My Best Friend’s Birthday

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It was my best friend, Jake’s twenty-first birthday party. His parents planned it as a surprise party and it came off without a hitch. Jake and his fiance, Ann walked into the dark living room after their birthday dinner together, and we really scared the crap out of him when the lights came on and over 80 people screamed “SURPRISE”. All of Jake’s friends were there as well as quite a few of the neighborhood parents, as Jake and I have lived across the street from each other since we were 5 years old.

My Mom and Jake’s Mom are best of friends as well, and since my parents were divorced several years ago, Mom was at the party solo. And, judging by the number of beers she put away, having a really fun time. Not that she is a lush, but Mom does like her beer, an amazing fact since she still has the same dynamite figure that she had in college. She’s one of those people that just has a great metabolism and doesn’t show her age. She still gets carded when she goes out on the town with her friends – a fact that usually pisses them off since they’re never asked to flash ID.

I was there without my girlfriend since she was waiting tables that evening, and to keep myself busy I took on the role of party photographer. I was trying out my new digital camera and going through a lot of trial and error with the shots. since I didn’t bother to read the manual – hey, I’m a guy, what can I say.

It was around 11 p.m. and the party was in full swing with lots of laughter and hard to hear above the music. I needed a pit stop and both of the downstairs bathrooms were in use so I made my way upstairs to Jake’s room to use his. I did my business and before I left the bathroom I took advantage of the quiet to scan the photos I had snapped. As I did, I heard noises coming from Jakes room, sounding a bit like muffled laughter. I cracked the bathroom door a bit and saw two figures on Jake’s bed. The guy on top was definitely Jake, but I couldn’t make out the girl beneath him and assumed it was Ann. I stifled a chuckle and prepared myself to burst through the door yelling ‘surprise’ once again. Just before I did, I caught a glimpse of the girl’s brown hair – a real quandary since Ann’s hair is blonde.

“Sweet,” I thought to myself. I knew Jake fooled around on Ann from time to time and my sick sense of humor immediately thought to snap a few pics to blackmail him with.

I turned off the flash and started to zoom in on the scene before me. They were lip-locked in a deep kiss with soft moans coming from both of them and their hands roaming freely. I clicked off 2 or 3 shots.

“I can’t believe you want to call this off,” Jake said as he came up for a breath. “This has been the best 3 weeks of my life, but I understand all the complications. Thanks at least for a parting fuck.”

“No thanks necessary, big boy,” the girl whispered, and stuck her hand inside the back of Jake’s jeans, cupping his ass.

“Wait a minute,” I thought. “I know that voice from somewhere, who the hell is she?” I continued to snap away the photos.

Jake took that moment to lift himself up on his elbows, and it was all I could do not to yell out. Instead, inside my head I screamed, “MOM!”

It was as if a brick hit the side of my head. My own mother was having a thing with my best friend. “What the fuck,?” I thought.

I didn’t know whether to burst in on them and break it up, or to slug Jake for messing around with my mother, or what. I was really in a state of shock.

As I was trying to collect my thoughts, the scene through the crack in the door was starting to unfold, along with their clothes. In less than a minute Jake had Mom’s blouse and bra off and started to suck on one of her nipples.

“ÒOH, MY GOD,” I thought. “That’s my mother’s tits! I can’t believe this is really happening. I can’t just stand here. What should I do?”

Before I could force myself to make a move, Jake had moved his way down Mom’s torso kissing and licking her stomach and dipping his tongue in her navel. He unsnapped her jeans and tugged them down to her ankles along with her panties.

Disjointed sentences were now surging through my skull, “Holy crap. This is nuts. Jesus, she trims her pussy. Oh no, don’t do that Jake. Please Jake, don’t go down on her. Oh no. Oh no. He’s going down on my mother. I don’t believe this. He’s tonguing her pussy. Oh god, look how wet she is – how pink.”

I started to come out of my initial shock and realized with horror that I was turned on. “You sick asshole,” I chastised myself.

Mom was now moaning with her eyes closed as Jake assaulted her pussy. I could see his tongue licking up and down her slit with special attention to her clit area. I was helplessly frozen in place. I could feel my cock coming to full stiffness, further disgusting me, but slowly I started to enjoy what I was witnessing before me.

Although I had never had any real sexual thoughts towards my mother, I couldn’t help but admire her beauty as I grew to manhood. Now beşiktaş escort that I saw her naked for the first time, I was in awe at her spectacular body. Her breasts were what I would call full, but not large. They had a perfect shape with just the right shade of pink to her nipples and had a natural firmness as well. Her pussy hair was a wispy light brown color and trimmed to a narrow V shape. I could see every detail of her lips and as Jake parted them to probe with his tongue I wanted to moan as her depths were opened to my sight.

I’m not sure at what point I continued to take pictures of them, but snap away I did. Watching them through the viewfinder made it unreal in a way, like watching a movie – a great porn movie. After a minute or two of Jake’s assault on her pussy, Mom’s breathing was deep and fast. She raised her head off the bed to watch him.

“Jake, baby I can’t take anymore of this. Please put your cock in me now. Please fuck me one more time. Come with me. I want to feel your stiff prick deep inside me.”

Jake jumped to his feet onto the floor at the foot of the bed where he had been kneeling, and in a flash dropped his pants, allowing his cock to spring free. The last time I saw Jake’s tool was when we were in sixth grade and went skinny dipping in the local lake. Granted, it was not engorged as it was at this moment, but it was clear that it had filled out nicely.

He grabbed Mom’s legs and pulled her body to the edge of the bed where he was standing. Spreading her legs to where he wanted them positioned, he moved the head of his cock to her entrance and began slipping it in one inch at a time. She must have been very wet because he sank the entire length into her pussy within just a few seconds. I zoomed the lens in as far as it would go, framing the entire shot on their joining. As Jake moved his body in and out of Mom’s beautiful cunt, I snapped at least a dozen pictures and slowly pulled the lens back to capture their faces and full bodies in this act of lust.

My mother was getting very vocal now, uttering the most wonderful four letter words in combinations I had only read in smut magazines.

“That’s it Jake. You’re fucking me. Your beautiful cock is so deep in me. I can’t believe how wet I am. You’re so big. You’re filling up my cunt. It’s so tight and wet. God, I’m going to come all over your huge prick, Jake. Please come with me. Come with me now,” and a myriad of other enticing comments.

And with that, she let out a low moan deep in her throat, thrashing her head from side to side and clenching the blanket with her fists. Jake was obviously coming with her as he slammed his eyes shut and started to buckle at the knees. It was all over within a few short minutes from when it began. For a moment I thought I might explode with them, as my engorged cock was pulsing within my pants.

Jake slumped over Mom on the bed and they recovered for a few minutes whispering their goodbyes in each other ears. They then got up off the bed and started to put themselves back together. I started to panic when I realized they were moving towards the bathroom to freshen up a bit. I quickly and quietly stepped into the bathtub behind the shower curtain and held my breath while they primped in front of the mirror.

“God, I’ll miss you, Jenna,” Jake said. “You’ll never know how incredible this has been for me.”

“For me too, sweetie. But with you and Ann getting engaged, a complicated situation will get that much more impossible. We both knew this would be short-lived and it was wonderful while it lasted. Thanks for taking pity on a lonely old broad.”

“You have to be kidding. I’ve had the hots for you since I can remember. All the boys in the neighborhood did. This was truly a fantasy come true. Thank you Jenna.”

I then heard a wet kiss between the two of them and then their retreat out of the bathroom. Without wasting any time, I dropped my pants and began a frenzied session of masturbation to give my now aching balls some relief.

After returning to the party, I couldn’t stop staring at my Mom. I didn’t know if I would ever be able to look at her the same way again. I felt that in some way, my innocence was dead, but something else had taken its place – something that would not let loose its grip on me.

Sometime around 1 a.m. as the party was winding down, Mom announced her goodnights to the hostess and to Jake and Ann. She gave Jake a birthday hug, and I’m sure nobody else noticed the slight pressure Mom placed at their hips. I volunteered to walk back to our house with her, since I was getting pretty ragged.

We didn’t say a word as we crossed the street in the dark. I kept stealing glances at her and could see a content smile on her lips. Once inside she gave me her customary hug, peck on the cheek and said goodnight before making her way off to her room. I did the same, and as I crawled into bed I took my camera with me, played back all the pictures I had taken in beşiktaş eve gelen escort Jake’s bedroom and had to bring myself off again before I burst.

The next day felt fairly normal. Mom and I had breakfast before she set out to the market and other chores. I used the solitude and promptly loaded my pictures onto my computer. I spent most of the day organizing, editing, and enhancing over 50 lewd and erotic pictures of my own mother having a sex romp with my best friend. I even made a slide show of them – if I could have thought of an appropriate song, I would likely have added background music. Surely there had to be something very wrong with me. All that week I would jump on to my computer late at night before bed and masturbate to the slide show.

And then it happened. The next Saturday I was out hiking with a few pals and didn’t get back until early evening. As I was changing clothes in my room, I looked towards my computer station and my heart stopped. My mouse was out of place. I always left it right on top of the pad, but it was now on top of the desk. This was not good. I turned the monitor on as I always leave the computer powered up and held my breath as I looked at my slideshow still open as I had left it. It was on one of the close-ups of Jake’s cock halfway in – or out – of Mom’s wet pussy. I turned white as I realized Mom must have seen it, and cursed myself for being so stupid and careless.

“Oh shit,” I said aloud. “what do I do now?”

Mom was pretty quiet that night with something obviously troubling her and as we were finishing up dinner she looked across the table at me and said, “Adam, we have to talk.”

“Sure Mom, what about?” My heart stopped for the second time that day as I braced myself for the onslaught I knew was coming.

“Something difficult, but not here,” she replied. “Let’s go in the living room.”

I followed her like a puppy and sat on a chair while she eased down to balance on the edge of the sofa. She sat there in silence trying to gather her thoughts and stared at the floor. I could see a tear rolling down her cheek. Feeling pity and guilt I decided to take the bull by the horns.

“Mom, I know what you want to talk about.”

“You do?” she asked as she looked up.

“Yes, about you and Adam in his room the night of the party.”

She covered her shocked face with her hands and started to cry.

“My God, you must hate me. I’m so ashamed,” she blurted out between sobs.

“What? No, Mom. I’m the one who is ashamed,” I choked out as I got up and sat next to her.

“It was such a stupid thing for me to start that up with Jake. He was dropping off a jacket he had borrowed from you one night while you were out. We were standing in the kitchen so I offered him a beer, and we were talking and joking, and having another beer and another and the next thing I knew …” she was still covering her face and crying.

“It’s OK Mom. You’re a human being with wants and needs. I’m sure you must be lonely lately,” I said as I took her hands from her face and looked into her wet eyes. “It’s OK, really. I don’t hate you, and I’m sorry I took those pictures.”

Her crying suddenly stopped and she looked straight at me.

I stammered on to explain the situation I found myself in that fateful night and how I just couldn’t stop myself from taking the pictures, and hiding in the shower – leaving out the part about masturbating after they left. I spilled my guts about putting together the slideshow on the computer and promised no one else knew about it, and on and on. The whole time Mom just stared at me.

“Pictures?” she asked

I was dumbstruck.

“The pictures on my computer – the ones you looked at today.”

“I didn’t look at any pictures, Adam. I was at your desk looking for the keys to the back gate. I moved things around but never looked at anything on your computer. Jesus … you took pictures of Jake and me?”

“Then, what you wanted to talk to me about wasn’t about the pictures,” I asked feeling like the kid with his hand in the cookie jar.

“No, I wanted to tell you that we have to sell the house and find a more affordable place to live since we’re having a hard time making ends meet … I can’t talk about this anymore right now.”

All the color had faded from her face as she got up and walked to her room. I just sat there thinking how badly I had mucked everything up. It was the lowest point in my life and I would understand if Mom asked me to move out and never talked with me again.

After what felt like an eternity, I walked to my room and as I passed by her closed door I could hear her muffled crying. I took a shower and crawled into bed knowing that I probably wouldn’t sleep much. I lay in bed staring at my ceiling for at least a couple of hours before finally drifting off. After a short and fitful sleep I awoke to the sound of my door opening and could see Mom in the doorway.

“Adam, beşiktaş grup yapan escort I can’t go to sleep until I know you have erased those pictures off the computer.”

“Okay, Mom. I’ll do it right now,” I replied as I slid out of bed, thankful that I had my boxers on since I usually slept in the buff.

Mom stood behind me as I sat at the desk turning on the monitor. A picture of Jake licking her pussy faded in from black and filled the screen.

“Oh, my God Adam. How could you – how many of these are on here?”

“About 50 or so,” I replied sheepishly.

She bent over my shoulder, grabbed the mouse and started to click the mouse button. I could feel her breasts against my back through her nightgown. I don’t think she even realized it. I was thinking what a bad idea it was to see these pictures in front of her and was feeling incredibly embarrassed and ashamed.

“Mom, maybe you shouldn’t …”

“Quiet,” she said sternly. “I want to see what you saw that night.”

As the pictures began to roll by, I tried my best not to look, but found my eyes drawn to the images. Mom would let out a gasp here, and an occasional “damn you, Adam”, there, as she was clicking them off. At first she was moving through them quickly, but then the clicks slowed down and she took more time to look at each picture.

“I can’t believe you took these kind of pictures of me. But, I suppose I have no one but myself to blame.”

She stopped at a photo of Jake putting his tongue into her pussy with her eyes closed while gritting her teeth. I was starting to panic because I could feel my heart pounding and my penis starting to get hard.

“Christ, Adam. You’ve been using these to masturbate to?”

I’m sorry Mom, I can’t help it. I keep trying to stop, but it’s like I have no control,” I was on the verge of tears and she could tell.

“It’s okay, honey,” I could hear her voice starting to soften. “It really is my fault. I never even suspected you felt that way about me.”

“I guess I never realized it before, but you’re such an amazing woman. I love you so much Mom, and the last thing I wanted to do was hurt you or make you ashamed of me.”

“Oh Adam, I’m not ashamed of you, I love you baby. I’ll always love you no matter what,” she said as she placed her free hand on my neck and rubbed soothingly.

Her other hand continued clicking through the pictures and I could now feel her warm breath on my cheek. I thought at first it was my imagination, but her breathing seemed to be speeding up and then she leaned in to place her cheek against mine as we both looked in silence at the images of her having her orgasm.

“Oh, my. I can see why these would turn you on. You captured some pretty graphic shots behind that door. Did you come home and masturbate that night?”

“Actually, I couldn’t wait that long and did it in the shower after you and Jake left. I did it once again after I went to bed and scrolled through the photos on the camera,” I confessed.

My cock was rigid now, making me that much more embarrassed. I was hoping that she couldn’t see it poking out of my boxers as her head was positioned right over my shoulder.

“You really are a bad boy, but all is forgiven. Stand up and give your Mom a hug goodnight and we’ll never speak of this again.”

I was so relieved she was not going to disown me that I jumped up and embraced her, totally forgetting about my hard-on, which was now sticking straight out of the boxers. If she didn’t see my protrusion before, she knew about it now. As I pulled her to me, my cock slid straight up and under her teddy so that the underside of my member was lying up against the skin of her stomach.

This was surely a comedy of errors like no other. I was frozen in place, afraid to move – afraid not to. As we held each other I could feel Mom’s body stiffen slightly and as I tried to back away she embraced me tighter, holding me in place. We stood there for what felt like an eternity and I could feel my cock starting to flex itself in a slight pulsing motion, taking on a life of its own. My brain was starting to panic, I felt like running, screaming, and passing out, all at the same time. And then I heard it, a low quiet moan deep in Mom’s throat. Upon hearing this highly erotic purr, my cock twitched and I’m sure it grew another two inches.

“Oh my,” she whispered as she held me tighter.

She then started rubbing my naked back in soft circles, causing me to release a soft moan of my own. I reciprocated by moving my hand up and down her back from her shoulders to the bottom of the teddy, my fingers brushing her skin right above her panty line. I leaned my head down to snuggle her shoulder and placed a soft kiss on her neck. Mom moaned once again and tilted her head to invite another kiss to her neck, which I promptly delivered followed by another and another.

Mom’s breathing was getting ragged, as was mine and she placed a kiss of her own on my cheek then another. I placed small kisses on her cheek and as we exchanged these pecks our lips touched once then back to each other’s cheek. Then her lips moved back to mine and stayed there. After a few seconds she opened her mouth to me and we were locked in a deep wet kiss. Our tongues slowly explored each other and Mom let out a louder moan into my mouth.

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