My Daughter and Her Mischievous Friend Pt.5

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Later that evening, we were in my room where we all got undressed. I alternated kissing both of them, going to Brit, then Lori. Then they’d both kiss each other, as I sucked on their tits. They would then embrace each other. I would kneel down, spreading Brit ass apart, licking her crack and asshole. Then I’d turn them around so now I was doing the same to Lori.

They got on the bed, where they continued to make out. Brit spread her legs apart, bending one placing her foot on the bed. I dove in eating out her luscious cunt. She was then pushed down on her back as Lori began squeezing and sucking her tits. Brit was loving every minute of her best friend, and myself, ravage her sexually. It didn’t take long for Brit to cry out from her orgasm.

“Wow!! I wish I could live with you guys. I’d be getting this everyday.” Brit said smiling and panting.

Now I shifted towards Lori.I spread her legs, seeing that huge mound of hair on her twat.

“Honey, we have got to do something about that bush of yours. It’s just too much.”

“I know. But I’m afraid of trimming it. I don’t want to snip, or cut myself.”

I’ll do it for you.Brit said. “I promise I won’t hit any skin. I do it to myself, and I never snipped any skin.”

“Oh….Okay.” Lori said with a sigh.

I went to my dresser and grabbed my shaving kit. I opened it up as I headed back towards the bed. As Brit looked over it’s contents, she pulled out a small comb, and a short pair of scissors. She began to comb Lori’s pubes upward,away from her clit. She explained everything to Lori, as she started snipping her pubes, a little at a time. Just like a barber, she cut above the comb, cutting just a little off each time. Once she was past her clit,she’d comb downwards, snipping at the main part of her bush. Her pussy was starting to become more visible, now that the majority of her pubes were cut down to a reasonable length. Her clit really stood out, as well as her puffy, wrinkled, pussy lips. Brit asked me to get some shaving cream, a disposable razor, a damp washcloth, and a small bowl of hot water. When I brought them in the room, she squirted some shaving cream, and spread it in between her legs.Dipping the razor in water, she carefully shaved Lori’s inner leg, shaving her bikini line. Then she put some cream on top of her bush. There she straightened out the hairline. When she was done, she wiped off the excess cream, revealing a beautifully trimmed pussy.

“Wow!! Now that’s a pussy I want to fuck!!” I said admiring Brit’s handy work.

“Dad!?” Lori said kind of perturbed. “Don’t say you want to fuck us. Tell us you want to make love to us.”

“Okay baby. You’re right. Saying that I want to fuck you both makes it sound cheap. And I do want to make love to the both of you.”

I did want to make love to them, and tonight was the night to do it. Lori’s pussy looked a lot more inviting with that overgrown bush gone. I had her lay on the bed, as I split her legs apart. She bent her knees outward, letting me dive my head into her newly trimmed pussy. The smell of shaving cream still lingered, as I sniffed her twat. It was so much easier to lick her pussy. Especially her clit. My mouth was like a suction cup on her twat, flickering my tongue on her puffed out clit. Her pussy got super wet, and I really enjoyed the taste of her juices.

“Goddamn.I want to stick my cock in her.” I thought to myself. I knew I had to fuck Lori, before doing Brit. They were both virgins, but if I was to do Brit first, and she decided to chicken out, or wanted me to stop after putting my cock into her, then Lori certainly would’ve backed out. But by doing Lori first, then seeing Brit here, she would most likely continue, no matter how painful it was.

I worked my way up, meeting Lori’s face. With one long kiss, I positioned my cock to center of her pussy. I could feel the head of my cock split her wet pussy lips, slipping inside her. She held on to me tight, as she felt my cock go into her virgin pussy. She let out a high pitched cry as my cock went further in, pressing on her hymen.

“This is it. A little more pressure, and I’ll have taken her virginity.”

She let out a painful cry as my cock ruptured her membrane, opening up her vagina. I stopped for a moment letting her pain subside. I asked her if she wanted me to take it out, and she nodded no.

“No dad. Don’t stop. The pain is going away now.” She said as she looked towards Brit.

I could see by the look in her eyes that she wanted this, She knew there was going to be pain having her pussy fucked for the very first time. But at that moment, I saw her mother as I looked into her eyes. I was forgetting that I was making love to my daughter, and felt I was making love to my wife. Closing my eyes, I held Lori as tight as I could. I could feel her fingers and palms, gliding over my back. Her moans reminded me so much of Angie, that I started losing all sense of reality.

“Oh Angie. I love you so much baby. I never want to lose you.” I said as if in a dream.

“I love you too Gary. You’re my everything. Make love to me honey. I want you to make sweet passionate love to me.” Lori replied back.

Brit was confused. “Who’s Angie?” She thought to herself. “Was that Lori’s mom?”

Brit was amazed how much Lori was enjoying being fucked by her father. She even looked down, watching me pump my cock into Lori’s pussy. She could see Lori’s pussy being stretched to the max by my very thick cock. She could also see a thick whitish creamy substance with a little bit of blood mixed in surrounding my cock and her pussy. But it was the look on Lori’s face that really got Brit turned on. She could see how her best friend was enjoying getting laid. She was hoping I’d stop making love to my daughter, and do it with her.

I was still in my little trance. I was still thinking I was making love to my wife instead of my daughter. I was building up, ready to ejaculate my boys into my wife’s hot pussy. Losing the perspective that it was Lori’s pussy I was ready to shoot my load into.

“Oh I’m going to cum sweetheart. I’m going to cum!”

“Give it to me baby. Cum inside me.”

In that instant, I cried out in a deep low growl, as my cock erupted it’s load of cum inside Lori’s pussy.

“Oh dad. That’s it.Cum in me.” She said as she held onto me as tight as she could. “Oh God…I can feel it. I can feel you cumming inside of me.”

I stopped pumping, letting my cock rest inside her, oozing out the rest of my cum. Then I was shocked back into reality.

“Oh God…Oh God…..What did I just do?”

“What’s the matter?’ They both said together.

I quickly got off of Lori, sitting on the side of the bed.

“What’s the matter dad?” Lori asked concerned and putting her arm around me.

“I just came in you baby.That’s what’s the matter. You seemed so much like your mother, that I lost all sense of reality. I’ve should’ve pulled out before I came.”

“Dad. It’s okay. Don’t be angry with yourself, okay? Please, for me? Lori said showing me those sad, soulful eyes.

” You don’t understand. I don’t want either of you girls getting pregnant by me. Not until you’re both old enough. Then we can all raise a family together.”

Brit was taken back by my statement. She didn’t mind having sex, but she never thought about having k**s with me. But after hearing how Lori wouldn’t mind bearing my c***dren, Brit thought that bearing mine wouldn’t be all that bad.

After releasing the guilt trip, Lori and I got up to clean ourselves off.

“Aren’t you going to have sex with me now dad? “Brit asked.

“Yes baby. Let me get my energy back. Then it’s your turn to lose your virginity.”

Brit sat on the bed waiting in anticipation.

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