My Brother Teaches Me…

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Hello! I got smart (finally) and asked one of your listed editors to proof this first. Hope it’s satisfactory, I would love to see it published. Thank you for all your good work on this excellent site. *kisses*

My Brother Teaches me Where Babies Come From

When I asked my brother THE question, the answer he gave affected me profoundly. I confess to having long had daydreams about my brother and me. I’m telling this to you, the male reader, as you listen:

* I take your hand and hold it, “Ummm, are you sure you want to hear this? I mean…we’re just talking here, right?

*You squeeze my hand tight and take it to your burgeoning member. “Yeah, tell me.”

I inhale. ‘This is difficult,’ I say to myself. To you I say, “Hold onto me and I’ll get through it.”

“Tell me about it”, you say, “And then we’ll trade.”

I exhale slowly. “Trade sounds good.”

The first thing for you to know, is I will NOT make anything up. Will give it to you straight. I know this scenario damn well by now, honed by years of masturbation.

*I start the recitation again, sighing. “I was 18 when I asked my brother where babies came from. Far too old not to know already, I realize, but I was home-schooled, no t.v., no movies, our family was very religious. They kept us kids far too sheltered, my brother couldn’t take it, moved away at 16. He moved back when I had just turned 18, he was 20. I asked him about baby-making because I trusted him and I never knew a thing about the subject.

He told me to meet him at the neighborhood tree fort at midnight where we could have time and space to talk about it in private, since mom would be mad if him if she overheard us anywhere else.

I had no idea why the treehouse was the only place for a private discussion but I trusted him and figured, what the heck? So I sneaked out of the house at the witching hour and climbed the ladder up through the lower tree limbs to the sturdy fort. It had four walls, a thick reinforced floor, a window you could see the moon through and a mattress in the corner somebody had hauled up on their back who knows when. Right now it was quiet in there and pitch dark.

When I got to the top of the ladder I stuck my head up through the open trap door and looked, listened. Nothing, so I went on up inside the fort.

A flashlight came on and then I saw my brother sitting on the thin mattress, he was wearing only shadows, smiling. I was a little weirded out, my god, he was naked, but I still trusted him, needed my lesson and maybe it had to include anatomy identification. He beckoned me over and I crawled to where he was since the ceiling was low.

He took me in his arms, his skin was cold against my palms flat on his broad, slightly furred chest. He stripped my clothes off, talking quietly all the while, gentling me by telling me it was okay and to trust him and I did. ‘Always have,’ I was thinking, ‘always will.’ My handsome and adoring big brother. Defender in times of peril, educator on so many other things about life our ‘rents never divulged.

He looked so strong, planes of his body streamlined in the flashlight’s glow. There was a wolf moon out that night; the year before he’d sneaked a phone call to me, gazed up at the full wolf moon from the sidewalk phone booth from which he placed the call, taught me that each month’s full moon has a name and what the meanings were. Ever since THIS night was over, every time I see the ghostly galleon of a full moon riding the sky, I think of this otele gelen escort particular night when he took my breath from me and gave me the ultimate education.

He wore his hair long, it hung down his back in a loose ponytail. Later I’d take it out for him, toss the elastic on the dresser, pull his soft hair through my fingers and spread it on the pillow entwined with my own longer hair. But tonight he was the one deciding what I was doing, he was directing the dance.

I didn’t know enough to do anything but stare at him with wide scared eyes, willing him with my silent fear to answer my question about where babies came from, let us put our clothes back on and go into the house where things were normal and no fear lived. Forgive me for asking the question, let me go on in my ignorance till a mysterious wedding night my parents would plan.

His eyes were soft and deep. Blue, like mine. Hair color similar, so much about us was the same. We laughed at the same jokes, championed each other at any opportunity, worshipped our sameness, our bond in the family. But just now I was all wrapped up in our differences. He was hard where I was soft. All of him was hard.

The part between his legs moved and I looked down, eyes drawn to the motion. He saw me looking as he finished unbuttoning my long sleeved shirt and tugged it off my arms. My looking and his noticing was making his male part rise up high, almost touching his stomach.

I lifted my eyes from his privates to his shadowed blue eyes and smiled, fascinated by the mechanism he appeared to have full control of. Magic, to make a part of him do that, like that.

He rose to his knees, urging me to do the same by putting both his hands under my armpits. When I was on my knees he slid my elastic waisted skirt down my hips, his hands skating against my belly and hip as the garment went down to my thighs. His hand was warm under my knee though his chest had felt cold before. The hand there lifted my knee up enough to slide the skirt down and off one leg and foot. I sat back down and slid to one hip so he could take the skirt the rest of the way off of me.

Clad in just my white cotton panties, I was all of a sudden worried about somebody coming up and finding us naked. I told him so.

He said he had it all covered, nobody would find us. Nobody would bother us and that I was not to worry. He said that mom and dad had gone out to an all night congregational and he told them that I was going to spend the night with my friend Becky (his best friend’s sister). He had set it up so they would cover for us if anybody called. Still anxious but no longer worried about being embarrassed or caught barely clothed, I settled down some, waited almost naked, shivering in mingled cold and indecision.

He slid down to lay on his side on the mattress, tugging my arm down so I would lay down next to him. Smiling into my eyes as I lay facing him, my brother stroked his hand slowly up and down my arm, shoulder to elbow. He bent over me and slid his fingertips inside the waistband of my panties at both of my hips, warm hands stripping the last piece of material from my bottom, down my legs and off of my feet. He murmured little approving sounds as his hands ran down my legs, it sounded like “so nice” but my heart beat so loud in my ears I couldn’t be sure.

He slid on top of me, tucking me underneath him on the mattress. He put one knee between mine, laid atop me, but kept his weight on pendik escort his bent arms. He took one hand between my legs and began to circle lightly, not entering the lips, just touching the outside, soothing circles going round and round barely touching my body down where before only my hand had ever touched before, and then only with a soapy washcloth.

I was scared, never experiencing electric touches like that, but I lay quietly. When he finally spread his fingers, parted the folds of my femininity, I could feel a thick wetness like warm pudding between my thighs where his hand had been playing. He ran one long finger down along my slit and put the tip of his large finger into me and I bucked away, trying to get away from it, from the unfamiliarity of it. He told me it was alright, it was natural, it was what I wanted. Didn’t I want to know where babies come from?

I nodded my head, cried quietly a little, feeling good and bad at the same time. Knowing my question was the reason we were here, the reason he had to do this to me, with me. Not understanding it all, but understanding that I had asked for this somehow.

He took his finger away, looked down between us, took his penis in his hand. He spread some of my moisture on himself and talked to me, his voice a little shaky, but deep, an unfamiliar tone.

“It hurts girls a little the first time but don’t worry, it won’t hurt like this ever again after tonight.” I told him no, when he said it would hurt, but he told me to “shhh” and on the last rush of the sound of his hushing me, he slid forward into me the littlest bit.

And I held my breath. And it didn’t hurt at all.

It felt so good, his body barely connected to mine, his warm dear self hovering over me like an angel and I got wetter. He heard me make a little sound, a sound of hot pleasure so he pushed in a little more, not needing his hand to keep himself positioned to move forward inside me.

He took both hands that no longer needed to hold his shaft and took both of them to either side of me flat on the mattress supporting himself, pushed into me hard, quick, took my little scream in his mouth in a long hard kiss, tongue thrusting suddenly deeply into my mouth as the hot hard thing he was forcing between my legs was shoving, thrusted inside of me as deep as it would go and held…

He stayed very still while I got accustomed to it. He raised up above me, my small body impaled beneath his, looking down at my small round breasts and down further to where we connected, him and me tied by bonds other than family at that moment.

The tears in my eyes spilled over onto my hair trapped beneath my shoulders and back. My brother bent down to my face, kissed the corners of my eyes, laid his forehead on mine urging me to be easy in my mind, telling me this was alright, this was so right, I was his own girl and he loved me so much. He said it was best that I got it from somebody who loved me the first time, that nothing was better than this.

His lower body slid almost off me, then back down slowly as he bent his head downward to watch what we were doing. Stiffening one arm beside me, he leaned up higher and adjusted his angle of descent, plunging down slowly, taking it inside me at a side cant, making me feel different pressure, new power gliding along the sides of me inside.

*”Do you want me to finish telling this? Or have you had enough?” I only ask because you seem a little uncomfortable, moving around rus escort a lot in your chair.

*”Would you rather stop?”, you ask. “I don’t want you to feel like you have to force this out. You could stop now and come back to it another night. Up to you.”

*”I’ll finish it, don’t know if I’ll ever find the courage another night if I wait.”

* You nod, and I continue.

“The rest of him and me on that mattress in the treehouse was a flowing of body into body side to side, in and out and feeling better and better and building for me. It was obvious it was the same for him too and he told me he was about to come, although I didn’t know what that meant.

He must have seen the question on my face because he told me that when the man comes inside the woman, that’s how they make a baby. “Don’t do that, oh no, don’t do that, PLEASE don’t do it.”

He told me to hush. “I won’t stop, can’t stop.” His sweat boiled off his chest and pinged a droplet onto me below him where he worked his body into and out of mine, over me and inside my clenching body. “No way in hell I can stop now.”

I begged some more, my voice quieter but urgent and I asked him, “Why won’t you get off of me? I don’t want to have a baby!” His answer was, “If mom and dad and Father Andrew and the rutting church choir poked their heads up through the trap door into this fort right now, I still couldn’t take my cock outta you.”

He bent to my mouth and kissed me hard, his tongue licking at my lips.

“You feel too good, so good to me, sissy. Love you so much, honey, need you so much. Need to do this to you, do it right, shove it to you deep.”

He plunged into me harder than ever then, his latest thrust going so deep that a new sharp pain slammed into me, felt like he was trying to climb inside my belly, share my body completely. I arched my back and cried out, only wanting him to stop and then in a minute I didn’t want him to, didn’t know what I wanted, my body just being used hard, used well by him, taken wherever he wanted us to go.

My brother gasped above me, stiffened above me, slid half out and then back home hard, balls deep into the place between my legs. “I’m gonna shoot in ya, JESUS, Honey, gonna fill you up with my cream…”

He spasmed down there. I felt something hot and thick and shooting slam into me, bathing me inside, making me feel like I was falling, falling as his member pulsed, flexed, heaved once, twice and again.

I was trembling beneath him, body clasping his involuntarily. I had pleasure, can’t lie and say I didn’t, even that first time with my brother taking my virginity in the neighborhood treehouse.

He smoothed my hair back from my face, rolled a little to the side and tugged the mass out from under my damply sweaty back, freeing my neck from an uncomfortable stretching. As he lay with me, his thigh over my hip, he touched my lips with one long finger, told me I did good, did just fine. Was a good girl, had made him happy.

The last thing I remember that night was what he said to me in a tired voice, but one that was filled with expectation for the future we would surely know together. Me as his little lover, him as my own. “We can do this anytime we want to. In your bed or mine. In the tree fort or anywhere. Forever, Honey.” He smiled and said, “Never forget that you belong to me now. No matter where you go or who you settle down with when you leave home, never forget what we did, what we are to each other.”

He kissed me and tucked me up close to him as we fell asleep covered by an old blanket he pulled over us both.


Please feedback, if you will. It’s SO easy to leave feedback, means the world to me, and makes me want to write more, or give you variations on this theme. *Love you all for reading.

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