My College Roommate

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Alexis Monroe

I had never been this far away from home before in my life, but there I was, sitting on the edge of my twin size bed in my freshman dorm room. I forced a deep breath in through my nose and out through my mouth; my usual routine when anxiety gets the best of me. High school was finally over and I had moved on to what I’d hoped would be a more mature and serious world.

I had a couple of friends in high school. We shared a common interest in sci-fi and D here it comes. “Hey there, sorry for barging in like that. I’m Ted,” he said respectfully with an outstretched hand and sly grin. I stammered as my brain tried to shift gears. Stuttering was one of the few social deficits I was spared from, but here I was doing it. I looked up at Ted, towering over me. His broad chest and shoulders stretching out his t-shirt. He could crush my body in an instant. “H-hi! Hi, I’m Mike.” Shaking his massively, strong hand I felt like toddler or a mouse.

“It’s really good to meet you, Mike. Looks like we’ll be roommates!” He said, adjusting his backward baseball cap. He sounded polite, respectful almost excited even. This was confusing. My brain conjured up a cruel punchline of some sort was seconds away. But it never came.

In the first two days as we were settling in, preparing to start the first semester, Ted was by far the most respectful, charismatic peer I’d ever met. We had actually gone to lunch together and I learned that he was an English Lit major; who would have imagined. His whole demeanor and personality was pleasantly backwards from how he appeared. My anxiety and fears just melted away by the second night of living in the dorm.

That second night was quite peculiar. While Ted was in the shower around 9:30pm, I was setting up my desk, trying to get organized for my first three classes that would start the next morning. Ted walked in the room from his shower with a towel wrapped around his waist. The size of his muscular body made the towel look like a wash cloth. He was saying something about how far the bathroom was from our room, but the distraction of his lines and definition made me barely able to listen.

He was still speaking words, but I completely lost what was said when he pulled the towel from his hips and started to dry his shoulder length, shaggy hair. A massive cock lightly swung in front of me as he shook the towel on his head. My brain spun again with thought, “that thing is like the size of my arm.”

Ted proceeded to remain naked after his shower. He said he preferred to sleep that way. I could tell he was extremely comfortable and even proud of his body. I felt small and a little envious. The rest of the evening before bed, my eyes just seemed to always lock on that big cock like a magnet. I started to feel karaman escort something I’d never felt before. I should have been repulsed I guess, but I didn’t. He was warm, positive, kind. I felt comfortable. Safe.

Late August and the dorm rooms we quickly learned were extremely hot. We slept with no covers for sure. I closed my eyes on and off as they adjusted to the darkness. I could hear his movement and shuffling on the mattress. His well-over six foot body comically dwarfed the bed. It made me smile.

My eyes were closed and I was just starting to drift when they reflexively opened to the sound of his breath in a faint sounding pant. I looked over to see his hand stroking his cock slowly up and down. My eyes were completely adjusted to the darkness and a bright streetlight from outside lit up our window as well. As Ted lay on his back, his thick, erect cock pointed to the ceiling. I instantly looked away, almost terrified like I violated his privacy in some way.

His breath grew louder as he started to vocalize a hum with the rhythm of his hand. My hand was over my eyes, but I peaked through my fingers like a child watching a horror movie. He was so entranced. His eyes closed, verbalizing “ooh yeah” in a soft whisper. His legs straightened, flexing his massive quads as he pointed his toes out, pumping his cock with a faint, wet slapping sound from his precum. “Oh! Oh yeah!” He let out at full volume as three thick ropes of cum spurted from his swollen head onto his stomach.

Just as I caught myself staring at the climax next to me, so did Ted. The second our eyes locked, I flinched away, covering my eyes with my hand and whimpered, “sorry.” I felt like I was in trouble. I heard a faint chuckle, “It’s okay! Don’t be sorry. This room’s for both of us.” I felt a rush of relief as I opened my eyes back up to his sly charismatic grin, while he wiped his stomach with his towel.

This turned out to be a nightly routine for Ted. He’d shower, stay up for about 30 minutes, then go to bed. About 10 minutes after lying down, he’d masturbate. He was just so confident, like it was no big deal at all. I admired that. I on the other hand, had classes an hour later than Ted and I’d take my shower and possibly take care of my business while he was gone. I was just too timid to be naked in front of him. The routine was comfortable for me. I’d watch every night. I don’t know why, but I guess I enjoyed watching him feel good, watching him feel pleasure. We never said a word about it. Not like it was a shameful thing, I was just too shy to bring it up and I wouldn’t know what to say.

About two weeks into the semester, I was up later than usual studying for a test the next day. I had the desk light karaman escort bayan on as Ted turned off the ceiling light and laid in bed. I was staring at the pages in my book, too distracted to read, thinking about what would happen tonight. Every night before this one, I was in bed as well when he would jerk off.

But like every other night, he started again. With the desk light, I could see much more than usual and instead of being parallel to him and watching him on his side, I was sitting in my chair at the foot of his bed. His large balls hung and bounced softly with the stroke of his hand. His knuckles rubbing his frenulum as he rubbed his long thick shaft. The desk light reflected off the tip of his swollen head. The new angle caught my attention and put me in a trance. I was staring, completely exposed to his sight.

“Do you like watching me?” The sound of his voice shocked and startled my look away. “I’m sorry” I instinctively retorted. In his soft kind voice, he said, “No, it’s okay. I like when you watch.” I didn’t know what to say, I slowly looked back at the underside of his thick cock. “I never see you jerk off. Actually, I don’t think I’ve seen you without clothes.” I instantly felt embarrassed, stammering for a good explanation, “oh, well, I just take showers in the morning and stuff.”

Ted didn’t say anything but let out a moan as he quickened his pace. I kept watching. “What do you think about?” Ted softly asked. “Huh?” Is all that I could muster. “When you watch me, what do you think about?” Oh God! I thought, what the hell do I say? My anxiety rushed back, my brain was flustered trying to find a response. But, I was still staring, watching and felt calm. Quiet. “I… I like it.”

His calm voice, and moaning mixed together, “don’t sit so far away, come closer and watch.” That safe feeling again washed over me. I slowly stood up and sat on the foot of his bed. I could smell him. His foot was touching my thigh. I could hear his movements, watching as he continued to stroke. This close, as I stared, my lips let out a loud whisper of what I thought was just a thought in my head, “It’s so big.” The sound of my words made Ted let out a soft moan. The sound of his pleasure made feel warm. I wanted him to feel pleasure.

Ted was stroking and panting, unlike any other night before. “Touch it,” Ted nearly begged, “please.” I extended my hand out which appeared so tiny as it got closer to Ted’s cock. With my index finger, I rubbed the very tip of his cock, having absolutely no idea what to do or what he wanted. As my finger touched the warmth of his skin, the precum oozed and made my finger slide down his frenulum, instantly sending his legs in a quiver and letting out a escort karaman vocal sound of ecstasy. My body felt like there was electricity running through it. This large man, I just made him feel that good from something so small. I felt useful, like I had control of something.

I wrapped my hand around his thick shaft as he removed his hand to let me take over. My fingers could barely wrap all the way around it. I started to stroke his massive cock up and down. His tightening muscles and moans were giving me the feedback I needed. I leaned forward without even thinking and thrust my tongue on the tip of his cock, tasting the warm precum. My body was trembling, I never felt so alive. I felt a hand on the back of my head, applying pressure. I opened my mouth wide and felt the warmth and flavor of his cock stuff into my little mouth.

Ted was getting loud. I had a quick thought of neighbors hearing us but that fell away when I felt my gag reflex kick in. Ted let my head back as his wet slobbery head slowly exited my mouth. I rubbed my hand back up into the saliva from my mouth and returned to stroking. I opened my mouth wide and stuffed his cock back into my mouth. Ted had both hands on my head as he thrust his cock in and out, fucking my mouth, using me like a rag doll. Ted was in ecstasy, he couldn’t form words or syllables. His muscles convulsed uncontrollably all because of me.

“Take off your pants!” Ted was able to spit out, finally. I did as he said. I unzipped and peeled off my jeans and underwear as he got up from the bed. Ted’s big hand firmly pushed my chest as I landed on my back on the bed. Ted grabbed and lifted my legs straight up toward the ceiling. I thought I should say something. Think about this. Assess what’s going on. I didn’t say a word. I wanted him to use me. I felt the slick warmth of his cock touching and pressing my asshole. My cock stiffened. I was scared. Ted loosened his grip on my legs and whispered, “relax.” I did what he said. The pressure on my asshole was greater and greater, then I let out a loud grunt as his cock pushed past my sphincter and slid smoothly inside. I thought it would hurt more than it did. The adrenaline had taken over. My body shook as Ted pumped my tight ass with his cock. I could tell I couldn’t stop him even if I wanted to.

As his cock reached deeper, I started to quiver. My legs were tightening and convulsing. I’d never ever felt anything this amazing and I had no idea what was happening. It built more and more and my legs stiffened, wrapped in Ted’s arms. I was nearly screaming and I couldn’t stop. Then, I felt a drop in my muscle tension and my cock burst out with cum onto my waist. Ted followed right after me. Pounding and pounding my ass as he let out a deep breath. I could feel his shaft pumping, flexing inside me. I knew he came but couldn’t feel it. Then he slowly pulled his cock out of my ass and I felt a warm gush come out of me. He flashed that sly grin at me again. I smiled back.

This was the night that changed who I was, what I wanted and who I’d be.

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