My Brother’s Bestfriend, Tyler. Ch. 09: Final

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Final Chapter.

Thanks once again to my fellow writer, Rapperbs for helping edit!

I appreciate all of the support that I’ve received throughout this series and hope to have more coming to you soon!


10 years later…

My eyes tried to open as I quickly reached for the phone. “It must be 3am, who’s calling?” I asked myself. Tyler’s name popped up on the screen.

“Hey Ty.” I said in a groggy voice.

His words were unrecognizable as he uncontrollably sobbed.

“I need you to calm down and take deep breaths okay?” I tried coaching him. Filled with worry, l was suddenly wide awake.

“I—don’t know —what to do.” He managed in between his crying and breathing.

“What happened? I need you to calm down and talk to me!”

“I thought I could handle this but I can’t, it’s driving me crazy!” He managed to say.

“What is it babe?”

He managed to clearly tell me his dad passed and he didn’t know how to deal with it.

“I shouldn’t be bothered right? I should feel relieved, right? I shouldn’t care but my brain can’t stop bringing back all these memories and thoughts and what if’s.”

Over the next several hours, I helped him talk through his emotions. We spoke til the sun came up and he finally fell asleep on the phone after making me promise at least nine times that I’d be coming to town for the funeral.

We spoke over the next few days on the phone until I finally saw him the day of the funeral. He was very handsome in his black suit. His hair was now cut short. I walked up to him and hugged him tightly, kissing him on the cheek before fixing his tie.

“I’m here for you!” I reassured him.

Brad, Megan, myself and a few of Tyler’s friends all respectfully stayed at the back, giving the family their space. There was very few people there other than close family relatives.

Later that night, I had no luck falling asleep. I tossed and turned all night. When did Brad’s guess bed get so uncomfortable? I stumbled downstairs and through the house to the kitchen. I didn’t sleep a wink all night. My mind was racing non stop with thoughts that kept me up. I opened the refrigerator and poured myself a glass of water when I noticed the lights were turned on out on the back deck.

I retied my robe and walked out, noticing it was Tyler hiding out back there. I walked over to him and sat on the porch swing beside him. His eyes puffy, I could tell he had been crying and only God knows when last he had actually slept. He had a bottle of scotch sat beside him and a pipe bowl to his lips as he lit up, taking a hit.

“I thought you were driving back home tonight? He asked, passing me the bowl and lighter.

“Brad said I could stay a few days here, I figured I’d stick around and spend some time with family.” I responded, refusing his offer.

“Where’s the little devil man?” He asked referring to my three year old.

“He’s with his dad. He gets to meet daddy’s new girlfriend while I’m away.” I said sarcastically excited.

“God! That guy is such a fucking scumbag, I can’t believe you married him!” He said, after taking a swig out of the bottle of scotch.

“Wow! I’ll let that slide because you’re drunk and high but that doesn’t matter now. He is what he is as long as he’s not with me.”

“Heard.” He responded then finished up his last hit.

“Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be at home?” I asked while combing my fingers through his hair. I knew he liked that when he was upset. It was a little weird now that he wore his hair short. Just not what I was used to.

“Are you trying to say that I’m not welcomed missy?

“Oh shut up! You know I’m simply asking a question, you dick!” I joked.

“Julia and I had a fight.”

“What? Why would she fight with you on a day like today?”

“She’s a fucking selfish bitch!” Tyler angrily stated, “That’s certainly not the same woman I married, she has turned into a raging cunt!”

“Hey, don’t talk about your wife that way!” I slapped his shoulder.

Alcohol was Tyler’s truth serum. He bottled things in so much that when he was drunk, it all came out, the good, the bad and the down right disrespectful. Which is exactly why I couldn’t just disregard his next statement.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t regret letting you walk out of my life. I should have fought for you.”

“That was ten years ago Ty, you had just found out you had a son, with a junkie mom and you had to do what was right by your son. I just wasn’t ready to be a twenty-three year old full time mom to a five year old child that wasn’t mine. I was trying to build a career. Besides, you were able to get your son out of that situation, get Julia the help she needed and you two have made a wonderful life for your son.” A silent tear trickled down my left cheek as I spoke. Truth was, I regretted leaving.

He opened his mouth to speak but I quickly shushed him, “Pass me the scotch!” I needed it.

I will always remember that day. I had moved in with Ty at his apartment a few months before and I was still getting unpacked. He pendik escort was helping me unbox my last box of winter stuff when there was a knock on the door. I opened it to see an older woman standing in the breezeway.

The woman apologized before asking if Tyler still lived here. He overheard as the lady mentioned his name and came to the door. The next minute of interaction changed our lives forever.

“My name is Joy, I don’t know if you remember me but I am Julia’s mother. You dated her for a while when you guys were about twenty-one.”

“Yes I remember you. How can I help you?” He responded.

“Well, I just figured you deserved to know. Julia got pregnant around the time she cheated on you. The guy she cheated with, Jared, stuck around because he wanted to be there for his son but when Alex had gotten sick and needed blood, his blood type rose questions. After doing tests, we found out Alex wasn’t his and he left. Julia met another guy, who I came to find out dealt drugs, she was constantly gone and I have been caring for Alex but I’ve gotten a job offer that’s going to take me to London and I cannot take Alex with me. I needed to find his father.”

“Wait wait wait.. are you saying that I have a son?” He asked confused.

I was motionless, thoughtless, surprised and shocked. I didn’t know what to say or what to do or even what to think.

“I understand this is all much. I wanted to give you my number so take a few days for it to sink in and then reach out to me. I would like you to meet Alex and of course I understand if you want to do a DNA test.”

We were both awed by the encounter. “Could this be true, Ty?” I asked.

“It’s possible!” He was stunned. We both sat on the couch in silence, shocked with thoughts and questions piling high in our brains.

After Tyler decided to take Alex in, I had to make a tough decision. I had just gotten promoted two years into my career and was going to be running my own district office. I couldn’t care for a five year old. I didn’t know shit when it came to kids. I got scared and I broke things off. I needed to focus on my career.

Tyler and I still lived together while he was going through the process of legally becoming Alex’s dad. I helped with the paperwork and supported him every step of the way.

I moved out a few days before Alex was able to officially live with Ty. I occasionally would go over and make them dinner or baby sit or just help whenever Tyler needed me and we did somewhat stay friends with benefits until Julia came back to town.

Tyler sent her to rehab, she got clean and Tyler moved her in with him temporarily. That was when I met Mike. Julia and Tyler reconnected and got married two years later. Mike and I married one year after they did and we moved out of state. During the second year of our marriage, I had Dustin, but Mike started cheating. We divorced soon after.

Tyler and I always kept in contact, I’d make sure to visit whenever I was in town, we’d talk all the time on the phone.

The last phone call was when he called and told me his dad past. He was crying but angry and sad at the same time. We spoke for hours. He said Julia just didn’t get it nor did she care to. He hadn’t spoken to or seen his dad in 20 years and all these emotions, thoughts, rage, regret, sadness came to him all at once.

I knew I had to be there for him at the funeral. I just though Julia would be a better support system for him. She was distant all throughout that day and never once comforted him at the cemetery. His mom, who he was then trying to rebuild his relationship with, was the one to hold him and console him. I just had to watch from a distance. It broke my heart to see him like that.

As we sat there passing the bottle back and forth, we talked about the fight Julia started as soon as they got back from the reception. She expected Tyler to not be affected by his dads passing because he “hated his dad” but she didn’t understand the memories it conjured up, the hurt, pain and confusion, the feeling of having so much left unsaid, having no closure.

“Stop acting like a baby for attention, you weren’t close to him!” He repeated what she said, slurring his words at this point.

“I was going to wait til Alex was done with High School to divorce her but I don’t think I care to wait any longer!” He stated.

“Do you know, I would have had a 4 year old daughter?” He looked at me, tears in his eyes.

I was confused. “What?!?”

“Julia was five months pregnant with our little girl and had a late term abortion. I didn’t know a thing until two years ago. Things between us was never the same after that.”

I was horrified, who can do such a thing to an innocent life? I wanted to ask Ty all of these questions in my head about it but I didn’t want to conjure up old feeling, he was already dealing with a lot.

“Anyway…You should have brought Dustin, I would have taken him and Alex out on a boy’s trip tomorrow. Dustin needs a real man in his life! Not some polo wearing, golf playing, froufrou type asshole!”

I couldn’t help but maltepe escort laugh, “Polo wearing, golf playing men are great dads!”

“I could be a real dad—” he stopped mid sentence and went all silent on me. A few seconds later I heard the sniffling as a results of him crying.

“Aww Ty!” I scooted in close and wrapped my arms around him.

“It’s just not fair, Katie, now that I’m a dad, I see how easy it is to be there for my son, it’s so easy to love him and care for him. I always though my dad couldn’t do it because it was hard being a dad but how could I be such a great dad when mine hated me so much!” He cried as he spoke.

My heart sunk, I embraced him closer, cradling his head on my shoulder trying to say all the right things to comfort him.

We sat in silence as I held him, letting him work through his feelings. It wasn’t too long after that he was hassling me for the bottle of scotch again.

I was starting to feel tipsy but also very tired. “I’m going to head inside, you should probably start heading home!”

Tyler recently bought a house just down the street from Brad and could simply walk to and from.

“Fuck that! I’m not going home!” Tyler responded.

“Your wifey is probably waiting up for you!” I teasingly said.

“I don’t care, I’m fucking done with her!” He bitterly said as he started stumbling to the living room.

“Alright alright, shut your pie hole and get inside.” Wrapping my arm around his waist as we walked each other inside.

We plopped down on the couch as he started to bring up some old memory of us. I ignored him, pulling a throw blanket over me and making myself comfortable. Stretching my feet out in his lap. He sat at the opposite end of the three seater couch. He started Instantly massaging my feet as they landed on him.

“Oh thats nice, unexpected but nice!”

“Old habits I guess.” Referring to the fact that whenever I wanted a foot massage when we were together, I’d always put my feet up on him and he knew what to do. He gave the best massages.

We talked and laughed as he proceeded to rub my feet.

“You know, you would think that now that you’re old, you’d ease up with the drinking.” I teased.

“Oh, I’m old?” He repeated sarcastically offended, ” I’ll show you!” He said as he grabbed my left foot tightly and started to tickle. I started laughing uncontrollably as I frantically tried to get my foot loose.

“Tyler! Stop!” I begged.

“Oh no, I’m old, I can’t hear you very well!” He now left my feet and started at my sides, I was giggling so hard I started crying and gasping for air. I tried fighting him off, he was now slightly on me. I started kicking and hitting him trying to get him to stop. Using my legs to push against him, I was successful in pushing him away but he was too drunk to keep his balance and fell on the floor, he was now laying parallel to the sofa.

“That’s what you get bitch! Don’t mess with me!” I was never afraid to taunt him when I had been drinking.

He reached his strong arm up and grabbed one of my arms pulling me down on him.

“Tyler!” I protested. It was definitely a weird and awkward feeling to be laying on him in this way. It was most certainly inappropriate. I made an attempt to get up but tyler wrapped his arms tightly around the small of my back.

“You’re not going anywhere.” He said low with a devilish smile.

My hands were on tyler’s chest, not only for support but to try to keep a little distance between us.

He rolled me on my back, even in his drunkenness, he was still strong. He was now on top of me, pinning me to the ground. I was a little bit drunk but I still knew contact of this sort was wrong. His body laid between my legs, my hands pinned above my head, his face inches away from mine.

He kissed my neck. “You need to be taught a lesson!” He stated and started kissing my neck again.

His words were a time machine, he said those words to me and I was back 10 years ago like nothing changed. My neck was my weakness and he knew this but I knew exactly what he was doing.

He bit my neck and sucked a little. My eyes were closed as soft moans escaped my mouth. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it or wanted it but I had to stop him. I felt his hard on press against me through the thin material of clothing between us.

“Tyler, stop.” I whispered at first but I was ignored as he moved his hands to grope my tits.

“Tyler, stop!” I said more firmly.

He stopped and rested his forehead on mine, unpinning my hands. With his eyes closed, he pleaded, “Please Kay, I need you…please.”

“Tyler, you’re married, we can’t do this.” I tried to reason.

“Katie, Do you know how hard it is to love someone who doesn’t love you back? Its emotionally draining! We haven’t had sex in over a year. We don’t even sleep in the same bed!”

“I know you’re hurting and I know you’re wanting comfort but you’ll regret this tomorrow when you’re sober.”

His tone changed, “Katie, the only thing I regret and will ever regret is letting you leave me. Now, are you kartal escort really going to deny yourself this pleasure?” He grinned as he kissed my neck seductively. He knew just what to do and I hated myself for wanting it.


“But nothing!” He shouted out in his drunkenness, “See, Julia is an ungrateful, undeserving bitch, but you…” He took a deep breath while looking at me, “You’re easy to love… so easy to love!”

He kissed me deeply and passionately, I tried to protest but I couldn’t fake it anymore. I knew it was wrong but I wanted it. I knew, as a woman what it felt like to be cheated on but I was selfish. In that moment, I didn’t care how it would affect Julia.

I gave into Tyler. Kissing him back passionately, we frantically started grabbing at each other’s clothes. We were like two sex-crazed teenagers doing it for the first time right on the living room floor of my brother’s house while him, his wife and kids all slept on the second floor. We didn’t care, we just wanted each other.

He pulled open my robe and slid his hands underneath my nightgown, finding my tiny black g-string. His pace slowed now and he rubbed my clit over the material, driving me crazy. It had been a while since I was even touched by a man. He sent shivers down my spine with his touch.

His fingers rubbed over my wetness. He drove a finger in and brought it up to my mouth, my lips parted as he slid his finger in my mouth and he watched as I sucked my juices off of it. I was pleasantly surprised to know that I was already that wet.

He pulled his cock out through the opening of his pajama pants and immediately moved aside my panties and slowly entered me. He grunted loudly as he was now buried to the hilt. “You’re so fucking tight!”

“Its been a while.” I responded slightly hurting, my pussy adjusted to his thickness all over again. I whimpered slightly as he took his first thrust.

“I bet he was nothing compared to this! I bet he never matched up to me.” Tyler commented as he slowly started thrusting.

I have never heard Ty speak in this manner, as if he was insecure or jealous of some sort. Of course he had been drinking but is it bad that I liked it?

“Shut up and fuck me!” I commanded ignoring his further comments as I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.

He grinned, ” As you wish.”

He went back to my neck, kissing, sucking, biting as he drove his cock slowly but deep into my needy pussy over and over again.

“Kay, that pussy is so fucking tight!” He grunted as he continued sliding in and out of me.

With my hips elevated from my legs being wrapped around him, my clit was being stimulated ever so slightly against him and almost instantly, I found myself wanting to cum. It didn’t help that I hadn’t been laid in forever.

My moans got higher and my pussy started pulsating around Tyler’s massive cock.

“Are you for real?” He stopped his movement and looked at me with a huge grin.

I blushed trying to hold back but he continued pumping in and out of me slowly, guiding inch by inch in and buried himself deep in me. My body was in pure ecstasy, my back arched, my head leaned back into the floor, my hands gripped at the carpet.

My chest rapidly rose and fell as my breathing deepened, “I’m going to cum!”

My high moans became loud. Tyler reacted quickly to cover my mouth with his hand as I rode through wave after wave of my orgasm. He slid out slowly and pulled his shirt off. I admired his body, it hadn’t changed a bit. My eyes scanned his tight chest and defined abs. This was a sight I missed. I sat up and brushed my hand over his abs, using my other hand for support.

Tyler quickly slid off my robe and grab me around the waist, lifting me. My legs wrap around him, he sat on the couch, sitting me on-top of him. I straddled him. He maneuvered his pants off before pulling my panties aside again and entering me. My body shivered as his cock stretched me out again.

“I love watching you squirm.” He smiled as he reached for my nightgown but I stopped him. My body had changed significantly since he had last seen me and I was embarrassed for him to see me.

“C’mon baby, take that off for me.” He commanded before slapping my ass hard, “Now!” He growled.

His commands put a smile on my face taking me back to earlier days. I let him pull my silk nightgown off, I gripped the back of the sofa and pressed my body against him before starting to bounce up and down on him. His strong arms wrapped around me, holding me close as I slid up and down his shaft.

His hands then moved to grope my tits, taking a nipple in his mouth. I continued riding him, building up my speed. My hands now rested on his chest, my head tilted back before I moved to kiss his neck, I bit his shoulder slightly. I was in heaven, my eyes were closed but my hips kept its rhythm, grinding on him. His cock being massaged by my pulsating pussy.

I was focusing on holding back but pleasuring him completely. I sucked his neck not realizing just how long my lips hovered on his skin, leaving a deep hickey. I felt like a high school teenager again being with him. I was receiving so much pleasure, I couldn’t focus on the silly mistake I had just made. Tyler continued to hold me close as he grunted in my ear. I could tell he was close.

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