My ED Became Her Awakening Pt. 06

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So there I was thinking and worrying about how Helen was having video sex with Shaun and imagining her enjoying him and Bob.

The big question was, “Where do I come in the equation. Will she want all three of us, or will I be asked to take a walk again?”

My mind was all over the place with a million “What if’s.”

Some days I was constantly worrying, other days I was totally aroused and masterbating every chance I got.

Well, if I thought my wishes for Helen and hotwifing would go exactly as imagined, I couldn’t have been more wrong. My fantasies about her enjoying her stud with me fully involved in a hot and steamy threesome seem to have all but evaporated. Helen has become emboldened to a point where not only has she already embraced her place in the lifestyle, she has taken the lead in deciding who she will invite into her bed. I no longer have any influence, so I must just go along for the ride and see where it takes us.

“You do know that I love you more than anything in this world, don’t you?” she said.

This comment seemed to have come out of nowhere. We were just enjoying a coffee in our favourite cafe after a bracing walk along the waterfront. “Of course I do,” I replied. At the same time very apprehensive about what might be coming next.

She continued. “Its just that you’ve been a bit distant of late. Is there anything wrong?”

I thought about challenging her about the secret video sex, but as usual I chickened out. “No, Im ok, really,” I lied. We sat in silence for a short while and then she looked around with a cheekily sexy glint in her eyes to check if anyone nearby would hear, then asked in a lowered voice, “How would you feel about me having a threesome? You know, me enjoying two guys.”

Of course I knew this was coming, it was hard to ignore that possibility given her secret video sex with Shaun late at night. almanbahis She had obviously been taken with those two younger men on holiday.

“Would I be involved in any way?” hoping she’d at least let me watch.

“Or will it be the long walk for me again,” I said gloomily.

“Oh, don’t be like that,” she replied sympathetically. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I thought you liked the waiting and wondering. I thought it excited you!”

“I am not saying I don’t find that exciting, i would just rather it wasn’t sprung on me like I wasn’t important to you.”

With a concerned look she replied, “Nothing could be more wrong than you thinking that. You mean the world to me, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I was trying to intensify your pleasure.”

I then felt rather foolish, but at the same time the secret video sex was still bothering me.

“I know you are having secret video sex with Shaun,” I blurted.

She smiled naughtily and said, “I knew you were watching me. I love how you hide there transfixed, masterbating at the same time as me. Shaun has been very accommodating in helping me give you that thrill. You are always so attentive to me after I do that.” And with a naughty giggle whilst rubbing my groin with her foot under the table, she said excitedly, “It is so addictive, I love how we are so naughty!”

She then got up from our table and walked to the toilet leaving me sat in a stunned silence. If i was confused before, I was definitely confused now!

Helen returned from her toilet visit and continued drinking her coffee whilst looking evey bit the beautiful sexy hotwife she had become.

I don’t know if it was my imagination, but her mood had attracted lascivious looks from some guys in the cafe. Some were seen to get annoyed nudges from their partners. It was almost as if Helen gave off the scent of sex!

Later almanbahis giriş at home Helen was about to hang out some washing when she dragged her beautiful pink nails across my groin and said, “You got me really horny today you bad man, go take a blue pill, I need you to ready.”

How many more shocks and surprises will this day bring? Although I didn’t dwell on that thought, I instead headed directly for the medicine cabinet looking for those pills, praying it gives me a porn star erection this time.

“Who am I kidding, any erection would do me right now, those pills don’t always work for me. “One can only pray and hope.”

My nearly jaw hit the floor when I saw what Helen was wearing. She stood there in a short black satin corset, hold up stockings and nothing else.

Her milky white exposed breasts looked amazing when accentuated by that black corset and those stockings were amazing! She had never got dressed for sex with me before. My beautiful wife had begun to transform and blossom into a hotwife before my very eyes. “Fuck, you are g-gorgeous!” I stuttered.

She walked up to me, draped her arms around my neck and gave me the hottest, sloppiest kiss ever. When our kiss eventually broke, she pushed me backwards and I fell obediently onto our bed.

She hungrily undid my belt, unzipped my fly and eagerly dragged my trousers off. She casually tossed them aside and with renewed hunger dragged my pants off and disposed of them in the same casual manner.

I lay there, erection exposed like her now erect nipples now were, waiting for whatever comes next. Helen knelt alongside the bed, pulled her hair back into a scrunchie, then grabbed hard at my cock. Her head bowed toward it, kissed it, then looked up at me. Not taking her eyes from me, she licked her middle finger, then slowly drove it into my asshole. I tried to wiggle almanbahis giriş free, but she gripped my cock harder to prevent me from moving. I had never in my whole life experienced anything like this, it was quite uncomfortable actually. She then looked down at my cock, spat on it, then began to suck my cock whilst fucking my ass with her finger.

I loved her urgent sucking, but hated that finger in me and begged her to remove it.

She did so immediately, but remained silent. She had actually said nothing ever since she had entered our room. She sucked on my cock for a little while longer, then without preamble mounted my cock and rode me eagerly as if it would be our very last time. Helen came so hard and loud I couldn’t help myself, I came too. Helen smiled down at me and collapsed into my arms.

Both of us were breathing heavily and sweating as if we’d run for miles. As I lay panting heavily with her laid on top of me, my cock began to shrink and I could feel my cum and her juices dribbling onto my groin.

“Fuck that was intense,” she whispered into my ear. “I can’t believe how hard you were!”

“You are So Hot! “Why have we waited so long to get you into this lifestyle? I replied. I adore your new slutty side.”

Helen looked deeply into my eyes and in a sexy husky voice, “So you don’t want me to stop seeing other men?”

“No way!” was my instant reply.

“Should I wear this outfit to my threesome?” “Absolutely, you will have them eating out of your hands.” She giggled and said, “Im hoping they will be eating out of something else.”

You didn’t like me using my finger in your ass, did you?” “Not really, does that disappoint you?” “No, but remember how that felt when you are urging those guys to stick their cocks in My ass.

“You want me there?” She looked lovingly at me and said, i’d love to give you a show and maybe you can reclaim me if im not too sore, especially if you fuck me like you just did.”

I just lay there thinking about how she had just rode me magnificently and how in reality I contributed very little other than to keep my erection long enough for her to get off.

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