My Fantasy

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My story begins like a lot of those in this section: I’ve always considered myself straight. I’ve never had any problem identifying women as attractive and wanting to be with them, just in the past few years as my horizons have broadened I have given more and more thought to the possible thrills of experimenting with men.

In the past few months I have begun to look at more and more nude male porn on the internet as any self imposed boundaries I might have had wear away with maturity. Nothing makes me harder than the shot of a smooth, clean, circumcised penis, hard or soft. I love to see a flaccid cock dangling between two thighs on a chair, for some reason I immediately imagine how it would feel in my mouth, against my nose, or flapping against my cheek. One time while masturbating sucked a large carrot as if it were a penis and I found myself moaning softly with it.

I have also begun to experiment with anal stimulation, first just rubbing the outside of my anus, then a well lubricated finger, then most recently the large end of a screw driver. Sometimes I twist, sometimes jiggle, or sometimes a rapid and well lubed in and out. I am thinking more and more about getting a flesh colored dildo, perhaps the kind that suction cups to a wall in order to really explore my prostate’s potential. I feel so erotic and sexy on my knees with my legs spread sticking my ass out in the air, I think that I just want to feel the fullness that so many men describe here.

My fantasy involves an older man, the father of a good friend from childhood. Interestingly, I used to fantasize about his wife; now sometimes I think of me being her. David is a very intelligent, caring, and soft spoken man, I suppose good looking and in excellent shape for his 50 years. He is short, strongly built, and has lots of dark brown hair all over the place. I’ve never had any relationship with him other than you might expect, and perhaps that’s what makes it so exciting.

I imagine that David would come home from work to find me there in an empty house one summer afternoon. As soon as he comes in the front door I want to wrap my arms around him, feel his strong chest through his collared shirt, move my hands down his abs to his butt muscles and a soft penis easily definable through wool slacks. David talks to me sweetly: “That feels so nice honey, let’s go up stairs together.” I’m wearing light blue women’s’ underwear and tight running antalya escort pants a woman might wear to aerobics class. This role as wife makes my penis stir and bulge out of the synthetic fabric.

I lead David upstairs by the hand, wagging my ass like a curvaceous woman would do. When we get to the top of the stairs we look at each other and kiss—a rougher, stronger kiss than with a woman, but full of passion nonetheless. David sticks his hand down my lower back and under my waistband; his middle finger pushes through the light hair at the top of my crack and rests against the puckered skin of my anus. This itself almost makes me melt, and so I grab his waist and lead him into his coolly shaded bedroom.

I am consumed with passion for him; I sit down on the bed and pull him by the hips towards me, drawing my mouth immediately to his cock outlined through his pants. I quickly undo his belt and practically rip his pants to his feet, now I find a beautiful warm bulge inviting me to remove his briefs. Rather than remove the underwear I like to leave it on, for some reason I find men incredibly sexy in such showy clothing. I pull the right leg hole aside and there it is—a smooth, firming, beautiful penis. I push my face against it, I can’t help myself, smelling his scent on his scrotum, feeling the hairs tickling my nose, finally I engulf the hardening cock in my mouth. I lick, suck, kiss, worship this piece of his body. My hands are no longer at his sides but rather feeling his genitals, tugging at his scrotum and poling the length of his dick. It feels wonderful to service him like this; I just want this penis to be connected to me. I get even hotter by telling him what I feel:

“David I want to suck you and feel you all in my mouth, I love it baby. Make me your lover”

“Yes lover yes, your mouth feels incredible.”

I decide that I want David to cum, though I can’t decide in my mouth or on my face. I want to be blown away but also to suck down everything that is his. After several minutes of glorious cock for me David can’t bear it anymore, running his hands through my hair he groans “oh baby get ready baby here it comes,” which only increases my speed of jerking and furiousness of sucking. I love the slurps and drips of saliva everywhere; my cock is straining to escape its womanly confines.

David ejaculates and I drink it like thirsty man water, it is so warm and smooth alanya escort down my throat I want it never to end. When he pulls my head away I wipe his beautiful cock head all around my face and eyes and he pulls me up to kiss him. We are both sweaty and hot, he’s still wearing his shirt from work with his soft cock hanging out below.

We both disrobe and then lie down together, our bodies entwining, exploring, feeling. I want to hold his whole body at once, and I can’t help thrusting my erection into whatever part of him I can touch. Slowly our bodies align themselves to our penises wrangling together, kissing each other in an incredibly sexy masculine dance. David’s fingers keep traveling beyond my perineum to explore my ass, my anus jumps with every probe. I love to reach around his back and spread both his cheeks wide, exposing his little pink anus to the shaded room behind. Finally I cannot resist and I roll around him and plow into his crack, licking, sniffing, trying to get as deep into his rectum as I can with his tongue. I am rewarded by my lover’s moans and a penis flat against the bed pointing downwards that is pulsing to life again.

“I want you in me” He whispers heavily.

“Are you baby?”

“Yes, now please, your tongue is driving me wild, I need to be fucked, fucked by you lover”

The skin on an anus is so firm yet soft, like a thin layer of muscle. My saliva has begun to drip around his scrotum and so I think he is wet enough, I position my knees outside his thighs and slowly lower my weight onto his back. My cock feels so natural between his cheeks and pressing into his entrance, with encouragement from David’s coos I ease my head in.

The feeling is amazing, like a tiny fist gripping the end of my cock. I want more so I put my weight into him, David’s grunts urge me to progress. I am loving fucking this man who is 25 years older than me, looking at his strong muscular back leading to a round, muscular butt with my cock in it nearly sends me over. Soon I am all the way inside his rectum, my stomach flat against his back, my lips right at his neck. He turns his head to me and we lick each other’s tongues, slowly he begins to move his hips around me. As he wiggles left and right I move in and out, my penis slams in and out of him like a piston.

I turn David on his side and wrap my arms around him, now we are lovers, making love, belek escort our bodies are joined together. I feel the hair all over his body and smell his masculine scent, we are two men fucking. After a very short time of this ecstasy I feel my orgasm nearing, David encourages me to complete it. Finally it hits me and I hold him tight, my head buried into his neck over his left shoulder, and I ejaculate shot after shot of semen into his ass. I feel like I am injecting myself into him, I have never felt closer. After what seems like forever I release him, my penis plops out of his tightest hole and we uncouple. We lie holding hands and let the sweat evaporate

Yet the sexual energy has not faded and now I feel empty, my testicles have spent everything they had, but I want to be full again. I roll over with my back to my lover and slide my right thigh forward so my anus is exposed, an opening for him.

“David I want you to fuck me on my knees, pound my ass and I will cum again on your sheets”

Now David is tonguing me, traveling from my scrotum to my anus and back, driving me wild. I can’t help but rock my hips back and forth his nose pokes into me but not deep enough. Finally he kneels on the bed and I feel the corona resting at my perfect circular spot; I rock backwards and push it into me. I’ve played with my ass a lot before so I’m used to allowing things in, although a full penis does push my limits a fair amount. I’m fearful of getting hurt until I feel David’s soft touch against my cheek, then I know I will feel so good submitting to him

Finally he is in me and I stay still, relishing the feeling. It is like the feeling right as poop is sliding out of your ass but the good feeling never stops. I begin to rock back and forth slowly, each time consciously clenching my ass. Each time I feel David’s penis in me like a living wooden rod, and the connection I feel is almost overwhelming. I am giving him pleasure, and he is going to cum inside of me, something I never would have thought possible. I want to feel semen dripping from my asshole, I want to hold it in and then blow it out. I want to taste his cock from my anus. David’s pace quickens and I feel him ready to fill me, I encourage him:

“Do me baby, make me your cum toy. Fuck my asshole, as hard as you can”

Our moaning reaches a crescendo and David stuffs me one more time completely and I wonder if I really feel the splashes inside me or simply imagine it in these heights of pleasure. Slowly the two of us lay down together on a mess of crumpled sheets, David brushes my hair aside, and kisses me. I smile contentedly and roll away, and slowly drift to sleep with his soft penis between my thighs.

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