My Daughter’s Scheme Ch. 02

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This story has a little bdsm in it. All characters are 18+. Enjoy!


This is all so… I don’t even know… I think, watching as my daughter leaves her room and begins to make her way to the shower, leaving her phone behind. I shake my head, trying to wrap my head around how my girlfriend and daughter conspired together. I make my way out of Kira’s bedroom and head to my own, wondering if I went wrong somewhere or if Susan is at fault for everything, or if I should just let this happen and see where it leads.

As I begin to open my door, I hear my phone buzz twice. That’s probably her now! I think, rushing to see what Susan had sent me in response to Kira’s texts. I put in my passcode and immediately see the picture Kira sent Susan. Kira’s pussy is full of cum, some of which has begun to leak out of her. Despite her sweaty and disheveled appearance, Kira looks as pretty as ever, her eyes full of passion. I exit the picture and see that Susan sent me a text saying, So sexy! This is making me so wet!

I think how to respond for a second before replying, Really?

Susan sends two words back: One sec. About 30 seconds after she sends me those words, I get a new picture, this time of Susan. The picture shows two of her fingers spreading her outer lips. Both of her fingers glisten with her fluids and it is obvious that she is masturbating. Seeing this next to the picture of Kira begins to make my cock hard again. Something has to be wrong with me! I shake my head and try to avoid thinking how good my daughter’s tight mound feels as I sink deep inside it. Not helping!

We need to talk, I sent to Susan to which she replies, I have tomorrow off. I’ll be at your house. I put my phone back down on my bed and go into my shower, trying to decide if I like the developments between Kira and I.


I open the door and Susan embraces me in a hug, her soft breasts pressing into my chest. “How are you?” She asks, cheerful as ever.

“I’m not sure.” I answer truthfully.

Susan frowns at me, “Let’s talk inside then. Is Kira home?”

I shake my head as she enters the house, “She’s at work until 2. That’s why I wanted to talk now.”

Susan nods, “We do need to talk for a bit but at some point, we’re going to need to bring Kira in on this.”

I sigh, “That’s the part of this I’m dreading.” I collapse down onto the couch and put my face in my hands, feeling a confusing mixture of emotions.

“So let’s start with how you feel. Did you enjoy your experiences with Kira?” Susan asks, sounding genuinely concerned.

I nod, “That’s the issue. I really loved the sex but she’s my daughter and there are boundaries that can’t be crossed.”

Susan sighs, “Look, you are both consenting adults and clearly enjoyed yourselves. You two aren’t going to start a family, your just having fun with each other!”

I sigh, “But she’s my daughter! You know how weird it is for me to have sex with her?”

Susan gives a small nod, “Actually I do.”

“What?” I say, my anger fading.

Susan lets out a sigh, “It’s kind of like you and Kira. But Isabella and I have… experimented… before.”

“And by experimented you mean had sex?” I ask.

Susan gives a nod, “Isabella and I were always really open with each other. One day she said that she was interested in trying something with another woman but didn’t know how to go about it.”

“So you and her had sex?”

Susan nods again, “Well it wasn’t that simple. I had caught her using one of my dildos a few times and she had seen me using it on myself. So already her and I were much more sexually open than Kira and you.”

“I’m glad for you and Isabella, I really am. But this doesn’t make me feel any better about what happened between Kira and I.” I reply.

“There may be a way I can help you with that…” Susan muses.

“Care to explain?” I ask, not liking being left in the dark.

Susan shakes her head, “Just trust me with this. If this works out…” She then pulls out her phone and sends a quick text.

“Was that to Kira?” I ask, worrying about her plan.

“No.” Is Susan’s short reply.

“So now what?” I ask.

Susan shrugs, “This will probably take a few days to get set up. But we are more than welcome to have some fun…” She ends that sentence with a motion of pulling her tank top down, and exposing her bra to me, causing my cock to twitch. Lust filling me, the two of us begin to passionately kiss, our hands groping at each other. The two of us make our way to my bedroom, rapidly losing our clothes on the way. I open the door to my bedroom, the two of us still kissing and feeling each other’s bodies. I push Susan back on the bed where she lays smiling up at me. She is still wearing her shirt and a bra, while I am only in my boxers, my cock very hard.

I begin to tug her shirt over her head and go to Escort bayan toss it to the side before Susan stops me. “We should do something different!” She says, grabbing my arm with her shirt balled up in my fist.

“Oh?” I ask, smiling down at the beautiful woman before me, only wearing her bra.

Susan nods, “Blindfold me with the shirt!”

I laugh, “Really?”

“Yeah. Come on… it’ll be fun!” Susan says, pleading with me.

I smile, “If that’s what you want.” I fold the shirt up into a strip and tie it over Susan’s eyes. “That good?” I ask.

“It’s perfect!” Susan says, reaching behind her back to unclasp her bra. Letting the last clothes fall away from her body.

“What now?” I ask, dropping my boxers and letting my hard on swing free.

Susan turns her head in my general direction, “Whatever you want. No anal and make sure I’m wet before you start to fuck me!”

I smile, “This is going to be fun…” I start by running a single finger from Susan’s neck, between her soft breasts and to the top of her mound. Susan shudders at my touch. I start to rub her clit slowly and Susan lets out a gasp of surprise. I feel it become engorged as it is stimulated by my fingers. I lean toward Susan’s large breasts and begin to suck on one of her large, pink nipples. While doing this, I also begin to slide two fingers in and out of her, making her moan.

“You like that?” I ask, pulling away from her nipple.

“Oh fuck yes…” Susan sighs as I continue to finger her. I feel her growing wetter and wetter before as she nears orgasm, I stop. Susan lets out a groan of annoyance as I wait several seconds, just fondling her breasts.

I begin to rub her clit again, feeling Susan’s juices flowing out of her pussy. I slip two fingers inside her and begin to slowly slide them in and out, making Susan let out a groan of pleasure. Once again, I work Susan to near orgasm, much quicker this time. Susan’s breathing becomes heavier before I once again stop fingering her just before she reaches orgasm.

Susan is breathing heavily and after a second says, “So your teasing me…”

I smile, “Just a little…” Before I grab the base of my cock and rub the head of it over her drooling slit. Susan lets out another sigh of pleasure. Her juices coat my head and slowly drip down my shaft as if inviting me into her warm folds.

Finally, I slowly ease my cock into her pussy and Susan lets out a sigh as I do so. Her pussy takes about 6 inches of me, before I slide back out of her, leaving just the tip inside her. I plunge back inside of Susan, her pussy accepting more of my length, and Susan lets out another groan as I hit the back of her pussy.

“That’s it… fuck me daddy…” Susan gasps as I begin to pick up speed, holding onto her hips. Having teased her twice, I bring her to orgasm very quickly. I feel her pussy squeezing my cock, forcing me to cum. I feel rope after rope of my cum shoot inside of Susan, mixing with her own cum. I feel my cock shoot its last rope of cum and I pull my limp and wet cock from Susan. It drips her juices and our cum.

Susan smiles and unties her blindfold. “You like that?” She asks.

Breathlessly, I just nod, “That was really hot. You like it?”

Susan gives a nod as well, “Yes. Even that teasing. Now you want me to clean off some of that cum?”

I smile at her, “I think you know the answer.” Susan takes my limp cock into her mouth and begins to gently suck it once again.


Come over today at 5:00. I look up from my phone at the front door to Susan’s house. It is 4:59 and I knock. A second later, Susan comes to the door, dressed in a shirt and leggings, both of which show off her curves very nicely. “How are you today?” I ask, embracing her.

Susan returns my embrace, “I’m great. Maybe a little horny” She whispers in my ear, making sure to rub her hand over my soft cock.

“Maybe we should get inside first!” I joke, smiling at her as we pull apart.

Susan smiles back, rubbing a finger on my chest, “You know exactly what I mean daddy. Come on upstairs then!” Susan turns and leads the way up the stairs into her room. I close the front door then follow her, enjoying the sight of her ass swaying side to side as she climbs the stairs. The two of us enter her room and I go to close the door behind us.

“Don’t bother with that. No one else is here!” Susan says, giving me a lust filled look.

“Just an old habit.” I reply, tossing my shoes, socks and pants to the side. Susan also undresses, and soon I am only in my boxers and she is only wearing a lacy red bra and matching panties. Susan quickly removes her underwear, and stands before me, naked. Her breasts still hang firm on her chest, nipples beginning to harden in the air.

Before I can drop my boxers, Susan smiles at me, “I want you to be blindfolded this time!”

“Is this to get back at me for teasing you the other day?” I ask.

Susan shakes her head, Bayan escort “Come on daddy…” She begs with puppy dog eyes.

I roll my eyes, “Fine. It is fair after all…” As I say this, I wonder if I will end up regretting this choice.

Susan smiles, “That’s more like it!” She goes into her dresser and opens the middle drawer. As she bends over, her ass spreads slightly, giving me a view of her sexy pussy and asshole. She straightens back up and comes close, pressing her body into mine. Her soft breasts press into me as I take the blindfold in my hand. Susan shifts slightly and in her other hand I see a pair of handcuffs.

“What are those for? I ask.

Susan gives a knowing smile, “Just for some more fun. Come on… you can do it to me next time…”

“So you want me to be blindfolded and handcuffed?” I ask.

Susan gives me more puppy dog eyes, “Please… just for me?”

“Fine!” I say, putting the blindfold on, making sure it is in place. Happy now?” I ask Susan.

I feel her body slip away from mine as she grabs my hand and leads me over to the edge of the bed and gives me a gentle push back onto it. I allow myself to fall back and I feel the bed shift under Susan crawling around on it. She grabs both of my arms and I feel the cold metal of the handcuffs on my right wrist. Then she loops the chain through her headboard before the cold metal covers my other wrist.

“That too tight?” Susan asks.

I turn in the direction of her voice, “No, it’s good.”

Susan replies, “Good. Now we can start.” Once again, I feel the bed shift as she crawls between my legs. I feel my boxers be tugged down and off of my body, allowing my hard cock to be freed. I feel a hand begin to gently and slowly stroke my length. “You like that Daddy?” Susan asks.

“Oh yes…” I sigh, beginning to enjoy only using my sense of touch rather than sight. Susan stops stroking my length for a second and I feel her crawl up the bed over my torso finally stopping when her knees are on either side of my head.

I raise my mouth slightly and using my lips and tongue find Susan’s mound. I give it a single lick and Susan lets out a soft sigh. This only encourages her to come closer and I clamp my mouth over her entrance and begin to lap greedily at her pussy. Susan’s sighs turn into soft panting and the occasional moan of pleasure. Susan’s moans grow steadily louder as I work her to orgasm. Giving her clit a gentle, teasing nibble, I set her over the edge and Susan bucks her hips as she cums.

I feel her warm cum begin to cover my tongue and lips as I continue to lap at her warm and wet mound. After her orgasm subsides, I feel Susan lift herself away from me as some of her cum drips off of my lips onto my chin. “So daddy… you ready for what’s next?” Susan asks.

I shrug, her voice coming from the foot of the bed, “Depends on what you have in mind.” I reply.

Susan’s voice now comes from right next to me, “Don’t worry daddy… I think you’ll like it a lot.” I hear her move to the foot of the bed and then I feel a hand grab my hard cock and guide it into her mouth. Susan’s tongue expertly works my head, like she has several times before. While she sucks me, her breathing once again begins to grow heavy, like she is working her pussy. She’s probably masturbating while she sucks me off I think, finding this thought to be a huge turn on.

While Susan works my cock with her mouth, I feel the bed shift like someone is getting on top of it. “Susan?” I ask, wondering what is going on.

The mouth on my cock pulls away and Susan says, “Down here!” In a very casual, almost joking manner.

Then I feel soft thighs straddle both sides of my face, “Kira?” I ask tentatively. I feel a strange mixture of excitement from this situation, anger from Susan doing this to me and curiosity from wanting to know who is above me.

The woman above me says nothing. Susan speaks, “It doesn’t matter who it is. Just do what you did to me.”

Behind my blindfold, I roll my eyes. “Fine.” I raise my mouth to the body above me and give the vagina above me a tentative lick. It is dripping wet and the woman shudders in pleasure. Using my tongue, I begin to slip it inside of the entrance, feeling the tight walls around my tongue. It is clear that this woman has a bald pussy, leaving Kira as my only guess as to who is above me.

While I lap at the slit who I believe belongs to my daughter, I think, I can’t believe Susan tricked me like this! While I feel slightly betrayed, I also feel slightly excited at seeing how turned on this will make Susan. Pulling my tongue out from the warm folds of the vagina, I circle the clit and the woman lets out a soft moan of pleasure. Her voice is very different from Kira’s, and I pull away in shock.

“Susan this isn’t Kira. Is this… Isabella?” I ask.

There is no verbal response and instead, the blindfold is pulled down from my eyes and rests on my neck. Above me is a beautiful girl, with Escort straight blonde hair. I gasp as her face comes into my field of view. It is Kira’s friend and Susan’s daughter, Isabella.

Isabella is a petite blonde with small b-cup breasts, each topped with a perky, pale and hard looking nipple. Isabella had a similar mound as her mother, only her soft inner folds were visible and dripped with her juices and my saliva. Isabella gives me a smile, before moving down my body and positioning her pussy above my cock. Isabella then grasps the wet base and aims it right at her cunt. Lowering herself slowly, Isabella groans as I sink inside her.

Fuck, she’s tight! I think, enjoying the feeling of being inside of my girlfriend’s daughter. Isabella begins to rise and fall on my cock, each time, she lets out a groan of pleasure. Her small breasts heave up and down as she rides, matching her breathing. While Isabella rides me, Susan takes her place next to her daughter and she begins to gently rub Isabella’s clit, making her moans become louder and louder.

I watch, feeling incredibly aroused as Susan works her own daughter to orgasm, knowing exactly where to touch her, where to rub and how fast to play with her clit. Between her riding and her Mom, Isabella soon cums. Isabella closes her eyes and rests her head on Susan’s shoulder. Isabella’s tight pussy clenches down on my cock, coating it with her warm cum. As she slowly moves up and down, some of her cream slips out of her and slides down the length of my cock. Susan sees this and gently moves away from Isabella.

Susan leans between Isabella’s soft thighs and begins to lick up some of the cum from her own daughter off of my cock. Holy shit this is really fucking hot! I think, watching the mother, daughter pair begin to gentle feel the other’s body.

Isabella slowly grinds on my as her and Susan passionately kiss. Susan’s hands kneed her daughter’s breasts, making sure to play with the nipples as well. Isabella does the same to her mother, kneading her breasts and paying attention to Susan’s large, pink nipples. The two lock lips again for a second before parting. Isabella begins to slowly ride my cock once again, her small breasts jiggling as she bounces.

Isabella lifts her petite body up leaving about half of my cock inside her before slamming back down onto me. Isabella stabilizes herself by placing her hands on my chest and only lifting and dropping her hips. She leans forward and the two of us begin to passionately kiss with Susan watching us. Isabella pulls away from her and I look into her pretty light brown eyes. “You going to cum for me soon?” She groans.

“Ugh… yes… soon!” I reply, feeling my orgasm growing.

Isabella smiles and continues to ride me with renewed effort, her breathing becoming heavy and her body sweaty. Finally, I gasp out, “I’m going to cum!” Isabella gives no indication that she hears me and continues to impale herself on my cock. My cock twitches and Isabella collapses down on my, taking my whole length inside her with a moan.

I begin to cum, shooting several strands of my hot cum deep inside of Isabella. Strand after strand fills the petite girl on top of me. Isabella lets out a soft sigh of pleasure indicating that she enjoys the feeling of having cum inside her pussy. My cock begins to soften and Isabella sits up off of my, letting my wet and limp cock rest. Isabella lays next to me, giving me a great view of her pussy with my cum just beginning to dribble out of her.

Susan crawls between her daughter’s legs and begins to lap at her pussy. Susan makes noises indicating that she enjoys the taste of cum and natural lube. Isabella begins to squirm and moan softly. “Oh fuck Mom… that’s it…” Isabella sighs.

My limp cock twitches as the sight of my girlfriend eating her daughter’s pussy begins to turn me on. Susan quickly works Isabella to a powerful orgasm, the two of them probably had a lot of practice with each other. Susan pulls away from Isabella, “Want to cum baby?”

Isabella squeaks out a, “Yes!”

Susan returns her mouth to her daughter’s pussy and the sounds her tongue makes are audible. Looking down Susan’s body, I see her mound is glistening with her own juices. This is turning both of us on! Is there something wrong with us? I ask myself, but this thought is pushed out of my head as Isabella is pushed over the edge.

She flops onto her back and her thighs quiver as Susan works Isabella’s slit while she cums. Her toes curl up in pleasure, messing up the already tangled sheets on the bed. Turning away from her daughter for the first time, Susan smiles at me, “It looks like someone is enjoying this.” I look down my body and see that my cock is once again fully erect. This is turning me on more than I thought it would. I think.

Isabella sits back up with a huge smile on her face. Her breasts heave up and down with her breathing and her legs still shake slightly from her orgasm. Looking at Susan, Isabella breathlessly asks, “Wow Mom… you really know what to do…”

Susan smiles and kisses Isabella’s sweaty forehead, “Just like before I had a boyfriend. Now I hate to do this but do you think he and I could have some alone time?”

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