My Dear Mom

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Note: If you’ve read my other stories, you may notice a recurrence of names. I like using my first and middle names in the stories. That away I really get a feel for my writing. Like the others this is a fictional story. I really appreciate any comments.

I was laying in bed jerking off my nice 7 inch pecker, which I have to admit was big even though I was 18 years old. I slowly tugged up and down to draw out the pleasure of the orgasm that would soon follow. Then I started to think about my mom. My mom is a beautiful 34-year-old woman, with reddish-blonde hair like myself, and works as a model for a living. Since she had no shoots to do right now, she mostly hung out with me around our nice little country home. My father was killed in a car accident when I was only three years old.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that my mom really started to dress skimpily around the house and only around the house. First, she stopped wearing a bra completely, then she started wearing these short-shorts and tee-shirts that started to show off her nice 32D tits, and her nice tight ass. Even though I’m not complaining, I’ve even seen my mother nude. Once she walked out of the shower late at night and she must have thought that I was asleep, I saw everything, including a nice, shaved pussy, and her beautiful tits that just barely drooped. Later that night, I blew a quick load under the covers.

One day, I got on the net and found lots of stories and pictures about incest, which made me really horny, even though I read and viewed just the ones with mother and son. Anyway, I’m back in bed doing what I do best; jacking my prick. Then something came in my mind, and before I knew it, I was carrying it out. I climbed out of my bed with my hard cock leading the way, and walked across the hall just outside of my mother’s door, which was cracked open. I took a quick look and inside I found my mom asleep.

I slowly opened the door a little more, good thing I’m exceptionally skinny, and walked into her room. Since it was the middle of summer and even though we had the AC on, I usually felt like it was too hot to sleep under the covers and it appeared my mom felt the same way. So there I was naked, in my mom’s room with her naked and spread out so I could get a good look at her beautiful pussy which made me feel harder than ever.

Then, I did it. I climbed on the end of her bed, and while looking her up and down, started to jack off again I don’t know why but I had no control over my actions. I quickly reached that point of no return, and shot load after load all over my mother. Some hit her stomach, some her tits and a little bit on her face. I quickly crept back Escort bayan out of the room and into mine hoping that she wouldn’t wake up and find the little present I left all over her.

The next morning I just laid around on the couch all day, until my mom left for the store, at which point I crept into her room and got a couple of her porn movies and popped them into the VCR. I really loved the ones that involved anal sex and the younger men fucking older women. As soon as I saw my mom pull up into the driveway, I hurriedly pulled the tape out, ran them back into her room, and then went into my room. When my mom came in she didn’t suspect a thing, and she looked unusually cheerful.

“Guess whose got a date?” She said ecstatically.

“First time in two years.” I replied.

“It’s going to be here, so I hope you’ll be on your best behavior.”

I just nodded in reply. I was usually pretty good and was very nice to my mom. “So when’s he get here?” I asked.

“Seven.” My mom said.

She went into the kitchen and started to look for things to fix for dinner. At five o’clock, she was running around to get ready, shower, makeup, clothes, the whole works. At six o’clock, she was putting the finishing touches on dinner. At seven o’clock, the guy was a no show and at eight o’clock my mom was in tears.

I went up to her and patted her on the back. “Here, I’ll have dinner with you mom if it’ll make you feel better. It’s such a waste of good food.”

She simply said a thank you and we sat down at the table and had dinner. Along with the dinner was a bottle of opened wine, with some already poured into two glasses. I got up from the table to get a glass.

“What are you doing honey?” She asked.

“Getting some milk.” I replied.

“It would be such a waste of wine and I can’t drink a whole bottle by myself.” She said sadly.

I couldn’t believe this, my mom was letting me have wine, alcohol, damn I actually said a prayer to the guy for not showing. So another helping of dinner later as well as two glasses of wine apiece, mom and I were sitting on the couch, just hanging out. Mom was leaning on me, and I could see right down her dress to her bra less breasts, which made me hard in a hurry. Mom must have saw me looking, because I could see this odd look in her eyes, she was smiling at me, and the next thing I know we both were locked in a deep French Kiss.

This must be a dream I thought to myself, and if it was I was going to live it up. So I stuck one hand down her top and started to fondle her breasts and stuck my other hand up her dress and started to play with her pussy, even though she didn’t have any panties Bayan escort on. She was moaning into my lips, which finally she broke.

“Let’s go into my room.” She panted to me.

We went into her room and we were undressed in no time. We kissed again, and lay down on the bed. I kissed her on the lips again, and started to slowly kiss her way down her neck, then to her breasts, then her flat semi-muscular stomach, and finally started to kiss around her pussy, which made her moan a little letting me know that she was enjoying herself. I then put just the tip of my tongue into her hot love core; this drew more and louder moans from her.

Then I started to slowly stick the rest of my tongue farther in, which forced her to close her legs around my head, and push me into her cunt. I found her clit and started to tongue it rapidly. I then rammed two of my fingers in as hard as I could into her dripping cunt, and I started to frig her faster and faster. Finally, her pussy erupted like a volcano all over my face. I licked as much of the juice off of her cunt and my face as possible, because it tasted so sweet.

She loosened her legs, and let me out of the hold. I climbed back up and kissed her again, while she licked her own love juice from my face. Then she did the same as I, kissing her way down to my crotch, to my oozing seven incher. She licked slowly around the base and then up the underside and took just the head of it into her mouth. I was in ecstasy. She slowly bobbed her head on my cock, and then suddenly, I felt it at the back of her throat, with her trying to swallow it. That was all it took, I blew my load into her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

She now lay beside me and said,” I have to have you inside me.”

I went down to her legs, pried them apart, and placed them over my shoulders, like in the movies. I slowly worked my nice rod into her cunt, which caused us both to moan. Then I started some slow thrusting and then sped up, and slowed again. It drove my mother crazy, and she was screaming.” Cum, Cum in me my darling son.”

“I am mom,” I yelled back. And we both came simultaneously.

That had to be the coolest dream ever, I thought to myself as I awoke, and quickly jerked off and came. I cleaned myself up and I went into the kitchen, my mom wore just a tee shirt and a pair of panties, and was in the middle of cooking breakfast. She smiled widely at me, and said,” Morning baby.”

I slowly gave a hey and sat down at the table. Then the dream came back into my mind, and I asked myself,” Was it really a dream?” I had to know, if I was right and it wasn’t a dream, I’d still get to fuck my mother and have everything Escort I desired, if I was wrong then I would be raping my own mother, which could turn out to be a bad thing. She pulled a couple of plates out of the cupboard, and she bent over the counter and sat them down, which gave me my chance. I caught her off guard and pushed her down onto the table.

“What the hell are you doing?” She yelled at me.

I ignored her and pulled her panties down to her ankles, then I pulled my cock out of my shorts and my mom gasped. She started to struggle and try to break away, but I had all of my weight pushed down on her, then I slid my cock into her warm pussy. She still tried to fight me off, but was starting to calm down; I started to thrust fast and hard right off the bat, and quickly came in her pussy. Both of us were now panting. I pulled out and let her pull up her panties, while my cum dripped out of her pussy.

When she caught her breath and turned around, she was smiling. She hugged me and gave me a deep, French kiss. “So you did remember last night?”

“It really happened?” I asked sort of confused.

“Yes, you had a couple of glasses of wine, and I figured you wouldn’t remember the wonderful sex we had last night, which really disappointed me.” She answered still happily. “Join me for breakfast?” She asked.

I nodded and we sat down and fed each other food off of one another’s plate like two lovers then I had a little dessert, eating her out again tasting my cum for the first time. After breakfast, my mom told me to go into the living room and sit on the couch, while she went to her room. In no time at all she came back with a movie, which she popped into the VCR. Instantly, there was this mother and son fucking!

Not long into the movie I whispered into my mother’s ear “I love this movie.”

“So do I.” She replied. Then she turned to me sort of serious, and said, “So why did you come in my room, masturbate, cum, and leave without fulfilling me. That was a real disappointment.”

I was sort of shocked,” You were awake?” She simply nodded.

“Well, I really wanted you, but I didn’t know if you wanted me as a lover.”

“Yes, baby. I’ve wanted you for the past year.”

We just snuggled up close, and held each other. Soon we were making out like two horny teenagers, getting ready to have sex, except we didn’t, because that happened later that night. My mom broke the kiss and said,” Since you are growing up so fast, I think you need a new room. How does my room sound?”

I was happy and said yes immediately. Then she lowered herself to the floor, and pulled down my shorts, my cock sprang out and slapped her on the cheek. Slowly she took my cock into my mouth and gave a slow blowjob to me. Even though it took a while for me to cum, when I did it felt absolutely great. Then we held each other until that night, we were truly lovers and for life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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