My Buddy’s Wife Ch. 04

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Double Penetration

It had been one of those long cold gray Connecticut winters that didn’t want to end. It was now near the end of April; and it was still bone chillingly cold, and was a threat of rain in the starless gray night sky.

I had stopped at the Orange Stop a roll of paper towels, a bottle of Windex, a couple cans of sodas, and maybe a bag of candy.

As I walked through the store doing my shopping; I saw her standing at the deli-counter. My heart jumped, and then it sunk like a rock. I wanted to run away, and get as far away from her as I possible could. I didn’t want the hurt to come back. But I was frozen to the spot, I was standing on.

I would have known her anywhere. I could see her face clearly in the mirror behind the counter. Her hair was a little blonder now and she was wearing it up in a French twist. She had put a few pounds on her thin body making her look even better then I remembered her.

She was dressed like a female executive in a feminine black leather car coat over a char- coal gray tweed skirt suit, with a white silk blouse. She had on a pair of low heeded black dress shoes. I even knew what she was wearing under her suit. I knew she had on a white lacy bra, loose silk panties, with a grater belt to hold up her shear nylon stockings. She was wearing just a slight touch of make up, and to finish her outfit she had on a small pair of gold ear rings, with a thin gold necklace around her neck.

While I stood there staring at her reflection in the mirror; my memoires of her came flooding back into my mind. We had an affair that lasted for three years. They were the happiest years of our lives.

Her Mother caught us, just after we got through making love. Then her Mother made a horrible scene, calling us names and finally saying to her daughter, that she was nothing more then a fucking; cheating, adulterous a slut!

The things her Mother said to her hurt her so bad. That Annie got off my lap crying and ran onto her bedroom. She locked the door behind her. I tried to talk to her, but she begged me to leave. That was five and haft years ago; and that was the last time I saw her, until I saw her in the supermarket.

After we stopped seeing each other; I was crushed, I started drinking heavily to trying to forget her. Everything else started going wrong for me then too. The company I was driving for lost a big contract and when out of business. I bounced from job to job for a while. My wife’s family kept criticizing me and meddling in our business. Their meddling always had a very toxic effect on my wife, but now it was much worse.

Somehow or other, I realized that my drinking was only making matters worse. I knew that I needed to get on with my life. So I put the plug in the jug, and tried not to think about her. But I knew in my heart, that I’ll never be able to forget her.

So when I saw her. I wanted to turn around, and run away. I didn’t want to speak to her. I was afraid that the pain in my heart would start up again, if I spoke to her.

For some reason or other I though about her ex-husband Charlie, he was my best friend. He had a way of telling me the things that I needed to hear.

I could almost hear him saying to me,” Carl, you narcotic fuck you, go over there, and talk to her. If you don’t you’ll regret it, for the rest of you life!”

I walked over to her not knowing; what I was going to say to her, so I just said,” Hi remember me?”

She turned and looked up at me; she seemed surprised and startled to see me. She smiled as she said. “Of course, I remember you Carl. How could I ever forget you?”

We stood there looking at each other for a moment, and then I asked her, “How have you been?”

She replied, “Okay, and you?”

My mind was racing I wanted to say so much to her, I wanted to tell her how much I’ve missed her. But instead I said “Okay.”

She got her order from the deli, and we started walking around the store together; talking about anything, and everything, but nothing about what happen the last we seen each other.

Her shopping basket was in her left hand; my shopping basket was in my right Urfa Escort hand.

As we walked side by side, our hands touched a couple of times. I got such a thrill from the feel of her small soft hand, as it brushed against mine, that it gave me goose bumps and sent shivers up and down my spine.

I wanted to hold her hand; like we did as kids walking home from high school, so many years ago.

I forgot about, what I wanted to buy. All I wanted… was to be with her. I waited in line with her as she checked out. I carried her bags to her car, like I used to carry her books after school.

I didn’t want her to go, but I didn’t know how to ask her to stay.

As she got in her car, she asked.” Do want to get a cup of coffee with me? I need to talk to you about some thing important. I’ve been putting it off, for so long because of what happen.”

I was confused, but I smiled and said,” Okay.”

We went to the drive through at a nearby Dunkin Donuts; we parked in the back corner of the hotel parking lot next door to Dunkin Donuts. Annie moved the seat back to give me some leg room. She took off her jacket, and tossed it on the back seat. She sat there looking at me like there was something she wanted to talk about, but she didn’t know how to start.

I copied her and took off my jacket and tossed mine on the back seat with hers. I turned sideways leaning against the car door looking back at her.

We just sat there like that, for a second looking at each other. Then suddenly there were several bright flashes of lightening that illuminated the night sky, followed by a loud burst of rolling thunder that seemed to reverberate through the car that made me tremble.

Annie scurried out from under the steering wheel; crawled across the seat, got up on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. She nuzzled her head between my neck and shoulder, just as the sky opened up and the rain came pouring down; drumming on the roof of the car.

As she got on my lap; I could smell her perfume, and make up. Her fragrance was intoxicating. I put my arms around her and pulled her tightly against me. I could feel her sobs going up and down her spine; her tears were soaking my shirt. I pulled her tightly against me and whispered to her, “my baby,”

As soon as I said that, my eyes welled up and started to burn. It was a like a damn had broken open and my pent up tears began to fall. I rocked her back and fourth like a parent would rock a child, trying to comfort her.

I was kissing the top of her head. Whispering, “Annie…Annie…My Annie, I’ve missed you so much.”

She said sobbing through her tears, “Oh Carl, please forgive me? I love so much; you don’t know how much, I’ve needed you and missed you…”

I put my hand under her chin, tilting her head back. I kissed her forehead, eye lids, and the tip of her nose, her cheeks, and her chin as I continued to hold her and rock her.

We were moving our heads from side to side tenderly kissing each others faces. My nose brushed over hers, as it touched her cheek, my lips were just above hers. Then another bright bolt of lightning, flashed through the night sky lighting up the inside of the car.

I could see Annie’s red teary eyes and her streaked make-up. She was breathing heavily through her open mouth looking at me; she closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side.

I closed my eyes as I covered her lips with mine, as our lips gently molded together we moved our heads in a small circles. As the tips of our tongues touched, another loud burst of thunder roared through the night.

As we kissed, I ran my finger tips over her ear and through her hair. She was rubbing the side of my face with her hand. I rubbed her back with my other hand running my finger tips up and down her spine.

As we kissed, I could feel little shivers going through her body. As our kiss became more passionate, I could feel Annie beginning to squirm on my lap, causing my penis to become fully erect and start to throb.

I opened the front of her suit jacket, and put my hand on her sensitive little breast Urfa Escort Bayan and gently fondled her through her blouse and bra. Annie gave me little love bits on my neck, and kissed my cheek. As she nipped my ear lobe, she whispered, “Carl I haven’t been with anyone else, you know that don’t you?”

Somehow or other I knew that, so I just nodded my head and whispered, “I know.”

I unbuttoned the front of her blouse, and unclipped her bra. As I cupped my hand over her small firm breast, and gently pinched her hard pink nipple. Annie sighed as she put her hand over mine holding it on her breast.

She said softly, “We shouldn’t be doing this here, but I can’t stop you… Oh God Honey, I want it… so bad.”

We kissed deeply and passionately; with our tongues swirling around each others, going from mouth to mouth. I took my hand off her breast and put it under the hem of her skirt on her smooth stocking covered thigh.

She shivered, and opened her legs, as I slid my hand up her nylon covered thigh, over the soft damp flesh above her stocking to the crotch of her soaked panties. I could felt the heat from her vagina through them.

I slid my hand under her panties and probed my finger into her hole. She sucked in her breath as my finger went into her tunnel of love. I got my finger wet and rubbed her clit. Annie gasped as I touched her clitoris and said, “Oh GOD Carl, I think… I’m going to cum…it’s been so long…ahhh…ahhh…I’m cumming.”

I pushed my tongue into her mouth, and slid two fingers into her as I circled my thumb around her clitoris and then back and fourth across it. She jerked her hips wildly as she came whimpering, “Oh God Carl…Please put it in…I want to feel you in me again…It’s been so long.”

As she got off my lap, Annie kicked off her shoes, and lay back on the seat with her head under the steering wheel. She raised her hips; as I pushed her skirt up around her waist and peeled her panties off and dropped them on the floor.

Annie opened her legs as I got on my knees between them. I opened my jeans and pulled my pants and under pants down around my knees. As I leaned over her, she took hold of my penis and nudged it against her opening. She sucked in her breath, wrapped her arms around my neck me and whispered, “I love you… I need you… it’s been so long… Oh God Carl…Please… Please… do it me.”

She lifted her hips and sucked in her breath as I pushed my penis into her warm wet hole, as I pulled back out of her, she exhaled making erotic feminine sounds in her throat. We were making love like teenagers in a drive in move.

Annie was softly moaning,” Oh God Carl…it’s been so long…it feels so good…”

I replied, “Annie… It feels so good…to be in you again.”

Annie was rolling her head from side to side whispering, “It feels so good… Oh God Carl… it feels so good…Please don’t stop.”

I replied, “Oh baby, I’ve missed you so much… it feels so good… to be inside you again.”

Another bolt of lightening flashed through the night sky lighting up the inside of the car. So I could see the Annie’s face contorting in ecstasy as her eyes rolled back into her head and she arched her trembling body up in orgasm.

The muscles in her vagina clamped around my penis, as she moaned, “Aaaaah…Aaaaah… Oh God…I’m cumming again…It’s been so long…I needed that…so bad.”

The thunder was booming, as my cock swelled and my body went rigid as I began shooting my load deep inside her. Then we collapsed together on the front seat of her car panting.

We fixed our clothes. Annie got back on up on my lap. We sat there holding each other, for a while, waiting for the storm to past and to get our emotions under control again.

She said, “Carl, there’s something I need to talk to you about, when you get back.”

I though to myself, Oh Shit here it comes. “Annie,” I said, “You know how much I love you, and I want to be with you forever. But I can’t.” that’s as far as I got, when she stopped me.

She said, “Carl it’s not that, I know we can’t be together Escort Urfa as man and wife…as much as we both want to be. But there’s something else…there’s someone important I want you to meet. I need to talk to you about this important special person.”

I must have gotten a strange look on my face. Because, she laughed and said, “No Carl there isn’t another man or woman. We’ll talk when you get back.”

“Okay.” I said, not having any idea what this was all about.

She took me back to my car, and went on her way. It had stopped raining, and the parking lot was wet and shiny now, making it look clean.

The next morning, I called her from the truck stop while my tractor was being fueled. I told her I was thinking about her all night. She asked if I had good thoughts about her, I laughed and told her of course. Then I asked her if she wanted to go for breakfast with me, she answered,” Yes.”

Then she said, “Carl, we have to make a stop and pick-up someone. Someone very special, that you need to meet. Then we have to talk.”

I still had no idea what this was all about, but I told her I’d pick her up in an hour. When I got there, she invite me in. I watched her finish getting ready; she was wearing a pair of jeans, a pink sweater, with white keds. Her hair was pulled her back into a pony tail. God she looked great.

As we went out the back door, we held hands, like we did as teenagers. I felt like she was my girl again and we were going steady. I couldn’t help myself I felt so good being with her again, that I started laughing. She looked up at me with her sparkling pale blue eyes and asked, “What are you laughing at?”

I told her, and she smiled and snuggled up against me and laughed as she said, “I am your girl and we’ve always been going steady. Now we have to go pick up someone special.”

I asked where we were going, she said, “I’ll give you directions as we go.”

We got to a day care center and she went in. Annie came back out in a few minutes holding hands with a little girl that looked like she was about five years old. The little girl had long dark brown hair with big brown eyes just like mine.

As soon as I saw her; I knew she was my daughter.

I got out of the car and ran over to them; I looked at Annie with my mouth hanging open. Annie just nodded her head up and down, as if to say yes.

The little girl was looking up at me, and asked her Mother, “Mommy who’s this big man?”

Annie looked at me and said, “He’s the man I want to be your God Father, His name is Carl and were very good friends, Carla Ann.”

“Mommy what’s a God Father, is that like a real daddy? She asked.

Annie looked at me and Carla Ann and said,” He’ll be kind of like a real Daddy, if he wants to be.”

I nodded my head, up and down as if to say yes.

Then Annie said to me this is my daughter, “Carla Ann.”

I bent down and put my arms out to Carla Ann, she ran over to me jumped into my arm, and hugged me. As I stood up and kissed her on the forehead, she wrapped her little legs around my chest and held onto me. I held her in one arm and put my other arm out for Annie.

While I held Carla Ann in my arm, and with my other arm around Annie shoulder. I noticed that the sun was shining and it had gotten a lot warmer.

I told my wife that I was going to be Carla Ann’s God Father. She looked at me and in her stern motherly voice, told me to sit and listen to her. She said,

“Carl, it’s a good thing you’re not married to some other woman, because any other woman would be jealous of your friendship with Annie. Now you know you’re going to need to spend a lot of time with them, Carla Ann needs a Father figure in her life and that’s going to have to be you. Because Annie is never going to get married again, so she needs your friendship, and your support more then ever now. Just don’t neglect me and your sons.”

Somehow other I knew things were going to work out for everybody.

And they did, I have a wife that acts like she’s my Mother. I love her dearly; I couldn’t love her more if she was my mother, and she is my best friend. I have two sons that I loved dearly.

Plus I have the woman in my life that I have loved passionately ever since the first time I met her, a beautiful God Daughter that I love dearly and that loves me too. So we all managed to live happily ever after.

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