My Exception is You Ch. 26

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Hello, school has started up again for me so my time management is really being tested. But I finally finished this chapter and am excited to post it. Hope you all enjoy!


I got the mail, my hands trembling as I noticed a very precarious letter. I had gone to the Revolutions’ gym to practice since my combine team invitation was from them directly. It was the most nerve wracking but exhilarating time. And now I had a letter addressed from Josh, their scouter, and my heart was racing.

“You ok?” Kevin’s voice shocked me and I flinched, setting the letter down on the island as I took a deep breath and crossed my arms.

“I don’t fucking know man,” I admitted and he glanced at the letter and smirked.

“If it’s good news, you have a career after school. If it’s bad news?” he offered and I hesitated, glancing up to see Mel walking in as she rubbed her eyes. Her arms wrapped around his waist and he smiled, kissing the top of her head. She looked so tiny next to him it was absurd.

“I hope you make the damn team already,” Mel giggled and I smirked, feeling a weird sense of dread. I knew I had a lot of anxiety around this, especially because of Bruno. But there was a part of me that worried about being the gay soccer player.

“A part of me hopes it doesn’t pan out,” I grumbled and they both looked confused. “Everyone knows I’m gay. What if I have to become some advocate or whatever? And what if everyone focuses on that and not-“

“Who cares?” Kevin asked, looking confused still and I pressed my lips together. “You can choose not to answer questions about your sexuality. You don’t have to do anything except just play soccer,” he chuckled and I pursed my lips, glancing at the letter again. Mel walked over, nudging me out of the way as she opened the fridge. I leaned into my hands, my elbows digging into the counter as I rubbed my forehead.

“I think you’re worrying too much about it,” Mel pinched my hip and I sighed, closing my eyes.

“And what if I’m terrible?” I muttered quietly. Kevin laughed so loud it hurt my ears.

“Clay. In what world are you bad at soccer? The day you came back you were beaming because you ran circles around some of their older players already on the team,” he breathed and I scowled, hating that he was right. “It sounds like you’re trying to find a million reasons to just say no,” he grabbed the letter as he sat down, studying it curiously before glancing at me. “And I think that’s just fucking dumb,” he hit my head with it and I scoffed, snatching it from him.

“Training may overlap with some of my classes,” I grumbled and Kevin sighed.

“Your scout knows you’re finishing school. So does the coach. I can’t imagine they’d be irritated with your schedule. And if you notify your professors I’m sure you could arrange some leeway in your attendance as long as you complete your work. It’s not impossible to figure out Clay,” he continued and I hesitated, crossing my arms as I stood upright to glare at him.

“Well don’t you have all the damn answers?” I snipped, hating the smug smirk on his face as he shrugged and glanced at Mel. She was in leggings and one of his shirts, her hair up as she started cooking.

“I’m really damn happy to be back,” he sighed then and I smirked, Mel giggling as she glanced back at him.

“You and me both,” she blew him a kiss and he actually pretended to catch it.

“Nasty,” I sighed, shaking my head. My phone vibrated and I pulled it out seeing a message from Bruno. My heart was racing.

Msg: on my way back to campus

I smiled, eager to see him. “Was that Bruno?” Kevin teased then and I glared at him. “You have the dumbest fucking look on your face when he texts you!” he laughed and I rolled my eyes.

“I’m sure it’s the same stupid grin you have when staring at the back of Mel’s head,” I jeered and he smiled, unashamed, as he nodded. “And I’m just excited because he got his cast off,” I admitted and Mel gasped excitedly.

“Wow, does he have to wear a brace or anything?” she asked and I shrugged.

“He’s on his way back to campus now,” I admitted, glancing at the letter. “I think I want to wait to open this when he’s here,” I set the letter down and took a deep breath, walking over to sit at the island with my water. Mel was humming as she cooked, Kevin just watching her. Her ring on her finger kept catching my eye and I felt a weird pang in my gut.

“Kev, when did you know you wanted to propose to Mel?” I blurted out and they both looked at me, shocked. They shared a knowing look that pissed me off but then Kevin sighed and leaned onto the counter, studying her as she continued.

“I knew she was the one almost immediately. I could just feel it,” he muttered and she giggled, shaking her head as she continued cooking. “Of course it took me so long to even ask her out. Stupidly I was worried about ruining our friendship, and the fun dynamic we had,” he gestured to all of us and I nodded slowly.

“But?” istanbul travesti I smirked and he sighed, hanging his head.

“After we started dating it was like every part of me felt better. Even if she was mad at me or yelling at me, I’d appreciate those moments more than when we were apart. Proposing before I left for my study abroad was the most nerve wracking thing. But I wanted her to know that not even distance was going to be an issue,” he muttered, smiling dumbly as he admired her.

“That’s sappy as hell,” I nudged him and he chuckled, hanging his head again as he shrugged.

“There’s just something about it. Mel you feel it too right? Like you can breathe easier, smile more when they’re around?” he asked and she glanced back at him, nodding. “Even the dumbest shit seems amazing when they’re around. Like sitting on a couch watching some TV show until she falls asleep in my arms,” he muttered, making her giggle as she grabbed two plates.

“Damn,” I laughed then, rubbing my face as I leaned onto the island. “I feel crazy,” I grumbled, his hand patting my back roughly.

“You want to marry him?” he asked and I sighed, nodding pathetically as I dropped my arms onto the counter. Mel turned to the island, sliding Kevin his plate as she studied me with a wicked grin.

“You know I absolutely adore Bruno. So you have my vote!” she teased. I rolled my eyes, but couldn’t stop my smile either. “And I see you two being super happy together!”

“I’ve only met the guy a handful of times but he seems nice. And Mel has told me about him. But I don’t think that matters. You just have to think about a lifetime without him, and if that makes you terrified I think that’s your answer,” he chuckled and I sighed, pushing up slowly as they started eating.

“I’m going to go shower. Bruno’s coming over,” I breathed easily, trudging up the stairs. I climbed into the shower and it really hit me. A few months ago I was petrified of even being outted. The fear of losing my family and everything I’ve worked so hard to keep was paralyzing. The idea of stepping out of my safe little box wasn’t one I could wrap my brain around.

Then Bruno admitted to liking me…

And now here I was, nearly family-less and completely out of the closet. And not only that I was thinking everyday about making him my damn husband. But it was days like this where I could just easily say my boyfriend was coming over without even so much as flinching at the thought where it really hit me.

The steam and heat of the water felt amazing, my brain excitedly thinking about everything Bruno could get to do now that he didn’t have a stupid lump on his damn leg. Showering wasn’t going to be a big ordeal anymore. Walking up and down the stairs. Getting around campus without aches and pains. I was going to miss all of the times he’d complain about his soreness and I’d strip him down and rub him all over. The way he’d groan and whimper happily as I’d work his muscles. The way his hips would wiggle and shift to try and get me to play with his ass. How cute he’d get begging for more after getting teased. And I always caved, giving in to him and devouring him entirely.

Nothing beat how amazing it felt to lay on top of him, his body warm and slick from the lotion, oil, or sweat as I’d work my cock into his damn ass…

My daydream had me huffing, my cock throbbing as I mindlessly stroked it. He had left campus early, taking a long weekend to see the doctor and get his ankle checked out. I was already missing him so much it was unbearable. And I knew now that his cast was off I could push us further. All of the things I was desperate for us to try but couldn’t because of his damn ankle, they all flooded my mind.

Was he comfortable enough for us to try more? I groaned at the thought of him letting me tie his wrists, maybe even blindfolding him, and obliterating him with all of my pent up need. I couldn’t stop picturing him curled up, clawing at my pillows, his eyes covered as I railed his ass. I faced the shower, my hand on the wall as I leaned my head back. My hand yanked my shaft diligently, the hot water dancing over my chest and along my stomach. The feeling of the water on my nipples was fucking incredible. It didn’t take long for me to shoot two massive ropes of cum onto the shower wall.

“God, it’s not enough,” I groaned, massaging my balls hoping to get this feeling to go away. I didn’t want to tackle him when he got here. But at this rate I was hopeless…


I was walking down the stairs, opting to wear jeans and a long sleeve to try and remind myself not to lose my damn mind. The front door opened as my foot hit the floor, my eyes darting up to see Bruno walking in with a small bag on his shoulder. He had on a nice jacket, jeans, two sneakers, and a big grin on his face. He adjusted his headband and bit his lip.

“I’m basically all better!” he called out happily, stretching his foot out a bit. I hurried over, overcome with how nice it was to see his damn face again. Our near four weeks istanbul travestileri unseparated had taken a serious toll on my ability to handle any separation. And now I can’t blame him for not wanting to fully move in with me.

“I missed you,” I whispered, pulling him into a tight hug. I glanced up to see his parents’ car. I waved out the open door and they simply honked. I knew they wanted to just drop him off and get home early. He pulled away, waving as he shut the door. I couldn’t stop staring at his leg without the cast.

“So you have me until tomorrow night,” Bruno turned, smirking as he unzipped his coat. His bag fell to the floor and I grabbed it, pulling it onto my shoulder. His jacket was hardly off his shoulders when I grabbed his waist and pulled him toward me. Our bodies pressed together, his arms around my shoulders is I slid my hands to his ass. My lips pressed against his and we both moaned happily.

Without even thinking I gripped his ass tight, rubbing my fingers along the seam that teased his crack. His lips fell away from mine, his fingers gripping my hair as he pulled away slightly.

“Clay, you’re telling me this is all you want to do?” he muttered lightly and I bit my lip, groaning as I pulled my hands away and pull him into a tight hug.

“No, I want to go for a walk and get lunch. Hear about your ankle, what the physical therapy requirements are, all of it,” I mumbled, pushing my hands up under his shirt. He sighed, pressing his face into my neck as I tickled his spine. “I just also really miss you,” I laughed lightly and he chuckled, nipping at my neck.

“You’re ridiculous. I was gone for three days,” he shook his head, pushing out of my arms. “Mel’s here right?” he asked happily and I sighed.

“Kitchen,” I gestured and he hurried off. I couldn’t stop from pouting as I brought his bag upstairs to my room. I set it down, pushing my hand through my hair as I exhaled heavily. My eyes lingered on the obvious bulge in my pants and I hesitated. Damn this fucking horniness. I adjusted myself, heading downstairs to hear laughing.

“-mazing that you’re not tied down to his bed right now. He’s been moping since you’ve left!” Kevin teased and I grit my teeth, slapping him upside the head. He laughed, rubbing it as he smiled at me. Bruno was chuckling, leaning back on the counter Mel did the dishes. I glanced at Kevin and hesitated before holding my tongue.

“Let me do that,” I walked over, nudging her away. She gasped and then smiled, handing over the sponge as I went to wash the pan.

“So your lunch date, where are you going?” she pressed and I smirked, glancing at her as she dried her hands.

“Just up a few blocks. There’s a restaurant not too far from here that we both don’t really mind,” I shrugged and Bruno sighed, rubbing my back.

“He’s refused to go anywhere else because it’s where we had our first date,” he muttered and I frowned, glancing at him. “If I had my pick there is a really nice Italian restaurant up the road just-“

“Then we can go there!” I jumped in and he laughed, leaning into me. I grumbled as he kissed my jaw, his arm wrapping around my waist. “I just know it’s close and easy. It’s not like we have to go there,” I insisted quietly and he sighed.

“Well I can use my foot now, so I’d like to,” he whispered, kissing my neck a few times. The stirring in my crotch was nearly unbearable. The way he was pressed against me, his lips on my skin, and the warmth of him was enough. But that damn smell, that familiar scent that just followed him around was also my undoing.

“Well I know I want to get my schedule situated and then I think Kevin and I were going to visit my family,” Mel started and I smiled, loving to see how happy she was that he was back.

“That sounds so nice!” Bruno gushed. He was such a family man. I set the pans on the drying rack, washing my hands and drying them before turning to him.

“You want to head out now, I haven’t eaten at all today,” I muttered and he shrugged, glancing at the counter. My eyes followed his noticing the letter I had left out. I hesitated, that pang in my gut hitting me again.

“We’re opening that,” he gestured to it and I sighed heavily, hanging my head as I shoved my hands into my pockets. “So it’s coming with us,” he continued and I nodded slowly, feeling my face wrinkle as Mel giggled and nudged me.

“Who is the top again?” she teased and we both blushed as I glanced at her. She was cackling at our reaction, her hand gripping my arm as she doubled over. “You two are too fun to tease. Go on, enjoy your date! We’ll be back tomorrow for dinner,” she insisted and I nodded, glancing at Kevin.

“See ya then,” he breathed and I smirked.

“See you guys then,” I turned, grabbing Bruno’s arm. He pulled back, snagging the letter and I sighed as we went to the door. We got our jackets on and I grabbed his hand, studying him as we started walking. I was worried he might be limping, or slower than expected but he seemed to be doing fine.

“It’s travesti istanbul not painful or anything right?” I squeezed his hand and he smiled at me, shaking his head.

“It just feels a bit funny. Since it’s been so long,” he shrugged, glancing at his leg as we stopped at a crosswalk. “But fucking amazing to not be in that damn cast anymore!” he chuckled, turning to the crosswalk. He pulled me along and I sighed, shoving my other hand in my pocket as we walked along the sidewalk.

When we got to the restaurant he walked in, unzipping his jacket with a happy sigh. “It smells so damn good,” he inhaled deeply, glancing at me. I nodded as I undid my jacket too, both of us walking up to the counter. The girl there glanced between us, her eyes meeting mine and she smiled warmly.

“Hello! How many?” she rested her hands on the menu and I smirked, grabbing Bruno’s hip and pulling him close to me.

“Just the two of us,” I mumbled as he adjusted his headband. He didn’t seem any wiser but I could see her subtle pout as she deflated a bit. We walked to the table, her eyes glancing between us as we sat across from each other.

“Chris is your server and he’ll be right over,” she whisked herself away and I smirked, glancing at Bruno. He was studying her, his eyes narrowing slightly when I cleared my throat.

“Why do you have to be so hot?” he grumbled then and I tried not to laugh, covering my mouth. “What happens if we’re not together and people go after you?” he pressed and I pursed my lips. Before I could answer Chris showed up getting our drink orders and disappearing. Thankfully he was an older and definitely straight man, otherwise this conversation would get more uncomfortable real quick.

“You really don’t think I’d cheat or anything right?” I pressed and he sighed, pulling the letter out and sliding it across the table from me.

“W-well I still wonder, you know? Am I enough for you?” he asked softly. It definitely was a rhetorical question but it tugged at my heart.

“Are you kidding me?!” I demanded, a bit harshly as I pressed my fingers down onto the crisp paper. “Bruno you’re perfect,” I insisted and he sighed, adjusting his headband before clasping his hands together in front of his mouth. He studied me with an even expression before shrugging.

“I hope you feel that way even after being publicly gay and meeting a ton of other real gay men,” he muttered. My chest felt funny as I glanced at the letter. He must think this is my acceptance to the team and is already fearing the future.

“Then we don’t have to worry about that!” I went to rip it and he gasped, snatching it from me. “Bruno I’m not going to sit here and listen to you think of all these hypothetical situations about our future. If I make the team and accept-“

“You should!” he insisted and I scoffed.

“And lose all of your trust to insecurities? No thanks!” I snipped, both of us slumping back as Chris brought drinks over. We buried ourselves in our menus, ordering our appetizer and meals before even looking at each other again. I took a deep breath and Bruno sighed.

“Look I’m sorry, I guess I’ve just been-“

“Is this you lashing out because I haven’t agreed to marrying you yet or something?” I grumbled under my breath. He frowned, crossing his arms as he gripped the letter tightly. “Because I thought we talked about that,” I insisted and he nodded slowly.

“No I know. I think I just feel insecure,” he covered his eyes them, rubbing his face and pinching his nose roughly as he bit his lip. “I get I’m being stupid but-“

“It’s not stupid. I guess I get it, just don’t know how to give you any confidence,” I conceded and he pursed his lips. He glanced at the letter and slid it across the table.

“If it’s good news, we can celebrate by uh,” he adjusted in his seat, looking around nervously. “We can do anything you want,” he muttered and my dick twitched, my heart racing as I studied his face. I was looking for some indication of what he meant.

“L-like what?” I offered and he blushed, his ears red as he shrugged. “Kinky shit?” I pressed and he slumped into the seat more, his lips pressed together tightly. “That’s not necessary,” I assured him but he looked angrier. “Not that I don’t want to,” I backpedaled and he sighed, glancing at my hands.

“Open the damn thing already,” he insisted. As I went to open it Chris brought over our appetizer and some small plates. Bruno grabbed a helping as I tore the paper open. I felt nervous, my hands trembling as I unfolded the paper. It felt so heavy and thick. When I opened it, my eyes skimming the first few lines I exhaled realizing I had held my breath. Our eyes met and I smirked, still not sure how to process it.

“So?!” he demanded, hesitating as he glanced at the paper.

“I can join the team,” I turned it to him and he snatched it, his eyes frantically rolling over the lines. The smile on his face made me feel so hot it was insane.

“Fuck Clay that’s amazing! I’m so proud of you!” he pushed up, his hand slapping into the table. The paper made it sound louder as he reached out and grabbed my chin. “I knew you could do it,” he muttered, his eyes drooping slightly as he smirked. “And so now?” he gave me a light, teasing kiss my hands gripping the edge of the table as my heart raced.

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