My Daughter, My Lover Ch. 02

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The next morning I slept in, I wonder why. When I finally woke up Ronnie was already gone, there was a note on the bedside table telling me she was going out to have a look around, and that she’d see me tonight. I was lying there relaxing in that half awake state you get first thing in the morning when you wake up by yourself and you aren’t jolted awake by an alarm. All of a sudden I remembered what had happened last night, instantly I was wide awake. Had it really happened, or had it just been a dream? I slowly pulled down my pyjama pants, and, sure enough, there were some traces of semen, I’d come during the night alright. Then I realised that there weren’t enough traces, either I hadn’t come as much as I usually do with my wet dreams, or it hadn’t been a dream. I couldn’t believe it, my daughter had masturbated me in my sleep and then eaten my cum. As I lay there thinking about what had happened, trying to come to terms with it, my cock started to get hard, I was obviously turned on by what had happened, even if I wasn’t able to admit it, even to myself. I was turned on by the fact that my beautiful daughter had played with me sexually. Still I wondered if she had left before I woke up because she was ashamed of what she’d done, how would she react when we got together that night, for that matter, how would I react. Finally, realising that just lying here wasn’t getting my day started, I dragged myself out of bed, showered, got dressed and went out to work. Somehow I forgot to get the bed or room changed.

That night, when I finally caught up with Ronnie, there was no sign of what had happened the previous night, she was just the same as before, she didn’t even seem bakırköy escort uncomfortable with me, I could only hope she couldn’t see how uncomfortable I was with her. Sometimes, I found myself staring at her mouth, it was hard for me to imagine, that mouth, my little girls mouth, had licked my cum off her hand. A couple of times Ronnie asked me what was distracting me, I just said I was thinking about work. I did notice that Ronnie didn’t ask me why I hadn’t changed rooms, I was glad because I really didn’t know.

When we went to bed I just lay there, waiting to see what would happen, was it only a one time thing, was Ronnie satisfied with what had happened, or would she do it again? Finally, after about an hour, I figured that she wasn’t going to do it again, the only sound from behind me was steady breathing, so I relaxed and eased into sleep.

I woke about 3.00, feeling really good, then I realised Ronnie was feeling really good as well, her hand was back on my cock. This time however I was on my back so she didn’t have to stretch as far, and seemed to be enjoying herself more, perhaps because she was more confident after the previous night that I wouldn’t wake up. I figured that she must have only just started, because I wasn’t quite completely hard. Good, I thought to myself, I haven’t missed any of the excitement. I was certainly right. After a few minutes Ronnie undid the button on my pants and opened the fly, this is new I thought, it was, totally new as I was about to find out.

When she was satisfied that I was totally exposed, Ronnie began to move. She slipped under the sheet and moved between my legs, realising başakşehir escort she couldn’t see my face I opened my eyes and stared down at the shape of her body as she repositioned herself. After a brief pause, Ronnie reached out and grasped my cock, then she carefully moved it forward. The next thing I knew I felt the light, almost hesitant touch of her tongue on the head of my cock. There was only that one touch, then nothing, I waited to see what she was going to do, obviously she was trying to decide that herself. Then, finally, she made up her mind.

Ronnie moved her face back between my legs and started licking me. Her tongue ran up and down my shaft, it was all I could do not to moan at the thought that my daughter was preforming oral sex on me. She became more aggressive in her actions, and finally Ronnie opened her lips and took the head of my cock into her mouth, she paused holding it there, running her tongue around and around the head. It was all I could do to stop myself grasping her head and pushing it down on my cock so she would really take it in her mouth. I needn’t have worried. Ronnie slowly started to move her head down, taking more and more of my cock into her mouth, until it filled her mouth to the point where it obviously became uncomfortable for her. She moved her hand so that it would stop my cock going past that point, then she went to work.

Ronnie began to rapidly fuck my cock with her mouth, I know it sounds strange, but if I was moving my cock in her mouth like she was doing to me I’d be fucking her mouth, turn about is fair play. I could feel myself getting ready to come, I knew I wouldn’t be able bebek escort to keep quite this time so I quickly reached down and grasped my daughters head, she froze immediately and her body tensed. I started to move her head up and down my shaft again, saying, “Oh yes, Helen, yes, yes.” I could feel the tension in my daughters body relax, she obviously believed that I was dreaming and thought she was my wife, she restarted her oral efforts. Now I was able to warn her I was about to come, I wanted to come in her mouth, but I wanted to give her the option, so I talked to my ‘wife’ again. “Here it comes Helen, I’m going to shoot in your mouth.” Ronnie made no move to withdraw before I came, I realised I was going to get my wish. After a few more strokes I felt the first spurt of cum make its way up my cock and shoot into my daughters mouth. Spurt after spurt followed as I emptied my balls into her, Ronnie moaned with pleasure as she took my load into her mouth, and I could hear the sound as she swallowed it, she must really love the taste of my cum I thought.

Finally I finished, my balls were empty, but we were both obviously satisfied. I released Ronnies head so she could pull away, but before she did so she cleaned off my softening cock. When she was satisfied she had gotten all of my juice she let go of my cock and let it slip out of her mouth. She then buttoned my pajama pants and crawled up next to me and went to sleep. I wish I could have gone to sleep as easily as she did. I lay there remembering every thing she’d done, before long I was hard again, all I wanted to do was roll her on her back, climb between her legs and fuck the living daylights out of her. But I realised that would be wrong, at least if she didn’t want it, I’d just have to see what would happen over the rest of the week. Maybe she’d be satisfied with what she’d already done, she might even do it again, I’d be satisfied with that, but maybe, just maybe she’d want more.

To Be Continued.

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