My Best Friend’s Mom Ch. 01

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Chapter One – Paul and Jane

Dave was my best friend. We had been buddies since Junior High but that didn’t stop me from fucking his mom’s brains out when I was 18.

You’ve got to know something about Dave’s mom Jane; she is one hot, and horny little bitch, if you know what I mean? She doesn’t believe in growing old gracefully, not that she’s old, she had Dave when she was 16 so by the time I was 18 she was still in her early 30s. Dave’s father had shipped out years ago and her second marriage had ended in divorce not long after Dave and I met at school.

I remember thinking what a hot tomato she was then but I didn’t say anything to Dave, he’s great fun is Dave but he is a bit of a prude where his mom is concerned. I think he is under the illusion that she is the second Virgin Mary, let me tell you Jane is anything but that! If there were any awards for sluttish behaviour, Dave’s mom, would have won every single one and got the highest scores going. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Dave went off to college just after his 18th birthday, I did too only I stayed at home because unlike Dave I wasn’t clever enough to get any scholarship to study out of state. Not that I minded, because even before Dave left for his new school I knew that Jane and I were going to make some pretty loud music together.

Not that she said anything directly, but a boy knows, you know? The way her hand would slide across my leg when I was sitting next to her at the breakfast bar in her house, how she wore the lowest cut top whenever she knew I was coming around, and especially how she smiled at me with those beautiful blue eyes and licked those large wide pouty red lips.

I’m a pretty good looking guy so I’m not surprised that Jane wanted me. I’m in tip top physical condition, football and basket ball does that to you, I’m over six foot tall with pale ivory skin, jet black hair and green eyes with flecks of violet in them.

All the same Dave’s mom is a real stunner, for all my good looks, she’s just under six foot tall, firm tanned flesh, rounded but never fleshy buttocks, a tight little waist and her tits, well lets put it this way, have you ever seen two firm beach balls side by side, rounded, smooth and eager to be played with? Well think of those beach balls and you are only half way there!

One day I caught a proper glimpse of her tits, when she was drying herself off after a day out at the beach. She has nipples like two swollen plums and large areoles, all I can say is that Dave must have sucked his mom’s tits dry when he was breast feeding as a baby, because there is no other way they would be that shape and size.

I love Jane’s hair, it is red gold, and long and curly and I can’t wait to grip those wonderful locks when I am ramming my cock into her hot little body.

Of course I didn’t jump her bones the moment Dave left for school. That would be too crude, also I like to play games, and I get the impression that Jane does too, though I don’t think she realises that I play hard-ball and I play real well. Okay, I don’t have the experience she has sexually but I’ve fucked quite a few girls at school, and last summer I was banging the substitute Phys Ed teacher along with half the male senior year so I know what can get a girl going and keep her going.

Jane invited me around to the house a couple of weeks after Dave had gone to college. She wanted me to fix a broken cupboard in her kitchen. I had promised Dave I would keep an eye on his mom so my parents didn’t think anything of it when I casually told them that I was going to give Jane a helping hand. In fact my Dad lent me his car and gave me 20 bucks toward the petrol.

Jane greeted me warmly, kissing me on the cheek, a soft gentle kiss which one could mistake for motherly affection, but the hand on my butt was far from being motherly, and she smiled at me and said.

“Thanks for coming around Paul, Dave promised to fix the damn thing before he left but he forgot.”

She led me into the kitchen and the broken cupboard. Of course she could have fixed it herself, Jane was no delicate fragile little female but we both knew the game we were playing and we were both more than happy to play it from beginning to end.

So I fixed the cupboard, did a good job too and she made some lemonade for us to drink as it was a warm afternoon. We drank it by the kitchen bar and I stared at the flimsy outfit she was wearing. A short pleated black skirt that barely covered her firm ass, in fact it was so short I could see the tiny pink thong she had on underneath it, a sleeveless crop top t-shirt that was far too tight and flimsy, it strained over her tits, and she had no bra on, not that she needed one really.

She was wearing stilettos, white six inch high stilettos, and her evenly tanned legs looked even longer than they normally did. She smiled at me, holding her glass of icy cold lemonade to her lips and sipping it.

“You’ll think me quite wicked Paul,” she said breaking the silence, knowing I was eyeing her Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan body with more than just a friendly gaze, “But I got you under here on false pretences.”

“Did you?” I murmured not taking my eyes off her and she smiled again, a wide lascivious and downright horny smile.

“Yes,” she said and she put her lemonade glass onto the bar and reached for me and seconds later we were kissing, a deep, long hot kiss. She tasted like mint and lavender, sweet and heady and oh so very delicious.

I gripped her bare buttocks, my hands moulding her firm tanned flesh, pushing up her short skirt and pinching and squeezing, pressing her into my crotch which was stirring considerably.

We parted, panting as we did.

“My!” she gasped, “You know how to kiss, don’t you?”

I grinned, “I know how to do a lot of things,” I said.

She grinned back.

“Like what?” she asked and I slid my hand under her top and began to roll one of her nipples between my finger and thumb. Her eyes widened and I could feel the flesh mottle under my touch. He breathing increasing and my groin stirred further.

“I’ll take my top off,” she finally spoke but I stopped her.

“Pull it over your tits,” I ordered her, “I like it that way.”

She obeyed, smiling at me as she did.

“You’ve got a great pair of tits,” I said and before she could answer, I grasped one firmly in hand, fondled it roughly whilst latching onto the other with my mouth and sucked it…very, very hard.

She let out a cry of surprise, the tit in my mouth went rock hard and she jerked against me. I had shocked her but it was a pleasurable shock, she liked it, she liked it a lot, I could tell.

I came up for air, and said mildly and looking less ruffled than she did.

“I’ll stop if you want?” but she shook her head and I slowly traced my forefinger around the spittle covered areole, making her squirm.

“We’ll do things my way” I said softly looking into her artic blue eyes, “You’ll do what I want, won’t you?”

“Are you up for it?” she gasped, trying not to be disconcerted by my intense gaze and I laughed a low gentle laugh.

“What do you think?” I said and she nodded her head, slowly.

“No,” I said, “Tell me.”

She swallowed hard. I had taken her by surprise, she expected to be in control, I had turned the tables on her, she was expecting an eager, callow youth, but instead she got me.

“We’ll do it your way,” she said and her voice was meek as she spoke.

Before she could say anything else, I plunged one hand between her legs, my fingers sliding under the damp silky crotch of her panties, she was wet, real wet, and I began to rub the nub of her clit, making her body jolt hard against my hand.

She cried out, not once but several times because I sucked her tits simultaneously as I jerked her off, not to a climax, I intended to make Jane work real hard for the end product because I was going to get maximum pleasure out of her, and I mean maximum pleasure.

Her hands fumbled with my jeans, her trembling fingers tugged at the buttons on the waistband, I head the zip go and her long warm hands slid into my crotch, and she was cupping my throbbing balls and pulling on my cock with steady strokes.

I regulated my breathing, she was trying to make me come before my time, well that would happen but only when I wanted it to happen, she had yet to find that out! She stroked, pinched and fondled me, whilst moaning and sighing in pleasure.

“I’ve wanted this for ages,” she groaned over and over again as we played with each other, leaning against the solid pine breakfast bar “God, I’m glad Dave’s finally gone to college, I’ve been gagging for you since you turned 16!”

“Get on your knees,” I ordered her suddenly taking her by surprise again and I pushed her downward my hands suddenly on her shoulders. She didn’t resist, and I looked downward as she slid to her knees. I saw her eyes widen, I don’t think she had realised how big I was, touching and feeling is one thing, looking and seeing is another.

I guided my cock into her mouth; Jane has a wide mouth but the girth of my cock stretched it. She tried to pull back her head but I gripped those wonderful gold red curls, forcing her further onto my cock. Her eyes went like saucers, huge and round,

I almost laughed, she was struggling to accommodate me orally, I heard her splutter, then gag, she was going to have a tough time sucking my cock, but she was going to suck it and she was going to do a fucking good job at it!

“You better get it all in your mouth you dirty little slut,” I said harshly, “All the way down, it’s no use gagging, it’s going all the way in whether you like it or not!”

I think she whimpered, or maybe it was a groan,

She trembled under my hands, her mouth worked like a struggling piston, sucking desperately, luckily my cock was hot and wet and this lubricated her mouth and throat, and eventually she managed to get a rhythm going, Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan her lips compressed themselves over my rippling shaft, back and forth, deeper and deeper, her mouth stretched as if it was elastic and her throat spasmed with equal force.

Her hands grasped at my buttocks for leverage; she wanted me all the way in! The bitch was getting off on it as much as I was despite herself! Grinning I let her get on with it. Her face was practically skewered onto my cock by now and she was deep throating me, her head thrusting back and forth with a vigorous motion of a boat being rowed up a strongly moving river against the current.

I worked on her tits as she sucked my cock, I intended to make Jane sweat, and she was sweating when I pulled her off my cock, my pre-cum dribbling down her chin.

“Cum in my mouth,” she begged me, her blue eyes desperate with desire and longing, “Cum in my mouth Paul, please!”

I was breathing heavily now. I shook my head and before she could protest, I hauled her to her feet.

“We’re going to fuck on Dave’s bed,” I said shocking her, she shook her head but it was a half hearted attempt at a protest, and she only resisted briefly as I kicked off my shoes and pulled her into the room that led off from the kitchen.

Dave’s bedroom had once been the lounge, and seconds later we were falling onto my best friend’s large double bed, crumpling the comforter, and sending pillows and clothes he hadn’t taken with him to college flying in all directions.

“I can’t!” she whimpered as I dragged her skirt over her waist and dragged her panties to her ankles.

“You can and you want to,” I said mockingly, “Don’t pretend you don’t want to, or perhaps you’d like me to go home now, because I’m only going to fuck you in this room and on this bed, so make your mind up now!”

She was soaking wet between her legs, her juices were well and truly on the move, she whimpered again and I made as to get off the bed but she grabbed my arms and held onto me.

“Make your mind up, I’ve not got all day” I said roughly.

She nodded her head.

“Say it,” I ordered her, “Let me hear it!”

“I want you to fuck me on this bed,” she said hoarsely, “I want you to fuck me in this room.”

Her body was hot and damp and I nuzzled her mouth which was slightly salty after sucking on my cock.

“You’re going to beg me to fuck your brains out, scream it out; I want to hear every word!” I whispered in her ear as my hand roughly caressed her still mottled tits, “Beg me you slut, beg me to fuck your stupid little brains out!”

She writhed against me, my words aroused her, she was a prisoner to her perverted desires and we both knew it.

“FUCK MY BRAINS OUT PAUL!” she shouted at the top of her lungs when she could stand it no longer, “PLEASE FUCK MY BRAINS OUT!”

I straddled her with one sure movement, allowing my swollen dripping cock to touch the lips of her cunt, I moved from side to side, not too fast but the nub of my cock brushed her flaming red flesh and she tried to buck against me but I moved away from her, not too much but enough to give her a delicious sensation that she wanted so much more of.

She gave a wail of frustration, I was tormenting her and she was reluctantly enjoying it.

“Oh please fuck my brains out!” she wailed again desperately, “Oh Paul please fuck me until I can’t think!!”

“Why should I?” I taunted her, “You didn’t want to come in here, why should I fuck you, you ungrateful slut?”

“I’m sorry!” she wailed, “I do want you to fuck me in here, you’re right, I do, I do, I do!”

I rammed my cock hard into her cunt at that moment, it took her totally by surprise and she screamed in pleasure and pain as I filled her swollen fanny up, my huge cock stretching her cunt as wide as I had done earlier with her mouth.

I watched her face intently, enjoying yet her again her bulging eyes, her mouth turning into a huge round “O” and then the screech that came from the bottom of her throat and out of her lips.


I had practically pushed her half way up the bed, her arms failed about frantically and she grabbed the metal bed head as she bucked violently against my cock that was now well and truly inside her dripping cunt.

I thrust deep and I thrust hard. She was gurgling, crying, wailing and screeching with each stroke into her body that I made. I made it last, sharp deep breaths with each hard plunge into her willing swollen wetness.

I sucked those heavenly tits, my tongue and lips working with equal vigour on the two juicy plums heaving in front of my face, and then out of the blue a hot warmth filled my mouth, warmth and sweet wetness, the bitch was lactating!

“Oh yes!” I groaned as I gobbled eagerly on her streaming tits, almost coming myself in the process but managing to hold onto my load despite getting off even more by this surprising turn of events “I get to milk you as well!”

She bucked hard against me at my words, it appeared that Jane was getting off on me “milking” her tits too!

Her legs were wrapped around my waist and I was hammering into her faster now, increasing my speed, I would be coming soon but not just yet.

“Empty my titties Paul!” she hollered, her head thrown back, her mouth wide open, her whole body throbbing against and in mine like a fast going train of greasy track “Suck them both dry!”

I kissed her mouth so she could taste herself on me, she sucked on my tongue and lips and the pressure in my groin was building up to one hell of a climatic orgasm. Faster and faster I went, but I couldn’t stop until her tits were two sore empty sacs and I held on for dear life, empting those puppies of every last drop of her hot wet delicious lactated liquid.

Jane came first, she thrashed even harder against me violently , her hips bucked, writhed and slammed into mine, she let out a scream of pure raw pleasure and then her whole body went into continual spasms, jerking like someone had shoved an electric cattle prod right up her ass and turned it on full.

I came seconds later, it was like a detonation and my cum shot out of my balls, up my cock, saturating Jane’s womb in a gushing river of hot fast flowing spunk.

“FILL ME UP!” Jane screamed as she felt me coming “OH PLEASE FILL ME UP!”

I filled her up all right; I was well and truly loaded, so much so there was a back flow, as she couldn’t take it all in.

I slid off and out of her with a satisfying pop. Jane lay on her back, staring at the ceiling, her mouth hung open slightly and she looked a bit dazed.

“My God,” she kept saying over and over again, “Oh my God!”

I smiled.

“Do you think we’re finished?” I said shocking her; she turned to look at me, bewilderment and exhaustion on her glistening face.

“But…but…” she stammered but I shook my head.

“I said I was going to fuck your brains out remember?” I said, “And I intend to keep my promise!”

Her mouth open and shut like a goldfish, she started to protest but I ignored her, I pulled her into a sitting position whilst I spread my legs, my glistening, cum soaked cock lying wetly against Dave’s favourite comforter. I made her squat onto her hands and knees, and guided her mouth to my waiting phallus.

It was a very enjoyable twenty or so minutes for me as Jane worked on my cock with her mouth, tongue and lips, she had a hard job (forgive the terrible pun!) ahead of her and she knew it but I rose to the occasion as I knew I would.

As she sucked my cock, I aroused her, stroking her buttocks and fondling her tits, she still had her crop top on, pushed over her tits and she had lost one of her stilettos, but the other was still firmly in place on her foot. Her pink thong though had catapulted across the room earlier on with our vigorous fucking but her skirt was still scrunched around her slender waist.

As I had done before I pulled her off my cock before I came. Her chest was heaving, her whole body was drenched in sweat, sex juices and cum, she mewled at me as I swivelled her around so that she was straddling my cock but not facing me, she was startled but not for long.

I spat on three of my fingers and began to work them into her tight firm ass.

“NO!” she shouted bucking against me in protest when she realised what I had in mind, “I’ve never had it up there before!”

“Oh yes!” I shouted back, holding her with one arm and wiggling my fingers around in her virgin bum hole. It seemed if there was one part of Jane that was untouched but not for much longer that was for sure!

It was a sensation that that she liked despite herself, she jerked against my hand, and pulled, trying to protest but I was stronger than she was and she gave in when I parted her bum cheeks and began to eat her ass. She had the sweetest ass I have ever tasted, musky and mellow, she gurgled as I lapped at her bum hole with my tongue, kissing and slurping at it, making her writhe.

She was holding onto the front of my legs, her butt partly in the air to give me access to it, her face was near one of my feet. I purposely moved my foot toward her mouth, brushing my toes against the corner of her lips. Her tongue snaked out, and caressed the warm soft flesh and I smiled.

“Oh yes!” she groaned and she began to lap at my foot, first my toes, and then her tongue was moving up and down the sole of my foot, it was a delicious sensation.

I worked on her butt and she worked on my feet. It turned me on no end I can tell you having Dave’s mom getting off by licking me in such a way, it was really erotic, I mean REALLY so!

Eventually she was ready; I had pulled, stretched, fondled, pinched and lubricated her ass ready for the entry of my cock. Of course I didn’t just slide right up her ass; it was a real tight fit. She screamed of course, screamed, bucked, yelled and hollered.

She begged me to stop, that I was tearing her in two, but I just continued, pushing my cock into her, holding onto her, making her work her ass backwards toward me.


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