My Boss

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“I’m coming,” Mandy screamed as she felt my tongue and lips caress and manipulate her clit, her wrinkly wizened hands were holding my head in between her legs and she was using my face for her pleasure. She loved it that when I ate her out I played with her slightly sagging B up breasts and tweaked her nipples.

When she came down from her high she pulled my head up so I could look her in the eye and she guided my cock inside her now soaking wet cunt, she made the endearing noise she always made when I entered her, a contented “Ahh” and her hands rested on my bum cheeks as I sunk all the way in.

Mandy is 48 years of age and the managing director of her own online women’s clothing company, she is married to John who hasn’t been able to get it up for a few years now and so she comes to me to get her rocks off.

My name is Stuart and I am 24 years old and Mandy is my sugar mummy, 6 months earlier she had set me up in flat in Riverside Court which has great views of the city skyline so I am always there when ever she feels the urge.

I started to slowly move my cock in and out of her cunt and her hips moved in time to mine, it started off slow and measured but after a while she wanted me to go faster and faster and soon my hips were a blur, her hips stopped moving as she allowed herself to be fucked deeper and deeper into the mattress, her eyes were closed and she had a big smile on her face and then I came, she loved it when I came inside her, she liked the fact that my 9 inch long, 1 and half inch wide cock came it did so with such a force that I it always triggered an orgasm inside her and this time was no exception, her face went red and her eyes opened, and she wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me deep inside her until her orgasm subsided.

When she released me I rolled off her and we both lay on our backs gathering our senses. I looked across to her ad looked at her face, she had dyed light brown hair and a face that though not pretty held a lot of attraction to me, despite the flat and over the top salary I wouldn’t be able to shag her if I didn’t fancy her, she had crows feet next to her eyes but the rest of her face was fairly line free.

I held her hand as we lay and after a few minutes she let go of my hand and stood up revealing her 5 ft 3 inch tall slim frame, yes there was some sag but I always found that attractive in a lady, going old gracefully I believed it was called. She walked to the ensuite bath room and came back 2 minutes later and leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

“I must go,” she said “John has arranged for us to go out this evening as it’s our anniversary,” she recovered her clothing that was scattered around the bed room floor. First went on the sensible knickers and bra, followed by the grey pin stripe business dress and jacket, she left her tights off as I had ripped them getting them off her earlier. She went back into the bathroom and fiddled with her hair and make up before looking for her hand bag.

I stood up and followed her into the lounge and my by now reenergised cock proudly led the way, I am 6ft tall with dark hair and had rugged good looks with a killer smile. I was also confident and I think that is what Mandy liked in me.

She turned around and saw me coming towards her and sighed “If only we had more time,” she said as looked me in the eye and then looked at my cock again.

“No problem, I’ll see you tomorrow at work,” I replied and pulled her close to me and kissed her hard.

She melted against me and returned the kiss before saying “10am meeting with Fiona Armstrong-Smythe, don’t be late, I will need you to take notes.”

I am also her PA, which means the boss is shagging her secretary which is a bit of twist on the old cliché.

The other part of my job was to seduce married female clients or suppliers who wouldn’t play ball with what Mandy wanted, so that once I had slept with them she could blackmail them into giving her the terms she wanted, my salary as her PA was over twice would be expected of someone performing my role, the rest was to make up for the extra services I provided to Mandy.

Mrs Armstrong-Smythe had gone to the best private and finishing schools before going to university where she met her husband who was now a government minister. She owned the largest supplier of clothing material in the country and was playing hardball on prices for Mandy’s new collection due out in a couple of months.

I arrived in the office by 7:30 and was sorting through emails when Mandy walked in a 7:45, I had opened her mail and sorted it into urgent, deal with later and ignore piles, I had responded to some emails and also removed all the crap from her inbox leaving her just the stuff she needed to deal with.

Today she was wearing a blue trouser suit with a red and white pattered blouse underneath. The blouse was buttoned all they way up to the neck and she looked every inch the older, respectable professional lady. At work we were professional, that way no one would ever know that she was having her wicked way with me.

I walked into her office Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan with her coffee and she asked me to shut the door. “Mrs AS is going to be a pain, I need you to work your magic on her, I know she is staying overnight tonight at Braston Hall so perhaps you can see if you can do your thing.”

“OK no problem,” I replied as I walked out of the door.

At 9:50 I got a phone call from reception informing me that Mrs Armstrong-Smythe had arrived, I walked to reception and saw her sitting in one of the chairs. “Good morning Mrs Armstrong-Smythe, would you like to follow me?” I asked.

As she stood up I took the opportunity to take a good look at her, she is 44 years old, 5 ft 10 inches tall in heels and very slim, and her hair was dark brown and as usual was immaculate along with the makeup. She was wearing a brown skirt suit with a gold silk blouse underneath. She did in fact look quite stunning and I certainly would have no trouble getting it up for her, she only had small breasts but she was very attractive and knew it, she carried herself in a manner which was confident but she did have a manner about her which said “Don’t fuck with me.”

I walked with her and we chatted about nothing in particular until we got to Mandy’s office, I knocked on the door and showed Fiona in, the twp ladies greeting each other and I got coffee’s in and shut the door, and then the meeting started, Fiona was asking for a 10% increase in price and Mandy would only got to 3%, it took 4 hours and in the end it was stalemate, no one would budge.

The meeting ended and I escorted Fiona to reception and I asked her if she would like me to escort her to lunch at her hotel. She accepted and I asked her to wait whilst I retrieved my jacket and told Mandy.

“Good, now get her on her back with your cock buried inside her, and make sure you have got the camera?” she asked.

“Yes, setup in my jacket pocket, have I ever let you down before?”

“No, you haven’t, I don’t expect to see until tomorrow morning,” she replied before briefly squeezing my hand.

We travelled in her car to the hotel which was a 20 minute drive from the office and we exchanged polite conversation as she drove, we arrived at the hotel where we walked straight to the restaurant, and we were immediately seated by the head waiter. I knew Fiona liked a drink so I ordered a bottle of wine and let her drink most of it, by the end of the bottle she getting quite giggly.

I held her hand and whispered “Are you OK? You seem a little worse for wear.”

“I am a little,” she said in her posh voice.

“Let me escort you back to you room?” I asked politely and settled the bill.

I held out my arm and she looped hers threw it and we walked to the lifts where she leaned her head against my shoulder whilst we waited. I slipped an arm around her waist and guided her into the lift when it arrived.

I pressed the button for the 3rd floor and she looked at me with a glazed expression and said “Thank you.”

“No problem,” I replied and kissed the corner of her mouth and pulled her close to me.

The lift pinged and the door opened and we walked to her room, she opened the door using the key card and locked the door behind me after we entered, I laid my jacket on a chair facing the bed so I knew the camera would record anything that happened on it.

I sat next to Fiona on the bed and said “You really are very attractive Fiona.”

She blushed and giggled and said “Do you think so? My husband never tells me that any more.”

I leaned forward and kissed gently full on the mouth before parting a second later.

“Naughty boy,” she remarked and started to stand up, she walked to the bathroom and came back into the bedroom 2 minutes later with her jacket off and her blouse untucked from her skirt. I also noticed that top 2 buttons of the blouse were now undone.

She sat on the bed next to me and placed a hand on my leg and leaned her head on my shoulder, I kissed the top of her head and she tilted her head to look at me, I leaned in and kissed her on the lips again, this time she responded and returned the kiss gently.

“Thank you for making me feel desirable again,” she said when our lips parted so leaned in and kissed her again this time harder, she responded and started to move her hand that was on my leg up and down my thigh, I raised hand and placed it gently on her face as we kissed.

I moved back from the kiss and continued to lightly stroke her face and said “I have always thought you were not only attractive, but intelligent as well and that combination makes for 1 beautiful lady, the fact you have a slim sexy figure as well makes you all the more appealing. If you weren’t so unobtainable I would be trying to sweet talk you into doing more than kissing.”

“You are doing that very well all ready,” she replied before standing up, she turned in front of me and started to undo her blouse.

I stood up and undid my tie and said “Let me,” and threw the tie on the floor and then started to undo her blouse, when Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan all the buttons were undone I pulled the blouse open and saw she had a cream coloured lacy bra on, it had a front opener so I opened that as well, I then pulled her bra and blouse off her together and pulled her close to me and we then had our first French kiss, after a minute she undid my shirt and pulled it off me and then pushed me back on to the bed, she undid her skirt and let it fall to floor and then stepped out of it, she of course had knickers on that matched her bra and tan hold ups. I undid my trousers and pulled them off and took my socks and shoes off with them. She leapt on me like a leopard on a gazelle and straddled me as we kissed me hard, I stroked her back as we kissed and then rolled us over so I was on top of her.

I started to kiss her neck and moved down her body and sucked a long erect nipple into my mouth, she moaned in pleasure and gently stroked the back of my neck as I bathed in nipple with my tongue, I moved to the other one and did the same and moved a hand between us and started to rub her mound, her legs went wider and she pushed me down, I guessed she wanted me to eat her so who am I to disappoint a lady.

I kissed down her body and over her flat stomach, one thing I had noticed was how soft and perfect her skin was and as I reached her mound I pulled her knickers off, this meant I had to break contact for a second but as soon as they were on the floor I dived back in and started to eat her out.

She moaned and gently held my head in place as I worked my magic on her clit and lower lips my tongue and lips, for a lady that had been to the best schools she knew some choice language as she felt the first of her orgasms that day start to build. I kept licking and sucking her clit and lower lips and what set her off was when I stuck a finger inside her by now sodden cunt, it was like a firecracker had gone off inside her as the release she had been waiting for finally occurred.

Her hips lifted off the bed and she let out an animal like cry as she came, she soaked my face with her juices and nearly drowned me as she crushed my nose and mouth to her mons, after 20 seconds she calmed down and pushed me off.

She was mumbling something incoherently as I stood up and pulled my boxers down and released my cock, she said “Oh my god,” and then beckoned me back to her and sat up on the edge of the bed, she pulled me close to her and as I stood this respectable middle aged lady with a voice that wouldn’t be out of place in all the best country homes started to suck my cock.

She started by licking and up and down whilst holding it and then licked the end, after a minute or so she just gobbled my head into her mouth and started working, her technique was that good that I was ready to blow my load down her throat within 2 minutes and when I told her she sucked harder, she really wanted to taste me and with that I blew, she swallowed the lot and when she was sure it had all gone she lay on her back.

I never went soft, I climbed onto of her and lined up my cock to her cunt and ploughed straight in, “Fuck me, you bastard,” she said as I started to move in and out of her cunt. She wrapped her nylon covered legs around me and drove me on, because I had only just come I fucked her silly for 10 minutes and then she came again, as she was coming I pulled out lay on my back, she looked at me and after she stopped shaking she got the hint and straddled me without missing a heartbeat lined me up and dropped straight onto me, taking me deep with in. she leaned back on her arms and fucked me, I played with her breasts as she kept driving herself onto my cock. She got tired and then flopped forward onto me and dangled a breast in front of my face from which I duly sucked and kissed her nipple as she now slowly ground herself against me.

I grabbed her arse cheeks and held on as she ground herself against me and then she came again, feeling her cunt flex around my cock was too much and I pumped what felt like a galloon of come inside her. She smiled as she felt my cock spasm inside and collapsed on top of me.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her close as she came down from her orgasmic high and then she rolled off me and lay on her back next to me.

“Thank you Stuart that was marvellous,” she said in a very matter of fact way.

I rolled onto my side and formed a triangle with my arm and rested my head on my hand. “I’m glad you enjoyed it, because you were the best lover I have ever had.” I replied truthfully.

I then started starting lightly stroking the valley between her breasts with my other hand and leaned in and kissed her on the lips. “Do you really mean that?” she asked with a big smile on her face.

Just then her mobile rang and she got out of bed and retrieved it from her handbag and made a face as she saw who it was, she pressed the green button and spoke into the handset, “Hi Darling.”

I guessed it was her husband so I just kissed her on the cheek as I passed her on the way to toilet, I came back 2 minutes later and she was still on the phone so I stood behind her, reached round and started playing with her nipples. She leaned back into me as she said “Must go another boring meeting to go to,” and hung up the call, she turned the phone off and threw it into her bag, and she removed my hands from her breast and turned around and placed her hands behind my neck. “Have you got to be anywhere this evening?” she asked.

“No,” I replied and then she kissed me with a hunger that I had never seen before.

I left her room at 4am with her asleep and my come dripping out of her cunt, her thighs were starting to bruise.

The next day Mandy got a phone call from Fiona saying that as her PA was such good company Fiona agreed to a 3% increase on the condition that I was to escort her for dinner next time she was in the area. Mandy agreed and called me in to arrange to get the contracts drawn up.

Just as well really as the camera in my jacket was broken and didn’t record a thing, but hey there would always be next time.

Mandy was very grateful and showed me just how grateful that Friday when she asked me to come to her house that evening as her husband would be away all weekend, I read the email and knocked on her door and she asked me to close the door behind me. She was sitting at her desk and was today wearing a blue silk t shirt and light grey skirt, hanging up on the coat hook was a dark blue blazer with gold buttons.

“Are you sure about this? You always said never in your house,” I asked.

“I want you in my bed tonight, I want you to hold me because as you know my husband doesn’t touch me anymore and I want to feel loved in my own home.”

“Ok, I’ll be there at 7,” I then walked over to her and took her hand, she stood up and looked at me with a confused look on her face and I kissed her on the lips. She squeezed my hand and kissed me back.

“You had better go before I do something I regret,” she said gently stroking my arm.

I left at 3 as I had a dentists appointment and was home by 4, I had a workout on the home gym for an hour or so and then had a shower before I packed an overnight bag to take with me to Mandy’s.

I took a cab rather than drive as I didn’t want to leave my car on her driveway overnight in case it raised too many questions with her neighbours. The taxi arrived at mine 15 minutes late so I sent Mandy a text telling her I would be bit late, and she just replied “Get here I need you in me, xx.”

Due to an accident on the roads I didn’t arrive at hers until 7:30 and I walked up the driveway just as Mandy’s neighbour was leaving Mandy’s front door, her neighbour is the local mayoress Mrs Jennifer Taylor, she is 49 years old and a real old shrew, if she smiled she would be very attractive but she always had a disapproving look on her face and peered at everyone over the top of her half moon glasses, she is a UK size 10 and also dresses like you imagine your grandmother would, sensible cardigans, flat shoes and dresses that are shapeless. I have met her twice at social events and she recognised me.

“Hello Stuart, how are you?” she asked politely.

I decided to see if she was a total ice maiden, “All the better for seeing you Mrs Taylor, have you done something different with your hair or makeup because she look even more beautiful than the last time I saw you.”

She smiled and toyed with her loosely hanging blonde hair and said “Oh, just styled slightly different, but thank you for noticing, my husband didn’t.”

“Well if you ever fancy a change for an evening let me know and I’ll show you the benefits of an attentive younger man,” I replied.

“If Mandy doesn’t wear you out with all the work she has got planned for you this evening I might take you up on that one day, oh and call me Jennifer,” she replied as she walked down the driveway with an exaggerated bum wiggle.

Mandy watched Jennifer walk down the driveway and said “I need you to work you magic on her later this week, I am applying for planning permission to expand our offices and it would help if I had her support, but at the moment she is refusing to provide it.”

I closed the front door and put my bag down and pulled Mandy into me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and I picked her up carried her upstairs, I knew where her bedroom was even though I had never seen the inside of it. She looked me in the eye as I walked up the stairs and said “Tonight just fuck me.”

“It will be my honour,” I replied and she melted into me, her bedroom door was open and for the first time I saw the inside of it, there was a king size bed with Egyptian cotton white linen, photos of Mandy and John on a dressing table and a chest of drawers, there was a large mirrored wardrobe at the foot of the bed and the curtains which she had already drawn were a cream colour. I put her down and we kissed by the side of the bed and I removed her clothes one by one, kissing each part of her body as it was exposed, so in the end after 10 minutes I was licking her out whilst kneeling down in her front of her and she had one foot on the bed to give me easy access, she was holding onto my head to steady herself until she collapsed in a sweaty heap onto the bed when the orgasm she had been craving racked her body from the top of her head to the end of her toes.

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