My Cashfag Ch. 04

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I woke up feeling great. I reached over to the nightstand, grabbing my phone. 10:30am Below the time there was a series of messages: a couple girls who wanted me to come over, friends wanting to hang out, and of course Tom.

– Hello Sir!

– Looking forward to being subjected to your control.

– Kinda nervous.

– Hope you are having a good morning.

– Can’t stop thinking about you even with my wife right here.

– Sir I need your control.

– Have I upset you?

– Maybe you’re still in bed, sorry for disturbing you.

“Hahaha, this might be easier than I thought, what a pathetic slave. I can’t wait to have him under my thumb.” I figured with all of his messages he could just stew in his own thoughts, chuckling.

As the morning played out, I sat on the sofa, holding my phone. Scrolling through the messages, this one girl sent some pictures that caught my attention. Along with the picture was a message that said, “I miss having you.” I laughed at the thought, how many girls want me and how Tom would be craving to have Me for him to worship.

I went out to the gym, played basketball with friends. It was now 3:00 and got another picture of this girl, “Come over?” Laughing I replied, “Sure.”

After releasing multiple loads, I looked at my phone, “Oh, it’s 4:30. Hahaha bahçeşehir escort how long he must have been waiting.”

I got into my new car, smearing sweat all over. “Hahaha 5:15.” I walked into the house, making myself at home and walked into the living room and there he was. Trembling on his knees naked with a blindfold on. Smirking, I wondered has he been in this position since 4? But that is a great touch being on his knees, close to the couch. I sat down, leaning back.

“Sir?” he said. I looked at him and pressed my foot against his chest, grinding my heel as he tried to resist himself from falling.

“Did I give you permission to speak?” his head bowing. “Do you know how ridiculous you look?” Head bowing further, “Good boy.” I moved my foot, removing my shoe with the top of his head. Plopping down to his lap. “Haha, you like that boy?”

“Okay boy, so here is how things are gonna work, you won’t speak unless I tell you to. You are to sniff anything that get pressed to your nose. Lick whatever I allow you to lick, all for my entertainment. And focus only on pleasure. Do you understand, fag?”

“Yes Sir.”

I sat there and watched TV, resting my feet on him. When my foot started to itch, I would use whatever part of his head that I could use to scratch it.

I beylikdüzü escort lowered my foot to his hands on his lap, “rub them.” He has not lost his touch, I thought, he continued to rub them in the most respectful way, working every inch. I took my foot away from him after a while and walked into the kitchen.

Looking through the cabinets, “this should work,” I thought.

Grabbing it, I brought it back with me to the room. Running the edge of it over his skin. Up and down his arms, tracing his jaw line. I asked, “Do you know what this is?” He nodded no. “No? You don’t know? Well it does belong to you, no matter, I have decided to give you a gift,” I finished saying as I stood next to his ear.

The sound of liquid, splashing into the glass. I’m sure he knew what was happening. As it started to reach the rim, I aimed for his face and chest, tapping the last of the droplets into his hair. “Liquid gold. After all, I am doing you a favor by taking in your car. Put out your hand.” His hand raising while trembling, I placed the glass into his hand. “Fag, do you not have a gift for Me?

“Sir, I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting to receive such a gift.” I slapped his face.

He corrected, “I’m sorry… your wallet is on the corner table, please take whatever you would like avcılar escort Sir.”

“Good boy. Now drink your gift.” I turned to face the wallet, opening it. $300, not bad. “What do you say?” As I pressed my foot into his crotch.

“Thank you, Sir.”

Looking around the room, I saw the belt resting on the ottoman. I grabbed it. Slapping the leather against itself. Running the cool leather on his back. “All those times, I allowed you into my room, I always wanted to do this. ESPECIALLY, when you messed up or was going too slow.”

I smacked it against his back and stomach walking around him.

“Thank you, Sir,” he said quivering.

Then another and another.

“I have done a huge favor for you today, boy. Asserting my control to help you like you begged. I have gone out of my way.”

“Yes Sir, I could maybe start giving you an allowance.”

“Maybe?” I said, clicking my tongue.

“I will, Sir.”

“That’s better,” tapping his head. “Now go ahead and take off that blindfold.” He gingerly, removed it. “Go to my car and clean it. There’s a lot of trash that needs to be taken out. I got it covered with sweat so focus on the seat too.” With that he started to get up, his eyes pleading.

“What is it, SPEAK.”

“My family is almost going to be home, Sir.”

“Well then you’d better hurry, if you don’t want them to catch you naked, in my car.” Looking at him walk away, “wait, give me your watch so I can check the time.” He handed it over, “here it is, Sir.” Of course, a Rolex.

Then he walked off to the door.


Looking forward to comment from you boys.

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