My Father’s Love

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Karen was frustrated, horny and pissed! “Damn him!” she shouted, as she slammed the front door and stormed to her room. After leaving the drive-in, she had wanted to go up to the area where she and Dan could be alone. But all he could think about was tomorrow’s game. Well, she’d show him.

She and her father lived alone. Her mother left them years ago. They had a close relationship, meaning she could manipulate him into just about anything. Which she usually used to her advantage. Her dad was a good looking man with a large build and short dark hair. All of her girlfriends had a fit over him. Some even mentioned that they wouldn’t mind getting in the bed with him. Which is precisely where the idea came from. Tonight, since Dan had left her high and dry, she planned to find out just how good her father was.

Knowing that her father would be home around 11 p.m., she stripped and showered quickly. She was laying on the bed when she heard the car pull up. She lazily let her hand drift over her young, supple body. Feeling the warmth begin to spread over her budding 32A cup breasts. She acted like she was sleeping. With the radio playing beside the bed, she figured her father would think she didn’t hear him when he came in.

Brain had been trying to ignore the fact that he was living with a beautiful, young woman. Karen had grown up so fast. He knew she was driving all of the young boys into a sexual frenzy at school. And he figured she was no virgin to a man anymore. The thoughts he had been thinking lately, were what kept him hard at work, trying to keep the young seductress out of his mind. My God, this was his daughter! He knew he shouldn’t be thinking about her in this way, but the way she pranced around the house at times in those flimsy night shirts was just too much sometimes.

Since her mom had left, he hadn’t dated anyone, spending all of his time with Karen, doting on her. Now that she was dating, he spent more time on the job. But the thoughts would come unbidden to him at all times. He’d see her in the skimpy clothes and flimsy night shirts and fantasize being in bed with her.

He was thinking about this now as he walked into the house, hoping she would be in the bed or still out with Dan so he wouldn’t have to see her. She would know what he was thinking if she looked into his eyes. She would see the lust there and he couldn’t let her see that. Jesus, what was wrong with him? This was his daughter he was fantasizing about!

When he reached the end of the hall, he saw that Karen was home and in the bed. “Oh no!” he whispered from the hall. Karen was laying nude on the bed, her hands moving over her body. Her nipples were like two hard little pebbles in the center her small jutting tits. His eyes traveled with the movement of her hands, as they continued down over her supple, athletic body. One of her hands came to rest covering the mat of dark hair between her legs. Brian was mesmerized by this. His eyes drawn to her hand as he waited for her next movement.

Karen, feigning sleep, turned her head toward him, still keeping her eyes closed. She could hear the ragged breathing at the bedroom door. He was watching. “Good!” she thought to herself. “Now, I’ll give him something to watch.”

She opened her legs, as her hands slipped down into the v between her legs. Holding the lips of her young pussy open with one hand, she gave him a clear shot at what he could have if he wanted it. Slowly she brought her other hand down and let the middle finger of this hand slip in over her clit bud. She moaned softly when the contact was made, but the moan was loud enough to reach Brian’s ears.

Having not been with a woman in quite a few years, this erotic scene had made him rock hard. He slid his hand down over the front of his jeans, feeling his throbbing cock. He needed release, but he also enjoyed the show that was going on before him. Standing just outside the door of his daughter’s bedroom, he undid his pants and let them drop to the floor around his ankles. If Karen woke, he could say that he was headed to the bathroom.

As Karen began stroking herself harder, her father let his hand slip into his underwear, caressing his throbbing cock. His hand closed around the hard shaft and began sliding up and down on it. “My God,” he thought, “what am I doing? If she wakes up….” But he couldn’t stop. He pushed his underwear roughly down over his hips so he could get to himself better. He had a nice sized cock, even though he didn’t use it much anymore.

His hand was moving up and down his cock in time with Karen’s movement with her hand. He could see the glistening pink of her pussy and he thought about how good it would feel wrapped around him.

Karen suddenly cried out with a moan as she came, covering her finger with a milky, white wetness. Acting like the cry had woke her, her eyes snapped open to see her father standing in the doorway, with a huge erection in his hand. Inside she was ecstatic. ” This might be the night! ” sarıyer escort she said to herself. Acting with all the innocence she could muster, she grabbed the spread and pulled it over her. “Daddy? What are you doing?”

Brian, caught like a deer in headlights, stammered, “Aaaahhhh….nothing honey. I was just going to the bathroom. He quickly bent and gathered his jeans and underwear and practically ran to the bathroom.

Karen waited until her father came out of the bathroom and gently called his name. “Daddy?”

Brian came to her door, red faced and ashamed. “Yeah?”

“You saw me nude…didn’t you?” she questioned.

“Yeah…I’m sorry honey. Your door was open and I heard you moaning when I came in. I came to see if you were all right and that’s when I saw you. You looked so much like your mother laying there that…” he couldn’t finish.

Karen patted the bed and moved over so her father could sit down. “Sit down. Daddy. Look, its ok. I should have closed the bedroom door,” she said, as she ran her hand down his leg.

“Karen, I’m so sorry,” he said, dropping his head. “It’s just that lately, I’ve been feeling so lonely and when I came in tonight…” he stopped.

“What, Daddy?” she asked, as innocently as she could.

“Honey…when I came in…you were….Jeeezzzz! How do I say this? You were playing with yourself,” he finished. Brian’s face was beet red.

“Oh Daddy…I’m sorry,” she said, raising up and wrapping her arms around him. As she did, the spread fell away from her body. Her bare breasts rubbed against his back as she wrapped her arms around him from behind his to give him a comforting hug.

Brian melted. He felt her lips brush against his neck and suddenly this was not his daughter anymore. She was now a very desirable woman. His hand reached back and began sliding up and down along Karen’s calf and thigh. He felt Karen’s warm breath close to his ear, then a small gasp as his hand moved to the inside of her thigh.

Karen backed away quickly. Now she wasn’t too sure of herself. This was her father. What the hell was she doing. But when Brian turned to face her, she knew from the look on his face that it was already too late. The look on his face was one of unbridled lust. His eyes moved over her young, nude body as he began shedding his pajama bottoms.

Karen’s eyes dropped to her father’s waist and saw the huge cock jutting straight out in front of him. She immediately began trying to slide back across the bed away from him. What had she done? She had thought it would be fun, but now she wasn’t so sure. Now she was scared. Would he actually try to fuck her?

He moved with such quickness that he had her pinned to the bed before she had time to think. He had both of her hands over her head and his body pressed on top of hers. His mouth was covering hers in a savage kiss that bloodied her lip. She bucked and twisted beneath his 195+ frame, but couldn’t get him off of her.

She could feel the huge cock pressing against her belly. It felt like it was getting harder by the minute. She had to make him stop! Her thrashing increased as her fear intensified. A shadow fell over her vision, just before the stinging slap fell across her face. Her father’s face appeared above her and in a voice that didn’t sound like his said, “You wanted this, you little slut! Now take it!”

Keeping her hands trapped over her head, he reached down and placed his cock at the opening of her pussy. He thrust his pelvis hard up into her, covering her mouth with his at the same time.

Karen gasped, trying to scream as the huge cock pierced her, but her father’s mouth over hers prevented this. Only a small mewing sound was all that could be heard over the sound of the radio. She could feel her father’s huge cock beating at the entrance to her womb; a pain pleasure sensation.

His mouth continued to cover hers as he pounded into her. She was hurting inside, but he continued, grunting with each pile-driving stroke. She felt his cock throbbing, filling all of her young cunt. He suddenly stopped and she felt him pull out. A hot stream of cum fell over her stomach between them.

He reached over and jerked the drawer of her underwear dresser open. Grabbing a pair of her panties out of the drawer, he shoved them into her mouth. Next he took her belt which had been lying on the floor close to the dresser and bound her hands. Karen was scared to death now. She was crying not only from fear, but also for the pain of the rape.

What was he going to do now? He got up slowly off the bed, and went to her closet. There he rummaged around and found another belt and two winter scarves. She watched, unable to move as he walked calmly back across the room to the bed.

“I think it’s time a real man taught you a few things,” he said in a husky voice. “I won’t hurt you again if you just do as I tell you. Lay down…on your back. Put your hands back above your head and spread your legs.”

Karen did as he said, too scared to do otherwise. She knew it was useless to try and scream. sefaköy escort They lived in the middle of nowhere. Who would hear her even if she hadn’t been gagged? She lay back and put her hands over her head, as her father straddled her lithe body and ran the belt between the belt which already bound her hands and the rail of the brass bed, Securing it tightly, he then moved down to her feet. Tying a scarf around first one ankle and then the other. Then he tied these to the outside posts on the bed.

Karen was spread eagle on the bed, her soaking, wet pussy exposed. Her cum and a small amount of blood mingled as it oozed out of her bruised and battered cunt. She lifted her head off of the pillows watching her father to see what he was going to do next.

He was kneeling between her legs, gazing at the young, desirable pussy that was before him. His head dropped to her stomach and she could feel his tongue flicking over her stomach. Her stomach flinched and fluttered like a nervous colt. His tongue moved down over her to the patch of moist, wet hair. He could smell her erotic, heady aroma. His tongue dipped into her, licking along her full pussy lips. He took his fingers and gently parted her lips and let his tongue slide further into the folds, lapping at the juices there,

Karen was beginning to relax again, as his tongue soothed her battered pussy. She could feel his hands spreading her pussy further as his tongue searched for the juices of her youth. With one hand still holding her open, his other hand sought out her tight hole once again. Wanting more of her juices, he slid his finger into her, gently this time. With his other hand he caressed and rubbed her clit.

Karen let herself begin to drift now with the sensations she was feeling. Her hips were meeting her father’s easy movements. Slowly, his finger slid in and out of her and over her clit. She was getting close again and he sensed this as the muscles inside her began to clench and tighten around his finger.

He quickly pulled out and lowered his head to let his tongue replace the finger that had been in his daughter’s cunt. He pushed his tongue in and out of her, hearing his daughter’s moans and ragged breathing. Her muscles grabbed at his tongue and seconds later, he was rewarded with the sweet nectar of youth. He lapped and plunged his tongue deep into her spasming hole, wanting all of the juices inside. It was wonderful, tasting a woman again, especially one so young.

As Karen lay twitching on the bed, her father looked up at her. His face was shiny with her cum and he was trying to lick as much of it off as he could. “Now, I’m going to remove the gag,” he told her quietly. “I want you to please me. I want you to suck my cock,” he said reaching up and removing the panties from her mouth.

He straddled her body again, his cock inches away from her face. Slowly he leaned forward, with his hands grasping the railing of the bed. His cock was at her lips. She opened her lips slightly to allow the head of his cock into her mouth. Slowly, he began to move his hips up and down over her face.

Karen was beginning to get into it when he suddenly buried himself in her throat. She choked and he pulled out quickly. He began slowly fucking her mouth again, but didn’t go that deep again.

Once he was hard again, he pulled out of Karen’s mouth and moved down between her tits. Cupping her tits in his hands, he wrapped them around his thick, throbbing shaft. Moving back and forth between them until he was again at the brink of cuming.

“Can I?” Karen spoke in a throaty whisper.

Karen’s head came up to meet the head of his cock. Her lips were barely around him before he exploded in her mouth. She savored the hot taste of her father’s cock. Sucking at it, trying to get the last few drops.

Brian, weak in the knees from the encounter, slowly eased off his daughter. He rested on the edge of her bed for a few minutes undecided about what to do or where to start. What had he done? He had just raped his own daughter! He didn’t want to look her in the eyes, but he knew he couldn’t leave her tied up like that. After struggling with himself for a few more minutes, he rose and walked to the end of her bed.

While he was untying the scarves, Karen spoke to him. “Daddy? Are you ok?”

Brian couldn’t trust himself to speak and just nodded as he continued to untie the girl. Once he had untied her, he sat down on the edge of her bed again. Without looking at her, he spoke softly to her. “I’m so sorry, honey. I never meant to hurt you. My God! What have I done?” he cried, tears streaming down his face.

Karen eased up to him and gently put her arms around him again. “Daddy, I know you didn’t mean to hurt me. I wanted you to make love to me. But then I got scared. It did hurt a little, but I’m ok now.”

Brian lay back against his daughter and let her run her fingers through his hair. It was soothing to him and before the tears had dried on his face, he had drifted off to sleep.

Next Morning

Karen awoke silivri escort the next morning with arms around her. Her first thought was that Dan had slipped in the window during the night. Then It all came back to her.

Brian felt his daughter jerk in his embrace, and it brought him out of a haunted sleep. He was with his wife. They had gotten back together again and had made love the night before. It had gotten out of hand, and he had gotten too rough with her. He had raped her. But how could that be? Here she was still in the bed in his arms. Then the realization hit him! This was not his wife, this was his daughter, Karen! Jumping up, Brian turned to look at the woman lying beside him. Shame hit him again.

Karen had rolled over and looked up at her father. Upon seeing the look on his face, she said softly, “Daddy? Its ok. You needed someone. I was here.”


After that night, Brian came to Karen’s room on a regular basis. The sex was not rough anymore. Brian had taught her how to please a man well. He knew he should stop this and start going out with other women, but he couldn’t just yet. She was comforting to him, replacing the wife who deserted him.

Karen, however was not faring so well. She enjoyed the sex with her father, but she also knew it was wrong. Shortly after the first time they were together, she had gone to the clinic to get on the pill. It was a good thing, since her father was no longer pulling out of her when he came. She guessed he just automatically thought she was on birth control after she kept letting him come to her room at night.

Karen had also started doing drugs. Smoking some weed at first and then graduated to snorting coke every now and then. She was running with an older crowd now. Most of the boys she dated were in their 20’s.

A few months after their first time together, Karen’s father came home from work one night and announced that they were going to have a small dinner party. A few of his friends and coworkers would be coming over for the evening.

Dan couldn’t figure out what he had done. Karen hadn’t called him in a few weeks now. When he tried to contact her, she was either too busy to talk or she gave him some other excuse. He wondered if she was seeing someone else and just didn’t want to tell him. He decided to confront her tonight to get an answer. Either she was his or she wasn’t. But he needed to know.

The Night of the Dinner Party

By 6 that evening, Karen was dressed in the slinky, black gown her father had bought for her a few days ago. The gown accented every curve on her body. Brian was flying around the house making last minute preparations for the evening.

“Daddy? How do I look?” she asked from behind him, as he prepared the area outside where the evenings festivities would take place.

Brian turned at the sound of the voice and couldn’t believe his eyes. “My God, baby! You look just like…” he stopped.

“It’s alright, Daddy. If that’s what makes you happy, that’s all that matters,” she smiled, her hazel eyes sparkling. She had pinned her shoulder length wavy, brown hair up in a tight bun on top of her head. She looked more like her mother than ever.

“God,” Brian thought, as he looked at his daughter, “I still miss her, but now I have something better. A younger, more vibrant woman.”

At quarter till 7, some of the guests began to show. There were 3 couples, plus Karen and her father. The men were her father’s age or younger. All of them were handsome men. Their wives or girlfriends were dressed in long gowns similar to Karen’s. All were prepared to play.

After dinner all of them retired to the area outside where Brian had set up a hammock, chairs and a table. Drinks were made and as the party began in earnest, other drugs began to surface. First it was a joint or two, then a few lines of coke appeared on the table.

Karen, no stranger to this scene helped herself. The smoke had mellowed her and the coke had numbed her. She could feel herself slipping into a party mood quickly. Music was playing softly and she began swaying easily to it. Her moves becoming more and more seductive. Her hands sliding down over her slender body, caressing her breasts.

The guests were mesmerized by this beautiful creature. Each of the men betraying the lust they felt in their eyes. The women, unbeknownst to Karen, all also enjoying the show. As the music picked up, Karen’s movements became more erotic, her hands lifting the dress to caress her thighs. The coke was working its magic. She was getting hot and horny.

During a lull in the music, more coke was laid out in lines on the table. As Karen was bent over the table doing her line, a hand slid up the inside of her thigh. She turned her head slightly to see James, the youngest of the group, smiling at her.

“Care to give me the next dance, beautiful?” he questioned.

“Sure,” she said seductively.

They music began again and while everyone else did their lines, Karen and James had moved away from the crowd and were dancing slowly together. As they danced, James held her closer, his hands moving over her young body, slowly and softly. His hands caressed her ass through the sleek gown. Karen pressed herself tightly against James’s body, feeling the throbbing of his cock through her gown. Excitement coursed through her.

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