My Crazy Girlfriend Pt. 01

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Female Ejaculation

Liv and I went upstairs into the guest room after dinner with her family. She was wearing what she always wore, a colorful sundress. She was tall, nearly five-ten and very lean. I teased her by describing her as ‘all elbows’. But teasing aside I love her slender profile, b-cups and tight butt. She was the cutest. Despite her cute appearance and playful personality, she was insatiable. So badly that she almost never returned to her dorm at school, filling her time out of class with me.

We were free with our sexuality, we didn’t use safe words, or bother with boundaries. Neither of us had ever crossed a line with the other and we felt close enough that we would know if we had.

She walked to the bathroom, but I put fingers into her thick, long, copper mane and grabbed. She laughed through the wince and turned around. “I have to pee.” She said.

“I know,” I replied, “I want to watch you dance.”

“You’re so weird,” She said with a smile and kissed me. “But I need to discuss something with you, and I don’t want to wait.”

“Oh,” I said confused, “Alright.”

She went into the bathroom and was gone for several moments and then came back out. I had sat on the bed and she climbed into my lap.

“So,” she said, I looked into her big brown eyes. “I may have volunteered you for a weird tradition.”

“If I have to wear a bad sweater in a photo you’re going to pay.”

She shook her head. “I have a fetish you don’t know about, and I want you to help.”

“Name it.” I said. She took a deep breath like she was nervous and ran fingers through her hair.

“You know I’m down for anything, what’s up?”

She sighed. “I want you to fuck my sister.”

I laughed uncomfortably, “No you don’t.”

She pushed my shoulders laying me back on the bed. “We call it the pass-back game, she’s going to spend all weekend trying to seduce you, all you have to do is resist as long as possible. When you can’t take it anymore, fuck her brains out.”

“You’re serious.” I said, she leaned over me.

“I’ve wanted to do this since you came last year but was afraid it’d freak you out.” She gave me a soft kiss, “You think she’s hot, I know you do because you’ve told me. Plus, you totally checked her out at dinner.”

“I did-” She put a finger over my lips.

“You’re supposed to, it’s part of the game.” She said, “I know you love me, and are totally faithful, but I’m begging you. This is a bucket-list fantasy for me.”

“Fuck your sister.” I repeated.

She nodded with a straight face.

“This isn’t some weird test, you actually want this to happen?” She nodded again.

“Hold on until you can’t take it anymore. Make her wear you down.” She said breathily. She kissed my neck playfully, “Then take her hard and until you’re empty.”

“This is a really big thing to spring on me during my second only visit to your family’s house.” I said.

“I know,” She said leaning forward, “But I hoped you’d play along anyway. For me?” She said with a pouty face.

“You want me to get seduced by your sister… for you.” I asked skeptically.

She nodded.

“Alright,” I said in resignation. “But you’ll pay for this.”

She pecked me on the lips. From down stairs we heard their mother call, “Movie’s starting!”

“Come on.” She said excitedly getting up.

“I’ll meet you down stairs in a minute.” I said.

“What’s the hold up?” She asked, I looked down. She giggled turning red. “No one will notice, let’s go.”

“Well, I’m going to change into PJs anyway.” I said.

“Ok, I’ll save you a seat.” She said twirling to leave. Outside she talked to someone I couldn’t hear as I began changing. I had just sat down to pull my pants off my legs when Maggie, Liv’s younger sister suddenly walked in.

The nineteen-year-old blonde was shorter than her sister, with the same slender build. Her hips were wider than Liv’s and unlike Liv- who was perennially pale, Maggie sported a healthy tan. For someone as petite as she was, her breasts seem to hang off her. They were too big for her chest and shoulders. She was barefoot, wearing just a spaghetti strap top and very tight, very short denim shorts.

“Hey Maggie,” I said uncomfortably, standing in my boxers and polo shirt.

“Hey,” she said back, “Nice underwear.” I gave her a look. “I can’t get my zipper down; can you help me?”

“Your zipper?” I asked quizzically.

She got very close to me, looking down, “Yeah, I squeezed my ass into these shorts and now the zipper is stuck.” She lifted the hem of her top revealing her flat, bare stomach to show me the shorts.

“You can’t be serious.” I said flatly. “Get Liv or your mom to help.”

“They aren’t strong enough to get this, plus my mom would just laugh at me. She hates these shorts. Come on!” She begged.

“I guess.” I said reaching toward her. But she moved, turning around and leaning toward me.

“Awesome!” She said, “You got this.” Her back was to me, and her butt was pressed up against my lap and she held her manisa escort hands out for me to work. I grabbed the button and forcibly pried it open. It was snuggly secured and took some leverage. I got the button opened and started on the zipper. I had to feel through the tight fabric on her lap to find the tab, sliding my fingers along the seam several times to find a way into the crease.

Her butt pushed into me firmly as I found the tab for the zipper. While I was feeling for it I thought I heard her gasp. I grabbed the tab in my fingers and started to pull. I tried moving away from her but she kept herself against me. I was fighting an erection as I struggled with the zipper. Her ass was firm and moving against me and I could see down her shirt and her big soft breasts pushing on her shirt.

I groaned internally, feeling myself rock hard against her. I had backed myself to the wall to stabilize myself and pushed as hard as I could with just my fingers. Finally, the zipper slid down the whole inch and a half of it. I pulled my hands away and sighed with relief. “There you go.” I said.

“Thank you so much.” She said, a little breath to her voice. I waited for her to move but she didn’t, her butt still pushed into me. “Can I help you with anything?” She asked looking back at me with a smile, moving her hips.

“N-no, I’m all set here.” I said.

She raised an eyebrow. “Well, maybe I can return the favor later.” She smiled and left. I stood in the room startled and confused until my erection went away then put on pants and went down stairs.

I found Liv on the couch under a blanket that was thrown across her knees and shoulders. She smiled big when she saw me and pulled the blanket back to let me in. I climbed in and got close as she gave me a soft kiss.

We had kissed for only a few seconds when we were interrupted by Maggie, wearing tank top that was at least a size too small and soffe shorts almost as short as the ones I had just helped her out of.

“Are we doing PDA?” She asked, “Is this seat taken?” and dropped into my lap.

“Whoa, Maggie.” I said startled. She wasn’t heavy, but it was surprising.

“Ignore her,” Liv said pulling me back into the kiss. Her eyes closed kissing me gently. Maggie began to move in my lap subtly. Kissing Liv can excite me on its own, but having Maggie’s butt wiggling in my lap made it worse. I was rock hard again in seconds, and Maggie made sure I was aware that she noticed.

I tried to pull out of the kiss to ask Maggie to move, but Liv put a hand on my cheek, kissing me more firmly. I was so hard I could feel my boxers dabbing drops of fluid as Maggie squirmed quietly in my lap. There were footsteps at the stair case, and Maggie practically rolled to the other side of the couch.

Liv broke the kiss and touched her nose to mine, “I love you.” She whispered.

“I love you too.” I said back, still feeling lost.

“Maybe when Maggie grows up she can be in love too.” Liv shot across the couch.

Their mother Diane came in, “Liv be nice to Maggie.” Liv rolled her eyes. “Ready to start?”

“What are we watching?” I asked.

“Ugh,” Maggie groaned, “Ever since mom and dad split its probably some lame rom-com.”

“Maggie!” Liv scolded.

“No, she’s right.” Diane said. “It is a rom com.” Diane moved the big chair outward to face the tv and sat down fiddling with the remote while Maggie got up and turned off the lights. The movie started, and we sat and watched.

Under the blanket, Liv threw her legs over my lap and laid on my shoulder. Under the blanket I felt the underside of her leg with my fingertips sliding up the back of her thigh. She gave me a sharp look. I ran the hand farther up under her dress and her eyes got wide and she looked at her mom and then back at me.

I teased her thigh with my fingers moving them up and down her lean thigh, watching her face. My hand slid between her legs and felt her panties, which were soaking wet. I ran my finger through her folds, soaking my finger in the wet fabric. She pushed her face into my shoulder and cried quietly.

I teased her, toying with her clit, rubbing and playing. Her eyes were heavy, and she was struggling to control her breathing. I moved the panties and ran my finger across her bare pussy. She covered her face with the blanket and gasped into her hand.

I slid my finger into her pussy and pulled it in and out. She grabbed my neck, pulling me closer as she tried to hide and stifle her moans. Her face was tented by her red hair as she panted against me. I fingered her faster, watching her delicate body respond and her sweet face struggle for control. I rubbed above her clit with my thumb as I fingered her and she started to shake, her pussy squeezing my finger.

She buried her face in the blanket, then my shoulder and quaked against me as orgasm rushed through her. When she came down, she looked at me with a submissive face before giving me an eager kiss. Her hands reached under her legs escort manisa and felt my cock, which was achingly hard.

I shook my head at her. She nodded, untying the draw string on my pajamas under the blanket. “It’s too messy.” I whispered in her ear. She smiled back, pulling the waist down and grabbing my exposed shaft. I was slick from how erect I had been for so long and she pumped my cock aggressively, now her watching my face.

I shook my head insistently, my face already showing desperation as she stroked me. She smiled excitedly back, feeling my shaft pulse in her hand. Her other hand moved under the blanket. I didn’t have to tell her, she knew how fast I’d be.

I took a hard breath and she leaned in close putting her face to mine as my cock seized shooting cum against the hand she had above it in a long series of bursts. She milked me through the orgasm, cum leaking down my shaft after eruption. She pulled the messy hand out of the blanket and licked cum off it with a smile, then used the hem of her dress to wipe off my shaft.

“I’ll be right back,” She said, “I have to use the restroom. She got up and walked out of the room. I studied Maggie and Diane, neither seemed to know or have noticed a thing. Liv came back and snuggled with me again until the movie was over.

They chatted about it for a few minutes, then I announced my attention to shower, and Liv that she was going to turn in and we all broke for the evening. When we got to the room Liv and I laughed about our rotten behavior during the movie.

She leaned against me, leaning against the wall and gave me a long kiss. I held her sides as we kissed. She pulled away and said, “Pull the string, so I can get this dress off.” She turned around showing me the string in the back. I pulled, and it came free the dress slacking across her lean frame. She wiggled slightly giving the garment a tug and it slowly slid from her shoulders and hips to the floor.

Once her delicate frame was exposed to just her bra and panties she leaned back moving her butt against me playfully. Maggie had done the same thing and I wondered if it was them or me. “Play with me.” She said in a childish voice.

“I intend to,” I said feeling her flat stomach, “but can I shower first?” I asked.

She shook her head throwing long red hair across her shoulders, “No, fuck me dirty.” She reached down and pulled her panties off, sliding them over her butt and letting them fall. I thumbed at her bra hook and undid it watching the straps fall forward. She had reached back to pull my pajama pants down, struggling to get them around my erection.

I reached around her slipping my fingers between her legs and feeling her pussy. She was soaking wet and cried quietly, flinching as my fingers slid across her. Her ass moved against me and I leaned into her ear while my finger teased her. She had let the bra fall off and squirmed helplessly. “I know you made me leave Maggie in my lap.” I said softly.

She didn’t respond, gasping quietly. I ran a hand up her side and felt her breast, feeling it fit snuggly in my hand. She panted loudly, her pussy was dripping down my knuckle. “You did, didn’t you?”

She nodded hesitantly, “I peeked during the kiss and saw her moving.” She said breathlessly. “I wanted to watch.” She said before leaning back and kissing me, moaning in her throat as I slid a finger into her pussy. I fingered her slowly through the kiss and she had to break away to moan out loud. She moved away from me and pulled my hand leading me to the bed.

She climbed onto the bed and I rolled her onto her back, pulling her to the end. I got on my knees and opened her long legs wide. I kissed down her thigh slowly and she squirmed with soft breaths. My mouth made it to her pink, leaking pussy and tickled her folds with the tip of my tongue.

She cried quietly, covering her mouth as her whole body squirmed on the sheets. I held her moving hips running my tongue against her ceaselessly. My tongue played in the excessive wetness that ran from her pussy, licking it from her ass and folds.

She started to jerk, and her moans lost voice as orgasm started to race across her body. With no warning to me, her stomach clenched, and her legs curled up and she moaned loudly into her hand seizing for several seconds as she came.

She caught her breath and I watched as she recovered running a hand over her stomach and chest. She raked thick red hair from her face and sat up on her elbows. “Holy crap…” She panted. She sat all the way up and kissed me. Her soft toes felt my shaft while we kissed and she tugged wanting me on the bed.

“Take your shirt off,” she breathed. I did tugging it over my head. As soon as it was in my hand she grabbed my neck and pulled on me.

“Fuck me… fuck me, please…” She panted. I didn’t need to be asked twice, I adjusted her on the bed, her legs up and around my torso, holding me with her knees, and her hands clasped behind my neck. I pushed my cock against manisa escort bayan her hip, she was so wet and slick I didn’t have to adjust much to press into her pussy and start to slide in. She moaned desperately trying to keep her voice down.

I slid my cock in and out of her gripping pussy, watching her sweet face twist with intense pleasure, her petite breasts shaking with each thrust. I ran a hand up her stomach and grabbed a breast, being sure to squeeze her pink nipple firmly. She moaned into her hand before taking my wrist and pulling my hand to her neck.

I leaned slowly on her throat choking her gradually. My cock made loud wet sounds as it drove into her and I gripped her neck pushing into the mattress. Her face flushed turning pink and her moans were labored through being choked. I eased off her neck still pounding her insides and she held my hand to her face kissing my palm.

I slid my cock out and it slapped thick, glossy wetness across her stomach and leg as I did. Her face fought for breath while trying to pout. I tapped her hips and she rolled onto her stomach raising up on her knees. I slapped her ass with a loud pop and she whimpered approvingly before I hit her again. I pushed my cock back into her, having to push harder because of how tight this position made her.

She cried into the pillow forcefully, spreading her legs to accommodate me as I started fucking her again. She groaned through gritted teeth as I grabbed a fist full of thick hair at the scalp and yanked. “Fuck yes, fuck me… ahh… ” I hammered her aggressively, balls slapping her stomach and she moaned into the sheets. I grabbed her hair again, yanking firmly. She squealed, heaving for breath, “I’m cumming… I’m cumming…”

She shoulders shuddered and she moaned hard wailing into her palm as her pussy clamped down on my cock fluttering as climax ripped through her again. I slowed my pace as she came down, gulping for air, hand still over her mouth. She shook her head slowly, “Not yet,”

She rocked back and forth stroking my cock with her pussy slowly. She watched my face with delight, as I put a hand on her ass and watched her slowly milk my cock. “You can’t handle a slow fuck.” She said quietly, still breathing.

She was so tight I could feel every inch of me being slowly squeezed, as she slid back and forth. I watched her body move, my cock disappearing under her ass. She spread her legs wider squeezing me more firmly as she stroked me deliberately. “Come on, come on baby, give me what I want.” She said playfully.

She sped up slightly making quiet sounds as she took me into her tender, abused pussy. It wasn’t long before I felt myself getting close. I didn’t have to say anything, she knew and kept her pace steady, until I groaned loudly, unable to breathe as my cock exploded into her dumping thick burst after burst. She cooed with satisfaction and giggles until I fell out of her, cum leaking out quickly behind me.

She raised up on her knees and leaned back into me kissing me with her head turned. She ignored the strings of cum that fell out of her steadily as we kissed. “I know you can’t resist watching my ass.” She said quietly. I felt her wet cheek and she smiled.

“Do you want to clean up?” I asked. She shook her head.

“I waited all day to be full of you.” She said giving me a kiss. “If I hadn’t gotten another load earlier tonight, I’d want seconds.” She said giggling.

“Well, don’t be pessimistic, I can give you those seconds.” I said.

“Maybe in the morning,” She said, “It’s been a long day.”

Bed didn’t take long to follow, and true to her word, Liv, let my spunk leak into her panties all night.

I woke up slowly the next morning with morning-wood stabbing into the mattress. I rolled over carefully, hearing the shower start. Liv must have just gotten up. Suddenly the bedroom door opened and closed, and I tried to flatten my aching erection under the covers.

Maggie strolled into the room, her little body wrapped in a towel. She turned and looked at me and smiled. “Good morning.”

“Hey,” I said awkwardly, “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to borrow Liv’s robe.” She said, walking toward me, and sat on the bed. She was so close, and I was still fighting my erection under the covers.

“I’m sure she won’t mind.” I said uncomfortably.

“She never does, she shares everything with me.” She said quietly picking up a corner of the covers and pulling it back.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I said loudly trying to grab the covers. I pulled them back over me but that was a half solution. She giggled and bit her lip grabbing my hard shaft that poked up tenting the covers. She stroked me through the covers, eyes bright when she felt how hard it was.

“Don’t worry,” Maggie said with a smirk, stroking me softly through the blanket, “It’s like I said, we share everything.” My aching cock strained against her small hands and she leaned over kissing me softly. As her tongue felt mine between our lips, she pulled the covers back exposing me and running her soft fingers over my shaft. Her slight touch teased my agonizingly hard cock before taking it in her grip and stroking it.

She parted from the kiss and smiled at me, “You’re so hard, think I can make you cum before she gets out?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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