My drunk Mother in law – Part two

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About a month ago, my wife and I watched a movie with her mother. We all had a bit to drink and eventually after putting my wife to bed, I went to watch a little more TV and got a chance to see my drunk mother-in-law’s pussy and feel her tits. She was completely passed out, and after leaving her in her bedroom, all I could think about for the next few weeks was getting another chance at her pussy. I wanted to get my dick inside her just a little bit, just an inch.

Susan, my mother-in-law, had been living with us it worked out fairly well while she looked for a new job. My wife Clair and I didn’t mind the company, and we did have dinner together regularly, but I just didn’t seem to be able to get us all at the TV again.

Unfortunately, I was walking around with a semi-hardon all month thinking about Susan’s big soft tits. They are a little bigger than Clair’s, and even though Susan is in her mid-fifties, she still looks great. I just kept thinking about her little pussy and imagining getting a shot at it. And then, the worst thing happened: she found a job across town and rented an apartment close to the new job.

We helped her box up the things in our house that she didn’t have in storage while I thought frantically about how to get the ladies drunk again. She was moving out on Sunday, so I made reservations at a nice restaurant and also bought a really boring chick-flick to watch when we got home.

During dinner We all had mixed drinks, and then I also ordered a bottle of wine. I took a tiny bit and made sure the ladies got most of it. When we got home, I said I wanted to go change, hoping that both Clair (or at least Susan) would change into their nightgowns. After getting into some sweatpants and a tee shirt, I went up and made drinks for us all. There was half a bottle of gin, but I used almost the whole thing on the lady’s drinks — at least four and a half ounces each, and squeezed lots of lime into them to cut the flavor.

I started the movie and Clair came up the stairs. She was wearing a little nightie and looked great. I could see her ass cheeks when she bent over and I thought wow, my wife is awesome. Then her mom came in the room in an almost identical outfit. She kind of staggered over to the couch and sat down and smiled at me.

I handed her a drink, but stood far enough that she had to reach over and bend to get it. When she did, I could see right down the top of her outfit. It just had little straps over the shoulder and I could actually see the top of her areolas. Her nipples stuck out of the thin material and my dick felt like it was on fire. I tried not to stare, but who wouldn’t.

As soon as everybody got settled, I spilled my glass of tonic (no gin) and said, oh, that was the end of the gin. I guess I’ll open a bottle of wine. My wife came in the kitchen with me and was giggling. When I reached for the bottle, she kissed my neck and put her hand between my legs and gave my dick a little squeeze.

“Wow, you must really like this outfit, honey,” she slurred.

“You bet I do, I want to make love to you so bad, but we have to spend the night with your mom, first.”

So we headed to the couch with the wine and three glasses. I really pushed Susan to finish her gin and tonic so I could get some more wine into her. She and Clair both wound up drinking two glasses, and by an hour into the movie, both were snoring. Clair was leaning against me and Susan had kind of fallen to her right and was propped up a bit with a pillow. I said, “Susan, I need a little room,” and pushed her legs up a bit and looked up her nightgown. To my surprise she didn’t have any underwear on. With that skimpy little pink outfit I figured she would have to wear something.

Her pussy hair was trimmed. Not just a landing strip, like Clair, but pretty short. The hairs were still dark, but I could make out her pussy lips just a bit in the light. Clair was snoring in my ear so I knew I could get a good look. I kept talking to Susan and stared rubbing her leg.

She didn’t move but a bit, so I rubbed right up her hot thigh to her snatch. I really wanted to smell her pussy though, so I propped Clair up against the edge of the sofa and leaned back towards Susan. I looked and saw her eyes were closed and I just swooped in and sniffed her pussy. It was heaven. My mother-in-law’s pussy right at my face.

I tried to resist, but I had to get a lick in. I breathed on her lips and then put my tongue along the side of her pussy. The lips immediately rolled out and opened like a flower. The lips wer purplish and big. I could hear a lot of snoring, so I went ahead and took a real lick, from just above her ass to her clit. She moved a bit and moaned and then there was a snort that scared the crap out of me.

I leaned up and Clair was saying, “What happened in the movie, honey?”

I sat up quickly and pulled Susan’s gown down at the same time. I told her the movie was crap and I was ready for bed. She sounded really out of it, totally drunk, but she could talk a bit.

I stood up and took her hand and she noticed my cock was making a tent in my sweat pants. Clair looked up with a goofy grin and put her hand on my dick. Then she leaned forward and actually put her mouth on it, thorough my pants. I reached down and grabbed her nice firm tits and tweaked her tiny nipples. She laughed a bit and then looked over and saw her mother sleeping next to us.

“Oh, geez, I forgot about mom. We need to put her to bed.” Clair staggered up from the sofa and told me to pick her up and carry her to her room while she went and pulled her covers down.

I picked Susan up and my dick was still sticking out and stabbing her on the hip — a very funny sensation.

When I got to the bedroom the covers were down and Clair was waiting for us. I laid her down on her back carefully and stood up.

“Oh my God, her boob popped out,” Clair laughed. She was so toasted it was funny. I smiled and said yes, it sure did, stop staring. “That’s my mom you know. I’ve seen her boobs plenty of times. She does have some huge nipples though. When I was a k** I wanted to touch them because they were so long, but she never let me.

“Well, I don’t think she will stop you now, she’s drunk.”

“That’s so wrong,” Clair laughed, but then she reached down and just grabbed her tit. She squeezed it a bit and pulled on the nipple, which grew even larger. “I can’t believe how long those are,” Clair slurred, look at that.

“Your right, what did it feel like?”

“Yea, like you don’t know what a nipple feels like,” she said.

“Well, not one that long,” I lied.

Clair looked at me for a few seconds and then at her mom. “Go ahead, you know you want to,” she finally said.

I leaned down and instead of grabbing the nipple, I just kept moving forward and put my mouth on it. It was so long, just amazing. When I started sucking it, Susan moaned and squirmed. Clair smacked me on the back and told me to knock it off.

“Jeez, I just did what you told me.”

“I didn’t tell you to suck on it, you can suck on my nipples, not her’s.”

“Alright, I said, and turned around and grabbed Clair’s tits and then sucked her nipple through her nightgown.

Instead of being mad, she just moaned and reached down to my cock. But when she got there and it was rock-hard, she said, “Are you excited about me, or my mom?”

“Honey, it’s just so exciting being with you, and it’s so weird doing it in front of your mother, even if she is dead asleep.”

Clair seemed all right with that and I got down on my knees and put my head between her legs and started in on her sweet pussy. It was already wet and I sucked on her pussy lips and pushed my tongue into her snatch.

“God that feels great, honey. You’re right, doing it in front of my mother is so naughty.”

I looked up at Clair and her eyes were glued on her mother. When I looked back at Susan, I noticed her nightgown was up high on her thighs and I could see her pussy again.

“Clair, you are amazing, and I love your nearly hairless pussy. Look, it’s much nicer than your mother’s.”

I could see Clair’s eyes move down her mother’s body to her pussy and then she said, “wow, now that’s something you don’t see everyday.”

“Well I don’t, it’s kind of freaky. I bet it’s nothing like your sweet pussy.”

“That’s right,” said Clair, “but look at her lips, they are huge, like her nipples.”

I looked back and agreed with Clair, who was leaning in over my shoulder for a closer look.

“Your right, Clair,” I said, and then just reached back and moved my hand over Susan’s pussy and pushed at her lips. They again opened more and I could see the wetness.

“Hey, leave my mom’s pussy alone.”

“I just wondered what it was like, it’s old and not beautiful like you pussy, Clair.”

“I guess. Do women all taste the same?”

“Well, I can’t imagine what Susan tastes like,” I lied. “Let me see.”

Clair hit me again, but I said, “Awe come on, one time, she’s asleep. I won’t tell her that you grabbed her tits.”


“I’m just k**ding, just let me give her a quick lick,” I said, and without waiting for an answer I pulled Clair onto the bed and when I did, I moved my head towards Susan’s pussy and got a lick.

Clair was staring at me, but I just pushed her legs apart and stared licking at Clair’s pussy. She put her hands on my head while I licked around her snatch and tasted the sweet come juice. She started bucking when I put a finger in her and had a nice orgasm.

“There, that’s much nicer tasting than Susan,” I lied.

Clair just moaned and then I said, “Susan’s more tangy, not so sweet,”

Clair looked up and I moved my head back to Susan’s pussy and just started eating away. This time Clair didn’t stop me. She sat up while I sucked my mother-in-law’s big purple lips away from her pussy and put her hand on by back. Her other hand went down to her own pussy and started moving about while I went to town on Susan. I moved up onto my knees and then worked a finger into Susan’s snatch. It was so tight I couldn’t believe it.

Clair was moaning and humping away on her hand and I moved my finger along Susan’s “G” spot and she too started bucking on the bed. Susan put her hand on the back of my head, but very clumsily. She was totally out of it, but heading toward an orgasm.

Just as she came, Clair groaned loudly and collapsed on the bed. I looked at her and she wasn’t moving at all now. I just sat up on my knees and caught my breath. She was out.

I looked down at Susan, and she had a satisfied look on her face, but she was almost snoring. I couldn’t believe it. I pulled my sweat pants down and leaned right into Susan and moved my dick towards her pussy.

Her tits were now close to my face and I pulled the other out of her gown and put the long dark nipple in my mouth. Just as I started sucking it my dick found the entrance to her pussy and slid in part way. It was slick and hot, but still very tight. Tighter than Clair’s pussy.

I sucked hard on my mother-in-law’s nipple and pushed my way hard into her pussy. I could feel myself getting close to coming, so I slowed down, then looked back at Clair. She was sleeping soundly.

I reached down and rubbed my hand around Susan’s pussy and got it wet, then moved it over to Clair’s mouth and rubbed her lips. She opened her mouth instinctively and sucked on my finger. Then I rolled over a bit and put my other hand on Clair’s pussy and got it all nice and soaked with sweet pussy juice and then moved it up to Susan’s mouth.

She didn’t start sucking, but I still wiped the pussy juice on her lips and put a finger in her mouth and pushed her tongue around.

I looked back at Clair and although she was asleep, her hand had moved back over her pussy and was lightly rubbing and her sucking on my finger was too much.

I looked at my mother-in-law and her long brown nipples and then felt my dick tighten. My balls were tight too and then they were clutching, stinging and I exploded deep into Susan’s pussy. She started bucking underneath me and almost bit the tip of my finger off. She had a strong orgasm, but I swear she never woke up.

I lay there a few minutes and then pulled out of my mother-in-law’s pussy after balling my sweatpants up to catch my jizz.

I rolled over and saw Clair lying there peacefully, but my dick got hard again almost immediately. I pushed Clair over towards her mother and then mounted her will. I looked at Susan. I was hard and ready to come again in just a few minutes. I got one of Susan’s nipples in my mouth while fucking her daughter and then almost immediately exploded inside her Clair’s hot pussy. This time Clair didn’t even move. She was totally blotto.

After a few minutes I cleaned Clair up and then carried her down to our bedroom. I went back up and covered up Susan and tried to make sure she was somewhat clean. The following morning I slept in and felt so good I couldn’t believe it. Clair never said a word about the night before except she said she had some wild dreams. Susan gave me some strange looks, but who knows, maybe she just thought she had wild dreams too.My drunk Mother in law - Part two

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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