My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter of “My Fantasy Weekend”. You might find it beneficial to read chapter 1 because all these chapters will lead into the next.

Unfortunately, the first time I tried to post this chapter it was rejected as being garbled. So, that means chapter 3 and maybe chapter 4 would be posted after this chapter, which is too bad because this chapter helps set the tone for every chapter until the end.

Still, I hope you enjoy it. Please vote and please make comments. I answer all emails.

My experience with Julie and the strap-on dildo, was humbling, yet exciting, fulfilling and door opening. Years ago, if you told me I would have bent over to willingly take something up my ass like that, you would have risked a black eye. However, things change. As Julie and I experimented with our bodies, I accepted the fact that I enjoyed some anal play. Since Julie did, too, I just accepted it as part of our routine sex play. The strap-on was a logical step I think I subconsciously always knew we would take.

But the strap-on wasn’t the only trick Julie had up her sleeve as she began to do more and more to prepare me for my fantasy weekend.

Another sign of her scheming which I totally missed was her gradual acceptance and introduction of panties into our regular sex play. Not only did I see her in her lingerie much more often, but, she starting wearing her panties to bed and asking me to go down on her while she was wearing them. Sometimes, she would ask me to make love to her while she was wearing them, slipping them to the side so I could enter her. Oh, how I loved all of it. Before long, she started bringing a second pair to bed with her – one that was moist – or a nice pair from the day before – and was holding them to my nose while she rode on top of me, or using them to jack me off and telling me how much it turned her on to share her panties with me. I was a basket case when she did these things. I raced home every day after work just so I could watch her change out of her work clothes, giving me a good show each day. Most of the time she would stand in front of me and let me put my face in her crotch to smell her, and then torment me by telling me I couldn’t do more until later. When she finally broached the subject of wearing panties, she asked me if I wanted to try a pair on. OH YEAH! It was as if one of my long time prayers had been finally answered. Since I had secretly done this before without her knowledge, her offer vindicated and validated my hidden desires.

She never once showed any concern as I began to wear her panties. At first, I only put them on occasionally. Then, it grew to where I was wearing them before and after our sex play, and finally it turned into a normal routine with me wearing them virtually all the time. I never once felt that my manhood was in jeopardy and it became a completely comfortable thing for me to slip her silkies up over my hips each day. She would even help me decide which ones to wear, or sometimes pick them out for me, making sure I modeled them for her so she could ‘check the fit’. I loved it when she ran her hands over my ass when I wore them, or when she cradled my nylon encased cock and balls in her hands.

After several weeks, she surprised me by tugging me into the lingerie section of Penny’s department store while we were at the mall one Saturday evening. “Greg, let’s get some panties for you,” she said. “You need your own, and besides, you’re stretching mine out.” I was hard as a rock before she could finish her sentence.

While we shopped, she shooed away the sales girl that kept hovering around and we wandered the lingerie department looking for just the right panties. As we browsed, Julie showed me and described all the different styles and fabrics. “Do you see anything you like?” she asked.

“Well,” I said, “First of all, no thongs. And I like the silky feel – like the rayon or nylon. The cotton doesn’t feel like that, so, no cotton.”

“Okay, that’s a start.” She said.

“And, they need to be big enough to fit my dick inside and hold my balls in without them falling out. But, no granny panties.” I added. She smiled.

We came across some hipsters that looked to be just the right size and style. The new fabrics they have these days are truly wonderful and these were perfect. They were stretchy without being too stretchy. They were soft and shiny, with no scratchy lace or trim and I was getting hard holding them in my hand. My wife reached down and felt my cock saying “Hmm, looks like we have a winner there, big man. You’re not going to cum in your pants, are you?”

I watched as she picked out several pair of this style in different colors. First white, then beige, and then black. “Are these okay, Greg?” she asked. I nodded my approval as she reached over to the rack and picked up three more pairs. These were pink. I took a sharp intake of breath as I watched her, but, I didn’t stop her or say anything. I had always avoided wearing any of her pink or red panties – it was just too much to escort bayan deal with. The color was way too feminine and girly for me. I mean after all, I wasn’t trying to dress like a girl, I just wanted to wear panties under my regular clothes. In my mind, there was a difference. Apparently in Julie’s mind, there wasn’t any difference at all.

Julie hooked her arm into mine and pulled me toward the register. Sensing my apprehension, she softly said “Pink goes with just about anything and I think these will look cute on you.” The word ‘cute’ pierced right through me but before I could say or do anything, we arrived at the register counter where the young sales girl asked “Did you find everything you were looking for?” I could have died when Julie looked at me as if I was going to answer. After an uncomfortable pause, she turned back to the sales girl and said “Yes, I think he’s set for now.”

We completed the sale as I stood in silence and wondered if the sales girl picked up on my wife’s attempt to embarrass me. As we turned to leave, I tried to scold her for trying to have some fun at my expense, but she stopped me saying “Come on Honey, do you think you’re the first man to buy panties here? I bet that girl sells panties to big strong guys like you everyday. And besides, you’re not ashamed are you?”

I shook my head and told her I wasn’t ashamed. “Then what does it matter? She doesn’t know you and she probably gets off on it, anyway. It will give her something to gossip about with her little friends.” I had to admit to myself that I was pretty turned on at the whole idea of buying my own panties and was even more turned on by the fact that the girl might have suspected it. We had just about made it to the aisle between departments when she stopped, turned around and tugged me back into the lingerie section saying, “Oops, I forget something.” Julie led me over to an area that must have had five hundred different bras. I don’t know how any woman ever finds anything here – there’s just too much to choose from.

Oh, fuck. Immediate panic set in and I cringed at the thought of her getting me a bra, too. It wasn’t until she started looking through a rack of bras that were her size that I started to calm down. I stood next to her and looked around while she fumbled through the rack, finally pulling one out that I knew was her size, 34B. “What do you think?” she asked. Turning my full attention to the bra, I looked it over – the cups were thin and soft, no under wire and the straps were thin and delicate looking. I imaged her petite breasts gently cradled in the cups and her nips poking through the thin material. I told her it would look good on her.

“Yeah,” she said, “I think so, too. I wonder if they have another one?” I had turned around to look toward the panty section when she nudged me and said, “Okay, all done. Let’s go.” As we walked back to the register, I saw that the same sales girl was still there. She saw us as we got closer and smiled. When we arrived at the counter she said “Back so soon?”

Julie smiled and handed the two bras to the girl who started to scan the items into the register. She stopped as she scanned the second one saying “Oh, these are different sizes. One is a 34B and one is a 36A.”

“I know,” Julie said, “His and hers.”

At first I didn’t comprehend what she said. Then it hit me. I felt my face turn red and I started to get a hot flash as the sales girl looked up at me. I was totally shocked and almost started to turn and walk away. If it wouldn’t have been for the fact that the sales girl went right back to her job and Julie squeezing my hand, I would have marched right out of there.

I was in shock as we turned and walked away from the counter. I leaned over to her and said “Why the hell did you do that?”

She pulled me in between the racks of some nightgowns and put her hand on my crotch grabbing my cock through my jeans. “That’s why.” She said. “Your cock is hard, isn’t it? You’re getting off on this.”

“You know damn well I’ve never said a thing about wearing bras.” I told her.

“That’s not the point, Greg,” she replied, “that girl now thinks you wear bras and panties. Can you image what’s going through her mind right now? Do you have any idea how sexual that is? I bet she’s so hot she’s starting to drip. I bet she’ll play with herself tonight just thinking about how cute you look dressed in a bra and panties.”

She took my hand firmly saying “Come on, we’re going back and you better be good or I’ll make you try this stuff on in front of her.” She pulled me right into the panty section again. It wasn’t long before the sales girl came strolling over saying “Is there something more I can help you with?”

“Oh, yes.” Julie said. “Do you have ruffled panties? You know the little girl kind with ruffles across the back, but, in our sizes?” She looked right at me as she emphasized ‘our sizes’.

I could feel my face burn red. The heat and pressure on my face was almost unbearable and it got escort istanbul worse when Julie moved up close to her said “Listen, you’re not going to say anything about me shopping for him, are you? You know, were good customers here and I don’t want to have to worry that we can’t come back to shop here without snickering going on, or he might even want to come back sometime by himself.”

“Oh, no Maam,” she said, “you don’t ever have to worry about that. I’m happy to help you with all your lingerie needs and if it’s helpful, I would be glad to help him any time he wants to come in. My name is Cathy, and he can just ask for me when he comes in.”

Okay, I was ready to pull the plug on this little charade five minutes ago and now I was beyond ready. The only problem was that I was now thinking with my little head, which was pounding in my pants and as much as I wanted to run out of there, something made me stay.

“See there, Greg,” Julie said to me, “It’s fine. Cathy isn’t going to say anything. Let’s finish our shopping so we can get the rest of our things done today.” Turning to Cathy, Julie asked “So, do you carry panties with ruffles?”

“Well,” Cathy said, “Let me show you what we have. We do have some over this way. They aren’t really for every day wear, you know, they are mostly, for…… we’ll you know, for show. I don’t think they would hold up well for daily use.”

Cathy took us to another section of the department that had garter belts and real sexy looking bra and panty sets. On one of the display racks, they had a few pairs of ruffled panties that Julie was looking through. One of the styles was a mesh panty with ruffles all the way around – front and back. She looked through the display and found that style in a size S and a size M, both of them pink. Damn, pink again.

Julie turned to the sales girl and asked where the fitting rooms were. Cathy pointed them out but added “We can’t allow men in there, though. It’s against store policy.” The way she said it was undeniable proof that Cathy knew this lingerie was for me. “But,” she added, “why don’t you just take them over to Men’s Wear and you can both use the fitting rooms over there, no problem with that at all.”

Julie looked at me and asked “Want to do that, Greg? We can make sure they fit you and it might save us a trip back here to return them if they don’t?”

I was trapped. If I didn’t say yes, I knew Julie’s come back would be worse than just going through with it.

“You can just bring them back over here when you’re done.” Cathy added.

“Okay?” Julie asked.

The only thing I could say was “Sure.” Julie smiled broadly. Cathy pointed in the direction of Men’s Wear and told us she would be watching for us when we came back. Hooking her arm into mine, Julie and I walked out of the lingerie department.

On our way over to the men’s section, Julie asked if I was mad at her. “You’re damn right I am,” I said, “you intentionally embarrassed me and even used my name in front that girl. What the hell were you thinking?”

“Honey, don’t try to BS me.” She said. “I know you’re getting off on this. If you’re really mad, tell me right now and we’ll get out of here. Well?”

I didn’t say anything. What was I going to say? The ruffled panties were definitely hot and I already envisioned myself wearing them. Plus, I was turned on by the fact that this stranger knew my secret. Beyond the initial shock of hearing Julie insinuate my lingerie wearing to the girl, I admittedly felt okay about it. The girl didn’t freak out, she didn’t cringe or scream. In fact, she was pretty nice about it.

“Well?” She asked.

“Okay, Okay.” I said. “Just be careful. I don’t want us to get kicked out of here.”

“Greg, we’re not going to get kicked out of here, and you know it, so quit being so melodramatic and trying to act like you’re mad. Be honest with me, Honey, you’re excited about her knowing, aren’t you? Don’t forget, I know you fantasize about being exposed and being humiliated. That’s why we’re here. Haven’t you figured that out yet? Just go with it and enjoy it. Follow my lead, Sweetie. When we get home, I’ll dress you up in your new panties and we can play. If you’re a really good boy, we can play with the strap-on. Interested in that?”

Yes, Julie knew the score, that’s for sure. I had every reason to go along with her plan and no reason at all to be mad or upset. I was going to be the winner here if I played my cards right. I was going to get my own panties, have her dress me up in them, and then take me with the strap-on. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

We arrived at the men’s section and found the fitting rooms. My hard-on, which had become a constant reminder of my excitement since we walked into the store, had subsided during our walk and my cock was back to normal – at least for a while.

The sales guys didn’t bat an eye as we walked past them and right in the fitting rooms, found an open room and closed the door. Once inside, bayan escort Julie turned to me saying “Greg, Honey, let’s see how these look on you.”

As I started to take my jeans off I asked, “What about you? Aren’t you going to try yours on?”

“No,” she said, “the small ones will fit me just fine. I just want to see how cute you look in those ruffled panties, Stud. Come on, I’m dying to see them on you.”

I pushed my jeans down and stepped out of them. Julie, came and kneeled in front of me, pushing her face into the white Bali panties I was wearing, tracing my cock with her tongue. She reached up to the waistband and pulled them down allowing my now hardening cock to flop out in front of her. She took me in her mouth and started to suck. The mirrors gave a completely new perspective of Julie and it was one I liked. The vision of her on her knees, holding my cock with one hand while she sucked me was surreal. Too bad I didn’t have a camera with me.

Soon, she turned to look into the mirror, too, as she kept sucking my cock. She started to deep throat me, still watching herself in the mirror. I had to chuckle to myself, thinking about that old joke of how a woman just can’t pass a mirror without stopping to see how she looked. And she looked magnificent sucking me.

After a minute of sucking my cock deeply into her mouth, she stopped and stood up. “I wonder if they monitor these changing rooms with hidden cameras?” she asked.

“Well, so much for not getting kicked out of the store.” I said. We both burst into laughter.

“Okay, let’s go buster,” she said in between giggles, “get those off and try these on. I’m getting horny and I’ll need some of that big meat soon. So unless you want me to rape you in here, you better get on with it.”

I slipped my panties all the way down and stepped out of them. Julie reached out and took them from me. Then, as if to mock me, she held them to her nose and took a deep breath. “Hmm, these smell like you.” She said.

I watched Julie take the ruffled panties off the hanger and then kneel in front of me, holding them open for me to step into. Looking to the side into the mirror, I enjoyed the sight of her slipping the panties up my legs and onto my hips. My cock was now folded up against my stomach, pushing against the waistband. The panties were very light and they couldn’t contain my hard cock as it poked out the top.

Julie turned me toward the mirror and we surveyed my new look. Unconsciously, I turned to the right and then to the left, looking at myself. Then, I turned around to see my butt. Somehow, these panties made me feel different than all the ones I had worn before. Even if I do say so myself, the ruffled panties looked good on me. The word that came to mind was ‘cute’. They looked delicate and flattering on me. Looking in the mirror, I could see that between the rows of ruffles, you could see right through the panties. Even with the pressure of the waist band trying to contain my cock, I couldn’t feel them at all. I looked down to see my cock was starting to leak some pre-cum and moved the waistband down to keep from leaking on them.

“What do you think?” Julie asked.

“I’m fucking speechless right now.” I answered. “I don’t know if I should be mad or if I should kiss you. Actually, I love them.”

“Oh, I’m so happy, Greg. I just knew you would.” Julie said as she threw her arms around me and kissed me. “You better get them off before your dick drools all over them, though.”

I took the panties off, handled them back to her and she gave me the Bali panties to put back on. As I pulled them up, she stopped me and knelt in front of me again. She reached out and took my cock in her hands and guided it to her mouth. I watched in the mirror as she started to suck me again. This time, she wasn’t teasing me. There was no mistake in what she was doing, especially when she told me we weren’t leaving until she made me cum.

It was like she was on a mission now, a mission to make me cum. The way she sucked me told me that. She cupped my balls with one hand, stroked my cock with the other and then bobbed her head up and down. I started to get that ‘I’m going to cum soon’ feeling and warned her. She didn’t let up. In fact, if anything, her ministrations became more deliberate and as I approached the point of no return I rested my hand behind her head and held her there upon my cock.

I erupted in her mouth, shooting copious amount of sperm into her as she received it lovingly. My legs got wobbly and when my load was finally emptied, she looked up into my eyes as if to say she loved me.

When I was done, she stood up and kissed me, passing my cum back into my mouth with her tongue. We shared the cum as we kissed, both of us swallowing it until it was gone. Unbelievably, she used the ruffled panties to wipe her mouth and then dabbed them over my lips, as if the panty was a napkin. “Better get dressed now, Stud,” she said, “or else Cathy is going to come looking for us.”

As I dressed, I watched as she re-hung the ruffled panties back on the hanger. The way she hung them, it was obvious they had been tried on. Out little sales girl was going to know that my cock had been inside those ruffled panties. By this time, I didn’t care, though. In fact, I wanted her to know.

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