My Daughter and Her Mischievous Friend Pt.4

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It was early the next morning. A full bladder that needed to be emptied, woke me out of a deep sleep. Both girls were still sleeping on my bed. Lori was sleeping on her side, with her back toward me. Brit was still laying semi on me. Her head was still on my shoulder/chest area, with her arm over me, and her leg over mine. Her tit was resting on my lower rib cage. I needed to piss, but I didn’t want to wake Brit up. So I gently slid my body, letting Brit’s head hit the edge of my pillow. Thankfully, she moved, shifting herself on her other side. Now I had the room to get out of bed without waking either of them.

It felt great as piss streamed out of my pecker, along with a couple of gas releases. Once done, I went back into my bedroom. Lori and Brit were still laying where I left them. I stood there looking at those two beautiful angels as they slept naked in my bed.

“If I’m not the luckiest guy in the world, I don’t know who is.” I said in my head.

I felt, and saw my cock get stiff, as I stared at their beautiful bodies. Lori and I had agreed that I would do more with Brit, since she wasn’t here everyday to enjoy what her and I were doing. So I gently got back on the bed, and rolled Brit’s still sleeping body on her back. She moaned, and shook her head, removing her hair from her face. I waited to make sure I didn’t wake her. Seeing that she was still sleeping, I spread her legs apart, showing her trim haired pussy. Her mound spread slightly, showing her thin lips of her labia. Her pussy wasn’t like Lori’s. Her slit was a lot thinner and more streamlined. Her clit didn’t pop out like Lori’s, and she didn’t have a plump outer lips of skin in between her mound. Her pubes were short, and even length, as if she recently trimmed, or had shaved it bald a couple months back. But all in all, it was a lovely canyon between her gorgeous legs.

I got into position, laying in between her legs. I could smell the scent of soap that she used to wash herself last night. I inhaled the aroma, as I placed my mouth on her cunt. I jimmied her slit with my tongue, licking up and down. She began to moan, though she was in a twilight sleep. She moved her legs, bending them inward at the knees. I continued to lick her delicious pussy,looking up to see if she would awake. She moaned and shifted her head from side to side, as if reality had invaded her dreamworld. Her moans woke up Lori, as she turned to see what was going on. As she adjusted her eyes, she could see me between Brit’s legs. Then she shifted to other side watching how Brit was shaking her head from one side to the other, moaning with mouth closed, and eyes clenching shut.

Lori was turned on seeing her friend get eaten out while she was still in a twilight sleep. She scooted closer to Brit, feeling, and squeezing her tits. She sucked in one of her boobs, relishing what was taking place with Brittany. Finally she woke up, seeing Lori sucking on her tit, and me eating her out.

“Oh my God! I thought I was dreaming! Brit said as she realized what was going on.

Lori moved up, greeting Brit with a kiss.

“Good morning Big Tits.” Kissing her again. “Looks like daddy’s hungry, and you’re breakfast this time.” Lori kissed her one more time, then went back to sucking her tits.

Now that Brit was up, she enjoyed me eating her out. She put her arm around Lori’s back, and her other hand was on my head. She moaned louder as she felt my tongue lapping her pussy with delight. I slid my hand underneath her leg, bringing it up, bending her knee upward, foot on the bed. Spreading her leg a little further, I had better access to her pussy. I took two fingers and slowly slipped them in her twat. Little by little, I went deeper inside. She moaned even louder as my fingers filled her hole. I could feel the thin membrane of her hymen with the tip of my middle finger.

“Hmmm. She too is a virgin.” I said to myself. “Good to know she never allowed some immature schoolboy to have sex with her.”

Getting my fingers nice and wet, I took out my middle finger, and placed it on her sphincter. I rubbed my finger around, getting it wet with her juices. I put the tip dead center on her asshole, pushing my finger through her clenched sphincter muscle. She let out a high pitched cry as my finger worked it’s way in.

“He’s got a finger in my ass!” She told Lori.

“Feels great doesn’t it? Lori replied.

“It feels weird. I can feel him wiggling his finger in there. Oh my god. He’s going to make me cum!”

My fingers were fucking both her holes. I used quick, hard thrusts, going as deep as I could with my fingers. Her ass bounced up and down on the bed, as I rammed my fingers deep in both her holes. No longer eating her out, I took my other hand, and rubbed the fuck on her clit. Her body began to spasm, as all her muscles began to contract, holding back the pressure of orgasmic bliss. She let out a high pitch squeal, as she finally relaxed her muscles, letting out one hell of an orgasm. She squirted just like Lori did a couple of weeks back.

Brit laid on the bed, panting and staring up at the ceiling.

“How’d you like it?” Lori said hovering over Brits sweaty head.

“You were right.” She said still panting. “That was an awesome experience.”

I knelt in between Brit’s legs. Massaging, and shaking the circulation back into them. Lori then moved closer to me, hugging me and french kissing me and saying good morning. She then looked down at Brit’s soaking wet pussy. Her orgasm sprayed onto her inner leg, and bed.

“Wow! That’s about as much as what I discharged. Daddy, you really know what you’re doing.”Lori said with a smile.

“Okay. Why don’t you girls go and shower, while I get dressed and make us some breakfast. How does scrambled eggs and bacon, with toast sound?”

“Sounds great dad.” Come on Brit. I’ll help you up.”

As Brit got off the bed, she could barely stand. It took her a few steps before her rubbery legs became more stable. I laughed, not because it was funny seeing her try to walk, but out of joy that I could still give a girl rubber legs after oral sex.

As they took their shower, I got dressed, and prepared our breakfast. Later in the morning, Lori and Brit went out to see a movie.(Of course it was on me). And I did my usual yard work. I spent some time talking to one of my neighbors, drinking a couple of beers and shooting the shit, until the girls came home.

“Well Dave. The girls are back. I’d better head on over there.”

Okay Gary. I’ll talk to ya later.”

“Will do. Thanks for the brewskies.”


I walked back into the house. The girls were in the living room watching tv as I walked in.

“Hi daddy.” They both said together. It was the first time Brit didn’t say ‘Daddy Williams’.”

They both sat down on the arm of the chair I was sitting on. They put their arm around me as they both kissed my cheek. I then french kissed Lori, then Brit. They told me what movie they saw, giving me all the spoiler alerts. Then how they ran into some friends at school. Brit even said how a couple of boys had asked them out on a date, but they turned them down.

“You’re our boyfriend now dad. We don’t need anyone else. Right Brit?”

“Right Lor.” Brit said giving me another kiss.

“Well you will need to date boys your age. You got proms and shit coming up in a few years. Plus like I said, let’s not rouse suspicion.”

“Don’t worry dad. Most k**s in school believe were lesbians. So we pretend we are by turning down boys.” Brit said smiling.

We sat outside on the patio as I was cooking steaks on the grill. We played cards until supper was ready. We stayed out a little past dusk, playing rummy and talking about school and other k**s. We went in around 8:30, where we all got undressed and took a shower. It was a tight fit, but managed to wash each other up. We dried off and the girls blew dried their hair. Then they had some fun pointing their hair dryers at me drying my hair.

We went off to my room for another night of fun. But that’s for next time.

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