My Day at the Mall

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I got frustrated as I thumbed through the clothing rack in the Hot Topic store in the local mall, not finding a shirt that would go well enough with the shiny black vinyl pants I just bought. “Need some help?” I heard the soft, calming voice of a young man beside me. I turned, startled, and replied, “Um…no…thanks, I’m fine.”

He was very cute. Most teenage boys that worked in the mall were. He had dyed-blonde spiked hair and wore black a Puma visor, with a silky red shirt, and some black vinyl pants, just like the pair I had just purchased. He had 3 earrings in his left ear, 2 lobe piercings and one at the top of his ear, and 2 in his right, both lobe piercings. “Oh…okay…” he said. I then thought he would walk away, BUT, he didn’t. “Um…looking for something to go with those black pants?”

“Yes, actually, I am,” I said, now flashing a half-grin, barely raising my right eyebrow. “Well…you won’t find anything up here. We just got another shipment of some cool shirts in, they’re in the back. I haven’t brought them out to the front yet. Would you like to step back and see if you find anything you like?” He asked, very generously. escort bayan gaziantep “Um…are you sure you won’t get into trouble?”

“Oh, I won’t. My dad’s the manager of the store. I’ll just tell him you were a friend of mine. It’s cool. C’mon…” He insisted. I finally gave in, and I followed him back to the stockroom. He pointed out the clothes rack with all the new merchandise, and I walked over and started looking. I still couldn’t find anything that really grabbed my attention, so I asked, “Where did you get your shirt? I really like it.”

Then he said, “Oh…this? I got it on clearance at Gadzooks. You like it? Here, you can try it on.” Before I had a chance to answer, he already had the shirt off and tossed it to me. WOW…he had a great body. Completely hairless torso, tan, 6-pack. All the extras. I was caught staring at him when his voice broke my hypnosis, “So…see anything ELSE you like?”

Stammering, I replied, “Um…uh…well….y….yah…” He began to walk over slowly, grinning and staring me up and down. When he got to me, he put his hands on my upper arms and was playfully smiling, looking my face up and down, as if he was silently asking to kiss me. I nodded my head, and he turned his visor around, then pressed his lips against mine. I slipped my tongue into his mouth, enjoying every taste of this cute little raver boy.

I reached my hand down and grabbed his perfectly shaped ass, then pulled him closer to me, so our cocks were rubbing through our pants. He pulled away from what could have been an endless kiss, then unbuttoned his pants, then unzipped them. I smiled and got on my knees and pulled his pants down, revealing his boxers which read “Hottie” on the fly. “Cute…” I said softly.

I pulled them down as well, revealing his huge hard-on. I licked the head slowly, as he uttered a subtle moan. I licked all around the head, down the shaft, then tongued his balls for a few minutes, then back up to his head, where I then shoved his whole cock in my mouth. I sucked with all my might as I moved my head back and forth down his beautiful manhood. I reached up with my left hand and began squeezing his right nipple, then rubbing and massaging it.

He moaned, then ran his left hand up and down his stomach. I reached down with my other hand and pulled out my cock. I was so hard I could have shot my load at that moment. I began to jack off, first slowly, then more rapidly. I was moving my head faster and faster up and down his cock, when I could taste the cum starting to leak out. I pulled off, and he grabbed his dick and began to jack off as well, cumming all over my face, into my mouth, and on my neck.

“Oh fuck….mmm….” he whispered. “Oh…uh…mmm….” I moaned as I stood up, jacking off, then he got down on his knees and put the head of my cock into his mouth as I shot the biggest load of my life. He moaned as my juices filled his mouth, then he gulped it all down. We both breathed hard for a few more minutes then cleaned up the mess we made. He grabbed a shirt from the rack and put it on, insisting that I keep his red shirt. We walked back out to the front of the store, where I said, “Oh by the way…I never got your name.” He said, “Elliot…yours?”


“Cool…well…thanks a lot, Chris,” he said as he handed me a business card. I looked on the back and there was a phone number with a little smiley drawn next to it. I smiled and winked. “Sure. Later, Elliot.” I walked out of the store and back to my car.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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