My Dear Brother Ch. 07

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That night before I went to bed I carefully examined myself. Now that I was no longer a virgin I was sure that something must have altered me ‘down below’ so I got a mirror and sat on my bed. I looked at my lips – they seemed slightly puffy and swollen but otherwise looked normal. I parted them and examined the interior, then slowly inserted a finger and probed but could not discern anything different. What was all that fuss about virginity? The actions of my finger soon brought that familiar rush of moisture and I found myself sliding my finger in and out, mimicking the lovely thrusting I had experienced with Michael’s penis surging inside me. But my finger was a feeble substitute, less than half the length of Michael’s rampant organ, and pathetically narrow in comparison. I lay on my bed a while, my hand working energetically between my thighs, but the sensations did not thrill me even though I was intensely aroused. I read a book for a while and waited until my parents were asleep and the house was silent and then tiptoed to Michael’s room. The dear boy was fast asleep. I crept in beside him and he woke up.

“Ssshhh,” I placed a finger on his lips, “Michael, I can’t sleep.”

He pulled me close to him and took me in his arms. We kissed softly and I snuggled my face into his shoulder. “Michael, I have been thinking about today.”

“Jen, you’re not sorry we did it, are you?”

“No, Michael, of course not. But… Well, you came, but I didn’t… and now I can’t sleep.”

Although it was dark I knew he was grinning at me. I punched him gently on his chest. He grabbed my wrist and pushed me onto my back, pinning me down.

“What are you proposing?” he asked.

“Well,” I whispered, “I just thought… maybe you could help me…”

“Jen, we can’t do that here!”

He released my arm.

“No, I know that, but you could – do this…”

I took his hand and guided it downward. I was only wearing a small T shirt and had nothing on below. I parted my legs and his fingers cupped reassuringly over my eager mound. Immediately I felt him swelling and growing hard against my hip. I left his hand between my legs and reached for him, found the slit in his pyjamas and wrapped my fingers softly around his erection. My brother moaned and kissed me, and his fingers started to work their magic. His touch was far more exciting than my own earlier manipulations. Our tongues touched, caressed, and we kissed slowly and sensuously as we silently pleasured each other. Michael’s finger dipped inside, instantly generating shivers that rippled through me. I gasped and lifted my hips up towards him, aching to feel his penis inside me instead of his finger. I felt the solid girth of it filling my grasp, and remembered the feeling I had experienced as he had pushed it into me earlier that day. Michael’s finger slipped out, wet with my juices, and his fingertip moved up, teasing the swollen bud. I moaned with pleasure and lay back, spreading my legs wider, and luxuriated in the delight as he skilfully brought me closer and closer to ecstasy. I tried to keep my hand moving on him but it was hard to concentrate and I gave up and cupped my breasts, squeezing them as the thrill grew and grew.

“Michael – Michael!”

“Ssssshh,” he whispered, and his fingertip moved faster. I struggled to keep quiet as my orgasm burst and my body shuddered in delicious spasms. My legs clamped together, trapping his hand as I came. When the thrill subsided I kissed him.

“That was heavenly, Michael. Thank you.”

“Do you think you will be able to sleep now?”

“I am sure I will.”

“Well,” he said. “You might be able to, but look at me!”

He drew the duvet back and in the dim light I could see him holding his penis at the base, pointing it up to the ceiling. It looked fiercely erect!

“Well, you can take care of that,” I laughed and pretended to start getting out of his bed.

He grabbed me and pulled me back.

“Oh, no you don’t!”

He put his hand on the back of my neck, and pushed my head firmly towards his erection. My goodness, Michael had never been so bold before! I felt a perverse thrill at being dominated.

“Michael, you will have to tell me what you want.”

“You know,” he said and urged my head down with another push. I reached behind me and took his hand away.

“Maybe I do, and maybe I don’t,” I teased him. “Either way, you are going to have to tell me what you want”.

“Jen, you know what I want. Please do it?”

Oh dear, my darling brother was getting shy again.

“Michael,” I giggled, “tell me, I won’t do it unless you tell me. Spell it out”.

He paused.

“Jen, I want you to… I want you to kiss it.”

I bent my head and gave his penis a quick peck on the tip.

“There, done!” I said.

“No, Jen, I mean…”

I could sense my brother’s anguish. On the one hand he was as randy as could be and desperately wanted to come, but he was by nature so shy and well mannered that he found it difficult to keep pace with his naughty sister.

“Jen, I want you to… suck my cock”.

At last!

“Michael, why didn’t you say so!”

I snuggled down in the bed and laid my cheek on his stomach and took hold of him, lifting him up from his stomach so I could get him to my mouth. I kissed and licked the very tip, catching the bead of moisture, tasting his saltiness, feeling him tense beneath zeytinburnu escort me. I could smell him, that strange animal smell. It must have been the influence of his male pheremones because I always got instantly wet when I smelled it. I nuzzled against the firm rubbery glans.

“Michael, tell me again what you want?”

I think my brother finally understood that I wanted him to be forceful, because I felt his hand on my head, pushing me down.

“I want you to suck my cock!”

It was a thrill to hear him talking dirty and I obediently enveloped his glans in my mouth and suckled on him for a while before I broke away.

“Yes, Master, is that OK?”

Michael started to get into the spirit of it.

“I didn’t say stop!” he said, and pushed my head firmly down. I sucked on him diligently for a minute or two and then pretended to be frightened and took my mouth off him.

“Oh Master, I can’t do it! How can you treat me like that?”

(All of this of course was in a stage whisper as our parents were in the next room, hopefully fast asleep!)

“You have been a bad girl and must be punished. Kneel between my legs.”

Michael spread his legs and dutifully I knelt between them.

“Yes, Master?”

Michael reached down with one hand and raised his penis vertically.

“Suck it,” he commanded.

I lowered my head slowly, too slowly, and Michael’s other hand pushed my head down. I imagined myself as a slave girl in a harem, being forced to suck the Sultan’s cock. The fantasy excited me and I could feel a stream of moisture trickling down my thighs. My mouth enveloped the Sultan’s swollen member. Michael let go of my head and lay back as my head bobbed up and down. I put my hands on his hips and wriggled down the bed a little so that his cock was tilted beyond the vertical. This always made his erection incredibly hard and although I could only see dimly in the dark I could make out the graceful curving arc springing from his groin. As I sucked rhythmically on the head I caressed the shaft with the fingertips of both hands and then tickled rapidly up and down making him gasp with delight.

“Oh, Jen!” I heard him whisper. I used both hands to tickle his balls, and Michael’s hands descended on my shoulders. This was always a sign that he was close to coming. I took my mouth from him and his cock slapped loudly down on his stomach.

“Yes, Master, am I not pleasing you?” An image of Barbara Eden in ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ flashed through my mind. I wondered if she had ever done to Larry Hagman what I was doing to my dear brother!

Michael had forgotten the role play.

“Oh yes Jen, its wonderful”.

“Do you want me to continue, Master?”

“Yes, yes please….”

I lifted him up from his belly and took him in my mouth. I took his hands from my shoulders, pinned them down by his sides and started sucking in earnest. My lips slipped up and down over the flaring glans which I knew he loved and very soon I felt him trembling beneath me.

“Oh, Jen, Jen!”

The tip of his penis, usually soft and spongy, grew unbelievably hard, and swelled so much I could only just avoid damaging him with my teeth. I administered the coup de grace which was to vibrate my tongue tip rapidly under the glans. Michael’s hips lifted from the bed as he strained to push into my mouth. I heard him gasping, “Aah, aah, ahh,” and then he gave one final upward thrust, froze, and then rewarded my efforts with a series of powerful spurts that soon filled my mouth almost to overflowing. I held it all in my mouth until he was no longer throbbing and then slowly and carefully slipped my mouth off him.

“Oh God, Jen, that was incredible!”

I moved over him, my mouth full of his creamy sperm. “Mmmmm,” I hummed. He could tell I hadn’t swallowed.


I moved closer to him. “Mmmmmmm…”

“Jen, what…?”

I bent my head as if to kiss him.

Michael turned his head to the side and pushed me away.

“Jen, what are you doing?”

I held his head in both hands and turned his face towards me. Poor Michael, he really thought I was going to give him his sperm back! I swallowed with a gulp, the heavy fluid slipping down my throat.

“Michael, you baby! If I taste it you should as well.”

I kissed him, and before he could think twice my tongue had slipped into his mouth. To his credit Michael kissed me back, and I let some spermy saliva run into his mouth. I reached down to feel his cock – he was still semi-erect.

“There,” I whispered, “its not so bad, is it?”

“Jen, you are dreadful! But you’re right, it’s just a bit – salty…”

I kissed him again, while my hand squeezed his cock. It responded by stiffening in my hand.

Just then I heard my parents’ bedroom door open and my heart thumped in my chest. We froze in panic but it was alright – we heard dad clumping down the passage to the toilet. As we listened to him peeing noisily we quickly straightened Michael’s duvet and I sat on the side of his bed, thinking up what reason I would have for being in there if Dad came in. It wasn’t necessary and we sighed with relief when we heard him go back into his room. I kissed Michael a tender goodnight and tiptoed back to my room.

Michael and I behaved ourselves for the rest of the week, although we did give each other lots of knowing looks, aksaray escort and on occasions stole a quick kiss and a fondle. On one occasion we were in the bathroom brushing our teeth, and Michael slipped a hand under my T shirt to feel my breasts. He immediately got a huge erection that distended the front of his pyjamas alarmingly. Just then we heard Mum coming, singing her usual happy morning songs. She came into the bathroom to collect some laundry and Michael had to keep his back to her all the time which would have been comical if it hadn’t been so frightening. After she left we both resolved to be a lot more careful!

On Friday at supper time Mum and Dad asked us if it would be OK if they went out on Saturday evening to play bridge with some friends. They had used to play quite regularly but in recent years had stopped because the couple they played with had been posted overseas. They had since returned, and wanted to start up the game again.

Of course we said it was OK, and both of us knew exactly what we would get up to when they were out.

“Are you sure, kids?” Mum asked. “We could drop you off at the movies if you like and pick you up on the way back.”

“It’s OK, Mum,” I said trying hard not to sound too eager. “I’ve got some prep I have to do.”

I immediately knew it was a stupid thing to say.

“On a Saturday? Since when have you done prep on a Saturday!”

“Er – well I am very far behind with my History… I have three essays to write…”

Michael came to my assistance.

“You should have seen the fuss Mr Harper made. The old goat went ballistic at her yesterday!”

“Are you sure? It won’t be much fun. I will feel guilty if we are playing cards and having fun with you two sitting at home. Do you want me to write Mr Harper a letter? I’ll tell him you haven’t been well. But it’s not like you to get behind with work, Jenny. How did that happen?”

“I’m not exactly behind, it’s just that he has given me extra. He thinks I could get a scholarship if I… he seems to think I could get into Oxford…”

I was digging myself deeper and deeper into a hole. What if Mum spoke to him at the next parents’ evening? I was making it all up!

But the mention of Oxford did the trick.

“Oxford! Oh Jenny, that’s wonderful. I always knew you kids were bright. Haven’t I always said so? But what about Michael?”

She then turned on poor Michael and berated him for not working as hard as me. The poor darling just took it, and the irony was that he was actually better at History than me.

Saturday morning and afternoon dragged by so slowly – it seemed as if the day would last forever. Eventually the evening arrived, and Mum and Dad started getting ready to go out. Mum spent an age in the bathroom until Dad got quite annoyed and started moaning at her that they would be late. I was tempted to try and hurry her up but I didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that I was eager to have them out of the house. I spread my History books on the dining room table and sat there pretending to read. Michael was pottering about out in the garden.

“Now are you sure you kids are OK? What are you going to do for supper?” Mum asked. “Would you like to order Pizza?”

“That would be nice,” I replied, and Mum gave me the money, and also wrote their friends’ phone number down.

“Don’t open the door to strangers, and check that the Pizza boy is really a Pizza boy before you open the door. Where’s Mikey?”

I was instructed to go and find him and he and I had to listen to Mum’s instructions all over again. Mum fussed over us with Dad at the front door looking more and more irritated. At last they left, and we waited until we heard the car departing down the gravel drive. Michael came over to me and kissed me, but I pushed him away.

“Wait, Michael, they could come back if they have forgotten something. Let’s watch TV for a while.”

We sat on the sofa and watched TV for at least half an hour, and I then went round the house locking doors. If Mum and Dad came back early they wouldn’t be able to get in without us knowing it. I was grateful that they were so security conscious and had fitted extra locks to all the outside doors!

“Michael, lets bath first, you are all hot and smelly”.

“Thanks, Jen, you stink as well!” he retorted.

I ran a bath and put some of Mum’s lovely bath oil in the water and lit a few scented candles, placing them around the bath. Mum was a romantic at heart and she and Dad sometimes bathed together with the same arrangements. We always knew that there would be some interesting noises coming from their bedroom on those nights!

Michael had an erection before he even got into the bath water. We soaked for a while, but we were both too eager for sex to stay in the bathroom for long. Michael started soaping himself, and I asked him to wash my back. I turned in the bath and he sat behind me and washed my back, but after a minute he could not resist reaching around with soapy hands to cup my breasts. It felt so sensuous with his hands sliding over my breasts, and I felt my nipples stiffening against his palms. He moved closer to me and I felt something firm prodding my back. I reached behind me with both hands and held his penis. It felt so big! I held him with both hands and estimated that there was probably still an inch outside my grasp. He seemed thicker ataköy escort as well and I wondered how much more it would grow. It was already so much larger than it had been on those first exploratory encounters we had had.

“Michael, how big is it now?” I asked.

“Seven and a half inches” he replied, and there was a tone of pride and confidence in his voice.

“So it’s an inch bigger in… must be six months?”

“Guess so.”

I turned to face him. His penis stuck up out of the water like a submarine periscope.

“Do you think it will keep growing?”

“I have no idea – I hope so!”

“Well, it’s plenty big enough for me. I just wish my tits would grow as quickly.”

I cupped my breasts in my hands and examined them. They were still adolescent, small and insignificant. I was still only just fitting an A-cup bra, and I wished I could be as well developed as some of the other girls at school.

“I don’t want them to grow any bigger,” Michael said. “I love them like they are. They are so sexy, and I love your nipples”.

He reached out and tweaked my left nipple. It wrinkled and hardened instantly.

“Well, I like my nipples,” I said. “They seem bigger than a lot of the girls’. Some of them have huge tits and tiny nipples.”

“Exactly,” Michael said, “Yours are fantastic. They are so pointy. I don’t like big round ones, they look like balloons!”

I pulled him to him and kissed him. I suspected that he probably did like girls with big tits – weren’t all men supposed to? But he was being adorable and I loved him for it. I reached for the soap and lathered his penis and washed his balls. We knelt in front of each other and washed each others buttocks and almost simultaneously our hands slipped round and with soapy fingers we explored each other, deep in the cleft of our buttocks, touching the tight little orifices. Michael groaned.

“Does it feel nice?” I asked, as my soapy fingertip explored his opening.

“Oh God yes! What about you?”

He probed, and I felt his fingertip circling against me. It felt wickedly sensuous.

“Mmmm, yes, its nice!”

We gazed into each other’s eyes, breathing faster. It was so exciting to be touching forbidden areas. We mimicked each other – if Michael moved in a circle so did I, if I probed a little deeper he followed suit. Michael was the first to be bold, he pushed harder and after a little resistance his fingertip slipped into me. I worked my finger into him and we both burst out laughing. I probed deeper, and perhaps an inch or two of finger slipped into him. I looked down between us.

“God, Michael, look at you!”

His penis was so erect that the tip was touching his stomach, an inch above his navel. The head was hugely swollen, with an angry purplish hue, looking like an over-ripe plum about to burst.

“You obviously like having a finger up your bum!”

He grinned at me. “Well, it does feel good”.

I probed inside him, deeper and deeper, and with every push of my finger his cock throbbed. His finger in me felt deliciously wicked and exciting but I was amazed at how turned on he seemed to be from my inquisitive probing. All of a sudden a drop of thick white sperm welled up from the tip of his cock. I quickly stopped moving.

“Michael, look!”

We watched the sperm slowly oozing and then the drop slid slowly down his penis to plop into the bathwater. I gingerly extracted my digit and Michael did the same.

“Were you starting to come?” I asked. At that time neither of us knew what the prostate did, and we didn’t realise that I had inadvertently expressed some semen.

“No,” Michael replied. “It felt nice, but not like when I’m coming.”

We washed our fingers thoroughly, got out of the bath and dried ourselves. Michael’s penis was still semi hard and lolled about comically as he dried himself.

We tidied up the bathroom and went through to my bedroom. I dug the packet of condoms out from their hiding place in the wardrobe and placed them on my bedside table. I rolled the duvet up, put it on the floor and Michael and I lay together on my bed. I lay on my back and Michael ran his fingertips up and down my body. I lifted my arms up with my hands behind my head and enjoyed the sensations. His fingertips circled my breasts and we watched my nipples stiffen and the goosebumps appear as the pale hairs around my nipples erected. Michael played with my nipples and I felt that familiar moisture between my thighs. His fingers strayed down over my stomach, I sighed and my thighs parted almost of their own accord. As he lay on his side next to me his penis, once more fiercely erect, rested on my thigh, a thread of clear liquid hanging down as it seeped from the slit. He stroked down my right thigh, then up my left, back to my breasts and then down again, avoiding the central region until I was panting with desire, his fingers always skirted tantalisingly close but never touched. Michael leaned over me, and his mouth descended onto my left nipple. He licked and kissed and sucked, and then the other nipple received attention and just as I was about to grab his hand and shove it between my legs his lips and tongue began a slow journey down my chest and my stomach. He kissed the patch of hair on my mound and I arched my hips up to him, but his mouth glided down my thigh. Was he going to tease me all night? I desperately wanted more intimate contact, but by heavens, his foreplay was working wonders! I could feel the moisture dripping from me and I knew that there was already a sizeable wet patch on my sheet. I heard myself moaning every time Michael’s lips came closer, oh yes, I just knew I would come in seconds if only he would lick my swollen bud…

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