My Chance Encounter Ch. 04

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I sent Steven my phone number. We had been messaging through an app allowing some anonymity. It seemed dumb now that we had met. I know that most of our time that night was spent either with my dick in his mouth or his in mine. Still it was time to stop worrying about who would find out and if I could trust him. Moments later his text displayed on my phone. He was at work but could call tonight. I thanked him. Our encounter was eye opening to say the least.

Leading up to that night I was getting nervous anticipating the call. When I got home I grabbed a beer from the fridge and took a seat at the table. The microbrew hit the spot and I grabbed another. I moved to the couch when I took the third from the fridge. It settled my nerves enough that I felt comfortable when he called.

“Hello?” I started. I saw his number on the display but still decided to play it cool.

“Hi, this is Steven.” His voice calmed me, hushing my overly active nerves. Finally we can talk.

“Glad you called. Are you busy tonight?” Emboldened by the alcohol? Where did that come from? Was I really asking to get together again? How many beers had I had?

“No, I’m free if you want to get together.”

“Yeah, I’d like to.”

“Cool, I’m on my way now. Be there in a minute.” he said.

“Ok, see you soon.” I responded. I stood finding I was buzzed, wishing I had one less beer in me. He lived in a neighborhood less than a mile east so he would make it here quickly.

He knocked on the door and I let him in. He looked handsome. I hadn’t truly noticed the other night. He brought two sixpacks of the same beer I was drinking. I suggested he sit on the couch and pulled two of the beers out, one for each of us then put the rest in the fridge. We had a nice conversation and got to know each other a bit better. When I retrieved his second beer I sat closer to him turning to face him. I put my hand on his thigh telling him that I really enjoyed meeting him yesterday.

He leaned in and kissed me on the lips. He smiled telling me he enjoyed it too. My heart raced again. I went in to kiss him. Our lips met and I moaned. I felt his tongue probing my lips. I let it in. I played back just letting him touch the tip of mine. He worked for it for a minute then pulled my head closer. I pushed my tongue out to meet his fully. Feeling his goatee on my face while we were kissing added another dimension to the kiss. He is the only person I have kissed that has facial hair. It was erotic and sensual. I don’t think it is something I will ever tire of. I wanted our passionate kiss to last forever but the memory of his cock pushing to enter my throat came to me.

He softly pushed me back so I was laying on the couch. I helped him undo my shorts and pull them off. His mouth went straight to my cock. His warm mouth felt magical again. He took my cock in massaging it with his tongue. He rubbed all of the right spots as he slowly moved his head on it. He collected some of his saliva with a finger and put it at my asshole. I moaned and prepared myself mentally for its entrance. He pushed it in just to the first knuckle. It really got to me. I wanted to fuck his mouth while riding his finger. He pulled his mouth off me while pushing his finger in further. He took the lube from the coffee table and added some to his fingers and my entrance. He started using his finger to fuck my ass. Soon he added a second finger and fucked me some more. I jumped when he added the third and fourth fingers at the same time. It was a lot to adjust to. He could see I was having difficulties handling it so he put his mouth back on my cock. His mouth was the perfect distraction from being stretched out. He started bobbing on my cock while fucking my ass with with his fingers. Soon my ass had adjusted enough that I could really concentrate on enjoying his mouth. His tongue was working my cock from the bottom to the head and he was bringing my climax back again.

“Oh shit Steven, you’re getting me close… Ohhh shit yeah. Ohhh!

“Oh yeah I’m coming now! Ohhh!” I said as I started shooting my cum in his mouth. This was the second amazing orgasm Steven gave me. I squirted many times in his mouth and he collected it all while continuing to pump his fingers in my ass. I could feel my hole clenching on his fingers. I was hoping he was working my ass to get it ready for his cock. I really wanted to feel it fucking me. He pulled his fingers out and moved up to kiss again. At least that’s what I thought until he used his hand to open my mouth and spit my cum in it. I was surprised but liked it. He kissed me and we played with it between our tongues.

I reached down to unfasten his belt and pants. Once undone I unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. He broke our kiss to stand up and pull his pants off and drop his shirt. I pulled my shirt off and tossed it with his. He laid on my chest bringing our lips together again. I could feel his hard cock between my legs. Bursa escort bayan It was pointed down and I could feel it teasing my hole. It delightfully slid across my hole as he ground his hips against me. It was driving my desire wild so I pulled my left leg up. His cock pressed harder on my hole, slipping further along it. He pulled my other leg up and put his cock at my entrance.

His cock buried in my ass in one hard thrust making me groan heavily. He had prepared me enough that it didn’t hurt too much at all. He pulled back until the head was barely inside before pushing hard in again. His balls slapped on my ass. He fell into a rhythm fucking my ass like this. I had used dildos, plugs and other toys but nothing compares to having a real flesh and blood cock in me. To finally have the feeling of laying back while a man fucks me with his cock was entirely fulfilling. Having Steven’s cock pumping and filling my ass took me to a whole new level of enjoyment. His cock steadily entering me brought my own cock back to attention. The combination of his cock mercilessly fucking me, his balls hitting my cheeks and the occasional meeting of his stomach rubbing my cock was getting me close to coming again.

“Oh shit Steven I’m coming again! Ohhhh! Don’t stoppp!” He kept fucking me and rubbing my cock with his stomach. He pushed me over the edge and my second climax tonight started.

“Oh yeah I’m coming, ohh shit ohhh!” I felt my ass clamping down on his cock when I came. I shot across my stomach and chest. I saw his face change telling me he too was going to cum. I clenched my ass on his cock again and brought one leg around his ass as far as I could. I pinched his nipples and pulled him closer with my leg. He sped up thrusting into me until he came. His body straightened as he let out a loud and long groan. I used my leg to pull him tight to me getting his cock as deep as possible. I felt his throbbing cock squirting cum in me while we stayed connected.

He collapsed on my chest breathing heavily, spreading my cum between us. The weight of him on me was reassuring, reminding me that I had just been taken by a man. A real man with a big cock that I felt slowly slipping out of me. He rested on me while catching his breath. I took in the moment feeling his warmth and weight on me, his head resting on my shoulder, his cock still half erect and resting on my asshole, my cum between our stomachs and chests, his cum slowly oozing from my ass. Minutes later I felt his goatee rub my shoulder as he moved to kiss me again. Our tongues wrestled momentarily. He stood up to go use the bathroom while I laid back, in my mind replaying him coming deep in my ass. When he returned he handed a damp hand towel to me and stood facing me.

“Thanks.” I said. “Can you stay for a while or do you need to get back?” I hoped he would stay. I sat up as I was asking it. His soft cock was directly in front of my face. I sucked it into my mouth. His soft cock started growing quickly. It pushed against the back of my mouth. I took a deep breath and pushed onto his cock. It slipped down my throat and I soon found my nose pushing through his bush and onto his skin. I started moving my head on his cock waiting for an answer. He started moving his hips to match my head on his cock. His precum leaked out onto my tongue. He started grinding toward my face on every down stroke. He was getting really worked up making me think he would cum again. I continued my pace and started massaging his balls with my free hand. His moaning increased. I started working his cock harder with my tongue as his cock moved in and out of my mouth. I wanted to feel him cum again. I needed to feel him lose control in my mouth. I needed to feel him release his cum over my tongue, shooting it to coat the back of my mouth. I needed to feel the slippery silky feel when pressed to the roof of my mouth. My mind was on that track only. I kept on his cock. I worked it for many more minutes before I got a hint of my reward. I heard his moans increase and he sped his movements pushing into my mouth. As much as I wanted it I held onto his hips to slow him down. I started wiggling my tongue across his cock when I slid it in. I slowly sped up, working his cock as well as I could. Within a minute he told me what was happening.

“Oh shit I’m coming now, ohh shit, ohhhh shiiitt! Ohh!” His cock shot off in my mouth. He squirted several times before slowing down. I swallowed some before playing with the rest. His cum felt wonderful when I swirled it around my mouth. The soft feeling when I rubbed it on the roof of my mouth felt comforting, like nothing else mattered at the time.

Steven sat next to me to catch his breath again. He said he could stay tonight but needed to be at the office tomorrow. I did too so we talked about morning schedules to get ready. We got ready for bed like we’d been married for years and fell asleep.

The alarm came quickly in the morning. I had Escort Antalya the best night’s sleep in the past year or two. I turned the alarm off and looked over at Steven. He was looking back at me. Seconds later I felt his hand on my cock. My first thought was this felt good enough to justify calling in sick. He slipped closer to me and kissed my lips. Our tongues touched softly. I moaned as he was barely touching my cock as he moved his hand on it. I reached out to take his cock in one hand and a nipple in the other. His cock grew in my hand. I could see on his face that he liked what I was giving him. It was enough that his hand dropped from my cock.

I moved down to use my tongue to play with his cock. He moaned when I licked his cock from the head to his balls. I took a bottle of lube from the nightstand. I put a generous amount on his cock and squirted some in my ass. I straddled him, aligning my hole with his cock. I held his cock, directing it as I sat on it. It felt wonderful again stretching my ring as I slid down it. He groaned and pushed up to me when I had his cock completely in. I felt every bit of his cock as it entered and as I lifted up. I rested my hands on his chest so I could play with his nipples. After I started a nice pace riding his cock I started alternating pinching and rolling his nipples. I would softly pinch one while tightly rolling the other between my fingertips. His groans became louder and he pushed his head back. He rested his hands on my hips. I was really enjoying his cock in me, filling me. I wanted to feel him cum in me again.

I kept my rhythm riding him and teasing his chest. It was turning into nipple torture as I started feeling my climax rising in me. His cock was rubbing me right and he was holding onto my hips. I took him into his climax with a few more times dropping my ass on his cock. Seeing it in his face and feeling his cock shooting cum in me put me over the edge too. I shot my cum over his stomach and chest. A little landed on his neck and one drop landed in his goatee. I bent down and licked as much from his body as I could reach while keeping his cock in. He pulled me to him and we kissed passionately until his cock slipped out. I climbed off to lay on the bed next to him.

“I can’t go to work today. We’re already an hour behind getting ready and I don’t think my legs will hold me up for a while. I’m going to call in sick today.” I said.

“I will too.” After calling in we fell back asleep. Several hours later I woke to the sound of Steven showering in the adjoining bath. The sound of the water spraying and the soft scent of my shampoo got me moving quickly.

Steven smiled and said good morning just as I was walking towards him. He leaned his head back to the water to rinse his hair. I was hypnotized for a moment watching the water run from his shoulders and down his chest to his legs and soft cock. I stepped to him and planted my lips on his neck. He put his arms around me resting his head on my shoulder. The warmth from his body and the water running over us was relaxing. I moved down to play with his chest. His nipples were really sensitive from earlier. I kept it gentle before moving further down across his stomach. I lifted his cock and went in for his balls. I held one and took the other in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it then let it go. I took the other in for a moment before licking his cock from the base up to the tip. I locked my lips around it using my tongue to play with the head. His cock had risen to full staff.

The water was steaming the shower and running over my face as I buried his cock in my mouth. His cock slipped into my throat easily and I felt his balls press on my chin as water continued to run between us. I had my hands around his ass when he started soft thrusts slipping his cock in and out of my mouth. His motion increased and I held my head still. I concentrated on using my tongue on his cock to make him cum. His grunts and groans increased telling me he was getting close. He started really fucking my mouth. I felt his hands on my head just before he yelled out he was coming. He slammed his cock in one more time then held my head on him. His hot throbbing cock pulsed as it squirted straight down my throat. I held onto his hips as he held my head on his cock. As his orgasm slowed I was closer to needing air. His pulses of cum had finished and he relaxed his arms allowing me to breathe through my nose. I used one hand to milk his cock and sucked as much cum left in him that I could get out.

I stood up and washed his body. I soaped and rubbed him from his chest to his feet. I tried to massage his muscles as I moved down him. I moved to do his back and legs again massaging as I went. I took my time to enjoy the first time I had really felt a man’s body all over. His muscles moving under my hands was an erotic feeling that I wanted to experience again. When I had finished Steven stepped out of the shower to dry Manavgat escort off. I took his place and washed off. When I finished I gave him a clean pair of boxers then put on shorts and a shirt.

We decided to head out to the ocean which is a couple of hours away. We debated on a day or overnight trip choosing overnight because it was nearly noon already. I reserved a room at a resort for the night and we headed out in Steven’s SUV.

When we arrived at the resort we were ready for food. We checked in, dropped our bags in the room and walked the few blocks to an area with several restaurants. We worked our way into a bar lucky to get a small table quickly. We drank our beers and devoured the appetizers when they came out. We sat nursing a few beers and people watching before heading back to the room. We quickly fell asleep in each other’s arms after the long day traveling.

The next morning was an experience reminiscent of the morning before. I woke with Steven spooning me, his arm resting over me and his hand on my chest. I felt it move down to gently brush over my cock bringing it to attention immediately. I turned to look at him. We stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before he moved down to take my cock in his mouth again. His warm mouth felt wonderful on my cock. I closed my eyes, stretching and straightening out on my back. He worked my cock well bringing me close to coming before giving me a chance to come back down. He worked me close to orgasm again. His tongue worked my cock as he dipped down to my balls. It took me over the edge. I moaned as my orgasm started taking over my body. I pushed my head back against the pillow as I started shooting my cum in his mouth. He worked all of the cum out of me and swallowed it before moving up to face me. We kissed again. I could taste the cum still on his tongue.

I broke our kiss realizing I had to use the bathroom. I finished and hopped in the shower. I heard Steven use the bathroom while I was showering. When I finished drying off I came out to see him sitting on the edge of the bed.

I gently pushed him back on the bed. He moved up it voluntarily so his legs were on the bed as I moved to straddle him. I kissed my way from his stomach to his chest so I could tease his nipples. I kissed and used my tongue to play with them. His moans encouraged me again to want more. I moved up to kiss his lips. Our mouths met again. His lips felt soft and firm against mine. They opened again for our tongues to touch. I could taste the hint of my cum remaining in his mouth as our kiss became passionate once again. I felt his cock rising against my thigh. I needed to feel him enter me again. I felt my asshole twitch when his cock had risen enough to touch it.

I leaned over to take the bottle of lubricant from the nightstand. I massaged some onto his cock and put more on and in my entrance. I slipped a couple of fingers in finding I was still loosened enough to take him in effortlessly. I set the bottle to the side and resumed my position straddling him. I reached back to guide his cock to my hole. As soon as I slipped his cock head into me he pushed up balls deep in me. I moaned out loud and sat down pushing him back to the bed.

I started riding his cock, concentrating on how it felt sliding inside me. My ass was so sensitive I could feel all the details as his cock moved in and out. I continued riding him feeling the muscles in my legs burning. It was completely worth it though. His cock felt amazing being gripped by my ass as it pumped me. I leaned forward to kiss again and he started pushing his cock harder in me. His moans had turned to groans as his pace increased. I thought I felt his cock swell just before he groaned one last time. I thought I heard him say “Oh fuck” just as my orgasm was triggered. His cock was pushed deep in me as I felt my cum shooting from my cock. I sat up watching it squirt across his stomach. I started becoming aware of his cock throbbing in my ass, his orgasm in full swing. I reached down and wiped some of my cum up on my fingertips. I brought them to my mouth to suck the cum off. His body visibly relaxed after his orgasm subsided. I leaned forward again to kiss him softly on the lips. I looked up to see we had a view of the ocean from the room before I climbed off him. I laid next to him, against him so I could feel his skin on mine. I quickly fell asleep.

When I woke up Steven was just out of the shower. We dressed and headed out for breakfast and a walk on the beach. It ended up being a short walk as my legs didn’t have a lot left in them. We go back to the room and Steven shut the door behind us. He took my hand and pulled me close to him. His head tilted down to mine, I leaned mine back and our lips met for a soft embrace. He pulled away leading me to the bed once again. He pulled my shirt off and unfastened my shorts allowing them to fall freely to the floor. He slid my underwear to the floor too and I stepped out of them. Naked, I pulled him close to kiss again. I left enough space between us to be able to pull his shirt up and off briefly interrupting the kiss. I unfastened his shorts and pulled them down with his underwear. I kissed his cock when I bent down but Steven pulled me back up.

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