My Dad Turning Me Into His Cumdump Ch. 02

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Big Tits

It’s been a month since my dad caught me and my friend having sex and then used my mouth. Since that night he has fucked my mouth twice. Once he called me into the bathroom and when I walked in he was in the tub and his boner was poking up out of the water.

The other time we were watching football and he whipped out his cock and told me to suck it. I got such a rush servicing him while he focused on the game and yelled at the tv now and then. I loved sucking my father off but I really wanted to take it further. I didn’t want to say anything cause he never mentioned it, so instead I made a plan.

I started to wear more revealing clothes like tight jeans, short shorts, crop tops, etc. I also bought a new dildo to stretch my hole and “accidentally” leave it suction cupped to the shower wall for dad to find. Every time dad was around I found any excuse to show off my ass.

As time went on I began to think my efforts were a fail. Maybe dad didn’t want to fuck me? Maybe he was regretting what we were doing? That all changed though when dad text me that he was going to the bar after work and to not wait for him.

It was really late and dad still wasn’t home so i decided to just go to bed. Not too long after I got to sleep, I woke up to dad climbing into my bed. “Dad?” I said sleepily as I tried to get my eyes to adjust to the dark.

“Shh, it’s okay son,” he said while resting his hand on my side. “I know you’ve been hanging your ass out to try to bait me.” I could smell the alcohol on him.

“I love blowing you dad, but I want to take things further.”

“I do too, boy. I just have been feeling bad about how rough I’ve been with you.” he says while slurring his words.

“You don’t need to feel bad, dad. Every thing we’ve done I have enjoyed,” I say before I move his hand on my butt and pull us closer, “and I would love to do more.” I grind my body against his to rub our bulges together.

“Only if you’re 100% sure, son” he says softly.

“I am, daddy” I whisper as I begin to makeout with him. Our tongues tie as he humps my thigh. I can feel him pulling down my underwear as he gropes my cheeks. He stops kissing me so he can shove his fingers in my mouth. Once he thinks they are wet enough, he moves them down to my hole and slowly prys it open with one of his thick digits.

“Daddy needs a better look,” he says as he kneels above and flips me onto my back. He lifts Yakacık escort bayan my ass into the air and slowly fucks me with his one finger. I begin to moan out loud as he moves his finger in and out faster. He adds another to stretch my hole out more. I was drooling by the time I realized that he had four fingers in me up to the knuckles.

“Last time, son. Are you sure about this? Cause once I start fucking this pretty hole of yours, I ain’t stopping till I’ve destroyed it,” dad tries to warn me.

“Yes! Please dad, this is what I’ve been dreaming about. I want to be used as your fuck toy!”

“Then take it, fag,” he says while pushing his thick tip into my hole. He must have brought lube with him and applied it without me noticing. His head makes its way in my ass inflicting a moanish whine out of me. He doesn’t stop at the head though, he continues slowly pushing his length in.

“Mmm daddy, it’s so big!!”

“I know son, but you are doing great,” he tells me. He reverses and starts to pull out before going back in deeper. “Daddy is going to stretch your pussy out, so you’ll never enjoy getting fucked by your friend, or anyone but me, again.”

He’s right, I will always be comparing every dick I see to my father’s huge beast. It has such an amazing girth and it’s so long even though I know it’s only halfway in me. I can’t explain the feeling of euphoria of having my own dad’s big cock sinking into my hole.

“1..” he says as he pulls almost fully out. “2…” I hear before he moves back in quickly. “…3” he yells when he slams the rest of his pipe in me causing me to scream in some pain, but mostly pleasure. “Ugh, balls deep in my son’s tight ass!”

“Uh, of fuck dad… mmm.. you’re so big,” I cry out trying to adjust to his wonderful size. He leans over me and bites my ear while rubbing my ass.

“I hope you like it cause now comes the fun part,” he whispers in my ear before going to town pumping my ass. He gave me time to accommodate his full length, but that was the most I was gonna get. I was moaning and screaming as his dick pummeled in and out of my guts. I was feeling so much pain, but even more pleasure and loving every second. The more I enjoyed it, the more my hole opened up to receive my father’s staff.

“Fuuck yes, boy! Open that hole, let it bloom open for me!”

“Mmm… unh, please don’t stop daddy! Fuck my fag pussy!”

I Escort Atalar was loving this so much, both my mouth and clit were getting drool all over my bed. Dad was pounding me like a wild animal in heat. There was so much noise with our bodies smacking together, our loud moans of pure ecstasy, and daddy slapping my ass until it was red.

I softly asked, “Can… can I ride you?”

“Absolutely,” dad said enthusiastically. He pulled out of me and flopped down on the bed. It was dark but the moon was shining into my room enough to give me a gorgeous view of my naked father. He looked like a god with his muscles that have a layer of hair. His cock was throbbing but it layed on his stomach due to it’s large size and heaviness.

I climbed on top, facing him, and started grinding my ass and balls on his member. I loved watching his face as it contorted with pleasure. I couldn’t take it anymore, my ass was itching to have him back inside. Finally, I lifted myself up and grabbed his hard appendage to aim it at my hole. In that moment I had a brilliant idea, one that might cause me immense pain but would catch him off guard. Once his tip was lined up with my entrance, I slammed my body down and took his full length in one motion.

“Aah fuck!” we both shouted. He raised his top half off of the bed as he maded an O shape with his mouth. I wasted no time bouncing up and down on my dad’s lap causing that wonderful dick to pummel my insides.

“Fuck fuck ride it son! Ooh, no one has ever taken my dick this good!”

Hearing that gave me so much pride. I wanted dad to enjoy this and have no regrets afterward. There’s nothing I want more than to please him and service his massive cock. I began to rotate my hips and rock back and forth on him. I want this to be the best ride of his life to show him what his fag son can do. All of a sudden he grabbed my thighs and lifted me to squat above him. He locked his fingers behind my head and started drilling into me fast and hard. I hovered above him to allow him to thrust in me while I begged and moaned.

He pulled a wrestling move and flipped me onto my back while he was on top. We locked eyes as he grabbed me by the throat, not choking me just holding his hand there. Some how I knew to open my mouth and he spit into it. “Use me like I’m just a hole, daddy,” I begged him. He kept his hand on my neck as his cock sinked back in. He spit Kadıköy escort again but this time it landed on my cheek and began his attack on my ass.

“Mmh… this pussy is so good, baby. I might have to share it with some friends from work. Would you like that, son? Daddy, slutting you out like a whore?”

“I would love that, daddy! Unhh.. fuck my hole,” I whined out. He flipped me back onto my stomach.

“You like that boy?! You like getting banged by the cock that made you, like a little slut?!”

“Yessss,” I moaned out with my face smashed in the blanket. He was beating my prostate with every slam. I felt a strong tingling in my crotch and it grew with every thrust from my father. It reached a life shattering point until I felt a beautiful release.

I came to when i heard my dad say with a tone of surprise, “What the hell?” I got scared cause I thought the realease I experienced was me pissing myself. “Your hole just spasmed. Did you cum from just being fucked?”

“I think so,” I replied back shyly.

With his big muscles, he flipped me onto my back to examine my “clit” and the cum on my stomach. I looked at his face to see joy and pride before he locked eyes with me.

“You are officially mine,” he declared before bending down to stick his tongue in my mouth. He pushed my legs over my head to lift my ass for better access. My hole was once again filled with his thick cock. I was melting away as my dad made out with me while simultaneously plowing my aching pussy.

He pulled back from the kiss and looked deep into my eyes. “You are my lover, now. You are my fuck toy. After I breed your boy pussy, you will be my faggot cumdump just like you wanted.”

I was on cloud nine hearing those words while feeling his big dick thrust deep into me. I could tell he was close to cumming by how much he was panting and his sweat dripping on my body. I wanted my father in every way. I wanted to be his for him to use and abuse. I wanted to be his toy. I love my dad and I wanted to become his wife. In this moment, I wanted nothing more than for him to breed me deep and fill my pussy with his seed.

His trusts quickened until he was plowing me like a gorilla. “Oh my… fuck fuck fuck.. I’m going to… fill… your hole,” he panted, “Take it, son! Take your father’s load deep in your cunt! UH UGH!!” He slammed his cock as far as it would go before it spasmed and emptied his sperm inside me.

He kissed me one last time before pulling out of me. I could feel his warm cum leaking out as he got up and said, “That was great, good night son.” The last thing I heard was my door shutting before I passed out and had the best sleep of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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