My Cross Country Co-worker

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We are co-workers and friends but have never met face to face since we live on different sides of the country. We decide that it’s time to meet and agree up on a specific date and location. Throughout our conversations we have both always talked about loving warm tropical weather so we pick an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica and plan to stay for a week. I book the room under Mr. and Ms. which you love, dreaming of one day being able to be together forever.

You book your flight and I book mine trying to arrive as closely together as possible. Since your flight however gets in about an hour and a half earlier than mine so you start to devise a plan on how you can surprise me when I arrive. I too have a few ideas of my own, of what I plan to do to and for you but you will just have to wait to see what those are.

You arrive and catch the shuttle to the resort, tip the driver, and head inside to check into our room. You can already feel the wetness between your legs from the anticipation but you tell yourself that you must wait. Once inside the room, you take a quick jaunt around to get the lay of the land. We are on the 10th floor and have an amazing ocean view from our balcony.

You notice that there are small walls between the other balconies from the adjoining rooms but it is completely open to the ocean side. You think to yourself that this might be a fun place to have a little fun late one night. You want this to feel like home so you unpack your clothes into the dresser and hang up your dresses in the closet. You’ve brought some candles to help with the mood both in the room and the bathroom and you already know from our chats, that I love seeing a woman’s naked body in candlelight.

You asked the front desk to call you when I arrive so that you can be ready, which is a good thing because you had opened the door to the balcony and fallen asleep listening to the sound of the wind and the waves after you laid down on the bed. Once you hear the phone ring, you arise and quickly get yourself ready. Your heart is racing from the adrenaline rush of a quick wake up.

You are wearing a little flower sundress with spaghetti straps that is cut into a v showing your cleavage. You’ve opted for no bra so your perky tits are standing out magnificently as well as your now rock hard nipples from the anticipation of actually meeting me face to face for the first time. Underneath you have on a sexy purple thong so that you don’t show any traces of panties around your ass. It is wet from your juices but you don’t care, you just want to jump into my arms once I get through that door, wrap your legs around me and kiss me.

You hear the key insert into the lock and that all too familiar sound of the electronic mechanism releasing the door latch. I open the door and see you for the first time, you are just as beautiful as I had imagined but your body is even better as I look you up and down in your cute little dress. You smile coyly, as we both say hello! I step in side, set my bag down and that is your cue.

You run at me, jump into the air and instantly wrap yourself around me like a baby koala. You don’t have beşiktaş escort to give me any more hints, we both know what we want and we instantly lock our mouths together in a very long hot passionate kiss. You feel like you were meant to be right there your whole life.

After a minute or so we finally break and you release your grip dropping to the floor in front of me. I can hardly believe that we are finally together after waiting for this moment for so long. I want to take you to bed so badly but I know that there is plenty of time for that. You however have already planned out our first night.

You made dinner reservations for us at 6pm and it is now almost 5:30. You tell me to go get cleaned up and dressed, because I can’t go to dinner with you in shorts and a tee shirt. I unpack my bags quickly, grab my slacks, dress shirt and tie and head to the bathroom to change and wash my face. I leave the bathroom door open just a crack so that you can peak in if you want. You run to the closet and change into a sexy black thigh high dress that hugs your waist and shows off your curves. After you change you slip to the bathroom door and peak in. You see me standing there in my red thong and giggle a little. I hear you but want to give you a show so I turn slightly revealing that my cock is still semi hard and trying to escape.

My freshly shaven balls are shown in the light buy you can only see just a slight edge of my shaft. I bend over showing you my ass as I pull my pants up. You want to spank that ass so badly and tell me that I’m a bad boy but that will come later.

I exit the bathroom all dressed for a nice dinner with you and you tell me that I look great. I pause and look you up and down and I’m blown away with your beauty. I tell you that you look absolutely amazing and I’m proud that you are my date for the evening. Your face gets a little flushed as you turn away slightly giving me a coy smile.

We head down to the restaurant hand and hand with smiles on both of our faces. Diner was going very well and we just talk, have some wine, and talk more. We are so very comfortable with each other that it’s like we have been together forever. We must have sat there for 2 hours plus just talking and laughing. But now it is time for you to make your move.

You excuse yourself to the ladies room, go in and take a deep breath. You slowly slide your soaking wet panties off and hold them in your hand all balled up. You can feel the warmth and wetness from your womanhood. You walk out of the bathroom and come to where I’m sitting. As you come around the table, you slide something in to my pocket; it is your soaking wet thong. “So how about we get out of here”, you whisper in my ear?

I don’t hesitate for a second after hearing that come out of your mouth. I’m sure that everyone in the dining room could tell what we were going to do when we left but we didn’t care. I grab your hand as we stroll out of the restaurant. It is about a 5 min walk along the path next to the beach until we get back to our room. I stop you at one particular bend, beşyol escort behind some trees, bend over and kiss you passionately, our tongue intertwining. You taste so amazing that I don’t want to stop kissing you.

While we are kissing I reach down and grab your ass, only then realizing that you aren’t wearing any underwear. I turn you slowly so that you are facing away from the resort reach farther down pull your dress up over your cheeks and feel your baby smooth skin. My cock instantly jumps to attention even more than it already was. I look around quickly and notice that we are alone for now so I drop to my knees, pull your dress up so that your entire lower half is exposed and give your pussy a good long lick all the way up to your swollen clit. I take it into my mouth and suck in ever so gently making you moan with ecstasy. You hear someone coming and alert me, I’m entranced from your juices but I jump up and quickly push your dress back down to cover you. We start to move on back to our room hand in hand like to school kids on their way home after just agreeing to go steady.

As we enter the lobby there is an older couple sitting there reading their own books but sitting next to each other like they are one body. You giggle a little and say that will be us in 30 years. Our elevator doors open and we enter eager again to be alone. Once the doors close you reach out and grab my cock through my pants tugging on it like it owes you money. You want to feel it so badly. You lean up and we kiss again but this time I push you back against the wall, lift you up, and hold you by your ass as you wrap your legs around me.

The elevator stops at our floor and the doors open so I put you down and lead you out towards our room once again hand in hand. At the door, you tell me that I have to wait outside for a min while you do something. The anticipation is killing me but I agree. While I’m standing there my cock starts to relax which is a good thing because right before you open the door a housekeeping lady comes by. She looks me up and down maybe checking me out, maybe just trying to figure out why I’m just standing there who knows. She opens the door to the room next to ours and disappears.

Just then, our door opens to you in a super sexy black negligee, with a garter belt, thigh high stockings and crotch less panties. I stand there with my mouth open at the absolute beauty of you. You wink at me turn and shake your little ass at me as you lead me inside the room. You have placed candles all around and turned off the lights. The golden glow from the flickering flames accentuates your beauty as you stand in front of the bed. You ask me if I like what you’ve done with the place and I tell you that it is absolutely perfect.

I approach and begin kissing you, gently at first, then more forcefully and passionately. Our tongues meet once again as if they are doing some erotic dance that they have been magically taught. Our lust is almost boiling to full on animalistic level but I want to enjoy every inch of you first so I gently lay you down on the bed so beykent escort that your legs are hanging off. I take my shirt off and lay over you like I’m hovering there, our bodies are so close yet so far away. We both want this so badly.

I kiss your lips again then move to your cheek, down your neck and to your chest. Kissing you over along your body and licking you every now and again to taste you. You are so amazingly beautiful laying there. I reach up with one hand and massage one breast while I kiss and lick the other one. I finally can’t take it anymore and lift you up by the small of our back so that I can get you out of that negligee.

I keep kissing you as I remove it, your breasts now bare before me. They are a perfect fit for my hands. You lay back down at my request as I start to move down your stomach towards your sweet love hole. We both know what is about to happen and we both want it now. I finally drop to my knees on the floor and begin to kiss your thighs causing you to spread your legs. Your pussy is so hot and wet, the smell is intoxicating to me.

I reach up and slide a finger next to your lips feeling the heat and moisture, you are so sexy. I finally slip one finger between your lips as my mouth envelops your clit. My finger slides in and out of your soaking wet love hole as your juices flow down my hand and arm. You taste so amazing that I start fingering you harder and faster while my tongue moves to find its way inside you along with my finger. I’m eating your pussy like a ravenous man who’s been on a deserted island for months.

I slide one more finger inside you then another so that there are three filling your hole. I move my mouth back to your clit sucking it hard into my mouth bringing you to your first orgasm of the night. You arch your back and thrust your hips at me as your body convulses from the pleasure. The sheets are wet from your orgasm but that is just the start for the night. My goal for you is seven so I have 6 more to go.

I remove your stocking and garter belt along with your panties so that you are totally naked your smell is amazing and I want to feel you so badly. I stand up and you help me remove my pants socks and underwear giving you what you have wanted so badly a glimpse at my rock hard naked cock. You ask me to lie down on the bed and start stroking me; your hands feel amazing wrapped around my shaft. You give me a little kiss on the head then quickly straddle me sitting upright. You bend down and bite my lip gently then tell me that you are going to ride me like a wild stallion.

As your hips move up my torso I feel your juices on my stomach then you ever so gently slide the head between your lips and plunge down swallowing my whole cock into your throbbing pussy. We move our hips in perfect unison while you bounce up and down on my cock.

I’m so close to cumming from all of the stimulation. You feel my cock harden and my balls swell you know what to expect. Then it happens, the most amazing orgasm in my life fills you with my hot sticky load. You continue to grind on me until you cum again shortly after I did. We both collapse in to a giant ball of naked skin and sex juice, just loving being with each other.

We lay there just caressing each other. You feel my cum starting to leak out, you and ask if I would excuse you for a min. You rise and head to the bathroom where I hear the water start in the Jacuzzi tub. You call me into the bathroom for our next round of fun in the bath.

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