My Aunt, the Cocksucker

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This is a true story… only the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Everyone is over 18 as well.

Tell me if you enjoy this by your comments.


I was 18 years old and fresh out of high school when I joined the Army. I was not a virgin but I only had one girlfriend through high school and she and I did not have much experience when it came to sex. Back then, we did have sex education taught at school, but you either had to learn at home or from your friends.

I went to basic training in Kentucky and then went to Georgia for jump school and Ranger School; before I went back to Kentucky for Advanced Individual Training (ATI) during my training, I had very little contact with anyone outside of my units as it was always training, training and more training.

After I completed all of my training, I received my orders for Vietnam. I was given an opportunity to use some of my leave, before reporting for transfer out. I felt that I would never learn about sex other than paying for it.

I came home for 22 days and during that time my Aunt, my mother’s youngest sister, was coming to visit Mom from Texas. She was going to be there for 15 days.

Now please understand, my Aunt was 10 years older than I was and had been married at an early age to a man nearly twice her age. It was marriage or jail for him. He chose marriage.

Now Aunt Betty was not a pretty woman, although she did try to look as best as she could. She was 5’6″tall weighing I would guess about 130 lbs but her chest was large at least a d-cup.

Her backside was nice and firm. She had long dishwater blond hair that was to the middle of her back. In other words not a beauty queen but yet not a dog either.

I got home the day before she was due in by bus and I was asked to pick her up at the Greyhound Bus Station, of course, I said I would.

She was a mess when she got off the bus and looked around for her ride. she found me.

I put her bags into the back of the ford truck, she slid into the cab, I climbed in and we drove the 50 miles home talking about different things. She knew bakırköy escort I was going to be shipping out right after her visit would end.

She talked about how when her now husband served he used the military as a way to get girls.

I countered and said, “Well Aunt Betty, we live in the country, and there are not many options for me to use that to get laid.”

She laughed and said, “Don’t give up so quickly. You are a good-looking man and any woman would gladly give you what you need.” We enjoyed the ride and told jokes to help time go by.

Later that evening, we all sat on the front porch having a cigarette and a beer, when Aunt Betty asked me if I could drive her to get her menthol cigarettes.

I said, “Come on old lady, I will take you down.” We jumped in the old truck and headed to the little general store.

On the way, Aunt Betty slid a little closer to the middle of the bench seat and placed her hand on my thigh just about half way between my knee and my crotch, and said, “Remember our conversation from earlier?”

I said, “Yea kind of bits and pieces. Why?”

Suddenly her hand went right to my crotch and started rubbing it.

She traced the length, and squeezed the girth saying, “I am not as young as you are, but I am going to give you a treat for doing this errand for me. Can you pull over somewhere?”

I found an old corn road and quickly turned into the field. I turned to face my aunt and saw that her blouse magically had been removed and her bra was pushing her large tits up and out causing her cleavage to appear deeper and tighter than ever.

I wanted to reach out and squeeze them, but as I reached for them, she said, “No honey, you can’t touch me because if you do, then I will feel like a whore, but I want to reward you and give you a gift for your service and I may never see you again. I won’t cheat on my husband, and he has told me that blow-jobs are not sex so this is not sex.”

I wanted to question her on this but I was afraid that if I pushed it, she would want to stop, and I wanted this badly! She başakşehir escort instructed me to raise my ass, and drop my pants as well as my underwear. Once I had, she leaned over and started rubbing my cock.

As her hand went up and down on my steel rod, she said, “You can rest your hands on my head, but do not touch me anywhere else. Is that clear?”

I nodded saying, “Yes! Can I talk to you as you do this or do you want me to keep quite as well?”

“Well that is up to you as long as your hands don’t move off my head. That way we can have fun but not have sex,” she winked at me.

Her short, stubby fingers were mauling my cock and I could feel her breath blowing a warm sensation across the head. She opened her mouth and took the swollen gland into her wet mouth. As more of it went in, the more her tongue wagged around inside her orifice. I knew right away that Aunt Betty was a true cocksucker, a little strange, maybe nigh-eve but good at what she was doing.

As the up and down movement of her head changed in speed; first slow and steady, then rapid and erratic, then back again I moaned in ecstasy. The hand on my cock was, twirling, twisting, pulling and pushing at the same time gathering moisture from her drooling lips. All the while her other hand scraped scratched and tickled my swelling scrotum. The hand on my ball-sack gently squeezed and prodded adding to my delight.

With both of my hands starting to tangle in her long dishwater blond hair, I gently pushed down and inserted more of my cock into her mouth. Her moans told me she liked the fact I was feeding her my prick.

I could feel around her lips had reached about half way down the full length of my 8-inch penis, I was amazed that her jaws could open enough to enclose the 5-inch girth while taking half of my length at the same time.

As her head came up, she would pause and try force that wide tongue into the piss slit on the tip sending shivers along my shaft, racing up my spine and out the top of my skull. Then she would slowly slide back down until I felt the back of her mouth. bebek escort

The hand on my balls came up and met my hands wrapped in her hair, and on the next stroke of fellatio she pushed hard on my hands, and I knew what she wanted me to do. More pressure a harder push and maybe a thrust up all in the same moment.

She wanted me to fuck her face and I wanted to force my entire cock into her throat. Would she be able to without choking? I was about to find out. On her up suck, I readied myself and when she started the down blow, I thrust up with my hips and pushed down hard on her head. To my thrill, I found myself buried to the base of my cock inside her drooling lips.

I held her there thinking she would gag and then I would allow her to pull back. It did not happen. Instead of gagging with my eight-inch dick buried deep in her throat, I felt her muscles contract, squeezing at least 4 inches buried in her. Her tongue somehow managed to stroke the part of my massive cock that stopped from going deep by her lips.

She kept me deep like that for what seemed like forever and heaven on earth, although it could not have been that long. She pulled back to catch her breath and flicking her tongue at the same time just before we repeated our actions again and again and again, over and over and over we did this.

I cannot say how long this lasted, but when I felt the familiar warm tingling building in my cum pumper, I warned her that I was about to dump my load.

She went down stayed, hummed, sucked, and tongued with her mouth while at the same time continued massaging, tickling, and squeezing my nuts.

She swallowed every drop and never lost the full contact she had with my cock.

I think I may have passed out for a few minutes, because the next time I looked at her, she had sat up and her blouse was neatly in place covering her massive cleavage while she brushed the tangles out of her long dishwater blond hair.

Aunt Betty said, “I wish I had menthol. Can I have one of your Camels?”

It took a minute to register her question, but I slowly handed her one and flicked my Zippo lighter. Seeing her face in the light, showed no sign of what had just happened.

I started the Ford and looked over my shoulder and backed out onto the road, putting the truck into first gear,

I said don’t worry Aunt Betty, you will get your menthol in about 10 minutes.

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