My Brother-in-Law Comes Back

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So I am sitting up in bed, straining my ears – but the flat is quiet. I have turned my air conditioning off to hear better, and my bedroom heats up real fast. Indian nights are so hot and humid – crickets churp and dogs bark in the dark courtyard. Such close sticky temperatures make you so aware of your body: mine is squeezed into a red mini nightie. It has sexy white lace trim along the bottom, and just above my chest, which as I sit there is rising and falling with nervous anticipation.

Was I being a fool? Yes – and a real bitch. What about my sister? How could I sit there in a skimpy nightie and nothing else, waiting for my brother-in-law? I look at the clock – it’s half passed twelve. I think about what happened last night – how could we be so bold? Why didn’t he fuck me? I was confused, but highly aroused. I did want him, but I also wanted to punish him. I’m not sure what time it was when I fell asleep…

I am half asleep, tired, dazed, but aware that someone is in my bedroom. There is movement on the bed. It’s so quiet. I am boiling hot. I don’t usually sweat but my body is clammy; my nightie clingy. Then, I feel him; a hand on my foot. I stir but feel too weak to wake. I let the feelings continue, while I rest: a hand on both my feet, on my ankles, oh my gosh – he is kissing my feet. I decide to wait and see where things go – gradually, slowly, my brother-in-law is caressing my legs, his breath on my skin I feel. I am so hot. He is – oh wow – sucking my toes… That’s a horny feeling. Very erotic. Toe sucking, beşiktaş türbanlı escort and his hands are on my knees. If this is what toe sucking feels like what must cock sucking feel like? Penis envy. Anyway, I remember I am not wearing knickers. What should I do?

I allow him to go on. My eyes are clasped shut. He’s licking my calves. His hands are above my knees. I feel so sexy. He is kissing my knees; his hands are parting my thighs. His fingers are easing my legs apart. I feel viscid in my pussy. I feel wicked. I am shivering, even though it’s 35 degrees. I finally open my eyes and look down – Raj is lying on his tummy. All I can see is the back of his head and his naked shoulders. He’s muscly. He’s topless. He’s moved up to my pussy lips and he’s playing with the outside; finger toying with my wet lips. I moan. I breath heavily. He kisses my clit, and starts fingering me. Wow. But frustrating. ‘Oh wow,’ I say, ‘oh Jijaji, oh baby…’

I pull myself up, so I’m almost sitting, back at a 45 degree angle, elbows wedged behind the headboard of the bed. My nipples are showing – pressed up against my red nightie. I am sitting in the moonlight – I can see the tiny bumps of my large nipples indented. Oh my god – he’s fingering me so well, even at this more awkward angle. All the while he is stimulating my clit with his tongue. Am I going to cum? Yes. Yes. I start saying it; ‘Yes..oh yes..’ then for his benefit I say in Hindi – ‘Ha…ha…dena…dena…’

He is loving beşiktaş ucuz escort it. I can tell. He sits up in front of me, kneeling, showing off his broad shoulders, hot chest, strong, flat stomach. His bulge is massive. What an arrogant pig. Yes, he just gave me a sweet orgasm, but really – what a pig – and I say it – ‘You’re a pig.’

Raj smiles. ‘Ha – I am…but you, Meena – you are a little slut.’

‘I’m not so little.’ I push my breasts forward for him to enjoy. He stares at them, round and fat, imprisoned in my viscose nightie. He is salivating just looking at them, and they’re not even out…yet. I know he want to rip off my clothes. I know he wants to bury his face in my bosom; open his mouth over my breasts.

‘Red suits you,’ he says. ‘Your sister never wears tight things.’

‘Poor you,’ I say.

He feels a little hostility I can tell. He is hungry for me now. His hands go down to his nara to undo his pyjamas. I decide to tease him some more. I put two hands behind my head and run my hands through my black hair. Back then, when I was eighteen, it wasn’t so long – bobbed. My neck looked adorable. Bitable.

Raj’s cock springs out. ‘Tomorrow I will give you a pill,’ he says, ‘so you don’t get pregnant.’ Then he pulls me round the waist, onto my back. My nightie rides up above my bottom. He’s strong. ‘This will hurt at first,’ he says, ‘but don’t be scared.’

I feel the tip of his throbbing hard cock on the wet walls of my sex. ‘Wow, you are beşiktaş üniversiteli escort wet, Meena.’ I don’t say anything – I just gasp as he gently – ‘OH’ pushes inside me. It’s tight, and he groans too. I hope Honey can’t hear us. Poor Didi. Her husband is using us both. ‘Oh Meena, you feel so…’ He can’t talk anymore – he’s all the way in me, then he slowly slides out. It feels magnificent. No pain for me, but then I am not a virgin.

‘Oh baby,’ I say – ‘you like that?’ He is trembling, going slowly. I know he wants to delay cuming. He is cautious. He is concentrating. He wants the night to last forever. He is resting on his palms, his torso moving up and down, his pyjamas are round his ankles. He moans ‘uh hu hu’ and moves down to his my lips. I let him. I part my legs as wide as they’ll go, then runs my fingers along his backside. Next, I lift my nightie up slightly, so his tummy feels my bare tummy. Then I decide to play a game with him.

After two minutes or so of him pushing in and out – which feels very nice by the way – I start to utilize my vaginal muscles. I relax and contract them, I skilfully massage his big dick with my strength, beautifully milking him like a holy cow. ‘

‘Oh god, Meena,’ he cries. ‘You’re no virgin…’

‘No,’ I say, ‘I am quite the expert.’

‘Stop that,’ he says, ‘Please…’

I pull up my nightie so it lifts off over my head, where I hold it at the top of the bed on my pillow. He can see all my naked body now – beautiful tits so ripe and round. I continue fucking him with my pussy walls. ‘Oh Meena, please, no,’ he says, but I continue – my pussy is relaxing, contracting, fast and wet, sticky but gripping him.

I say, ‘Raja, cum inside me,’ and he next, uncontrollably ejaculates in me. I feel it. He groans and moans with joy and disappointment.

‘You bitch,’ he says.

‘You pig,’ I say.

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