sexy kiss that the Anne’s swapped when they engaged in girl-on-girl fun. It was the kiss of lovers. Long term lovers. Nanny Ruth moaned contentedly and started to return Nanny Mary’s kisses and Nanny Mary’s hand started to caress Nanny Ruth’s breasts. Her mouth moved to the nipple and the hand moved down to her cunt. The other hand picked up the KY jelly.

Nanny Mary’s hand formed into a soft, streamlined fist, which she covered with a good squeeze of KY. She spread it over her fist and lower forearm then rubbed her knuckles gently up and down Nanny Ruth’s pussy lips before starting to ease her fist into Nanny Ruth’s cunt. Keeping her fist inside Ruth’s cunt Mary eased her way around the table and, shushing me out of the way, stood between Nanny Ruth’s legs.

“Now wriggle up the table for me Sweetheart, then I can eat your cunt and fist you while Martin fucks me doggy.”

Nanny Ruth wriggled as instructed and I stood behind Nanny Mary waiting for the two women to get themselves organised. Nanny Mary was wearing a dress, a short dress but a dress, none the less. I couldn’t get her naked while she had her fist up Nanny Ruth’s cunt. I unzipped it anyway. There was no bra to remove. I lifted the hem, up over her waist. There were no panties either. Pulling the hem up and wrapping it around the gap where the zip was I managed to get most of her delicious body exposed for my pleasure. Bob Martins obviously enjoyed tall women with long, shapely legs, a slim waist and glorious tits.

“When you’ve finished wondering which hole to fuck first I want you to know it will be my cunt first. Don’t worry you’ll have both our arses before you leave. I hope you’re stroking your cock and keeping it hard while you’re admiring the view!” declared Mary.

It was when I heard the sounds of pleasure my Nan started to make that I knew she was being eaten out and fisted by Mary, I stepped up to the mark. Resting my knob end against Mary’s cunt lips and paused.

“Rough or gentle?”

“Rough! Rough as you like! You can be gentle later, when I’m sore!”

Nanny Mary was Dave and my Julie’s Mother. Like me their father was Bob Martins (Snr.). As I’ve said before and shall probably repeat now and then, Bob Martins (Snr.) liked his women. I have to admit that, so far, I could find nothing wrong with his taste.

Rough she’d asked for and rough she got, to some extent. I couldn’t jerk her back onto my cock as I thrust deep into her. That would have spoiled the pleasure that she was giving Ruth. That was not on the agenda. To compensate I nudged her legs a little further apart and stood up closer to her deliciously pert bum. In that position I was leaning ever so slightly backwards. I could hold her hips and ram my cock hard into her while holding her as still as possible. My first hammer blow made her scream loudly. I stopped, still buried deep inside her.

“Too much? Too hard?” I asked tentatively.

“Fuck no! It was a nice surprise. Hammer me Grandson, fuck your Nanny Mary like the slut she is!”

I watched Mary’s arm piston steadily in and out of Ruth’s cunt and timed my thrusts to coincide. As Mary’s fist was nearing the full depth of Ruth’s cunt I rammed my cock home giving just a little extra thrust to the fist in the cunt. Both women howled their appreciation. We had a rhythm going, nice and steady. Ruth climaxed noisily and quickly the first time but Mary didn’t miss so much as a beat. Her fist kept pumping and her wrist kept twisting working to bring her to climax again.

I fucked her hard. She started to whimper, she grunted, shuddered violently. Her head came up. She went still then collapsed onto Nanny Ruth’s thighs. Only her elbow continued to move as she continued to fist her lover.

“OK?” I asked with more than a little concern.

She nodded then sighed.

“Keep it in me. Keep fucking me until I’ve satisfied Ruth,” she said returning her mouth to Ruth’s cunt.

I began to bend and straighten my legs in an attempt to vary the angle of penetration trying, to some extent, to emulate the flexibility of Mary’s wrist as it pleasured Ruth’s cunt. When Mary began to Esenyurt Escort Bayan loose it again her fisting became erratic. Ruth started to jerk and groan with increasing volume. This was my cue to concentrate totally on Mary’s pleasure and leave her to satisfy Ruth. Adjusting my position I rammed my cock into her wet cunt while jerking her hips backwards. Cock head met womb like a steam train hitting the buffers. Mary squealed, Ruth shuddered and I rammed home again, jerking Mary back onto me.

“Yes! Fuck yes! Pound my greedy cunt Martin!”

I rammed my cock home once more and watched as the force was transmitted through Mary’s body, down her arm and drove fist deep, deep into cunt.

“Aghhhh!” shouted Ruth.

“Ugnnnn!” groaned Mary.

“Fuck!” I yelled and drove in once more.

“Yes! Fuck!” came a voice.

“Faster!” came a second.

I went into free fall. No trying to time my thrusts to meet the women’s pleasure now. I started pounding, hard, deep and fast. My thighs and belly beating a drum solo on Mary’s arse.

They climaxed together, their bodies jerking and trembling as shudder after shudder trembled through their frames. It was as if each others’ pleasure was transferring to the other causing further little climaxes. I slowed, grateful that they had cum before I needed to unload. I wanted to last as long as possible. Slowly, gently I brought them back to our real world and let them rest.

I eased my cock out, supported Mary’s hips and moved to her side. I had to look! Her tongue was still gently flicking Nanny Ruth’s clitty and her arm was still sliding her fist back and forth in Nanny Ruth’s cunt. Each inward stroke was burying her arm nearly to half way between her wrist and her elbow. When she withdrew it was to her knuckles. I could see that her hand was shaped as if holding a tennis racket. Despite having climaxed twice Nanny Ruth was well on her way to another and it quickly became clear that Nanny Mary was intent on making it happen.

As she recovered so the fisting sped up, gently, softly at first but as Nanny Ruth responded so the action grew in intensity. Mary started to twist her arm this way and that as it moved in and out. I noticed on the out stroke that she kept changing the shape of her fist. Ruth started to pant and throw her head side to side. She grabbed hold of the table edges and her legs jerked spasmodically. Mary moved her head, placing her mouth right over Ruth’s cunt.

She wasn’t licking any more she was eating her out! Devouring her. All the while the action of her pumping fist increased in tempo and aggression. Ruth started to scream her pleasure to the world. She hooked her knees over the edge to help her remain steady. Her knuckles went white with the effort of clinging on. Her mouth opened, her shoulders lifted and her head went back. She screamed a silent scream, shook frighteningly and started to thrash about on the table top. It was only Mary, holding her tight that prevented her moving too much. I leaned over her, pressed my chest against her beautiful breast and kissed her deeply on the lips while she settled down.

“My god I enjoyed that!” she exclaimed once she had calmed and got her breath back.

“In your own time,” said Mary happily before adjusting her position slightly then lowering her mouth lovingly onto her lovers pussy.

Ruth twitched but made no complaint, just a soft, appreciative ‘mewww’. She lay there contentedly.

“Enough, for now Darling,” she said quietly after a few minutes, “your turn.” she ended, rolling onto her side to make room for Mary beside her. “Martin, put the kettle on, there’s a dear. Slow plate. Don’t want it cumin’ to the boil before we do.”

As I moved towards the Aga she swung her legs over the side of the big, farmhouse table, sat up and eased her feet down to the slate slabbed floor. Mary moved to take her position in the centre of the table. Ruth leaned forward and gave her lover a full, passionate kiss on the lips, tenderly ran her hand over her breasts, down across her tight little tummy before dipping two fingers into her recently fucked cunt.

“Thank you Darling! Now it’s your turn while Martin discovers what fucking a fisted cunt feels like.”

She picked up the tube of KY and liberally applied it to her hand and lower part of her forearm. By then she had walked round to the head of the table and I was standing beside the table drinking in the beauty of Mary’s naked body. Somewhere between eating Ruth’s cunt and climbing onto the table Mary had managed to let her dress fall off. It was beside the table, on the floor. I picked it up and put it tidily on the rocking chair beside Avcılar Escort Bayan the Aga before returning to the table.

“Watch and learn,” instructed Ruth, “you have big hands, like your father, but we’ll get used to them if you do it carefully.”

She folded her hand so that her fingers came to a dull point then pushed her thumb in towards the palm. The shape of her hand was quite streamlined, the bumps of her knuckles more smooth.

“Use your fingers to prepare your woman, keep your nails smooth and trimmed.”

She moved her hand to demonstrate turning her hand slowly left and right as if she was easing it into Mary’s cunt.

“Once your fingers are settled and she’s comfortable bring your thumb into play. It opens her up whereas the fingers on their own tend to make her slit longer the thumb starts to open it more to an oval.”

Again she demonstrated and again turned and twisted her hand as she moved it.

“When you turn your hand just inside the entrance you bring in all the nerves that build her pleasure. Her G spot cannot escape attention even if you don’t know exactly where it is. Push your hand in deeper, still twisting and turning carefully until widest part is inside then let her rest a moment, get used to you stretching her much further than your cock ever will.”

She showed how much fatter even her slim hand was than my cock at full size.

“Once you’re inside and she’s comfortable you can start changing the shape of your fist.”

She demonstrated shaping her fist as if holding a tennis racket, a fencing foil and throwing a punch.

“Always, always keep your nails tucked away so they don’t damage the delicate lining. Cause her too much pain with your nails and not even your cock will be allowed near her,” she warned, “now watch carefully while I feed her fist. The sooner you are aware of the technique the better for us all. Once I’m right inside come round behind me and take me doggy. No need to cum. No need to make me cum really but a little one would be nice when she cums. If you can manage it?”

“Do my best Nan, promise,” I told her eagerly.

She looked down at my subdued cock.

“Better give that a stroke,” she said nodding at my cock, “that’s no good to me like that!”

So while Nanny Ruth lovingly began to fist Nanny Mary I stood by watching and wanking. It didn’t take many moments to get me back to fighting condition again. Nanny Ruth raised her head from Mary’s cunt, looked at my cock, clearly trying to judge its fucking potential and smiled.

“I think that’ll do Martin, now come round behind me and feed it me nice and slow, there’s a good boy.”

I stood behind her, rested my cock head against the lips of her cunt and moved my hips carefully forwards…

“Ooohhhh FUCK!” I exclaimed loudly.

Mary chuckled.

“Nice Dear?” enquired Nanny Ruth.

“Nan, It’s beautiful. Just like a velvet sheaf. Soft and comforting all the way down my cock! A beautiful, velvet love tunnel! Totally out of this world! I’ve never felt anything like it!”

“That’s good, Dear. Enjoy but try not to cum, if you can. I won’t complain at all if you do but I’d rather like to watch you cum inside Mary after I’ve fisted her, if you don’t mind?”

“I’ll do my best Nan, promise I’ll do my best but…”

When my cock was buried deep I stopped and waited, just enjoying the moment. I could feel Nan’s cunt wrapped all around me like a mother’s arms. Warm and comforting. It felt as if it was pulsing as the blood pumped around the swollen tissue. I eased out so very, very slow until just the tip was resting between the lips. Taking a deep breath I worked it tenderly back where it so naturally belonged. Buried deep once more I paused. Such delicious ecstasy! Never had I felt so loved, so comfortable. So, so… complete.

Even with only two long, slow strokes I knew I wasn’t going to last long enough for Ruth to bring Mary to a fully satisfying completion. I stopped, remaining deep inside my Nan’s cunt and struggled to focus on what she was doing with my Dave’s mother. I watched her elbow as her arm moved in and out of Mary’s cunt. I watched her head as she moved her mouth and lips around Mary’s smooth pussy. I listened to the sounds of slurping mouth, of squelching cunt and the soft moaning of two contented women. I looked out of the big kitchen window and across the fields, the valley and to the woods on the opposite hillside. When my cock had lost the need to loose it’s load instantly I tentatively tried another couple of long, slow strokes.

I heard Ruth chuckle, Mary groan happily and her cunt squelch wetly. Finally, after what seemed to be at least two lifetimes Mary began her build up, Ruth became more urgent in her fisting. Her head started to dip down harder and more energetically into her crotch and Mary started thrusting up to meet her. I risked another couple of slow strokes to be met with Nanny Ruth pushing her cunt urgently onto my cock.

As Mary reached the zenith and Ruth pushed back forcefully I rammed my cock home, once, twice, thrice then a forth, If I came, I came. I’d done my best. Ruth came, violently, noisily, enthusiastically. I held on, but barely.

I left my cock sheathed in Ruth’s velvet cocoon, not daring to move it while I carefully and minutely considered the potential complications of changing a light bulb, counting from one to one hundred, backwards then wondered if atoms could really be trusted as they made up everything. Silly as it might seem the mental exercise had the desired effect. My cock went off the boil, came back under my control completely and I slipped it out of Nanny Ruth’s beautiful velvet tunnel of lust without mishap.

Both Ruth and Mary were beginning to stir. I bent, kissed Ruth’s deliciously rounded bum, leaned forward and nibbled her ear before working my way round to kiss Mary.

“More tea, Vicar?” I asked blithely.

“I’ll do that dear, you’re needed to give Mary’s cunt a damn good fucking. I’m so glad you managed to control your cock. Well done!”

I preened myself inwardly and swapped places with Ruth at the end of the table. Mary lay arms and legs spread wide across the big table. Her beautiful chest (tits) was still heaving as she dragged air into her burning lungs. Their nipples hard and erect, bigger than any I’d seen on any family member so far. Her cunt was swollen. So swollen that it appeared to be just one big swelling. I could imagine it pulsing deep inside. I leaned forward and blew gently on the lips eliciting a soft ‘Ummm’ from somewhere above the navel. I blew again.

The legs opened wider and the voice came again ‘kiss me better’.

Tenderly I brushed my lips against her swollen pussy lips. More soft, welcoming noises. I licked, kissed then sucked. Mary started to writhe about on the table top.

“Fuck me!”

It was a simple instruction and one I was now able to carry out without dumping my load, I hoped. Running my hands down the inside of Mary’s glorious legs I stood. My cock twitched in anticipation.

“Have you got the energy to shuffle down or should I lift you?”

“Hold my ankles, put them on your shoulders and lean forward.”

I did. She raised her body up and walked her shoulders down the table.

“You’ve done that before!” I said stating the bleeding obvious.

“Just a few times, close enough?”

I stood up to the table edge and offered my cock to her swollen cunt lips.

“Couple more inches.”

She shuffled again. Perfection.


“Long and slow. It won’t take long but I want everything you’ve got, OK?”

I pushed my cock forward and in, once more enjoying the full velvet glove effect of a recently fisted cunt. Absolutely sublime. Long and slow. I pushed steadily. She took my entire length. I paused, put her ankles back on my shoulder and eased in the little extra. She smiled up at me.

“Two or three easy ones like that then ramp it up a bit until I say enough. Then fuck me, hard and fast! Shoot your spunk inside me!”

I backed off slow, paused and back inside. The velvet glove was bringing me back to the boil rapidly. I paused when deep inside. She squeezed me! My cock throbbed in gratitude and Mary smiled.


I nodded, dumbstruck. Even fisted and swollen she could still squeeze?

“Out and in again, slow, very slow.”

I followed instructions to the letter. As my cock moved outwards I swear her muscles were fighting to hold me in. A rippling spasm of energy wanking my cock. I paused then entered her again. This time the energy was trying to stop me from entering her velvet haven. Again I stopped while buried deep and watched her face. She smiled back then a sensation similar somebody drumming their fingers on the table ran up and down my cock. She giggled at my look of utter amazement.

“Once more, then fuck me!”

When I was just resting my cock on her pussy lips the next time I felt her closing her cunt down. I looked directly at her. She nodded and I thrust forward. Air whistled through her pursed lips and she bucked her hips up to meet me. Within thirty seconds she was climaxing and fifteen seconds later I was pumping my hot, slick spunk deep into her belly. With each pump I jerked grinding my groin against her swollen cunt causing us both continuing little orgasms.

She was done. I was done. Her eyes closed and her head lolled to one side. I sank to my knees kissed her swollen pussy lips tenderly and rested my head against the soft flesh of her inner thigh. We rested, totally at peace.

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