My Bonding Time With Ivana

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“Thank you for inviting me to dinner, Mrs. Clankman,” she mentioned, strolling towards me.

“You’re welcome, Ivana, and you call me, Victoria. You are in a somewhat serious relationship with my step son, so get comfortable with me,” I advised her, stirring noodles.

“Well, Austin and I are serious, and he has bragged about your spaghetti before, so I’m looking forward to it. When are the guys coming back?”

I peeked at her pretty face. “They aren’t, Ivana.”

Her eyebrows rose up and she crossed her arms. “Why not?”

I bit my bottom lip for a moment. “I told them just to have a boy’s night out with their friends,” I replied before I turned to her. “I just wanted a girl’s night with you. I don’t have any kids and I thought maybe we could bond a little bit. You aren’t mad, are you?”

“No,” she answered, breaking eye contact. “Although, you could have just told me that, though. I’m eighteen, so I can handle the truth.”

“Okay, I won’t mislead you like that again,” I let her know, turning back to the noodles.

“If you wanted a girl’s night, couldn’t we have gone out somewhere? I mean this seems weird, like you wanted to talk rather than have a good time,” she whined, turning away from me.

‘Damn, dinner isn’t even ready yet, and she is pissed.’

“I’ll have it ready shortly, Ivana, you can go sit down at the table.”

“No,” she objected, glancing back at me. “Tell me why you invited me here under false pretenses.”

I sighed. “I’d just prefer to fill your stomach up before we talk, but I promise it is something worth your time.”

“Okay,” she responded in a tone before she left the kitchen.

“Damn, for a cute brunette, she is a little bitchy.”

I finished the meal and brought her a plate of food. We both sat down at the dining room table, sat across from each other and began eating. We ate for a few minutes without speaking a word, peeking at each other several times.

“This is really good, Victoria.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. So, what’s on your mind? You aren’t gonna interrogate me about Austin, are you?”

“No, but it is not really dinner conversation.”

“What, do you want sex advice from me?” she chuckled, peeking at her plate.

I bit my lip, my eyes widened and it felt like my heart was about to pop out too.

She kept her head down for a few more seconds before she glanced back at me. “Holy shit,” she laughed, putting her hands onto her face up to her cheeks. “Did you really want sex advice from me, Victoria?”

My face dyed red and I covered it with hands. “That’s putting it bluntly. Now do you understand why I invited you here alone and wanted to wait until after dinner?”

“Damn,” she laughed. “I had no idea, but you could have just been upfront about that.”

My hands dropped. “Well, I’m a thirty-three-year-old married, red headed housewife trying to make it work with my husband. We’ve been married since Austin was ten, but our sex life is almost dead now. I’m just embarrassed to ask my friends about this, and I just know that you and Austin are together.”

“Do you mean we’re having sex, Victoria?”

“Yes, I’m not gonna grill you about it, but I was just hoping maybe you could help me out with his dad.”

She nodded and kept her down for a moment.

‘She is smiling evilly, either she has a few tricks to share or I’m about to get the urge to slap her.’

“You are right, we should wait until after dinner,” she chuckled, looking back at me.


We finished eating in silence. ‘I know she isn’t judging me, but it still feels awkward though.’

Anyway, after another ten minutes, we finished eating and then we both landed on the couch, with me on one side and her on the other.

She smirked at me again. “So, first of all, how dead is your sex life?”

“I guess there are a few heartbeats, but it seems nearly hopeless at this point. I know you and Austin are young, but maybe you can find some grease for me.”

“Okay, but be forewarned: I’ll be blunt with you,” she warned me, turning her body to me.

“I understand,” I answered, turning to her.

“Well, first of all,” she said, getting close to me. “Why do you always hide your bosoms? I mean, they are big,” she pointed out, bringing her palms towards my tits. “May I?”

I stayed silent for a few seconds and my eyebrows went up. “Sure.”

She snatched my hooters. “These are nice and firm. They should be your main attraction, but you usually wear sweaters, or t-shirts like this one. You should be wearing dresses around dinnertime. You know, ones that’ll show these off,” she suggested, squeezing them.

“I guess, but I have you and Austin around here a lot. I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.”

“Okay, well, maybe show them off a little bit at least. How about in the bedroom, do you wear lingerie or anything sexy to bed?”

“No, I think he has just lost interest in that stuff. I’m usually wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants to bed,” I mentioned before I peeked at her chest. “You have smaller mersin escort breasts, but you are showing them off.”

“I have these buttons,” she pointed out, touching them at the top. “No one said I have to use them though. Maybe you should just advertise yourself to a certain extent, but not jump off a bridge. Have a sale, but not a super sale. You know, let the crack out just a little bit and wear something sleeveless too. You could also let your belly show, so just show off your body. That’ll get his dick hard.”

“Okay, but I’ve heard you two having sex quite a few times. What do you do exactly to keep that sexual spark? I mean you two must love each other, right?”

“Yes, of course I love him,” she replied, getting back onto the other side of the couch. “I guess it is where that love drives you, Victoria. I’m sure you two had sex before marriage, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but after the honeymoon phase, our sex life just spiked down,” I responded, putting my hands up. “So, I’m now here with you.”

“Well, may I ask something sexual?”

“Okay,” I answered with raised eyebrows.

“Have you ever tried giving him a blow job when he is watching TV?”

I just had an odd face and my head went back. “What? No, I’ve never done anything like that,” I answered, shaking my head no.

“Well, that’s an idea then: be spontaneous and just surprise him with it. Just casually climb next to him on the couch and undo his pants. Even if he says something, don’t answer and pull out his rod. Rub it for a moment, then take it right into your mouth and slowly begin thrusting your lips. What guy doesn’t like getting blown? Maybe you need to make the first move to grease the wheels to get the cart moving again.”

“Really? I never thought of anything like that,” I mentioned, breaking eye contact.

“Well, I think you should at least try it, but make sure you are comfortable though. If you aren’t, then shit could backfire. You know, I’ve sucked Austin’s cock while he was watching.”

“Whoa, T.M.I. alert,” I protested, putting my hands up.

“I told you so maybe you’d find yourself more comfortable if you knew I did it,” she pointed out, shooting me a dirty look.

I took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, Ivana, but I didn’t need to know that. Austin is my step son and we’re pretty close. That was just weird.”

“I understand. I guess I’m a little free spirited, and comfortable with you. It is just us ladies here, neither of us are gonna go spouting off to other people about our conversation.”

I thought about that for a moment and then I leaned over to her. I hugged her and she hugged me right back. After a moment, we let go of each other and sat back down.

I scratched my head for a moment. “Have you given him head in here before?”

“Yes, right on this couch in fact.”

My lips went in between my teeth and I bit them hardly for a few seconds. “No kidding, but what about his stuff though?”

“Do you mean his cum?” she pondered, grinning.

I placed my palms onto my forehead. “Yes,” I chuckled faintly.

“Well, sometimes I swallow it, and others I just let him cum on my face or boobs. I guess depending on if I have all my clothes on.”

“Wait, do you mean you’ve had more than oral sex in here?”

“Yes, it is part of our adventurous relationship. Something that keeps that spark. You and Jack have never caught us out here before, so I guess it is just smoking hot for us. So, you two have never fucked out here before?”

“No, what if we got caught? I’m pretty sure that would scar Austin for life and Jack would never want to have sex again.”

“It wouldn’t be that bad, but try it sometime.”

We both stayed quiet for a moment.

“What about sexting, Victoria? Have you ever tried that?”

“No, I guess we don’t have a sexual foundation to support that kind of thing. Besides, I feel weird typing that stuff.”

Then she pulled out her phone. “What about some dirty pictures? You could just let your body do the talking and you’ll have him thinking about you until he gets home.”

“Oh, hell no,” I objected, getting up. “Sexting him is too much. Hell, I could never see myself just sending him a nude picture of myself.”

She nodded and began messing with her phone. “After you do it once,” she said, showing me her phone. “It is just gravy after that.”

“Shit, you are naked,” I observed, taking her phone. “Damn, Austin is a lucky guy if he gets these kinds of pictures. I don’t even like girls and I feel my panties getting a little wet. Are those C-cup boobs?”

“Yes, he loves them and I keep my pussy trimmed as he likes it. I got my best friend to take that for me, so what do you say?”

“To what?” I pondered, glancing back at her.

“Let me take some pictures of you and then you can send them to your hubby. If you want reignite your sex life, you are gonna need at least a small flame to work with first. If you send him pictures and then just give him an amazing blow job without saying a word while he watches TV, he will get so hot for you.”

“I mersin escort bayan don’t want to pose for you, you are my step son’s girlfriend,” I opposed, giving her phone back.

“So what? I just showed my picture,” she reminded me, taking the phone. “You wanted my advice, so I gave it to you.”

I sighed and looked away for a moment. “Do you really think that might help me out?”

“Hell yeah, if you got them, then flaunt them, Victoria. Just give me your phone and I’ll capture the magic for you.”

I bit my bottom lip for a moment. ‘What do I have to lose?’ I thought before I dug into my pocket and handed her my phone.

“You won’t regret this, I promise,” she told me, getting up with me.

“What should I do, take off my top and shorts?”

“Yes, you want them to be dirty, right?”

I calmly grabbed the end of my t-shirt and took it off myself.

“Holy shit, you have nice melons,” she commended me, smiling.

“Thanks, I guess,” I muttered, undoing my shorts.

They fell and I stepped out of them. Her eyebrows went up and she scratched her head too.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, maybe just a plain pair of white panties and an ordinary white bra may not set off those sexy vibes, but let’s see what we can work with here,” she said before she held the phone up. “Rub your breasts, that might tip the scales even more.”

I smiled and rubbed my bosoms with both hands. ‘Oh, this is so weird.’

“Oh, yes, get those titties. Don’t be bashful either, let your sexy side out. Let him know what is on your mind, and those are more than just for show,” she moaned, snapping pictures.

I gave her several different poses for her to photograph and she seemed to be loving it.

After about five minutes, she stopped. “So, what do you say to losing the bra? Why don’t you let the bundles of joy off that leash?”

I bit my lip for a moment and shook slightly. “Do you swear you won’t tell anyone about this?”

“I promise, I’m doing this for you. If I marry Austin someday, we’ll be in each other’s lives forever.”

I took in a deep breath and brought my hands to my back. I undid it and took it off, but I immediately covered my nipples.

“Don’t worry, I’m just another woman. As you saw, I have tits too.”

“Fine,” I groaned before I unveiled my nipples.

“Holy shit, I’m jealous, your breasts are dazzling,” she praised me, strolling towards me.

She stopped in front of me. “May I?”


Her palms slowly made the trip onto my melons. “Oh, my, are these real?”

“Yes, they are all natural.”

She rubbed them for a moment and kept her eyes right on them too.

“Okay, I get it,” I pointed out, backing away. “You like my boobs. So can we finish this now?”

“How about you lose your underwear, and let him see your bush too?”

I took a deep breath. “I shave it actually,” I let her know before I lowered my panties.

“Yes, you do, hot lady,” she noticed, peeking at my slit.

She stared at it for a few seconds before she backed away a few feet. She failed to utter a word, but maintained a cheesing smile as she put the phone back up.

‘If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she loves what she sees,’ I thought, posing sideways with my arms above my head.

She took several pictures of me, even though I only needed a couple for Jack.

“Damn, you certainly have a sexy body and you know how to flaunt it too.”

“I guess you are nonthreatening, Ivana, but I think we have enough now.”

“Okay,” she replied, ambling back to me.

I grabbed it and went through the pictures. “Do you really think he’ll like these?”

“Yes, Victoria, you are fucking ravishing. Trust me, every guy would love to get nude pictures from his wife or girlfriend.”

“Okay, I’ll send my two favorites to my husband, if you send one to your boyfriend.”

“Fuck, I can do that,” she answered, prior to taking off her top.

She stripped out of her top and shorts right in front of me in about ten seconds. “You see, pink silk panties with a matching bra,” she pointed out, prior to undoing her bra. “Try it sometime,” she suggested before took it off and slid her underwear down too. “We can get both of our guys horny and ready to fuck us. Also, be sure to have your panties or your bra straps out, he’ll certainly notice that too. Maybe for our next bonding period, we can go to Victoria’s Secret and get you something sexy.”

She tossed her phone to me, but I failed to move my arm. “Fuck me, you are one stunning lady, Ivana.”

“Thank you, but could you pick up my phone?”

“Oh, yes,” I said, glancing at the floor. “I’m sorry,” I apologized before I picked it up. “Fuck, you just mesmerized me.”

“Thank you.”

I put it on camera mode and angled it up.

“Shoot me, Victoria,” she ordered grabbing her boobs, but letting her nipples show and smiling lustfully.

I did just that and walked right back to her.

She took the phone and peeked at it. “That’s a good one, he’ll get his dick hard and escort mersin want to fuck me that much more. It is sent now, so you better send your favorite picture too, Victoria.”

I swallowed once and just picked a couple pictures to send. After I sent them, I peeked back up at her. I bit my bottom lip and my eyes widened. She smiled at me and calmly closed the gap between us. Not a word was spoken as we both just checked out each other’s bodies. It lasted for about three minutes before her right hand slowly made it’s way onto my cheek.

She caressed it. “I know this might be out there, but have you ever thought of being with another woman? Letting him see you with one or just inviting one in with you two? If you did either of those, you might make him want you forever. He won’t know how you two ever went through a drought. It’ll turn him on and the switch will be broken off,” she explained before her palms lazily dropped to my boobs. “Have you imagined a woman licking you nipples, or maybe your labia? I’ve never been with a woman, but your step son does have a collection of girl on girl porn movies on his laptop,” she explained before a small pause.

“Between us, I’ve masturbated to them a few times before, and I’ve found myself interested in fucking another woman.”

“Well, you are quite exquisite, but it seems like you are flirting with me.”

“I know.”

We both licked our lips for a moment, but then she slowly leaned towards me. She kissed me right on the lips as she squeezed my breasts.

It lasted for twenty seconds before I abruptly brought my head back. “No, I invited you here for sex advice, not to have sex with you.”

“Yes,” she admitted, wrapping her arms around my neck. “Although, that doesn’t mean we can’t fuck anyway. I think we came across our own spark.”

“I’m married and you have a serious boyfriend.”

“Yeah, but they don’t need to know anything. You didn’t even tell them that you’d be hanging with me tonight, did you?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“I’m pretty damn sure they’d both love the fact that we’re even standing in front of each other completely naked right now.”

We both stayed silent for a moment. ‘Wow, she is a beauty. She even has some cum streaming down my legs.’

“Oh, do I hear buzzing?”

We both grabbed our phones and peeked at them. “‘I like that, Victoria. Maybe we can have some fun when I get home tonight. I’m rocking a major hard on now.’ Wow, you were right, Ivana.”

“Damn straight.”

I peeked back up and saw her right in front of me.

Suddenly, I dropped my phone and wrapped my arms around her. “We only tell them when I want to, got it?”


I calmly pressed my lips onto hers as she let her arms come around me too. We both rubbed each other’s upper backs and let our boobs press together too. We made out for over five minutes as we both just stood there in the middle of the living room.

‘Wow, Austin is one unbelievably lucky dude.’

Eventually, my hands slithered down onto her butt and my lips calmly came off hers. “Would you like to take our party into the bedroom?”

“I like that,” she replied before she kissed me.

I took her hand in mine and we made our to my bedroom. ‘I didn’t intend for this to happen, but yet, I’m not stopping it.’

As we made it in there, I shut the door and went right to her as she stood on the right side of my bed.

I took her hands. “You are quite ravishing, but I never thought about being with another woman. Now, I can’t say no to you.”

“Then say the word ‘Yes’,” she suggested before she dropped to her knees.

She instantly came right to my slit with her tongue out. Her hands landed on the floor and her tongue slid right into my cherry.

“Yes, do that, sexy wench,” I moaned, placing my hands onto her head. “Fuck me with your slick tongue, Ivana. Just don’t tell anyone about it.”

She failed to reply to that, but let her tongue slide up and down in my pussy effortlessly. She failed to stick it in deep enough to my clit, but made sure to pleasure me beyond belief. I scrubbed her head a bit, but made sure not to hurt her.

“Shit, I hear my cum dripping out onto the carpet, so keep going. I feel myself burning up already.”

After a couple moments of her pleasuring me, she nonchalantly stopped and stood up with me. “Sometimes less is more,” she let me know before she kissed me. “So shut the fuck up and let me fuck you. I’m not about to fuck a woman for the first time and let her distract me,” she warned me before she pushed me down onto the bed.

“Sorry,” I said before I blew her a kiss.

“It is quite alright, new and spontaneous sexual adventures can turn people into chatterboxes. The first time I sucked Austin’s dick as he was watching TV, he couldn’t quit spouting off nice things about me to save his life. He kept going on until he needed to shoot,” she explained, getting onto her stomach right in front of me.

“That’s hot.”

“I know,” she responded before she inserted two fingers from her right hand into my snatch.

She leaned down to it and let her tongue slide back in.

“Okay, I’ll shut up if you make me cum all over your pretty face, Ivana. Fuck me until you get what you want,” I moaned, positioning my hands back onto her head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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