My Brother, My Hero Ch. 2

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Here’s the second part. To everyone who sent me feedback, thank you very much. I hope you enjoy the second part as much as you like the first ~ lillie bit

It had been two weeks since my encounter with my brother’s friend. The bruises had healed, and my nerves were almost back to normal. I was humming to myself while I sat reading a book in my bedroom when I heard the front door slam. Footsteps on the stairs announced that my brother John was home from football practise.

We hadn’t talked much since I’d kissed him, I guess he hated me now. I sighed, how could I have been so foolish, but it just felt so right. The picture of him in my head and the thought of those soft lips pressed to mine, brought about that familiar tingly feeling between my legs.

John didn’t even bother to poke his head in my door when he walked past my bedroom. I sighed, hesitated for a second, then rose off my bed. I snuck a peek around my door, all clear. I could hear John rummaging around in the bathroo. I crept closer, peering through the crack in the door. The sight that meet my eyes made my skin crawl and my breath caught in my throat. There was John, standing infront of the mirror, his shirt was off, I could clearly see the bloody marks that marred his perfect back. He was washing his face clean, his lip was swollen and bloody, and though it wasn’t there yet, I could tell he’d have a black eye in the morning.

He was so intent on what he was doing, he didn’t even notice me as I slipped into the bathroom.

“John?” I whispered “what’s happened?”

He clutched the basin as he closed his eyes. Not turnng around to face me, he spoke very softly and evenly. “Nothing, now go away”.

I took a step towards him, reaching out for him, as soon as my fingers touched the skin of his back, he spun around to face me. I could see nothing but pure hatred and anger in his eyes as he hissed at me, “I said get the fuck out Billie.”

I caught my bottom lip between my teeth, but said nothing as I ran from the bathroom, I ran back to my bedroom, flinging myself on my bed, my head buried in my pillow, I closed my eyes and sobbed so much I didn’t think I’d stop. I barely felt my bed dip as John sat down next to me. “Seems I’m saying sorry to you alot Billie” John half spoke and laughed, but I could hear the stress in his words. “I didn’t mean to take my anger out on you, I’m sorry Billie, look at me please”

His words were all I needed to hear, I turned over onto my side, looking up into his eyes, that old familiar pang of want sprang up between my thighs. John reached out towards me slowly with his hand, a frown ran over my face as I took in his features, oh he was still the most handsome guy I’d ever known, but his face was marked and swollen. I dared to reach for him again, tracing a single finger along his jawline, he smiled a little. I spoke, soft and gentle şirinevler escort “Tell me what happened John”

John took two deep breaths before he spoke, his voice was strong and unwavering, “I took care of a little problem”, he started. “A problem?” I enquired. “Yeah, two problems actually” John turned to face me, but this time, his eyes were downcast, “Stan and Eric, those assholes were talking in the locker room, thought I couldn’t hear what they were saying, plotting and scheming to get you alone again, saying what they’d do to you when they did” he took a breath before continuing “When I confronted them on it, they said the most horrible things, started saying the only reason I didn’t want them touching you is because I want you for myself” John stopped talking and looked over towards me. All I could do was gasp. John closed his eyes, and sighed “What got me so mad Billie, is the fact that they’re right”. I sat there stunned, had I heard my big brother right, had he said he wanted me.

Quickly John got off my bed and started for the door. Oh god, I have to stop him, I thought to myself. “John” was the only word I could say. John stopped in his tracks and turned around to face me. His face was so sad, his eyes didn’t sparkle like they used to. “I’m sorry Billie, I’m so very sorry” John whispered. His words broke my heart, and i couldn’t take it anymore, I closed the distance between us in a flash. Cupping John’s face in both my hands, I didn’t talk, just pressed my lips to his. John didn’t fight, infact he opened his mouth, I did the same. A small soft moan of pleasure escaped me as his tongue touched mine for the first time.

John broke the kiss, his hands gripping my arms, he stepped back from me. “Jesus Billie, you’re my sister”. I smiled for the first time in two weeks as I spoke, “John, you have to know I want you, I know I’m your sister, but I want to be your lover more than anything.” His grasp softened, and he pulled me close once more. My legs gave way as his tongue invaded my mouth for the second time, oh how I wanted him, I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close. His throbbing, hard shaft between my legs told me all I needed to know. We kissed so long and deep, I almost came right there, my clit throbbed, longed to feel his touch. John scooped me up into his arms and carried me to the bed, ever so gently and without losing contact, John laid me back onto my bed.

A soft whimper of frustration passed my lips as he broke away from me. I opened my eyes to look at him, he smiled down at me as he knelt between my legs. “Oh god Billie” John whispered so softly I wasn’t sure if he’d said it or not, “I want you so badly, I need to taste you, tell me to stop Billie and I will” I opened my mouth to speak, but all I could do was moan. John smiled at me, what a sweet smile he had. I closed şirinevler elit escort my eyes as John moved down between my legs, with expert hands he removed my pants. The sound of his own moan rang in my ears, I always kept my pussy well trimmed and neat and I could tell he approved.

John positioned himself so he was kneeling on the floor, he grabbed ahold of my hips and pulled me down the bed, slowly he pushed my legs open. Acry of pure pleasure slipped past my lips as John’s tongue flicked over my clit, I arched my back, pushing the entrance of my pussy down harder against his mouth. John didn’t move much, he simply grabbed my clit between his teeth and sucked it deep inside his mouth, as he held it gently between his teeth, he rolled the tip of his tongue around my pulsing clit. Instinctively I grabbed for the back of John’s head, as John contined to suck my clit, I bucked my hips up against his mouth, riding his tongue.

When John slipped two of his fingers inside me I cried out, the walls of my pussy instantly contracting around his digits, drawing them deeper inside me. All I could hear was the sound my slick pussy made as John pumped his fingers in and out of me, I was so close to the edge. I opened my mouth to speak, to put a voice to the feelings inside me, but only managed to stammer out “Fuck me John, make me cum on your tongue” John growled and a shiver shot through me, it was so primal. I felt like I’d burst if I didn’t get realease soon, and suddenly, somewhere deep inside me, the convulsions started. I’d had orgasms before, but self satisfaction, was nothing compared to the intense spasms that made my pussy quiver as my brother sucked on my clit. John slowed the movements of his fingers down, I clung to him, not wanting the sensation to stop. I was breathing hard and heavy, trying to get my head around what had just happened.

But before I had time to recover, John was laying ontop of me, he pressed his lips to mine, I kissed him hungrily, tasting myself on his lips. When his tongue slipped into my mouth, I was no longer shy, I sucked on it, sucked it like it was John’s cock, I drew it deep inside my mouth, nipped at it with my teeth. I could feel John shaking as he lay on me. Then without warning, John rolled his hips forward. My pussy was still wet and wanting, but I’d never had anything but fingers in it. A muffled cry of frustration came from deep inside John. He broke the kiss and looked down at me. His voice was full of desire. “I don’t want to hurt you Billie, but I need you so badly, this might hurt for a little while, but believe me, it will bring you nothing but pleasure in the end” I didn’t answer him instead I wrapped my legs around his hips, using my heels on his firm ass to draw him closer to me.

That was all the incentive John needed. Quickly then he drove his hips forward şirinevler escort in one thrust. I bit down hard on my lip to keep from crying out. The muscle of my pussy stretched to accommodate him. But John was right. As my body relaxed the slight feeling of pain was replaced with the most wonderful feeling i’d ever felt. I could feel John’s cock as it throbbed inside me. John stayed still, I looked up into his face, a smile curling my lips as I took in his features. It was then that the thought crossed my mind. What were we doing. John was after all my brother. He must of sensed my hesitation, for he opened his eyes. John spoke very clearly and slowly. “I can get off if you want Billie, we don’t have to do this”

“No John” I answered him “I love you more than anything in the world, please, make love to me”

John closed his eyes again, and with gentle, tender movements, he started to move in and out of my pussy. He pulled out of me completely, rubbing the head of his cock over my clit, I jumped beneath him and he laughed softly. “Still a little tender is it Sis” He dipped his head, his mouth right next to my ear he whispered “I can take care of that, the throb will go away after I make you cum on my cock” Unexpectedly, he drove his cock all the way back inside me, my hands flew up to John’s back, I dug my nails into his tender flesh. John grunted a little, I could tell I’d hurt him, but I couldn’t help myself. John grabbed my arms, he pried my hands off his back, and held my hands above my head.

I rolled my hips up against John’s, though I’d never made love to anyone before, my body moved as if by itself, the hot, wet walls of my pussy gripped John’s cock, I felt as though every nerve ending inside my pussy were on fire. John didn’t tease me anymore, he quickened the pace of his thrusts, each time he entered me he grunted softly. I could tell he was using all of his willpower to hold himself back.

I arched my back up off the bed. John speed up more, he pumped his cock in and out of me hard and fast. Each time he entered me fully I could feel myself getting closer to the edge again. When John clamped his mouth over my nipple and tugged at it, I lost it. I cried out as my second orgasm gripped my body. I shuddered uncontrollably beneath John. My second orgasm was more intense that the first, the muscles of my pussy contracting and realeasing, drawing John’s cock ever deeper inside me. I barely noticed as John lifted his head up. He was breathing heavy now. He opened his eyes and looked down at me. “I’m going to cum Billie” he managed to say before his control slipped away. I felt him stiffen, I watched his face as he came. I could feel his cock twitch as he filled my pussy with his seed. John groaned as he continued to cum “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” with one last thrust, his cock stopped pulsing.

John stayed ontop of me. His now limp cock still inside me. He rested on his elbows and smiled down at me. I matched his smile with my own.

He spoke gently. “Well Sis, now all I have to do is take care of that whore mother of ours, and we can be happy again”

I let out a drawn out sigh, and didn’t think I could be any happier than I was right now.

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