My Exception is You Ch. 12

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***All characters in this story are 18+ years old***

Hello! So sorry for the delay, school has been crazy. And I also wanted to wrap my head around where this story was going for me. I feel like I could easily end it, but there seems to be so much more under the surface that I’m intrigued to dive into.

So let this be a lovely little interlude, and a fun Clay this is the beginning of their relationship now that Clay and Bruno are both fully out of their closets. Let’s see how their world changes.

Hope you enjoy!


“So Katie is really coming to visit?” Bruno looked at me as we walked to the locker rooms after practice on Tuesday. I nodded, recounting the phone call Sunday night. Bruno went back to his dorm to sleep so I called Katie. She and I were on the phone for almost three hours talking about everything.

I told her about how long I’ve been dating men, how I would sneak around and keep it a secret, and how everything happened with Bruno. She was officially his biggest fan and I didn’t know if that made me happy or frustrated. In fact she gave me an earful, albeit a sympathetic one, with how shitty I treated him.

“-n for tonight?” Bruno’s voice pulled me out of my thoughts and glanced at him as I held my shirt by my chest. He was staring at me in just his briefs, his arms crossed as his eyes narrowed. “Were you even listening to me?” he sighed and I laughed nervously pursing my lips as I shook my head slowly.

“Sorry I was thinking about Katie,” I admitted and he nodded once.

“Are we still on for tonight?” he asked again and I smiled, biting my lip as I untied my shorts.

“Hell yeah,” I felt excited as Bruno rolled his eyes, turning away from me as he pushed his briefs down. I looked away, stepping out of my clothes and grabbing my shower shit. Bruno stood across the shower room from me, both of us choosing to have our backs to each other. And after this weekend I was thankful for this distance.

“Bruno man, your ass is shaped like a fucking peach I can’t stand it!” Devon laughed and I flinched, glancing over my shoulder to see Bruno turned toward Devon, and now also me, with his hands on his ass. Devon was laughing as Bruno glared at him, but my eyes couldn’t get off his body. His nipples looking a bit puckered, his dick looking super cute. I didn’t know what it was, but I loved his fucking cock. Maybe it was my addiction to sucking dick, or just how fucking sexy and crazy Bruno gets when I devour him, but even staring at his flaccid dick was killing me.

My body was heating up as I cleared my throat and turned back to my shower, just trying to think of anything to kill my excitement. It was even worse knowing that he promised me a fun date night tonight. I had no idea what he had in mind but I was excited. The last time we had a date it ended with amazing sex, and that was when I was still being a dirtbag.

How would Bruno plan a date night for us now that he had all of me, no reservations, no reason to hold back? My imagination ran away with me as I left the showers. I was pulling my briefs up when Bruno showed up with his towel around him. His hair was heavy with water, droplets rolling down his back and I had to restrain myself from the urge to lick and kiss the water off his body.

“Clay!” coach barked and I flinched, my hands clamping down on my jeans as I held them up. I glanced at Bruno who looked confused as he stood next to me in his briefs, rubbing his towel through his hair. I fastened my pants, grabbing my shirt and walking over to the office.

“Yeah coach?” I pulled my shirt over my head, pushing my damp hair back as I studied him.

“Shut the door and sit down,” he breathed, his face stern. I turned and gently shut the door. The latch was deafening as I took a deep breath and sat down. “You’re under investigation,” he breathed and I felt my heart drop as I perked up.

“For what?!” I demanded.

“Apparently an anonymous tip was given that you were provided a pre-signing bonus to start training after graduation,” he explained. I was floored. Who would do that?

“Well that’s not true, so it doesn’t matter since nothing’ll come up!” I insisted and he sighed, crossing his arms as he leaned back in his chair. The look on his face told me he didn’t buy it. “Coach, honest, I’ve been getting calls and visits from scouts since sophomore year. I’m not an idiot, I’ve turned them all down because I want to finish college!” I insisted and he scratched his beard, the sound grating as it filled the room. My anxiety was in overdrive as he sighed heavily and scooted forward.

“I’m thinking this is a play by someone or some people who have issues with you,” he continued and I scoffed, rolling my eyes.

“Yeah well, they can get in line!” I grumbled and he offered a gruff laugh, sighing heavily as he leaned onto his desk.

“Do you understand what your little stunt at the end of the game caused?” he pressed and I hesitated, confused. “Or do you only Pendik Escort pay attention to what goes on in your little bubble?” he grumbled, my face wrinkling as he glared at me.

“What are you talking about?” I pressed.

“The school is losing alumni sponsors because of the little queer boy flaunting himself while in his school jersey!” he barked and I shuddered, uneasy with how vicious he was being all of a sudden. “The golden boy drawing in so much national and media attention as the next up and comer because he’s a flaming homo. Do you know how this affects the school, how this forces their hand because of Title IX?” he pressed, not letting up at all.

“I have seen guys and girls kiss their boyfriends or girlfriends after winning a game!” I defended myself then and he scoffed, shaking his head.

“Normal students don’t come with a political agenda and unrest!” he snapped back and I scoffed, slumping in the chair as I crossed my arms and glared at his desk. Insinuating I wasn’t normal was nearly my undoing, but I tried to stay calm. I didn’t need coach to have another reason to threaten my spot on the team, or my scholarships.

“Did I do anything wrong?” I challenged, glaring at him then. He looked pissed.

“Of course you did!” he snapped and I smiled, feeling that unsettling rage fester as I studied this stupid piece of shit. I used to like my coach, hell we used to have a great relationship. He was someone I admired. But now? I wanted nothing more than to bash his ugly face in.

“I kissed someone,” I muttered, shaking my head as I stood up slowly then. I put my hands on the desk, leaning toward him. “And if my kissing someone is so monumental that the school can’t control its alumni sponsorships, and the nation goes ballistic over it, that sounds like everyone else’s problem. Not mine. To me it was just a happy kiss between me and my boyfriend. Nothing more, nothing less,” I turned to the door.

“I’m benching you next game,” he breathed and I froze, glaring at him.

“You can’t do that,” I snipped and he stood up, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“You need to learn something real quick Clay. The world doesn’t revolve around you, and things don’t always go the way you want them to. You and your little butt loving buddies got Bruno to play again. But you’re benched next game. And if that makes the team want to forfeit, so be it. I have to watch out for my neck and I’m getting pressures from the powers that be to-“

“If I’m benched I’m going to make a scene,” I breathed callously, staring him down.

“Do you have any id-“

“If I am benched, and the school is making you do it, then I will claim unfair treatment due to my sexuality. I will report you and there will be an investigation opened. And even if I don’t win, just imagine the public outrage! I think the school should spend more energy trying to leverage my budding sexuality to market for new funding. Not punish me for being born this way,” I shook my head pulling his door open. “I’m playing next game, or there’ll be more hell to pay. You can count on that,” I slammed it shut, everyone quieting down and staring at me.

“Clay what’s wrong?” Bruno demanded, pulling his bag onto his shoulder.

“Coach wants to bench me for being a queer,” I breathed loudly, Bruno looking pissed as people on the team murmured. “Apparently some of the school board is upset with my sexuality, and our little kiss,” I slid my hands into my pockets, studying Bruno for some sign of remorse. He just looked livid. I was glad about that.

“That’s fucking bull shit!” I heard Devon’s voice as he rounded the lockers half dressed, clenching his shirt in his fist. The door opened behind me and I turned, about to say something when Devon pushed past me. “What the fuck kind of coach are you?!” Devon raised his voice, looking pissed as he got in coach’s face.

“Devon, chill out!” some guys hurried over to pull him back, coach looking shocked and irked.

“You better not get in my face again, or else,” he snipped and I scoffed.

“Homophobia. Threatening your players. Is there anything you won’t do to protect your own fucking ass?” I demanded, both of us staring each other down. “You are our coach, our team voice first. We win the school gets money, the school gets sponsors. We perform well, the school gets recognition and interest. Keeping us happy and standing up for us is what gets you the most money, the best reputation,” I shook my head slowly, turning away to grab my bag. I pulled it up onto my shoulder, the locker room eerily quiet as coach glared at me.

“Don’t act like you have any idea how this shit works!” he snapped and I smirked.

“It’s not about playing the game coach. It’s about being a decent fucking human being and getting karmically rewarded for it. And I’m speaking from experience,” I glanced at Bruno who was smiling at me with such a warm admiration it nearly took my breath away. “Man, what a scandal this would turn into if you were being recorded, huh?” Tuzla Escort I muttered then, shooting coach a warning glance.

“Are you threatening me now?” he was having a hard time controlling himself.

“This is my verbal declaration that I will not agree to a private meeting with you unless it’s going to be recorded. I will also be recording all conversations I have with the rest of the coaching staff. You want to play hard ball?” I demanded, stepping up to him. His eyes widened with rage as I closed the distance between us. I stopped with barely any space between us. I ignored the hand grabbing my one arm, jamming my finger into coach’s chest. “We’ll play fucking hardball. Fuck with me coach, I dare you,” I brushed past him, shaking my head as I kicked the door open.

A group of girls gasped and shrieked at the force, my mind racing with hatred and vicious rage as I stormed away. It wasn’t until someone grabbed my arm forcefully, yanking me back that I stopped. Bruno was huffing, staring at me in awe and confusion. I sighed and pulled him close to me, burying my face into his damp hair. He always helped comfort me.

“Clay, we’re in the middle of the courtyard,” he whispered and I chuckled, kissing his forehead.

“Please just shut up and let me hold you. I need this,” I squeezed him pointedly and he sighed. After another moment I pulled away, taking a breath to steady myself.

“What the fuck has gotten into you Clay?” he demanded then, crossing his arms as he glared at me then. “Are you insane? I’ve never seen you so unhinged before. But this weekend, and today?” he pressed and I sighed, smirking as I shoved my hands into my pockets.

“Bruno, you do realize that the 22 years of pent up rage, the frustration, all of it is bubbling up to the surface now right? All of the conditioning my parents forced on me about how to act, it’s the exact opposite of who I am. Why do you think I have such bad anxiety?” I muttered then, blushing as I cleared my throat. He looked confused and I sighed, glancing around. “Let’s get going so we can actually talk,” I grumbled, taking his hand. He went willingly, holding my hand as I hurried him to my house. Thankfully Mel wasn’t there tonight; she offered to spend the night with one of her friends on her project to give us the house to ourselves.

“So what haven’t you told me about your damn parents?” Bruno grumbled as we carried our bags to my room. I sighed, tossing my bag in as he stood facing me. His eyes were boring into mine, nothing but interest and worry pouring out of them.

“Can we wait to talk about serious stuff until after you tell me what our date is going to be?” I reached up, pinching his chin as I sighed. My thumb slid across his bottom lip as he dropped his bag. He kicked it into my room and leaned back on the door frame, crossing his arms as he studied me.

“Stop trying to get out of these conversations Clay. I want to know everything there is to know about you,” he insisted and I sighed, reaching out to grab his waist. I leaned toward him, my body nearly against his. If it weren’t for his hands pushing against my stomach I’d have him pinned between me and that damn wall.

“It’s not that I don’t want to tell you. I would just rather enjoy our damn date,” I countered, my forehead against his as we studied each other. I smirked, my neck feeling tingly as my nose slid against his. I watched his eyes close as his head tilted slightly. Our lips brushed, both of us sighing as his fingers curled to clutch my shirt.

“We have all night and I think you’re going to love my date idea. So much so that you won’t even be upset I made you tell me,” he whispered, his eyes flashing open as I was about to kiss him. He smiled, sucking my bottom lip into his mouth then. He nibbled on it gently, both of us moaning as I pushed his hands off my stomach. Our lips parted, his tongue finding mine first as I pulled him into my arms. We kissed as I slid my hands up under his shirt. He was always so warm and soft, it was hypnotizing. “Come on,” he gasped, pulling away as he grabbed my arms and pushed me back.

“Fine, but tell me your date plan first!” I insisted, grabbing his hand before he could pull away. He glanced at me with a smirk.

“Mel gave me a good recipe so I’m going to cook for you. And then,” he sighed and smirked, seeming a bit embarrassed as his face wrinkled cutely. “You can pick one thing you’ve always dreamed of having, like with your first real boyfriend. Whatever it is you ask, I’ll do it,” he muttered and my chest felt tight as my eyebrows pulled together.

“What, like, a sex kink or some shit?” I laughed, a bit baffled and his ears went red as he sighed and turned away. I bit my lip, pulling him close. His eyes were wide as he looked at me, my arms around his waist as I looked down at my body against his. I leaned into him, my lips closing around his. He hummed cutely, his hands on my chest as I worked my tongue into his mouth. My hands found their way to his ass, both of us losing Anadolu Yakası Escort our breath as we parted for a second.

“Dinner first, right?” he whispered and I nodded once, his hands running down my stomach as my hands reached up and grabbed his hair. I crushed my mouth against his as he pushed me back against the doorframe, his teeth and tongue brushing and sliding against my lips as we kissed desperately. I felt him tug on my pants and then I heard the zipper, feeling them slide down my hips an inch. My cock was already raging with excitement.

His one hand slid up the front of my shirt, pressing against my stomach as the other shoved down into my briefs. We both groaned as he pulled my cock up, the cool air making me burn hotter as he stroked my shaft. After a minute of this erotic torture he pulled away, pushing me hard against the doorframe. I grunted, leaning back as my hips lurched forward. He grabbed my shirt and pushed it up, exposing my stomach and chest.

“Hold it,” he breathed, my hand obeying as I grabbed the left side, holding it up as I panted. My ears and cheeks were hot as he ran his eyes down my body. I didn’t think it could get sexier when his hand slid all the way down my shaft, his eyes locked onto my dick. A shudder ran through me as he licked his lip, biting it as he dropped to his knees. Without any pretenses he started sucking my dick. My right hand slid into his hair, my hips lunging at his face as my shoulders arched across the doorframe.

“Ohh fuuuhck, mmm, Bruno,” I groaned, panting as delicious thrills coursed through me. He was slurping and moaning around my dick, his hand working my shaft with his mouth. My head fell back as I groaned, clenching my teeth as my balls churned, my dick aching with need. His other hand held my hip tightly, our bodies working together. Soon enough both his hands were on my hips, my briefs and jeans barely hanging on my hips. I put my shirt in my mouth, clenching my teeth as both my hands grabbed his head.

He let me fuck his throat, my mind fuzzy as I could hear him gagging and groaning around my shaft. His tongue, his lips, and how hot his mouth was… it was all insane. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, loving how red his ears were and how his mouth stretched around my shaft. Our eyes met, and I hesitated as it looked like he was almost smiling. I grunted, thrusting into his throat and he whimpered, his eyes rolling back. That was it for me. I started forcing myself into his throat, his fingers clawing at me as he moaned and drooled on my cock.

“Gonna fill that fucking throat!” I growled, my shirt falling out of my mouth as I lost all my senses. He moaned, bobbing his head and my whole body trembled as it hit me. This sexy fucking man wanted my cock, my cum, as bad as I wanted to give it to him. I could feel his hands coaxing me to continue, my mind muddy with lust for him. Then I felt his head shift, his tongue and lips hitting all of the right spots. And what felt like a slow burn turned into a tidal wave as I panted and groaned.

My balls twitched and tensed, my back stiffening as I lunged into his throat. The release was mind-numbing as I exploded into his throat. I gasped and shook with the throes of my climax, unable to handle it as his tongue and throat milked my cock greedily. When it finally stopped I pushed him away, feeling a light sweat forming on my back as I looked down.

“What happened to waiting until after dinner?” I demanded weakly, gripping his hair as he started kissing and teasing my shaft. It felt overwhelming but wonderful.

“I guess I was too hungry to wait,” he murmured, my dick twitching against his face. He smiled, actually nibbling on my shaft as he glanced up at me. I winced, not entirely hating the sensation though, before pushing him away.

“My turn, and then dinner,” I held my hand out and he took it. I pulled him into a kiss, not caring that my cock was hanging out as I wrapped my arms around him. I couldn’t keep my hands off his body, captivated by how firm and smooth he felt all over. As soon as he started trying to grind his body against mine, his breathing labored, I pulled away and dropped down to my knees. I grabbed his shorts and briefs, pulling them down in one swift motion. He gasped, not putting up a fight as I pulled on of his legs up off the ground.

His hand held my shoulder, the other gripping my hair as I started devouring his balls. He was leaning back against the doorframe, moaning and whimpering as my lips and tongue massaged his heavy sack. It was heavenly. My back tingled and cock stirred as I took in the sight and smell of him. I watched as he rolled his head back, biting his lip as he panted and groaned, just taking everything I was giving to him. As I worked my mouth toward his ass I closed my eyes, loving this musky smell as my nose brushed up against his balls and taint.

The feeling of his tight ass quivering against my tongue was unreal. I gripped his ass tightly, my other hand teasing his shaft as I licked and sucked at his puckered hole. My tongue prodded at it, finding give as he’d moan and gasp for air. He was too fucking hot. It took a lot of will power to pull away from his ass, but his cock was so hot and stiff I wanted to feel it in my mouth. I wrapped my arm around his hips, pulling him toward me as I swallowed his cock whole.

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